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Opposition Leader and Foreign Affairs spokesman not briefed on Israel resolution

After the Christchurch earthquakes, Opposition Leader Phil Goff complained that he hadn’t been briefed about alleged Israeli spies.  It was subsequently revealed on this blog that he had been briefed. What it did show though was that on matters affecting foreign policy especially relating to Israel convention dictates that the leader of the opposition should be briefed. When New Zealand took the lead in sponsoring UN resolution 2334 as the chair of the UN Security Council it should have been incumbent of foreign minister Murray McCully or at the very least a senior MFaT official to brief Labour leader Andrew Little and his foreign affairs spokesperson David Parker.

We put these questions to Andrew Little:

  1. Were you were briefed by anyone, including Murray McCully and/or Bill English and/or John Key?
  2. If you were briefed were you given full details of the process and resolution and did the briefing match what happened in reality?
  3. If you weren’t briefed why do you think they didn’t brief you?
  4. When John Kerry visited in November were you briefed on the contents of discussions with Murray McCully?

Andrew Little’s response is below in full and unedited:

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The domino effect which is crashing down on the UN

U.N. building.

It has been a political cock-up of massive proportions. I am sure Murray McCully and PM Bill English expected this all to happen quietly during the holiday period. They were counting on both the American and the New Zealand media ignoring it. Instead the public have been made aware of their machinations in league with communist Venezuela and backstabber in Chief, Barack Hussein Obama and the reaction has set off a chain of events, (a domino effect ) that they would never have expected to happen in their wildest dreams.

Congress is already setting the stage to cut off U.S. funding to the United Nations in the wake of a contested vote last week in which the Obama administration permitted an anti-Israel resolution to win overwhelming approval, according to congressional leaders, who told the Washington Free Beacon that the current administration is already plotting to take further action against the Jewish state before vacating office.

Cutting off U.S.funding is only one of the many domino counters that are currently crashing their way towards the United Nations.

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Ooops McCully and English just got bitch slapped

English and McCully took their thirty pieces of silver in trade or whatever blood money inducement Muslim countries gave them and with Obama’s blessing attacked Israel. However, there is a new sheriff in town  America and he and his mates don’t take kindly to little shits like New Zealand giving the Middle East’s only true democracy the finger.


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What does Resolution 2334 actually mean?


A lot of people think that Resolution 2334 forced through the UN Security Council is all about a few settlements in some dirt in the desert somewhere.

It is much bigger than that. The problem we have is that generally our population knows nothing about history, let alone the various wars since 1948.

What Murray McCully has done is pretty much ensure there will be a shooting war, and soon.

Here is why:

In the last United Nations Security Council meeting of the year and the very last meeting in New Zealand’s two year term as a member, New Zealand’s Foreign Minister, Murray McCully achieved the goal he has so doggedly pursued. Resolution 2334, regarding the “Middle East Peace Process”, was adopted with 14 votes in favour and an abstention from USA.

New Zealand co-sponsored the text, which was prepared by Egypt in co-operation with the Palestinians. While Egypt was persuaded to withdraw the text, New Zealand snuck it in opaquely and under urgency the next day in the final meeting of the year, on the eve of both Christmas and Hanukkah. The resolution was co-sponsored by Malaysia, Venezuela and Senegal and has been welcomed by Hamas and Islamic Jihad. That is the company New Zealand apparently now keeps in geopolitical matters.

Among other things, the resolution condemns the construction and expansion of all settlements, calls for significant steps to “reverse negative trends on the ground”, states that the establishment of settlements in “the Palestinian territory occupied since 1967, including East Jerusalem” is illegal, underlines that it will not recognise any changes to the 1967 lines including regarding Jerusalem except as negotiated by the parties, and calls upon states to distinguish between Israel and the occupied territories in their relevant dealings. It also calls for an end to terror and incitement.

As renowned constitutional and criminal lawyer and Harvard scholar Alan Dershowitz notes, “It is now illegal for Jews to pray at the Western Wall, live in certain Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem or attend Hebrew University on Mt. Scopus.” It is a further denial of the Jewish connection to its holiest site. It also entrenches BDS – the isolation and boycott of Israel. And it apparently enshrines a brand new principle of international law – that the victor in a defensive war (in this case against Jordan) has no right or claim to the land it acquires and must hand it back – but to someone else entirely (the Palestinians who at the time of the war had no governing body nor sought autonomy).

