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Garner isn’t too impressed with Woodhouse either

The Michael Woodhouse fan club is shrinking daily.

Now Duncan Garner has joined the fray, questioning his abilities.

John Key warned his Cabinet crew not to become arrogant and pick up that dreaded disease third-termitis.

Unfortunately, the vaccination hasn’t worked. Some of his crew look a bit green in the gills and have been caught asleep at the wheel in their plush Beehive offices.

The Government’s workplace health and safety reforms are an old-fashioned cock-up.

The man responsible is the minister, Michael Woodhouse, a likeable and decent sort of chap. But apparently hopelessly out of his depth on this one.

Yes, his officials have let him down. But the buck always stops with the minister. That’s what the big salary and the Crown limos are for.   Read more »

Dimpost: “very few of our MPs actually understand politics”

We're winning I tell you, we're winning

We’re winning I tell you, we’re winning

Danyl McLauchlan nails it in his post about the woeful left.

A core problem we have on the left, I think, is that very few of our MPs actually understand politics. Of course it depends on how you define the term – if you expand it to include policy and ideology and political history and hating neoliberalism then yes, sure, they know about that stuff. But on the actual core challenge of influencing the public to achieve power they are mostly demonstrably clueless. Worse, they’re blind to their cluelessness. ‘Bad at politics?’ They would snort. ‘Aren’t they MPs? Haven’t they risen to that height through their own political genius? Doesn’t that, by definition, make them awesome at politics?’

Are New Zealand First backbenchers ‘awesome at politics’? They are not. The leader of their party is and he needs people to fill out the rest of his caucus and his backbenchers are really just a bunch of nobodies who’ve lucked into that slot. And an awful lot of Labour and Green MPs have done pretty much the same thing. They’ve used parties founded by or led by people with political acumen as vehicles for entry into Parliament, stayed there, some of them for decades, while evidently learning nothing. How many left-wing MPs have won a seat off National recently? How many have taken down a Minister? Won cross-party support for a bill? How many have even increased the party vote in their own electorate?   Read more »

Does Amy Adams have the integrity to out domestic violence in National?


All sorts of commentators have been praising Amy Adams for attempting to address domestic violence. They are practically sycophantic with their praise.

There is good reason for wanting to end domestic violence as Duncan Garner clearly states.

I want to congratulate Justice Minister Amy Adams for tackling domestic violence.

There were more than 57,000 domestic incidents last year.    Read more »

Nats prepared to do deal with devil

National are all at sea with local body politics.

Richard Harman at Politik reveals what everyone in Auckland has known for some time, that National doesn’t want to compete in local body politics and is prepared to do a deal to support Phil Goff.

Prominent Auckland National Party members and some MPs are working on a plan intended to give the centre right control of the Auckland Council.

The plan has been discussed by National’s Caucus and Party President Peter Goodfellow indicated at last weekend’s party conference that the party’s board would soon discuss how National dealt with local body elections.

Mr Goodfellow said that knowing that the Caucus has already ruled out allowing centre right candidates to stand under the National brand as Labour and Green candidates are.

Caucus are self-interested numpties…including Jami-lee Ross who declared to caucus that he didn’t want another Nat stomping around in his electorate.

But the plan Richard talks about isn’t really a plan.

It involved Paul Goldsmith, together with Desley Simpson, trotting around talking to people about something, they’re not quite sure what, but it won’t involve Maurice (just quietly) and #win.

They have no policy, no vehicle and no plan….worse they have no money for such a debacle.    Read more »

National Needs Scott Simpson on the Board


The National Party opted to take the safe decisions with their board, leaving well known practitioner of low bastardry and rat cunning Stephen McElrea off, in favour of Andrew Hunt and Glenda Hughes.

Politics is a nasty, brutal game and there are times where you have to be willing to retaliate first, or Labour will bash you mercilessly.

The National Board does not have anyone that is known in political circles for their rat cunning and ability to enrage opponents, which is ok when things are going in your favour.   Read more »

Papering over the cracks


So what exactly are the “new rules” for potential immigrants?

• Skilled workers who take jobs in the regions will have bonus points bumped up from an extra 10 to an extra 30 points.

• Those who set up businesses outside Auckland will be given 40 extra points, doubled from the current 20. Read more »

National’s re-election strategy: economy, economy, and tax cuts

3News reports on National’s re-election strategy:

Predictions of an economic slowdown on the back of lower dairy prices have been on the minds of the National Party faithful.

But Finance Minister Bill English says New Zealand remains on track for moderate sustained growth.

Nearly 700 party members have descended on Auckland’s SkyCity convention centre for the party’s first annual conference since its election victory last year.

Mr English moved today to reassure the members that the Government has what it can under control.

“Over the last couple of months, we’ve had some negative news from the world, lower dairy prices, headlines about Greece, uncertainty in China,” he said.

“But we remain on track for sustainable moderate growth – that is the growth that can deliver to households the one to three percent pay increases, not just one year but year after year through to 2020, which will continue to generate new jobs and also lift incomes.”

Mr English said the Government was working to ensure the economy remained resilient, despite the challenges.    Read more »

National Party Conference: no party, some National, all conference

If this weekend’s National Party conference runs true to recent form – and there is no obvious reason this year’s gathering of the clan will depart from that script – it will be so stage-managed that any vitality or vibrancy will have been sucked out of the affair before it has even begun.

It will make one of those heavily choreographed North Korean rallies that pay homage to the unfailing vision, wisdom and super-human feats of the latest despot to emerge from the lineage of Kim Il-Sung look like an exercise in spontaneity.

But National’s power-brokers will not care one jot about that.

One of the prime functions of a ruling party’s annual conference is to showcase an image as a solid and seamless governing force.

Unity – or the appearance of unity – is paramount when it comes to projecting such an impression.

Whatever may be worrying conference delegates comes a long way second.

The party’s chiefs well know attending media will be on the hunt for even the tiniest hint of dissension within the ranks. Read more »

The National Party Board Election (Ctd)


This weekend’s National Party Board election is going to introduce at least two new board members to the board.

The Party needs to carefully consider the skill set required to be a successful board member, and the skill set required on the board.

Since Scott Simpson was lost to the board when he became an MP, National have lacked a board member with the mongrel required to win tight campaigns. The National Board has been blessed by an absolutely woeful opposition, so this lack of mongrel hasn’t been a problem.

Unfortunately this is not going to continue, so it is important that National get some real fighters back on the board.   Read more »

Does a National Party Board Member need to be a Regional Chair?


Thanks for all the comments and tips about the upcoming election for the National Party Board. As regular readers will know I think that National need to bring some mongrel onto the board and replace Tim McIndoe with Scott Simpson, the best dark arts practitioner in National. The party membership as a whole has to elect another two board members and it is important that this decision is correctly taken.

All the candidates for the board are worthy souls, but some are more worthy than others. One of the comments that has come through is from the dinosaurs who pine for the old days when the National Party had an executive committee that was large and unwieldy and managed to let Bill English and Michelle Boag take National to 20.93% in the 2002 election. In those days Regional Chairs automatically became board members, and there are some who say that this should be reinstated.   Read more »