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Joyce Making Shit Up about Stuart Nash



Steven Joyce has made allegations that Whaleoil is going to release information about Stuart Nash. Joyce says it is to balance things up. This should be called out for what it is.

It is an out and out lie.   Read more »

Economy is going fine, “says” Prefu

The Treasury today released the pre-election economic and fiscal update (Prefu), giving an update on the state of the Government’s books just a month out from the election.

Crucially, Finance Minister Bill English’s long-promised surplus for 2014/15 is said to be on track by Treasury, the Crown’s official bean counter.

The surplus is, in fiscal terms, wafer-thin at $297 million, down from $372m in the last forecast, and equivalent to just 0.2 per cent of total economic output.

But the outlook for surpluses in the following years is markedly weaker than it was in May’s Budget, delivered just three months ago.

Treasury has cut the projected surplus by $500m in each of the next three years, meaning the combined surplus between now and mid-2018 is $6 billion, some $1.5b below what it had in autumn been expected to be.

Well, need some money to give away during the election I guess.   And what is $500M compared to the billions and billions promised by the Green and Labour Parties?

 the economy in general was “growing strongly”, Treasury Secretary Gabriel Makhlouf said.

Forecast to grow at an average of 2.8 per cent over the next four years, Makhlouf said this was “above its sustainable long-term capacity to grow”, meaning inflationary pressure on the economy was building with a strong residential housing market in Auckland and Christchurch.

“It underlines, among other things, the importance of fiscal restraint in a growing economy,” Makhlouf said.

“Prudent careful management of the Crown’s finances remains a priority as the Crown looks to maintain annual surpluses and remain on track to pay down debt.”

English said the Government would seek to keep on top of its books in a bid to give certainty to households.

“There is no room for significant loosening of the purse strings,” English told reporters at a press conference in the Treasury this morning.

While National wanted to reduce taxes “when there is room to do so”, English warned that any cuts, when they came, were likely to be modest. He flatly ruled out an announcement on a possible tax-cut package ahead of the election.

English said National had maintained room to alter its spending plans, while Labour had committed all of its spending allowances for the next four Budgets.

Desperation is a stinky cologne.

Economy is the number one election issue across the spectrum.

Looks like National are going to go into the election with all the big boxes ticked.


The highlights:

- Treasury says the economy is “growing strongly” and expected to continue to do so, with recent falls in dairy prices not outside forecasts.

- This year the books are forecast to return to surplus; wafer-thin at $297 million. It nevertheless fulfils a major political promise which if missed could have hurt Finance Minister Bill English’s credibility.

- Beyond 2014/15 the surpluses will not grow at nearly the rate that Treasury had forecast, owing to a cut in the level of expected revenue from tax, especially GST.

- This means debt will be higher for longer, now peaking higher and later at $67.9b in 2017/18.

- Unemployment is forecast to drop to 4.5 per cent by 2018, down from 5.6 per cent at the end of June.


- Skillfully hacked from Hamish Rutherford at Stuff

Crim hugger, victim enabler and now Green Party cheerleader Simon Collins on:

Crim hugger, victim enabler and now Green Party cheerleader Simon Collins is using his employers organ (yes, I did) to offer you a choice:  The Nats that will hurt you, or the other lot who will give you lots of free stuff, in an article called:

…choice between the carrot and the stick

With the stick being National.

I’ll spare you the actual diatribe, but here are two photos selected for the hit piece:


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The organised attacks by the left on National’s elections hoardings are getting smarter

We’ve seen an unprecedented amount of directed attacks on National election campaign hoardings.  Situations where out of a number of them in the same location, mostly only the National ones would be damaged.

It’s started to dawn on the idiots of the left that this has been seriously backfiring on them.  It is a visible reminder that those that are anti-National (Labour, Greens, Mana, Internet) think nothing of doing things outside the law to achieve their aims.

The over-egged the pudding though, as undecided voters can think.  And they see which party is all about being positive, building a future and working for New Zealand (cash in the usual dead drop please).

So, how to continue to damage National’s exposure, but not get any of the spash back?

You do it this way:   Read more »

Meanwhile, in the real world of politics… “It’s like a war”


Exciting cloak and dagger stuff aside, we have an election coming, and Matthew Theunissen reports on National’s “courageous” move to launch in South Auckland

The National Party will turn its back on glitzy SkyCity to launch its election campaign at the Manukau Events Centre.

The last three launches have been at the SkyCity Convention Centre in the CBD but next week the party will switch to a Labour stronghold. Read more »

Key’s not my guy either


Prime Minister John Key says a staff member has been “briefing the bloggers” but has distanced himself from Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater, saying: “He’s not my guy.”

The comments on Radio New Zealand this morning come after Nicky Hager’s new book, Dirty Politics, revealed Mr Key’s close adviser Jason Ede had worked with bloggers Slater and David Farrar on “attack politics”.

Isn’t “attack politics” a bit redundant?

I receive lots of material from all over the place.  Mostly just press releases or pointers to media stories.   And occasionally you discuss how to go about responding to certain events.

Look “attack politics” would probably be more like publishing the details of a high profile Labour Party person who has been taking more than legal advice from his counsel.   Read more »

Hoarding nastiness still in full swing

You’d think things would be quietening down by now, but in some pockets of the country, things are still tense.

This comes off the back of Fia Turner finding her signs being ripped down by people, and some being replaced with Labour hoardings. Check her Facebook page out.

Labour really are the nasty party


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Now we get to see the real dirty politics

wewwwwwwwwNicky Hager reckons that playing politics hard is “Dirty Politics”.

Well I reckon having political operatives emails hacked and published in a book is pretty low dirty politics, and illegal to boot.

So too is breaking into an MPs office and rummaging through it and nicking two laptops and hacking his private emails.

The dirty politics saga has taken a fresh twist with the offices of a National Party politician burgled.

Rodney MP Mark Mitchell had a laptop and phones stolen in the burglaries — and his email hacked.

In response to Herald on Sunday inquiries, Mitchell confirmed:

• His parliamentary office in Wellington was broken into on September 16 last year. Police investigated and swept the office for bugs but none was found.

• His Rodney constituency office in Orewa was broken into in early October and a laptop and two phones were taken. Police investigated but no arrests have been made.

• His personal email was hacked.

The revelations come after the release of Nicky Hager’s book Dirty Politics, which claims that National colluded in smear campaigns by right-wing blogger Cameron Slater.

So, what we have here is a vocal opponent of Kim Dotcom, who along with me, has been hacked and had his office ransacked and laptops stolen.

This is the dirty politics, not playing politics hard.   Read more »

Face of the day

via TVNZ / Laila Harre

via TVNZ / Laila Harre

How low can Mr Dotcom’s hired party leader, Laila Harre go?

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