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Explaining is losing, NZ First denies there are divisions

NZ First is claiming that there are no divisions in the party after Ron Mark tipped Tracey Martin out of the deputy role.

New NZ First deputy leader Ron Mark has denied there are divisions in the party.

Mark talked to TV3’s The Nation about the vote on Tuesday that saw him replace Tracey Martin as deputy leader, with a three-day wait before it was announced.

He denied there were any divisions within NZ First or that anyone had abstained from the vote.

“Nobody abstained, and the fact that that’s even a conversation is absolutely quite bizarre,” he said.

Mark said that Martin had done good work, but the vote was a “democratic decision”.

When asked about when the party might need to start thinking about life without Winston Peters, he said the NZ First leader was “yet to peak”.

“Mark my words, he hasn’t finished yet, and if anyone thinks that Winston Peters is finished, all I’d say is smell the coffee.”

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Quote of the Day

From Rob Hosking at the NBR, about Colin Craig:

There is little doubt Mr Craig is flakier than a roll of filo pastry with psoriasis. Statements about chem trails, doubts about the validity of the moon landings, calls for unused land to be confiscated from the owners, descriptions of Kiwi women as the most promiscuous in the world all caused a lot of side-eye from dubious New Zealanders. The departure of his press secretary days before last year’s general election looked odd: it now emerges the relationship became “inappropriate,” to use Mr Craig’s own words, although the this inappropriate behaviour appears to have been on his side, not hers.

That, plus the decidedly odd shirtless TV interview in a sauna last month has turned the flakiness into a snowstorm.

It was also never clear how much Mr Craig actually believed some of the stuff he was spouting: there was seldom an air of conviction to his comments aimed at enticing morally conservative Christian voters.

He came to politics as if he were someone who had spotted a vacant market niche rather than as a conviction politician.

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If only they’d do the work

Winston Peters wants to get the unemployed to help with the building of homes in struggling regions.

I can’t wait for the unions to dump all over that policy, and I can’t wait for Labour to try and nix the solution.

NZ First leader Winston Peters wants to use unemployed people to fix up dilapidated houses in struggling regions.

In a speech in Rotorua today, Mr Peters said his party had long had a community wage policy to get unemployed people into work.

“It is based on a combination of the unemployment benefit and the minimum wage, and amounts to a subsidy for paid work in any region,” he said.

Mr Peters said when full-time jobs did not exist local community leaders could name projects that would be started if money was made available.

Under the policy, an individual or a group of people could be working for a number of employers doing specific jobs.

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Oh, he’s sorry alright. Sorry he was caught

Sonny Tau, the Ngapuhi leader and pigeon-fancier is sorry…he was caught.

The Department of Conservation (DOC) has confirmed it is investigating allegations Mr Tau tried to smuggle the native wood pigeons from Invercargill to Northland.

He was reported to have been found with the birds under his jacket.

There are two species of native pigeon: the kererū, and the more threatened Chatham Islands pigeon – the parea.

Although the native pigeon was traditionally hunted for its meat and feathers, that is now illegal.

Kererū, or kukupa, are a protected species under the Wildlife Act 1953, DOC said.

It said the maximum penalty for being caught hunting the bird was a $100,000 fine and/or imprisonment of two years.

Mr Tau has released a statement admitting there was an incident on Tuesday last week in which he was questioned by a DOC officer about kererū in his possession.

“It is important to note that no charges over regulatory breaches have been laid at this point, therefore it is inappropriate for me to comment further on this matter,” he said.

“I wish to assure you I did, and will continue to, fully cooperate with any investigation. I also wish to say this was a mistake, which I deeply regret. The laws around native bird protection are important and to be respected by all, myself included.”

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Is Tracy Martin the full quid?

Here’s a winner from Tracy Martin.

One wonders what Winston Peters sees in her as a deputy, especially when she comes up with dead shit ideas like this.

The government has a responsibility to raise achievement for gifted and talented children, not just those who are struggling, says New Zealand First.

