83% of NBR readers (that’s 18 of them) do not believe Colin Craig


More accurately, 2% of the people believe Craig, but 15% hate me so much, they want to believe Craig.   It’s all a bit of a conundrum for the likes of The World’s Greatest Sysop and other leftie single brain celled organisms:  when they hate Colin with a passion, and want me dead… who to support?




NBR go all in on calling John Key a liar


I knew this was coming.   Readers may recall I’ve been pushing the government to deal with the Sabin issue since a little after the election.

Worse, Key slipped up this morning on TV by linking two bits of information together that were previously just speculation.  Careful observers will now know exactly what kind of alleged assault Sabin is being investigated for. Read more »


Sometimes you wonder where some people get their ideas from

Neville Gibson, editor at the NBR writes:

The assassinations of journalists and cartoonists at a satirical French newspaper will add to a wave of anti-Islamic feeling in Europe.

Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators have turned out in Paris, Lyons and other cities to defend freedom of speech and western democratic values against terrorism. In London, a demonstration has been held in Trafalgar Square.

The rallying call is “Je suis Charlie” (“I am Charlie”)  – a reference to President Kennedy’s speech at the Berlin Wall in the 1960s and to the name of the weekly Charlie Hebdo, whose offices were invaded by three hooded gunmen at 11.30am Parisian time on Wednesday.

Let’s start with his gutlessness at not calling things for what they are.

These were not “three hooded gunmen”….they were Islamic terrorists.

Look Neville, at what they did to a wounded gendarme.

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NBR Poll shows all PR people are professional liars

A recent online survey by NBR shows that people can’t be fooled by prissy press releases and smooth talking tosspots…we seem to know they are professional liars.

And the association of professional liars is all upset about it too.

New Zealand’s public relations body, PRINZ, is sour about the result of a recent NBR subscriber poll.

In a press release, PRINZ president Bruce Fraser took a potshot at the messenger, an NBR reporter.

“President Bruce Fraser has taken issue with an NBR reporter’s view that subscribers don’t believe public relations professionals are simply balancing out media and public commentary on contentious issues,” it says.   Read more »

Horan chickens out on nailing Winston Peters over his racehorse

Brendan Horan has chickened out on pursuing Winston Peters of his dodgy story about his racehorse.

Victoria Young at NBR reports:

Independent MP Brendan Horan says he will not pursue a complaint against Winston Peters over his alleged failure to declare his financial interest in racehorse Bellazeel.

A legal threat appears to be behind the climb-down, although Mr Horan also sites a Standing Orders issue. Mr Horan says he has been advised the NZ First leader could have a shot at him for contempt for bringing the issue to the media’s attention and then making a complaint. The independent MP is already on the backfoot after Winston Peters called in lawyers of an interview Mr Horan did with RNZ on Thursday, during which he raised new claims separate to Ballazeel.

Last week Mr Horan told NBR ONLINE he was undecided over pursuing a parliamentary complaint over why Mr Peters did not include his Bellazeel stake in his filing for the registry of MPs’ financial interests.

Sir Maarten Wevers, who oversees the registry, says he cannot look into the matter of his own account. Standing Orders require a formal complaint to be made by an MP.

In a poll of NBR member subscribers between Friday and early Monday morning, 87% of participants said he should press ahead with the complaint.

However, today Mr Horan claims that under Standing Orders he cannot go to the register because he has already made the matter public. NBR is seeking expert clarification on this issue.

None of Winston Peters public statements about the racehorse stand scrutiny.

He said the horse was put out to pasture years ago…it only started racing in 2012 and won a race earlier this year.  Read more »

Len Brown sex scandal claims first scalp

UPDATE: NBR Publisher responds…details at bottom of page.

Oh dear.

The Len Brown-Bevan Chuang sex scandal has claimed its first scalp, but a journalist, not a politician has lost his job.

Chief reporter for the National Business Review (NBR) website Jock Anderson was fired just hours after posting an opinion piece yesterday calling for Len Brown to stay on as Mayor of Auckland.

Anderson’s piece was posted on the NBR website about 11am and argued that Brown should stay on in his role because under his leadership Auckland business had and would continue to prosper, due to transport and development projects.

“It wasn’t a ‘pro-Len Brown’ piece. But it said he should remain as Mayor so that he and his new council could continue the work on multimillion-dollar projects,” said Anderson.

The opinion piece was taken down at 11.20am on the request of NBR publisher Todd Scott and Anderson confirmed he was fired by Scott at 5.15pm.

via Twitter

via Twitter

We need more detail on this, but on the face of it, this smells.   Read more »


Just who is running the NBR? It appears to be Matthew Hooton

It appears to be Matthew Hooton.

I spotted this late last night after his post went live.

whoisrunningnbr Read more »

Jock Anderson on hypocritical journalists

Jock Anderson is a straight shooter, and he is a bloody good guy to share a beer with.

He unleashes on the whinging and crying of gallery journalists.

..the NBR’s Jock Anderson claims such journalists are hypocrites: ‘They scramble through Hell to expose everyone else’s secrets but don’t anyone dare come near ours. Details of other folk’s chats and emails are splattered over the front pages and the air waves in pursuance of a media-driven notion the public has “a right to know”…. But journalists then consider their own communications with people to be no-one else’s business’ – see: Revealing the juicy secrets of journalists [paywalled].  Read more »


David Fisher, Tim Murphy, THIS is how you do a genuine apology

—–Original Message—–
From: Todd Scott
Sent: Tuesday, 5 March 2013 2:09 p.m.
To: Duncan Garner
Subject: Duncan, I am really sorry.

Hi Duncan,

I just wanted to drop you a personal apology for that egregious headline and article yesterday! When it was brought to my attention, I ordered its immediate removal from the site. I am sincerely sorry for any stress that it caused you and your family!

We have one of the best resourced, business focused news rooms in the country. Our readers deserve better than what was served up yesterday by Jock Anderson.

On a personal note, I wish you every success for the new show.

Todd Scott – Publisher
The National Business Review

This is not an apology   Read more »

Garner hits back over NBR SMOG

As you may recall, I reported on the NBR thinking it was funny to have a headline “Duncan Garner Dead” on one of it’s articles.  An article behind the Paywall, so people couldn’t see it was in fact a satirical piece.

It quickly dawned on the NBR it wasn’t really that funny to broadcast to the world that someone had died, for fun.

They published a correction, but now Garner is taking his pound of flesh.



NBR, I suggest you leave the cute Social Media stuff to the cool kids.  Like MPs *snigger*