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Teacher’s union dropped opposition to paying their members more

It is truly bizarre that we had a situation where a teachers union was opposing a government proposal to pay their member more.

The NZEI though, has now swallowed the dead rat, and decided to not oppose it after making some trifling changes to the proposals.

A teachers union is dropping its opposition to the Government’s $155 million a year plan to pay teachers more to improve schools after negotiating changes to the scheme.

The deal agreed with the Education Ministry opens the way for more schools to join a revised version of the programme known as Investing in Educational Success.

The Educational Institute (NZEI) said the changes include allowing early childhood services to join the scheme, which was originally just for schools.    Read more »

The Union’s Massive War Chest


Yesterday we covered the massive accumulated wealth of the six unions that give money to the Labour Party and get to choose the party leader.

The six affiliated unions have a collective equity of $46,275,983, yet only gave $162,000 to last years Labour election campaign.

The public sector unions are in many ways the most powerful unions, as they have the ability to tax members through paycheque deductions, all negotiated when their Labour mates are in power.

So you would expect the public sector unions would also have a massive war chest.    Read more »

Teacher Unions still whinging, time to consider de-registration

The teacher unions are never happy.

Despite a resounding majority victory, the first in the world under an MMP electoral system, the NZEI is claiming that John Key doesn’t have a mandate.

The largest teachers’ union in the country says it will continue to fight against the Government’s plans to reform the education system, despite the weekend’s historic election landslide.

In winning 48 percent of the vote, National became the first party to win an outright majority in Parliament under MMP. But New Zealand Educational Institute (NZEI) national secretary Paul Goulter says that doesn’t necessarily give them a mandate to implement the $359 million Investing in Educational Success (IES) scheme.

“I don’t think there could be any evidence at all to say that parents and communities and teachers in any way support it on the Monday after the election, compared to the Friday before the election. There’s just no evidence of that,” he said on Firstline this morning.

Mr Goulter says parents voted on “bread-and-butter matters”, not individual policies.

Under IES, expert teachers will get up to $20,000 extra pay, and principals up to $40,000. The catch is they would have to spend time away from their usual school to help out others the Government deems are struggling.
In August, 93 percent of NZEI members who took part in a vote on IES rejected it. Three-quarters wanted it dumped altogether, with the rest wanting it retooled.

Mr Goulter says the Government might have a mandate to push ahead with IES if it supplied evidence that it will actually improve educational outcomes.

“The evidence that they’ve bowled up so far is quite frankly pathetic,” he says. “As far as we’re concerned, things like mandates have to be subject to evidence and bringing parents and communities along, and that hasn’t happened.”

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Class Sizes – Labour and the Teacher Unions

A principal emails about Labour, the teacher unions and class sizes.

Hello Cameron

If the hypocrisy of Labour and the teacher unions wasn’t so negative for children is would be, almost, funny.

The one thing holding class size high is the Teacher Unions.

They fought bulk funding and denied almost every Principal in the country the choice to make staff resourcing choices based on the needs of the children in front of them.

They still bang on about the “victory” they had in the late 1990s by denying Principals these choices.  Read more »

Waikato Times editorial slaps Hipkins too

Hipkins! ...eyes front and pay attention!

Hipkins! …cut the jibber jabber, eyes front and pay attention!

Chris Hipkins has tried to bag National Investing in Education Success (IES) plans as he goes about his ban-a-thon.

The Waikato Times have also acknowledged that he doesn’t know what he is talking about it and has failed to even notice the PPTA support.

Hipkins’ report card on Parata’s handling of the policy said a Labour Government would “almost certainly” dump it. Labour’s own model (to be announced within the next two weeks) would draw on teacher expertise to improve educational outcomes. But, according to the PPTA, that’s what Parata has done – and it welcomes the results.

Labour’s education spokesman, Chris Hipkins, has given Education Minister Hekia Parata a low mark for trying to introduce the expert teachers policy, “Investing in Educational Success”.

Because of the lack of input from school leaders, he said, she “has failed spectacularly” and “clearly needs to go back to school to learn what consultation actually means”. But perhaps Hipkins has failed to assess all the relevant material. Earlier this month, Parata released a report on the shaping of the $359 million policy to create a new career structure for teachers after consulting with the education sector.  Read more »

You can have a tea break when you’ve earned it

What’s the most important issue for the NZEI?

