You have boats, there are rocks

If the Navy can’t avoid rocks then how can anyone else?

How embarrassing.


Another one Phil forgot

Phil Goff really has become quite forgetful. He forgot he had a briefing with the SIS about Israeli tourists, and as late as last night was still making a big deal over it despite the documentary evidence to the contrary.

Yesterday he was making big waves about his time as Defence Minister and saying how terrible things never happened on his watch. Of course that wasn’t true, Phil forgot about the Army Colonel who scammed large quantities of booze and the 6 soldiers in Afghanistan charged with drug dealing.

He has also forgotten about the case of the young naval rating killed in a drunk driving incident near Devonport naval Base.

A young sailor was killed in a car crash near the Devonport naval base at the weekend despite a Navy campaign against drink-driving.

Jasmine Annie Bastion was sitting in the back seat of the Mazda RX7 when it slammed into a concrete wall on Queens Parade early on Saturday.

The 23-year-old, an able chef, died in hospital later that day.

Three young men were cut out of the wreck with minor injuries.

Police say the people in the vehicle had been drinking at a local bar.

It is not known if the 19-year-old driver had also been drinking. Police are awaiting the results of tests on a blood alcohol sample.

The Devonport base has its own bar and Lieutenant Commander Barbara Cassin said the Navy had many action plans in place to convince personnel about the dangers of drink-driving.

Phil Goff was the Minister during this incident. I wonder of he got briefed? I wonder of I have to OIA those minutes to prove he got briefed on that too.

When is Phil Goff going to start remembering simple things instead of grandstanding in desperate bids for relevance?

With a memory as porous as Phil seems to have can we really trust him in the big job, let alone to lead the Opposition.

Wrong again Phil

Why is it when faced with the opportunity for a stand up in the media Phil Goff has to lie?

The Navy are currently in the news for the actions of a drunk. Quite apart from Iain Lees-Galloway suggesting the drunkenness is because of low morale due to civilianisation of some job we have Phil Goff making an extraordinary claim:

Speaking of the April incident, Mr Goff told the Herald he could recall nothing similar during his tenure as Defence Minister between 2005 and 2008.

“Our Defence Force are our ambassadors internationally and they’re generally excellent for us, but we’ve got to take this sort of behaviour seriously. It’s very clear that whatever the factors are, it’s not a good look. The navy and the Defence Force has to address this.”

Really Mr Goff?

So you missed this then?

Six New Zealand soldiers have been pulled out of Afghanistan to face court marital for alleged drug use at their base, the Defence Force says.

Describing them as “junior personnel” they were part of the New Zealand Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) in Bamyan Province.

The statement said they allegedly used a Class B drug at the base.

The army says the drug involved was hashish.

In the civilian world a conviction of possession of a Class B drug can attract a sentence of up to six months imprisonment.

The six will be disciplined if they are found to have used drugs. Disciplinary action may result in a punishment being imposed pursuant to the Armed Forces Discipline Act, including a fine, a period in the Services Correction Facility or dismissal from the NZDF.

It certainly looks like Phil Goff’s memory is on the wane. I bet he can’t remember being briefed on this episode either.



Andrew Williams Retrospective

I thought with my announcement, subsequently confirmed by the Clown himself and his pal the pensioner of St Mary’s Bay, that Andrew Williams is standing for NZ First in North Shore, that I would do a retrospective about the man.

Sort of a Dirty Dozen Reasons why Andrew Williams isn’t fit for public office. Maybe even a Dirty Bakers Dozen.

Since he was the first politician to try an asymmetrical war with a blogger let’s have a bit of fun.

Today’s retrospective is about ambulance officers:

An Auckland mayor who collapsed at a Navy function on Friday was taken to hospital amid allegations of a run-in with ambulance staff who treated him. North Shore Mayor Andrew Williams said last night he had no recollection of the incident but was exhausted and dehydrated from an illness contracted during a council trip to Asia.

St John confirmed that a 50-year-old man was taken by ambulance from the Devonport Navy base to North Shore Hospital at 7.30pm with breathing problems and discharged later that night.

