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All hopes on Hone as Maori Party set to clean out Sykes


As the elder statesmen and women of the Maori Party fall by the wayside, and the Mana with it, it appears that it will be just time before the Maori Party becomes a footnote in New Zealand’s political history.

But not just yet, reports Michael Fox

The Maori Party’s future is looking more secure, according to the results of a new poll in co-leader Te Ururoa Flavell’s Waiariki electorate.

With the party performing poorly in all major political polls, well below the 5 per cent needed to enter Parliament without an electorate seat, its survival could rest on Flavell retaining the seat he has held since 2005.

Last night’s Maori Television Reid Research Poll of 500 voters showed 50 per cent of respondents would vote for Flavell if the election were held now. Read more »

Waimakariri – Compare and Contrast

Clayton Cosgrove and Matthew Doocey are going head to head in Waimakariri.

Below¬†is Clayton’s half page advert in the latest Nor’West News issue dated¬†Monday 1st September.

And how old is the photo on the bottom left compared to top right. Or maybe the photo bottom left is post plugs and is actually more recent?

photo-1 Read more »

Judith Collins resigns

judith-collins-1200 (2)

Tough game, this Dirty Politics. ¬†Especially when you’re in the middle of it.

First using leaks from MFaT over Oravida, and then using my personal and private emails, Judith Collins has been taken down by a 1000 cuts. ¬† ¬†As Judith and I are friends, I am gutted for her. ¬†John Key has said it many times: ¬†she’s worked hard, very hard, and been a very good minister. ¬†So good in fact, that she’s been the focus of a sustained 6 month campaign by the left to take her out. ¬†They know the danger she poses. ¬† Read more »

More Winston bullshit

Winston Peters claimed earlier in the¬†year that Huka Lodge had be sold…it was a lie.

Winston Peters once told the media and a privileges committee that he’d never taken a donation from Owen Glenn…it was a lie.

Now he is lying again.

Justice Minister Judith Collins has said NZ First leader Winston Peters was wrong when he said one of her people approached him about negotiations after the election if she was National leader.

This evening Peters told TV3 he had “backdoor approaches myself from the Collins’ camp… If you can’t talk to [National leader] John Key after the election, can you talk to her?”

Peters believed the move was an attempt to undermine the prime minister which Collins was likely to be aware of.

“I didn’t think the bag man was coming without her consent,” Peters said.

Collins had previously said she was not responsible for what others did, but came out more strongly this evening.

“Winston Peters is wrong. I have never approached him nor have I asked anyone else to approach him,” she said in a statement.

Winston Peters is stretching credibility to suggest a “loyalist” of Judith Collins would make an approach to a man she deeply despises.

As everyone knows now Judith Collins and I are good friends, I know her mind, and I know that she loathes Winston Peters.

Any claim that a “loyalist” would approach Winston Peters is stupid beyond belief. ¬† Read more »

David Cunliffe can’t lose


Tonight’s head-to-head political debate between John Key and David Cunliffe will be a must-watch fixture on this election’s calendar. ¬† David has been painting himself as the underdog all week.

The expectation is that he will come off 2nd best. Read more »

Let’s talk policy: National announces help for struggling first home buyers


After Pam Corkery stole the lime light yesterday, you might be forgiven for forgetting:  the National Party also had an election launch.

Prime Minister John Key has kicked off National’s election campaign in South Auckland with a boost to Government assistance for low and middle income first-home buyers.

Grants under the Kiwisaver First home deposit Subsidy will be doubled, the house-price limits increased and scheme renamed as the Kiwisaver Homestart Grant.

At present eligible first-home buyers can get a grant of $3000 after three years in Kiwisaver, $4000 after four years and $5000 after five years.

Under the Homestart changes, those grants will be increased to $6000, $8000 and $10,000 respectively.

Mr Key said that was expected to double the number receiving a grant from 10,000 to 20,000.

The new package will cost $218 million over five years. Read more »

Is John Key taking the mickey or what?


Herald on Sunday asked John Key some questions.  Here they are, with the answers.

1. Tell us something about yourself that will surprise people.

John Key:¬†I am very superstitious. I have lucky cuff links, lucky ties and say “white rabbits” three times on the first of every month.

2. What’s the worst mistake you’ve made?

John Key: Not doing an MBA at an Ivy League university.

3. Describe your opposite number in eight words.

John Key: An intelligent guy who is lacking caucus support.

Right. ¬†That’s definitely all tongue in cheek then. ¬†No way David Cunliffe is intelligent. ¬† But I see the benefit in continuing to let David believe that he is.

Key does finally get more serious ¬† Read more »

#Teamkey diaspora hits Auckland


After the conference/launch, it appears Maurice and Jami-Lee were allowed to take the #TeamKey yoof for a milkshake ride in the Big Blue Bus.  They duly unpacked outside of Pakuranga shopping centre.

Nice of JLR to help the elderly.


Read more »

National’s first election ad made for TV. Does it hit the mark? [POLL]

Joyce Making Shit Up about Stuart Nash



Steven Joyce has made allegations that Whaleoil is going to release information about Stuart Nash. Joyce says it is to balance things up. This should be called out for what it is.

It is an out and out lie. ¬† Read more »