Len Brown sex scandal claims first scalp

UPDATE: NBR Publisher responds…details at bottom of page.

Oh dear.

The Len Brown-Bevan Chuang sex scandal has claimed its first scalp, but a journalist, not a politician has lost his job.

Chief reporter for the National Business Review (NBR) website Jock Anderson was fired just hours after posting an opinion piece yesterday calling for Len Brown to stay on as Mayor of Auckland.

Anderson’s piece was posted on the NBR website about 11am and argued that Brown should stay on in his role because under his leadership Auckland business had and would continue to prosper, due to transport and development projects.

“It wasn’t a ‘pro-Len Brown’ piece. But it said he should remain as Mayor so that he and his new council could continue the work on multimillion-dollar projects,” said Anderson.

The opinion piece was taken down at 11.20am on the request of NBR publisher Todd Scott and Anderson confirmed he was fired by Scott at 5.15pm.

via Twitter

via Twitter

We need more detail on this, but on the face of it, this smells.   Read more »


Just who is running the NBR? It appears to be Matthew Hooton

It appears to be Matthew Hooton.

I spotted this late last night after his post went live.

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Jock Anderson on hypocritical journalists

Jock Anderson is a straight shooter, and he is a bloody good guy to share a beer with.

He unleashes on the whinging and crying of gallery journalists.

..the NBR’s Jock Anderson claims such journalists are hypocrites: ‘They scramble through Hell to expose everyone else’s secrets but don’t anyone dare come near ours. Details of other folk’s chats and emails are splattered over the front pages and the air waves in pursuance of a media-driven notion the public has “a right to know”…. But journalists then consider their own communications with people to be no-one else’s business’ – see: Revealing the juicy secrets of journalists [paywalled].  Read more »


David Fisher, Tim Murphy, THIS is how you do a genuine apology

—–Original Message—–
From: Todd Scott
Sent: Tuesday, 5 March 2013 2:09 p.m.
To: Duncan Garner
Subject: Duncan, I am really sorry.

Hi Duncan,

I just wanted to drop you a personal apology for that egregious headline and article yesterday! When it was brought to my attention, I ordered its immediate removal from the site. I am sincerely sorry for any stress that it caused you and your family!

We have one of the best resourced, business focused news rooms in the country. Our readers deserve better than what was served up yesterday by Jock Anderson.

On a personal note, I wish you every success for the new show.

Todd Scott – Publisher
The National Business Review

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Garner hits back over NBR SMOG

As you may recall, I reported on the NBR thinking it was funny to have a headline “Duncan Garner Dead” on one of it’s articles.  An article behind the Paywall, so people couldn’t see it was in fact a satirical piece.

It quickly dawned on the NBR it wasn’t really that funny to broadcast to the world that someone had died, for fun.

They published a correction, but now Garner is taking his pound of flesh.



NBR, I suggest you leave the cute Social Media stuff to the cool kids.  Like MPs *snigger*


One media whoopsie begets another media whoopsie

Earlier today, the NBR Tweeted


Now, clearly obvious to regular readers of this blog, this announced a satirical opinion piece.

I kind of suspected that this would go wrong, so I decided to write a post about it and sit back.

Question:  What do you think could happen when you make a public announcement that someone is dead, but then most people can’t see you are really just kidding, because the article is behind a paywall?


As I expected, the public clarification had to follow.

Kind of takes the steam out of Jock Anderson’s opinion piece about getting your news from Twitter when in the very process of trying to make a buck from Duncan Garner’s Whoopsie last week, they end up using Twitter to fuck it all up themselves.

Had I been the NBR, I would have pulled the piece from behind the Paywall and made sure everyone could see that declaring Duncan Garner dead was just an ironic device.  Or a joke, to you and me.

Breaking: Duncan Garner dead – NBR



Poor Duncan.  Still copping it for his whoopsie.  To be fair, he was relying on Tweets by people employed by other media, but there you go.  Even more fun at his expense.

What’s not so funny is that you have to pay the NBR $120 if you want to read Jock’s “opinion” about a week late.

Well, it’s “opinion” and not “news” I guess.

Update: Duncan also copped a flogging on MediaWatch…I wonder why they didn’t give Adam Bennett a kick on the way through.

Join the Kim Dotgone movement. Now is the hour.

When you saw the headline, was your first reaction “Oh no, not another story about that”?  If so, read on…

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Sir Paul Holmes isn’t so flash.  In his limited time that remains, I suspect he has a small bucket list to work through, as far as his failing health will allow him.

So paint me stunned when he and his family hosts the Jolly Fat German that is a one-man PR nightmare blight on this country’s psyche.  Overseas, they’re laughing at us.

Of course, we’re at fault.  We, being the media.  We, being the consumers of media.

But where I was once a lone voice, the Kim Dotgone movement is slowly growing


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Media Guy of the Year?

David Cohen has said some nice things about me in the print edition of NBR:

from NBR (Print Edition) article by David Cohen

from NBR (Print Edition) article by David Cohen


Dotcom proposal a great big DotCon

Chris Keall is the first tech journo to call Kim Dotcom on his bullshit…obvious no invite for Chris to a pool party at the fat German’s place:

Kim Dotcom got an impressive amount of media over the weekend for his “plan” to revive Pacific Fibre – with the twist that Kiwis will get free or discounted broadband (subsidised by charges to business and government, and money from the not-yet-launched Mega).

Sorry, but the bus just doesn’t go out that far.

Even at the height of Megaupload, Mr Dotcom didn’t have $US400 million to spare for a Sydney-Auckland-LA cable.

His proposal to fund the project by suing Hollywood studios is the stuff of fantasy.

And as for the parallel suggestion of crowdfunding … that’s a neat idea for a $ 1 million project. Not so much for one that costs half a billion.

Dotcom mentioned Pacific Fibre co-founder Sam Morgan as a possible partner, but Mr Morgan told Stuff the pair had not discussed the project.

Bruce Simpson is the second:

From where I stand, this is not looking good for Kimmy and smacks of desperation. One can’t help but get the impression that he’s effectively trying to buy the support of NZers in his battle against the looming issue of extradition to the USA.

The silly thing is that he doesn’t need to make promises like this, most Kiwis are probably right behind him. This inducement to support Kimmy smacks of the campaign contributions paid to John (“where am I? I forgot everything”) Banks and the way he bought his residency by investing in NZ at the suggestion of the NZ government.

Of course, in case it may have slipped your mind, Kim won’t be able to kick a few hundred million into the Pacific Fibre project unless he’s freed from threat of extradition to the USA and his currently frozen assets/funds are thawed.

And what an inducement he’s offering to make sure that happens.

Unfortunately, I suspect that many Kiwis will see this move for what it probably is — a blatant attempt to buy his way out of a difficult situation.

Given the way that our politicians have dipped their hands into his pockets at every opportunity, in return for granting favours, I can understand why KD probably thinks this will work — but I’m afraid he’s likely to come out sorely disappointed.