New Plymouth

They breed ‘em tough in Taranaki

Stories like this are just great, as Kirsty McMurray reports from


A boy who nearly had his toes bitten off by an eel got the last laugh yesterday when he ate the creature for lunch.

Theo Chadfield, 8, was meant to be helping his granddad Allan Davies fence the riparian planting on their Mangorei Rd, New Plymouth, farm on Saturday.

Instead, when he got hot, he stripped down to his undies and went for a swim in the Te Henui Stream.

“I asked Granddad if there were eels in the stream and he said no.”

Davies said he had gone to check on Theo, who was only shin deep in the water, when he saw him try and fail to take a step backward.

“He couldn’t move.” When Davies pulled Theo from the water they discovered a large eel dangling from his foot.

Theo said the eel had clamped on tight but let go when he was lifted out.

“It was still clinging on but then it plopped onto the ground and Granddad kicked it back into the water.” Read more »

The ferals of New Plymouth get their beans

Andrew Little says in the NZ Herald today that he is going to try some new campaign things in New Plymouth.

I’m going to campaign very hard and try new techniques in New Plymouth, and I want to lead the debate about labour market change. And otherwise continue the very enjoyable and happy time I am having in this great institution.

I wonder if this will be one of them, to appeal to the ferals of New Plymouth.

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A really long street in New Plymouth?

Courtenay St in New Plymouth is actually only 1.76km long

Courtenay St in New Plymouth is actually only 1.76km long

This street, if Fairfax is correct, still wouldn’t be a challenge for the longest street in the world, which used to be held by Yonge Street in Ontario Canada at 1896km long.

Still according to there is a street in New Plymouth which is at least 80 km long.

A woman claiming to be Kate Middleton sped the wrong way down a one-way street this morning before rolling her car on State Highway 45 in Taranaki.

Police Senior Constable Grant Kennard said the 44-year-old woman was mentally unwell and had refused to let emergency services help her after she crashed about 7am.¬† Read more »

Labour gives up on New Plymouth and Rotorua

It looks like Labour has given up on winning back New Plymouth and Rotorua, bypassing them on their taxpayer funded leader’s roadshow.

The Labour Party is bypassing Taranaki in a series of meetings to be held before electing its new leader.

Details of the 12 meetings, spread across New Zealand, were announced yesterday as the Labour leadership race entered its next phase.

New Plymouth had been a traditional stronghold for the party with Harry Duynhoven holding the seat from 1993 until 2008, when National MP Jonathan Young wrested it from him with the country’s smallest majority of just 105 votes.

Mr Young then went on to defeat Andrew Little in 2011.

Labour Party general secretary Tim Barnett said the tight timeframe and having to hold meetings in the six biggest population centres had dictated where meetings were held.¬† Read more »

Well done to the cops, putting the bad guy away

Another one bites the dust.  Saves the Tax Payer lots of money in court costs and giving the bastard 3 squares a day.

A man is dead after being shot by police in New Plymouth early this morning.

Police said three separate investigations had been launched after an incident at New Plymouth Golf Club, in the suburb of Fitzroy.

Multiple security alarms went off at the premises about 4am and police responded.

Officers saw that windows had been smashed and set up a cordon around the area.

One of the officers found two offenders on a motorbike leaving the scene.

Acting District Commander Inspector Mark Harrison said: “While I am not prepared to go into any further detail at this stage I can confirm that that the offenders have crashed their bike on the golf course as they tried to leave and a police dog has been deployed and detained one of the offenders.

“An officer went to assist the dog with the first offender and during this time the second offender yelled threats and shot at the officers which led to police discharging a firearm.”

Police had launched three separate investigations into the incident.

One would focus on the incident and the actions of the deceased; a second would independently look at the actions of police; a third investigation would focus on general police policies and procedures.

It was a matter of course for police actions to be investigated when a firearm was discharged, Mr Harrison said.

The scene had been cordoned off and was likely to remain so for a day or two so a full scene examination could be completed.

“a matter of course”… snigger

Labour continues to flout road rules

Labour has been pinged repeatedly for flouting road rules. They simply don’t care. The Police also seem to care little about our electoral alws.

It has become farcical in the extreme where we have one political party wilfully and flagrantly breaching laws with impunity.

This is a photo from New Plymouth of a STOP ASSET SALES sign about 20m from an intersection parked on the road.  The vehicle it was attached to was an EPMU branded vehicle.

Little ditching Goff

Andrew Little thinks that visits by Phil Goff are not helpful, not only that he wants John Key to come back to the electorate to help…probably why Labour are now putting John Key on their ads and not Phil Goff.

Random Impertinent Questions

Andrew Little’s cost justification for ignoring New Plymouth raises some impertinent questions:

At the candidates’ meeting, he is asked if he will still move there if he does not win the seat but gets in on the list. He answers no. It is a question that has come up before and he’s managed to come up with a cunning excuse – that it will save the taxpayers’ money if they don’t have to pay his Wellington accommodation and commuting costs.

If Andrew Little won’t make a commitment to New Plymouth if he doesn’t win because it will save accommodation and commuting costs, is he now encouraging all scum List MPs to base themselves in Wellington?

Is this now Labour’s standard attitude towards the provinces?

Debranding, Ctd

Faced with a polling disaster of his own, Andrew Little has started debranding:

At that meeting, Mr Young diligently stuck to his party line while Mr Little largely avoided his party line.

He did not mention Labour leader Phil Goff or most of his party’s main policy planks. Instead, he talked about the port, oil, gas and dairy farming. He promised to push for roading realignments north of the city and to “shake every tree and push every button that needs to be shaken or pushed to get the funding for it”. He proposed ramming a tunnel through Mt Messenger.

Debranding won’t work, neither will promising millions in spending he can’t and won’t deliver. Little’s main problem is no one believe him about his¬†commitment¬†to New Plymouth:

He is also aware that he is a carpet bagger – he lives with his wife and 10-year-old son in Wellington and is bunking with his mother for the campaign. He has promised to move to the electorate if he wins, but the locals have made it clear he needs to establish his credentials, hence the emphasis on local issues.

At the candidates’ meeting, he is asked if he will still move there if he does not win the seat but gets in on the list. He answers no. It is a question that has come up before and he’s managed to come up with a cunning excuse – that it will save the taxpayers’ money if they don’t have to pay his Wellington accommodation and commuting costs.

Weasel words tend to collapse your vote not enhance it. Of course this is yet another prime example of someone not wanted by the local constituency but they sneak into parliament with a high list ranking. If Labour drops a few more points though Little is trouble there too.


Andrew Little is committed to New Plymouth but only if he wins.

At a New Plymouth candidate debate on Monday night Mr Little said he would not live in New Plymouth if he lost the election then got into Parliament as a List MP.

Check out this nasty little smear too:

“The last time I heard this conspiracy theory was on Kiwiblog with David Farrar who does National Party research. He runs this line out every now and then . . . because their campaign in New Plymouth isn’t running so well.”

Haha, the only seats Labour are talking up are the ones their internal polling says they are losing. New Plymouth is one of those.

Now just for confirmation on his committment:

Mr Little said if he wins the New Plymouth seat he will “absolutely” stand again in 2014.

Oh only if he wins…what happens if he loses…will it be Rongotai?