Assistant regional operations manager Murray Holt said the ambulance officer filed an incident report, which are used to flag any concerns. “In that report, he recommends no further follow-up be taken in relation to the incident. We supported him in that decision,” said Holt. He declined to reveal further details.

A caller to the Herald on Sunday, who did not want to be identified, said he was at the hospital emergency department on Friday night. Staff were talking about how the mayor had had an altercation with ambulance workers who treated him, forcing Navy staff to intervene. Navy spokeswoman Lieutenant Commander Barbara Cassin declined to comment.

Williams is recuperating at his North Shore home.

Poor Mrs Williams, she had to explain the whole dreadful incident away as a bout of the “Chinese Lurgy”.

An idea

Two news stories that caught my eye on the news tonight…

  1. The UN wants us to send half our navy to fight pirates off the coast of Africa.
  2. The Sea Shepherd pirates who had to scuttle their own ship when it wouldn’t sink on camera are attacking civilian fishermen.

My idea?

Send the Sea Shepherd pirates to fight pirates off the coast of Africa!

I’d pay serious money to watch that!


Labour would have stripped Worth of portfolio – Goff

Labour would have stripped Worth of portfolio – GoffInternal Affairs Minister Richard Worth would have been stripped of his portfolio over the conflict of interest controversy if he had been a Labour MP, Opposition leader Phil Goff says. Dr Worth visited India and spoke in his ministerial… [NZ Herald Politics]

Oh hardy har-har, Phil Goff reckons he would have sacked Richard Worth. has he forgotten the Winston Peters side trip to Las Vegas. Phil Goff has no integrity on this matter. I’d listen more to Jim Anderton calling for his sacking that the temporary leader of the opposition.

Now personally I would sack Richard Worth anyway. But not for his supposed conflict of interest. More for his embarrassment of his leader and for giving the impression of impropiety.

I would also sack Richard Worth because given his answers in the house today it is apparent that he was facilitated thru Immigration and Customs in New Zealand by MinServices which is hardly the actions of someone travelling on his own ticket. This is exactly why I called repeatedly for Winston to be sacked.

I have seen cabinet ministers of National and Labour governments that were travelling on their own ticket queue like the rest of us…it is clear that Richard Worth did no such thing. It matters not a jot that Worth paid for his fare himself, it is appearances that matter and from all the information coming to light it would seem that appearances are very different from mr Worth’s version of events.

That in my book is enough to sack him.


Hired Muscle Heavies Maori Party

Today the DomPost has revealed that Winston’s taxpayer funded hired muscle, Tommy Gear, is the man who attempted to heavy Te Ururoa Flavell into supporting Winston at the Privileges Committee.

Bribes, kickbacks, hired muscle, trips to las Vegas, visits to Rome, nickname of Luigi, NZ First certainly looks and acts like La Cosa Nostra.

Clark finally concocts Las Vegas answers

She took her time but we have finally got some answers to Rodney’s questions about Winston’s junket to the money laundering capital of the world Las Vegas.

Question: What was the Minister’s itinerary and what was the cost broken down by flights and accommodation and other expenses for his trip to Europe in April and May last year for the Anzac Day commemorations and European Union Business as described in the Herald on Sunday 14 September 2008 and what were the places visited each day?

Minister: Rt Hon Helen Clark

Date Lodged:15/09/2008

Answer Text: An itinerary for the travel is attached. Airfares for the Minister and accompanying party were $57,357 and other costs, including accommodation, were $36,656.70.

Question: Did the Minister pay directly for his flight from Berlin to Las Vegas for the Oscar de la Hoya vs. Floyd Mayweather fight and then to return to his official itinerary as described in the Herald on Sunday 14 September 2008 or did he reimburse either Ministerial Travel or Foreign Affairs; if so, when was the reimbursement made?

Minister: Rt Hon Helen Clark

Date Lodged:15/09/2008

Answer Text: I am advised that no reimbursement was made to Ministerial Services nor the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, as neither agency paid for the flights referred to.

