New Plymouth

Mayor Andrew Judd is trying to get you to buy into his guilt trip


An anti-racism hikoi in New Plymouth is reaching its end today, but Mayor Andrew Judd hopes it sparks a nationwide conversation about Maori-Pakeha relations.

Hundreds participated in the three-day march, which was organised to show support for Mr Judd after he announced he wouldn’t be standing for the mayoralty again due to the abuse he received for championing Maori issues.

Mr Judd was spat at and abused when he announced the council wanted to introduce a Maori ward, which received a resounding ‘no’ vote in a citizens-initiated referendum.

Mr Judd believes Pakeha have an inherent privilege and need to understand that if Aotearoa is to become a more harmonious society.  Read more »

Move over Annette, Little wants your seat

How unsubtle. I feel sorry for my good friend Annette King. I might send her some more flowers.

Andrew Little has basically told her to shove off, or at the very least let the cat out of the bag of her retirement.

Labour leader Andrew Little won’t run in Mt Roskill if MP Phil Goff is successful in his bid for Auckland Mayor, but Rongotai is in his sights.

Little has ruled out running in the long-held Auckland Labour seat saying, “there is a depth of talent out there already”.

Goff announced on Sunday that he would run for the super-city mayoralty next year and would stay on as Mt Roskill MP through to the election.

He would, however, relinquish his Auckland issues portfolio to avoid confusion as to whether he was attending events as an MP or with his mayoral candidate hat on.

When asked if Auckland Central’s Jacinda Ardern was an obvious replacement for the Auckland portfolio, Little said there were a number of Auckland MPs who are “potential candidates for that”.

Little will make his reshuffle announcements in the next week after holding off doing so until Goff had made a decision about the mayoralty race.    Read more »

Media party promotes lying to scam the taxpayer

If this story doesn’t make your blood boil then nothing will.

If Faith Richards had only lied about the pain she was in from her dodgy hip, she may still have her life savings.

But instead the New Plymouth woman told the truth, missed out on qualifying for a publicly funded hip operation and, unable to live with the pain, spent her life savings of $20,000 to get it done privately.

She said she had asked the doctor who assessed her at Taranaki Base hospital if exaggerating her pain would have helped her get an operation and not face a 12 month waiting period for a reassessment.

“I said, if I had lied you’d have put me through? And he said yes he might have done.

“My friends told me, exaggerate. You’re really bad, but exaggerate.

“In the community you hear it all the time. Tell lies if you go to the hospital. It’s the only way you get in,” Richards said.

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Who posts letters these days anyway?

Good grief some people are pathetic, stuck in their old ways.

Some old bastards are protesting because NZ Post is thinking of doing away with their post box.

A hardy group of protesters braved squalls and showers to go into battle for their local post box in New Plymouth today, with one going as far as saying he might chain himself to it.

The protesters chanted slogans and mailed letters telling the New Zealand Post chief executive Brian Roche to keep his hands off the St Aubyn St post box.

Moturoa resident Tom Waite lives nearby the post box, which is one of four slated for removal in New Plymouth this month.    Read more »

Halfwits abound, if only they’d quit


New Plymouth Mayor Andrew Judd is up in arms because he has been called a dickhead and a halfwit. He should resign.

When put to a referendum the residents of New Plymouth  told him to stick his idea for Maori wards where the sun doesn’t shine. The idea was really dumb and it should never have seen the light of day.

Andrew is an Optometrist. He certainly isn’t a lawyer with deep constitutional knowledge – but you’d have the strong impression he knows more than anyone else – thus is justified in pursuing Maori wards for the district.

We all know that politics is rife with halfwits, most of whom feed greedily from the rate payer funded trough whilst providing themselves a platform for their over inflated sense of self (refer egos of gargantua) to parade about like a prize goose. And it’s generally these halfwit politicians who open their gobs to raise dumb ideas that they should have whispered quietly into their pillows at night as they cried themselves to sleep.

The Maori wards is one such idea. In Nelson a few years ago the same idea managed to be floated by the Councillors. But only briefly before sensibility prevailed and the locals voted down the idea through referenda.    Read more »

Halfwit mayor Andrew Judd thinks being called a halfwit is hate speech, now he is just being a dickhead

The halfwit Mayor of New Plymouth has gone full retard thinking that me calling him a halfwit is hate speech.