Make no mistake, this resolution may be dressed up in new clothes, but it is a further insidious delegitimisation of the Jewish state by the UN.

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Todd Barclay wins

Incumbent MP Todd Barclay survived an attempted ratfucking by Glenda Hughes and the Evil Six and won the Clutha-Southland Selection.

There are some steps that need to be taken immediately within National.

Glenda Hughes, who should not be meddling in selections should do the honourable thing and resign from the board. If she does not she should be invited to resign. If she does not resign caucus should arrange for her to be voted off at the earliest possible time, even if it is in election year. Fortunately, this is likely to happen anyway as the inside word is the PM wants her off the board.   Read more »

Are you voting for the party that best represents your views?

I consider myself an Act supporter but was shocked by the results of the political quiz I took that revealed that the majority of policy positions that I support are not Act policies. In fact, Act was not even included in the 4 party possibilities given to me and NZ First came in second place. According to the quiz I side with the National Party on most political issues with NZ First a close second. Unless the quiz is seriously flawed and didn’t include all the New Zealand political parties, Act is either not as conservative as I thought it was or I am more liberal than I thought I was.

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The final two members of the Evil Six in Clutha-Southland revealed

The other day I exposed four members of the “Evil Six” in Clutha-Southland who are mounting a bitter and twisted rear guard action against sitting MP Todd Barclay. Local delegate Lloyd Anderson coined the phrase the “Evil Six” who are out trying to rat-fuck Todd Barclay.

They are:

1. Alison McLeary-Moore

2. Mary Pullar (Mother of Bronwyn Pullar)

Those two were former staff who weren’t offered jobs when the MP changed. You be the judge of why not.  

3. Glenys Dickson – Bill’s former staffer who Parliamentary Services had to deal with because she was speaking ill of Barclay, Invercargill MP Sarah Dowie and other National MPs, and is now working for NZ First List MP Ria Bond. Quite why she is involving herself in National party matters now is beyond me.

4. Stuart Davie – The former electorate chair who was removed by the electorate when they discovered he was working with the others to find someone to challenge Todd Barclay.

Word has reached my ears that Glenys Dickson, a NZ First staffer who has been meddling in this selection, is so angry she’s incandescent with rage, which at this time of the year when there are longer sunlight hours is somewhat pointless.   Read more »

Re-shuffle day, let’s see if Bill has changed

Bill English says he is a changed man. Today is re-shuffle day and many people who backed him will be sitting waiting for a call from the boss.

Fortunately, he has made some good moves in frightening off some dead shits. So he has room to play with.

For me, there are three things that will signal that Bill English is a changed man as he says he is.

If McCully isn’t signalled to be gone in short order nothing has changed. There are better more capable and not as risky options for him to use in Foreign Affairs and Trade. Mark Mitchell, Jonathan Coleman and Todd McClay can all step into his role or shuffle them around between them. That is my first indicator that Bill English has changed.    Read more »

Time to rip off the Superannuation bandaid

Bill English like John Key isn’t keen to rip off the superannuation band-aid because he knows that making the hard decisions will be painful. The longer the superannuation problem is covered up the worse the infection underneath will become. As an economic whiz, Bill English knows it has to be done and the sooner he acts the better.

Andrew Little wants  New Zealand’s Superfund boosted but he wants the retirement age of 65 to remain unchanged so he is not willing to face unpopular economic reality.

Ex -PM John Key pledged to resign if he ever changed superannuation entitlements. Now that he is gone Bill English has taken the pragmatic step of dropping Keys’ pledge to not increase the age of entitlement. Whether he will follow that up with action remains to be seen.

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Abrasive Bennett told to smooth talk the back benchers

And people thought Judith Collins was polarising?

Paula Bennett has been told to change the habit of her political lifetime and start treating backbenchers like human beings instead of mushrooms.

Bill English has given Deputy Prime Minister Paula Bennett a special role in involving National’s backbench more in the party.

The move comes after bids by Jonathan Coleman for Prime Minister and Simon Bridges for Deputy Prime Minister were mounted on the back of disgruntlement by backbenchers that they were shut out of the action.

English said there was a natural opportunity for broader caucus involvement in the 2017 election year.

He acknowledged the domination of Key in selling the Government.   Read more »