Oh dear, but Winston has said to reporters that he repaid it, looks like another pork pie from Winston Raymond peters, 63, List MP of no fixed abode. Questions still remain over who actually did pay for his junket. We now know it wasn’t Winston.

Question: Did the Rt Hon Winston Peters upon appointment as a Minister out the worksheet of questions about financial interests as set out in clause 2.58(a) of the Cabinet Manual, and if not, why not?

Minister: Rt Hon Helen Clark

Date Lodged:03/09/2008

Answer Text: Mr Peters was appointed in October 2005. Following his appointment Mr Peters, like the other new Ministers, met with the former Secretary of the Cabinet to discuss his financial interests.

The worksheet referred to in paragraph 2.58(a) of the Cabinet Manual 2008 was developed following the establishment of the revised Ministers’ interests regime in December 2006. In accordance with the regime, all Ministers received the worksheet in June 2007 and May 2008. It was also provided on appointment to all Ministers appointed since the regime was established.

All Ministers then returned an acknowledgement form stating that they had considered their personal interests in light of their ministerial responsibilities, and had sought advice where they identified any potential conflict of interest or perceived conflict of interest.

Oh dear! Will the man ever stop lying.

The blogosphere is onto it

The blogosphere goes where the MSM fear to tread.

My good mate Adolf raises some very good points about conflict of interest and LAQC’s and trusts, and now Ian Wishart at is also asking questions.

Meanwhile as other boggers hold the government to account on other matters I note that the Prime Minister is late in replying to Rodney Hides written questions about Winston’s little junkey to Las Vegas. It seems that this government doesn’t think the rules that it expects others to comply with don’t apply to them.

In breaking news, the Government, under urgency, has re-introduced the “You can walk over anybodies land for free” bill. This wasn’t even on the order paper. National should add this egregious attack on private property rights to the list of bills to be repealed in the first 90 days.

Viva Las Vegas

Hide and Peters box cleverWinston Peters and Rodney Hide are embroiled in a new slugfest – this time over who paid for a trip that the Foreign Affairs Minister made to a glitzy world-title boxing fight in Las Vegas. Act leader Rodney Hide has raised what… [NZ Herald Politics]

It seems that the blogs were extremely well informed.

From the HoS article this morning it seems that the answers to my questions are as follows;

  1. How much is an airfare between Berlin and Las Vegas? $10,000 + or – $5000
  2. Who paid for it? Probably Mfat
  3. When was that paid back? Show us the receipts Winston
  4. Since when did Mfat have diplomatic missions in Las Vegas anyway? They don’t, it was a personal jaunt
  5. How much is a night at the MGM Grand? Between US$499 and US$1500
  6. Who paid for that? Possibly George Calvert but he is laying low in Fiji.
  7. How much were the tickets at the boxing match? $100 – $2500
  8. Who paid for that? Possibly George Calvert but he is laying low in Fiji.
  9. What on earth does a Christchurch cleaner know about all of this? Quite a lot but he won’t talk.
  10. Why is he hiding in Fiji? Everyone associated with Winston is lying low right now.
  11. Did he really get paid back immediately? Well, Winston says so and we all know we can take his word for it don’t we.
  12. Why does racing, boxing, rugby league and fishing always come up? Strange isn’t it?
  13. Who played golf at Titirangi on 2/07/2006?
  14. Which Mfat diplomatic members play golf?
  15. Did an Allblack great overhear the post match conversation?
  16. Is this the reason why Helen won’t/can’t sack Winston?
  17. Where will the documents be to counter these rather puzzling questions? Exactly, I wonder where the documents are? Should be rather straight forward to clear up, probably only take about three minutes.

It seems that there may be rather more undeclared donations and pecuniary interest in the murky and sordib life of Winston Raymond Peters, 63 List MP of no fixed abode. Of course Winston could clear all this up in about three minutes if would just show us the receipts from the repayments dated immediately after the trip.

I suppose then, that if other documents surfaced that showed the repayments were a couple of weeks ago then that would look really rather suspiscious wouldn’t it?