A right wing blogger has labelled New Plymouth Mayor Andrew Judd a “halfwit” following the referendum on Maori wards.

Establishing a Maori ward for the district was voted down in a landslide on Friday, with 83 per cent of people voting against and only 17 per cent in favour.

Online commentary and debate came quick in wake of the decision with Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater even calling for Judd’s head to roll.

“The halfwit Mayor in New Plymouth just can’t accept the result of a referendum he forced,” Slater said on his website.

“Instead of resigning, which an honourable man would do, he is now proposing other half baked solutions which will likely end up in the same place as his previous one…He should just resign and go lick his wounds in private – this wailing about a democratic result is pathetic,” Slater said in a post on his website.

Slater was one of hundreds who posted their thoughts across social media platforms and, like the poll results show, many were happy with the way it went.

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The halfwit Mayor in New Plymouth really should take the honourable course and resign

The halfwit Mayor in New Plymouth just can’t accept the result of a referendum he forced.

It has really ripped his undies. Instead of resigning which an honourable man would do, he is now proposing other half-baked solutions which will likely end up in the same place as his previous one.

New Plymouth mayor Andrew Judd has taken his fight for Maori representation a step further, calling for a law change so up to half of all councillors in New Zealand are Maori.

Judd, already fighting critics over his council’s plans to create a Maori ward, believes there should be more Maori representation across the country to better reflect the Treaty of Waitangi.

“The reasonable interpretation of the Treaty is that you would have fifty-fifty representation around the table,” Judd said.

“We should be incorporating the Maori perspective around council tables, and ultimately that would mean up to half the representation each.”

In September the New Plymouth District Council narrowly voted for the creation of a Maori ward seat, but the move has not been without conflict.    Read more »

New Plymouth Mayor rinsed over Maori seats

The sensible ratepayers of New Plymouth have handed the mayor a rinsing over his maori seat proposal.

A Maori ward seat has been given a resounding no from the people of the New Plymouth district.

The council’s controversial decision to have a Maori ward was overturned in a landslide vote on Friday after a district wide, binding referendum.

Eighty three per cent of voters in the binding referendum voted against the creation of the ward, with only 17 per cent of people in favour of the idea.

From the 45 per cent voter turnout and the 25,338 returned votes, 21,053 people were against the creation of the ward, with only 4285 in favour of it.

New Plymouth mayor D said he was disappointed with the result.

“We must now reconsider how best to engage with Maori and enable their participation in the council’s decision making, as we are required to do by law,” he said.

“On a personal note I am obviously disappointed with the outcome, both in terms of the result and the fact that more than half the community didn’t vote.”

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New Plymouth mayor’s Maori Ward drive as popular as a poo in the pool

A petition against Maori wards with more than 4000 signatures will be delivered to mayor Andrew Judd in two weeks and set in motion a referendum on the issue.

In September the New Plymouth District Council voted in favour of developing a ward to ensure Maori had a voice on the council.

The decision was condemned by many and prompted Hugh Johnson to start a petition against the move.

Current legislation allows for a binding referendum on Maori wards if a petition with at least 5 per cent of the electorate is collected.

However, that is not the case with decisions on other wards where the local government commissioner has the final say.

Five per cent of the New Plymouth electorate equates to 2749 signatures, and Johnson said he would be handing in “4000 plus” signatures to Judd on February 12.

A rare chance for the rate payers to force their will on a council determined to go against the will of the people.   Read more »

Taranaki woman converts to Islam

Interesting piece in the Taranaki Daily News by Helen Harvey.  I Kiwi woman converts to Islam and shares the prejudice that she faces.

A Taranaki woman who has recently converted to Islam says she has been spat on, told to go back where she came from and, during a job interview, told to take off her hijab.

Cherie French did her shahada to convert to Islam last year and now wears a headcovering. A person becomes a Muslim by reciting the Shahada Islamic creed in Arabic.

She had previously worked in retail and last week she went for a job interview at Trick or Treat on Devon St, she said.

“I didn’t say anything about me being Muslim because it was pretty obvious. [The owner] said, can you take that off? It’s not allowed in the shop. I said it was because of my religion. She said, we have a policy there is no hats or sunglasses in the store.”

If you take on a religion that brings with it set of practices that are by and large foreign to the country you were born in, how do you expect people to react?   Read more »