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Photo: Bob Adelman Andy Warhol at 47th Street Factory poses on notorious Factory red couch with Jackie Kennedy silkscreen. 1965, New York City.

Photo: Bob Adelman
Andy Warhol at 47th Street Factory poses on notorious Factory red couch with Jackie Kennedy silkscreen. 1965, New York City.

The Shot That Shattered The Velvet Underground

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Even in a city where Charters are flying Unions can’t do it

New York City has an acclaimed Charter School system.

Unions decided to get in on the act and show the rest how it is done. Results predictable.

Almost a decade after the United Federation of Teachers launched a charter school to prove that a school could thrive under the city’s union contract, new data show the school continues to struggle.

Kindergarten through eighth grade of the UFT Charter School in Brooklyn failed to meet the city’s targets for student achievement, progress, environment and closing the achievement gap, according to the Department of Education’s School Quality Guide, which was released Monday.

Among nearly 1,700 schools reviewed under the city’s new reporting system, the kindergarten through eighth grade part of the charter is one of a handful of schools citywide that didn’t meet goals in four out of five categories.

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Charter schools rocking, time to have more

While the teacher union focus o opposing charter schools there is a thought in the US that the schools should be embraced and extended such is the success of them.

The teacher lobby, as we have seen, uses emotive clap-trap and very few facts to support their argue that charter schools are evil.

Let’s look at some facts though.

This month, New York State approved 17 new city charter schools to open over the next few years. Sadly, they could be among the last.

Sometime in 2015, New York State will have to stop approving new charters. That’s not because these schools haven’t proven themselves (their achievement often far exceeds that of the districts they reside in). It’s not because there isn’t enough demand (50,000 families are on waitlists).

Rather, it’s because state law currently caps the number of charters allowed to open, and we’ve almost reached the limit.

Putting the brakes on a wildly successful education strategy is bad policy. It’s terrible for the city’s kids, thousands of whom will be denied schools that have shown they can close the achievement gap in some of our most disadvantaged neighborhoods.

There is an obvious answer: Simply eliminate this arbitrary and artificial barrier to creating more great public schools. After all, we’ve already twice raised the number of charter schools that can be opened in New York City, from 100 to 200 in 2007 and then again by another 114 in 2010.  Read more »

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Photo: Opium Museum  Americans smoke opium in a Chinese-run opium den in New York City's Chinatown in 1925.

Photo: Opium Museum
Americans smoke opium in a Chinese-run opium den in New York City’s Chinatown in 1925.

Opium Dens

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Photo:  International News Photo archive

Photo: International News Photo archive


Rockefeller Center


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NY City - Night Day Population



New York City Population, Night vs. Day

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1968 in New York City: George Eastman House Collection

1968 in New York City: George Eastman House Collection (Photoshopped)

So NYC is the answer for cyclists is it?

Many commentators cite New York as the nirvana for cyclists.

As is usual with the emotive claptrap that is hurled around the facts don’t support the contention.

Lance Wiggs tells me via Twitter and in his NBR article that NYC is safer for cyclists than NZ., and that we should look to them for guidance on cycling matters. Really?

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Global warming strikes again, wonder how many Eco-loons are snowed in?

A snowpocalypse has descended on the Northeast US.

Apparently the storm will drop temperatures so much it will freeze skin in 15 mins…even a good freezer can’t do that

Almost 100 million people across the Northeast battened-down-the-hatches as the huge winter storm dubbed Hercules slammed the Northeast with stiff winds and punishing cold temperatures on Thursday, dumping nearly 2 feet of snow in parts of the region and threatening more.

The National Weather Service said 21 inches of snow had fallen in Boxford, just north of Boston, by Thursday night, while other parts of the state had 17 or 18 inches. It added that parts of upstate New York had received 18 inches while New York City was on course to get about 8.

With bone-chilling conditions that could freeze exposed skin in 15 minutes expected in the aftermath of the snowfall, authorities warned people to stay indoors and to only travel when necessary.  Read more »

NYC Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio vows to ban horse-drawn carriages

New Mad Mayor of New York is going to be entertaining over the next few years. Another left winger focussing on the things that matter.

New York City Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio said that one of his first acts after taking office this week will be to ban horse-drawn carriages in Central Park.

Speaking at a news conference Monday, de Blasio said it was inhumane to expose the horses to the city’s dangerous streets.

“We are going to quickly and aggressively move to make horse carriages no longer a part of the landscape in New York City,” de Blasio said, according to NBC New York. “They are not humane. … It’s over.”

Animal rights advocacy groups lauded de Blasio’s pledge.  Read more »