National Party

An amazing night

New Zealand has spoken.

Election Results — Overall Status
Results Counted: 7,178 of 7,198 ( 99.7%)
Total Votes Counted: 2,110,086
Special Votes: 253,099
Less than 6 votes taken in Voting Places: 1,385
Party Party
National Party 1,009,746 48.08 41 20 61
Labour Party 518,207 24.67 27 5 32
Green Party 210,375 10.02 0 13 13
New Zealand First Party 185,888 8.85 0 11 11
Māori Party 26,990 1.29 1 1 2
ACT New Zealand 14,486 0.69 1 0 1
United Future 4,530 0.22 1 0 1
Conservative 86,558 4.12 0 0 0
Internet MANA 26,489 1.26 0 0 0
Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party 8,530 0.41 0 0 0
Ban1080 4,364 0.21 0 0 0
Democrats for Social Credit 1,607 0.08 0 0 0
The Civilian Party 904 0.04 0 0 0
NZ Independent Coalition 894 0.04 0 0 0
Focus New Zealand 677 0.03 0 0 0
71 50 121


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Why is Eminem complaining?

Why is Eminem complaining about National’s ad, didn’t he copy the bass line from Led Zeppelin?

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Are you willing to play the Winston Peters Lottery?

Get used to it:  Winston Peters will be part of the government come September 20.

The problem is, he won’t tell you which side he’ll back.

In fact, he’s just as likely to go with Labour.  After all, they are operating an open chequebook election, whereas National is trying to come off as much more responsible.

If you want to boot the National Government out next Saturday why on earth would you vote for Winston Peters and NZ First?

On the other hand, if you want to keep National in power after the election, why would you opt for Peters and his party?

The truth is you wouldn’t.

If you want certainty Peters doesn’t come into it.

Voting for Peters is a big, blind, gamble: he won’t tell you what he plans to do.

He claims that’s up to voters to decide. Rubbish. Read more »

How to put positive spin on dreadful numbers

The NZ Herald has some new numbers from their polling that looks at some key demographics.

But watch how they spin the numbers.

A breakdown of the latest Herald Digipoll results according to gender, location and age shows where the parties are strongest and where they are gaining and losing ground.

Labour’s popularity with male voters has increased, with 21.2 per cent of men supporting it for the party vote, compared to 18.4 per cent last week.

The party’s support among women hasn’t changed much, with 27.8 per cent this week, compared to 28.9 per cent last week.

Those numbers are simply dreadful for Labour. As I said earlier in the week Labour’s internal polling was showing them with a one in front of it and it looks like Digipoll has found the same.

Sure it has increased to barely over 20% and in the territory of Bill English’s dreadful 2002 result. Even thenumbers for women are bad and lower than when David Shearer led Labour. The Herald spins this as positive…Labour’s popularity amongst men is rising…when it is around 20% it can only but rise!   Read more »

The last week of an election always gets messy: Greens cuddle up to National

Internet Party leader Laila Harre has criticised the Greens for talking about the possibility of a co-operation deal with a National Government just eight days from the election – a proposal that National has slapped down and exploited.

“I think it is seriously mis-timed,” Ms Harre told the Weekend Herald.

She said it was crucial that progressive parties focused on mobilising turnout to change the government and the amount of early voting so far signalled the potential for a significant increase.

“I think the Greens’ statement is unfortunate. It risks demoralising those who are confident and hold hope that the progressive parties are focused on a change of government,” Ms Harre said.

In the event that National managed to put together a government after September 20, it would be one that was extremely vulnerable, with John Key’s leadership an issue in the aftermath of the Dirty Politics revelations.

Ah well Laila.  I do actually hope you make it into parliament now.  I wouldn’t want you to fade away into union obscurity while we pick apart your role in Dirty Politics for the public to see.   Read more »

More #VotePositive from the Nasty party

Stu Nash is usually a top bloke, but even he’s been infected by the nasty party.

First naming (and presumably trying to ‘shame’) a National Party volunteer, and then mocking the bloke’s car!

So much for being the party of the downtrodden.

votepositivefrom nash

Come on Nashy, you are better than that.

Don’t be like the rest of the nasty party. Go give the guy your apologies and show you are classy rather than class-less.


– Facebook



Is Labour panicking in Mangere?

This is the third week that Su’a William Sio has pushed himself into the news with either made up or trumped up claims against National or his opponent.

I wonder perhaps if he is feeling a bit nervous about his prospects.

This is probably the first election where he has been pushed by a National party opponent intent on taking the fight tot he streets of South Auckland.

This week though he has raised a spurious allegation with no foundation of facts behind him.

Labour is immensely concerned that members of an Auckland Pacific Pentecostal Church are being signed up as National Party members without their full understanding, Labour’s Pacific Affairs spokesperson Su’a William Sio says.

“Congregation members are being approached by a person claiming to represent National who is convincing them to sign forms they don’t fully comprehend.

“They are then being sent letters addressed to them personally saying they are now members of National and must now vote for them

I doubt that this is even true. Where are the letters? Show us the letters?  Read more »

Face of the day


The Internet Party want us to take them seriously. This is their Mascot being serious.

The Internet Party want us to take them seriously.
This is their Mascot being serious.

If I didn’t know that this was the Mascot of The Internet Party I would think that it was some kind of  a joke. A cat wearing goggles and snorkel?


This is going to attract the YOUTH vote?


Hmmmm…. perhaps I should suggest some suitable mascots for the other parties   Read more »

It’s not hard labour, but it is a good start


National has announced that they will put prisoners to work.

Good stuff, it’s not hard labour but it’s a good start.

I attended a secondary school where the playing fields were carved out of rock by prison labour. I can’t see the problem, it worked in the past time to bring it back.

All of New Zealand’s state-run jails will be made into “working prisons” by 2017 if National is re-elected, Corrections Minister Anne Tolley announced this afternoon.

Mrs Tolley also unveiled plans to introduce drug addiction treatment for ex-prisoners during a visit to Wiri Prison in South Auckland with Prime Minister John Key.   Read more »

Who won the final Leaders Debate?


If you didn’t watch it last night, you are the winner.

In what was mostly a dry affair in terms of numbers being bandied about and then hotly refuted by the other, there weren’t any gotcha moment, laugh out loud moments nor any moments of clarity.

Has anyone changed their vote?   I doubt it.   Read more »