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Winston proving he isn’t an Asian basher by bashing Euros

Winston Peters has had a lash at all foreign land owners, not just ones with chinky sounding names like Labour’s attacks.

European interests extending their dairy holdings in New Zealand are among the latest land sale approvals for foreign buyers, says New Zealand First.

“As the Prime Minister pulls percentages out of nowhere to claim there is little foreign ownership, the sales are ticked off month by month,” says New Zealand First Leader and Member of Parliament for Northland Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“Last year the PM said it was 2% foreign ownership, now he’s saying 5%. He’ll say anything to neutralise those who know sales are climbing rapidly. More than a million hectares have been lost of New Zealand ownership under this National government.    Read more »

Winston Peters takes the China bashing card back from Labour

All I can suggest is that we find a Canadian, American, UK or Australian investor then.  

After all, Labour and NZ First don’t mind if things are owned by foreigners, as long it isn’t anyone from Asia.

New Zealand First is vowing to fight for the continued New Zealand ownership of New Zealand’s second largest meat cooperative as it faces sale to the Chinese.

“Silver Fern Farms is a Kiwi farmer-owned business accounting for over $2.2 billion in sales,” says New Zealand First Leader and Member of Parliament for Northland Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“Their farmers have done the hard yards and debt is tracking down Just when it is, the Chinese want at least a $100 million interest in it.

“That will just be the start, as we all know. Why has the co-op not reached out to people who own it? Instead, the board is putting a financial gun to its farmer-owners and effectively saying, ‘sign or else’.     Read more »

Winston is over National’s Maori pandering

Winston Peters speaks at a Maori Affairs select committee

In the process of not wanting to rock the boat, we now have an increasing divide between Maori and non-Maori.  

National’s indulgence for Maori separatism is leading to ever more ludicrous claims, this time Tainui for Auckland, which was announced by the Prime Minister himself, says New Zealand First Leader and Member of Parliament for Northland Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“Imagine how much taxpayer cash Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations Chris Finlayson will need to stump up the costs for a Crown negotiator for a settlement like this.

“In all seriousness National is keen to put iwi before Kiwi and that’s not something people voted for.

“Only last month Environment Minister Nick Smith confirmed National was negotiating with many iwi over demands for water ownership. This hitherto had been denied by National.   Read more »

Winston sets the whingers off, just like he planned

Winston Peters showed yesterday why he is the real leader of the opposition by nutting off about Mike Hosking and his bias. Andrew Little and the Greens followed his lead like dutiful little puppets.

In Newstalk ZB’s television advert, Mike Hosking breathlessly exclaims, “we keep pushing, asking the hard questions seeking clarity and ultimately resolution. We never sleep because your conversations never do, so if you want to be in the know, join us in the now”. How then does he reconcile such highfalutin claims with a disgraceful piece of writing he penned in the Herald on August 13: Misery peddlers are milking a crisis?

It is the clearest sign yet that Mr Hosking is a National Party stooge. So much so, his show should be counted against National’s electoral advertising.

Mr Hosking has the temerity to believe that he knows more about what’s happening down on the farm than the elected Member of Parliament of a dairy farming electorate, who comes off a dairy farm and knows the difference between a cow and a bull? What is Mr Hosking’s farming experience, his local organic supermarket?

Unlike this well-paid mouthpiece farmers know our dairy industry is going through the floor. These are not my words but a Farmers Weekly commentator who further adds, “timber is having major issues, lamb and wool are suffering and Auckland house prices are going ballistic”.

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John Armstrong writes off Peters as being old an irrelevant; doesn’t see the irony

John Armstrong’s columns are all over the place like a mad woman’s poo and are turning ever more curmudgeonly without the wit or courage needed to carry it off.

If anything, he should know that Winston is actually positioning himself for his best result yet.  Armstrong, not so much.

Unfashionable – and deliberately so.

New Zealand First’s relative popularity resides in its offering the politically dazed and confused a vision of the future based on nostalgia for the relatively recent past.

The party is marooned in a time bubble of the economic boom of the 1950s along with the suffocating social conformity of that era.