“Children who are excelling at school should be encouraged to reach their full potential but National’s education policy is blocking their success,” says Deputy Leader and Education Spokesperson Tracey Martin.

“Funding and resources are not reaching these children and narrowing of the curriculum through National Standards has done nothing to help the situation.

“On Gifted Awareness Week New Zealand First is renewing its call for a pilot programme that will identify these children early by working with schools, families and early childhood professionals.  Read more »

Key dumps on Winston

John Key has dumped all over Winston Peters, for what reason I cannot fathom.

Well – that is the way NBR painted it anyway

Prime Minister John Key has produced his strongest condemnation yet of New Zealand First leader Winston Peters.

Mr Key last year left the door open for National to work with New Zealand First if necessary, although in his previous two elections as leader he had ruled out any arrangement, stating he would waste too much time dealing with Mr Peters.

Last night, speaking to a KPMG business briefing in Wellington, Mr Key was vocal in his opposition to New Zealand First’s whole outlook.  Read more »

The Stupidity of the Greens

The Greens are now thinking they can go mano mano with the Prime Minister and it will get them to power. This is bullshit. Serious bullshit, but only a halfwit Green wouldn’t know this.

Over the weekend arts, travel and lifestyle blogger David Farrar managed to string together a cracker of a post on when the Greens will actually be in power.

The Greens are still around, and will remain a permanent force in politics. But while they have been around for 25 years, they have also never achieved Government in 25 years. Who has achieved Government:

  1. National
  2. Labour
  3. NZ First
  4. Alliance
  5. Progressive
  6. ACT
  7. United Future
  8. United
  9. Right of Centre
  10. Maori Party

And when will the Greens achieve Government? Well let’s be generous and says Labour wins in 2017 but they can only do so with Winston. Greens blocked out. So Labour-NZ First until 2023. Then National comes back in and say nine years of National. So realistically Greens might get into Government in 2032 – 42 years after 1990.

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The Greens steal Winston’s Policy

The real leader of the opposition, Winston Peters, is a bit annoyed with the Greens for stealing his policy.

The Greens are slow off the mark calling for babies to be enrolled in KiwiSaver – New Zealand First announced an automatic KiwiSaver kick start for babies before the General Election last year.

“Stealing New Zealand First common sense policies is becoming habit forming among the political parties who are short on visionary ideas and out of touch with the real needs of Kiwis,” says New Zealand First Leader and Member of Parliament for Northland Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“It’s the Greens today, last Budget it was National – they were so short of family friendly polices they stole our free GP checks policy for primary school children. The fact families have to wait till July this year proves there was no genuine concern. They only wanted the headlines. It will be the same this year with all their hyped up pre-Budget speak over poverty.

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See ya, don’t let the door smack you in the arse on the way out

Regular readers will know we focussed on Asenati Lole-Taylor and her bizarre antics.

Well it appears she has done a bolter before things turned a little uncomfortable with her here.

A former NZ First MP and her husband have left the country under the cloud of a police investigation.

Asenati Lole-Taylor and her husband Dennis Taylor packed up their belongings and moved to Australia in March, effectively stalling a police investigation into allegations they wrongly accessed the criminal records of a former NZ First Party official.

Speaking from Australia, Lole-Taylor denied any suggestion she or her husband were avoiding police.

“They know how to get hold of me. I was very available, phone email. Nobody bothered to pick up the phone.    Read more »

Why would Winston share the prime ministership with Little?

In the latest Herald Digipoll, taken after the so-called “ponytailgate” scandal media and left wing beat up Andrew Little is just 1 point ahead of Winston Peters.

New Zealand First leader and the new MP for Northland Winston Peters has doubled his popularity, according to the latest Herald DigiPoll survey.

Mr Peters, who recently turned 70, is preferred Prime Minister by 12 per cent of voters compared with last December, when he was preferred by just 5.9 per cent.

He is now breathing down the neck of Labour leader Andrew Little, who on 13.9 per cent has barely moved since December, although both are well behind Prime Minister John Key.

Mr Little became Labour leader in November after the party entered its third term in Opposition.

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