Ensuring kids can get decent teachers and a good education?


The most important thing for them is making sure dud teachers get a tea-break.

NZEI-twitter Read more »

What is it with teachers and secrecy? They’re worse than the Catholic Church

A parliamentary select committee has recommended that the legal loophole the Teachers Council used to grant themselves special powers to keep dodgy teacher’s details secret.

As usual the unions are squealing at the this and now they are saying they will make special arrangements to keep dodgy teacher’s details secret.

Misbehaving teachers facing disciplinary action may soon lose their automatic name suppression – but the national kindergarten federation is warning that those in trouble could still use other ways to retain anonymity.

Existing rules grant automatic name suppression and a closed hearing to teachers facing a disciplinary tribunal.  Read more »

Teacher unions bullying confronted

The teacher unions are now resorting to bullying people who they think are supporters of Charter Schools. So far only Radio NZ has reported this.

Teacher unions have written to aspiring charter school operators in a last-ditch attempt to warn them off setting up the schools.

Radio New Zealand‘s education correspondent said the letters are the first time the Post Primary Teachers Association and the Educational Institute have directly lobbied groups wanting to set up the schools, which the government is calling partnership schools.

The letters say the schools could be cancelled as early as November next year with no compensation because opposition parties have vowed to abolish them.

They are being sent to 35 organisations that expressed interest in the schools, four of which are known to have made it to negotiations with the Government.

PPTA president Angela Roberts said charter schools will damage nearby state schools.

I have obtained copies of these letters and they are not lobbying, they are bullying plain and simple. This must be an orchestrated campaign because they were written and sent the same day. You have to love the PPTA letter, sent to an address in “Greenland”.

Education Union Bullying

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Unbelievable hypocrisy from the NZEI

The NZEI claim that one of the reasons they are against Charter Schools is that they will not be subject to the same public scrutiny as state schools. But…………when public schools are under scrutiny for not doing what their taxpayer funding requires them to do (e.g. teach children well) – NZEI leader Judith Nowotarski goes nuts and states:

“this is unfair and is about punishing and shaming a school”    Read more »

Shearer throws Maori/Pasifika children under the Union bus

David Shearer has pledged to repeal Charter Schools legislation.

As well as the desperation dripping from every announcement he makes there is humour in this one as he is only catching up on the same announcement Chris Hipkins made on April 19.

So – in New Zealand we know that Maori are trailing non-Maori by over 21% in terms of the number of children achieving Level 2 NCEA. We know that Pasifika are trailing by 14%. We know the latest Stanford report (the 2012 one) states that minority groups are beginning to genuinely prosper in general under the Charter Schools models and that models like the Kipp network have closed the income /achievement gap.

The study also found that the majority of charter school students are now economically disadvantaged, suggesting that the alternative system might now provide better education for less privileged students.

Shearer clearly cares for none of this and simply threatens to repeal the legislation and throw the children who might benefit under the union bus (IF Labour is elected and IF he is leader). He proposes no other solutions of course. One would think that is you cared for these groups you would try anything and everything that has working examples elsewhere.

The NZEI is delighted and they are clearly more important to Shearer than children are. Leader of NZEI Judith Nowotarski comes out with all the scare mongering discredited nonsense about charter schools and does no credit to the teaching profession in doing so (are teachers really happy with this kind of representation?). She also shows very little care for the Maori and Pasifika children by reproducing the “world class” mantra. Once again – the system is NOT world class for those groups.

As well as claiming to speak for all parents Nowotarski shows she is not too flash at maths either. The government has earmarked $19 million to Partnership Schools to try and make a difference to specific groups. NZEI wants that spread to improve the education of all. With over 2500 schools in New Zealand that works out at about $8,000 per school ($24 per student) – piddling into the hurricane and disappearing down the black hole of a union dominated education system.

Once again – what is it about the ongoing failure of Maori and Pasifika children that is in the interest of the Labour party?

Perhaps we should all send Shearer a copy of the video Waiting for Superman which brilliantly captures the desire of poor families striving to get their kids into charter schools.