Its unwillingness to confront that myth of a better past will ultimately be the death of it as those who lived through those times and who gain comforting reassurance from Winston Peters’ pronouncements pass away.   Read more »

Why are we surprised that Winston resorts to racism?

Winston Peters always plays the race card. It’s also obvious that he is miffed that it is Labour who has playing his cards lately.

What is a racist old bigot to do?

Well, ramp it up of course.

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has defended embattled Corrections Minister Peseta Sam Lotu-Iiga, saying he is partly qualified for the job because he is Samoan.

Mr Peters made the comments after his keynote speech at the NZ First conference in Rotorua, in which he returned to well-trodden ground by taking aim at current levels of immigration.

In an off-script comment, he attacked Social Development Minister Anne Tolley as entirely unqualified for her previous role of Education Minister.

He was asked by reporters afterwards why he did not criticise the qualifications of other ministers such as Mr Lotu-Iiga, under the gun after incidents of violence at Mt Eden prison, which is run by British company Serco.    Read more »

Looks like Winston has a couple of turds in the punch bowl

It looks like Winston Peters has a couple of turds in his punch bowl.

NZ First MP Denis O’Rourke has vowed to resign if the party adopted a policy that would see “new settlers” forced to take out medical insurance for a decade.

The idea was proposed at the party’s annual conference in Rotorua on Sunday and a heated debate followed.

O’Rourke immediately stood up to declare the policy was discriminatory, illegal under the Bill of Rights and would open up NZ First to ridicule.

If the “disgraceful” remit was adopted, the list MP said he would considered withdrawing his membership.

His colleague Mahesh Bindra, who was born in India, also argued against the idea.    Read more »

Here’s a good policy for John Key to steal

Winston Peters in front of his campaign bus

Winston Peters in front of his campaign bus

Winston has come up with a good policy…one so good that John Key should steal it.

People coming to live in New Zealand would need to take out personal medical insurance for at least 10 years, under a policy being considered by NZ First.

The party’s leader Winston Peters has expressed his support for the idea, saying “we have to stop having a soft heart and a head to match”.

“You can climb off a plane in New Zealand and be in hospital the next day,” Mr Peters said. “We have long waiting lists…it seems to me to be only reasonable and fair.”    Read more »

Another reason to hold your nose and keep voting National: Winston wants another shot at it

Winston is going again in 2017…bad news for Labour and Andrew Little, as he will start to hoover up support as a proper opposition.

IT’S not often a journalist gets a straight answer out of Winston Peters. But there is one issue on which the 70-year-old is unequivocal: his retirement.

Forty years after he first entered New Zealand politics, the NZ First leader is planning his next election campaign and heading into his party’s 22nd annual convention. Isn’t he tired of politics?

“Why would you ask that?” he chuckles.

“I’m 70 years old, that’s a fact. But the point is I’m in a job I can do and I get a lot of enjoyment out of it.

“I could give it up and my next big wish would be to spend time doing up boats and what have you. But the reality is, would I be interested after three months doing that? How many days can you go fishing?”

Bolstered by the Northland by-election win, he says he’ll stand again in 2017.

“We have never realised our real potential…People might agree with you but if you don’t have the catalyst to vote you’ve got nowhere. You are like a salesman who has convinced a housewife that’s the best washing machine but she’s not buying it. That needs some analysis.”

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Did NZ First president Anne Martin chuck her toys over her daughter’s demotion?

She says no, but I suspect the ousting of her daughter for a bloke who fakes his military service it is a major reason for Ann Martin stepping down as Winston’s president.

More changes for New Zealand First are on the way after the recent tussle for the deputy leadership and as many in the party look to the future.

NZ First president Anne Martin is stepping down and will be replaced by one of three candidates after a vote at this weekend’s annual conference.

Mrs Martin’s daughter Tracey Martin was the party’s deputy leader and the two were part of a five-strong panel that decided the party list and effectively who would make it into Parliament.

However, that influence – which caused friction with some within the party including former MP and North Shore mayor Andrew Williams – has now waned.

Ron Mark replaced Tracey Martin as deputy leader after a closely-fought caucus vote this month and Anne Martin has now confirmed she will not seek re-election as president.    Read more »