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Water, rubbish and roads? Nope. Wellington mayor will drop house prices

Wellington ratepayers will be so pleased that their new mayor, Justin Lester, wants to drop the value of their houses.

A taskforce to tackle the affordability of housing in Wellington is being set up by new mayor Justin Lester.

It will examine issues including homelessness, social housing, schemes for first-home buyers, the rental market and housing density.

The council is hoping to report its recommendations by April so it can become part of its three-year plan.

Mr Lester said he wanted to make sure housing was affordable for all Wellingtonians.   Read more »

Mr Key this is how you say “no” to increasing the refugee intake


I came across two articles yesterday. One on the art of saying no and the other a criticism of John Key’s increase of our refugee intake. John Key was criticised for not increasing the intake more than he had and we New Zealanders were also criticised. According to the article we are all rich and are shirking our responsibilities and John Key has not shown leadership on this issue.

Issues of fairness were raised and the accusation that we are not doing our fair share. What is unfair is that we are given no say as a nation as to who we accept into our country. Putting aside the economic strain taking refugees puts on a society we are denied the basic right to choose non-Muslim refugees to live in our non-Muslim country. Muslim countries don’t take in Christian refugees and most refuse to help Muslim refugees yet we continue to be forced to take people who support laws and values alien to our society.

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Vegan snowflake gets upset at seeing where meat comes from

Only from Facebook:

How did she get to New Zealand?

Did she fly first class?

Or cattle class?

Did someone try to eat her when she arrived at her destination?   Read more »


Despite the howls of outrage he’s actually right

There are howls of outrage over comments by Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi about students with dodgy visas.

Indian students facing deportation claim they are being treated unfairly by the Government, and are planning to protest.

The students allege their India-based agents used fake documents to obtain their student visas.

Migrant Workers Association spokeswoman Anu Kaloti says National MP Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi likened the students to faulty fridges from China during a radio interview.

“If New Zealand imports fridges from China for example, and those fridges are faulty, New Zealand sends them back to China. Hello, we are talking about real people here – we cannot compare them to items like fridges.”   Read more »

All Blacks vs Springboks

Reuters / via Telegraph

Reuters / via Telegraph

Hi fellow multi-screening tragics.  This is our post for the night.  Just respect the people in Backchat – no rugby talk, no scores, no final result.  Not even when the game is over, just in case someone’s watching later.

Bragging rights are back up for grabs:  get your scores in before the game starts.

Eleven year old New Zealander Florence’s winning speech

Legalisation of Marijuana for RECREATIONAL use: Whaleoil survey results

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 6.55.57 AM

It was close but the majority of our readership do not want marijuana to be legalised for recreational use.

Those against legalisation expressed concerns about associated health issues or social costs such as people driving under the influence and teenagers getting easier access to it. Some wanted it decriminalised but did not want to go as far as legalisation. One person believed that by legalising marijuana the government would be normalising it.

Those for legalisation said that it would save on  enforcement costs and could be regulated and taxed just like tobacco. Many felt that it is up to individuals to manage their own behaviour. Age restrictions were suggested. The lowest age suggested was 18 and the highest was 25+.One person suggested alcohol-type controls on purchasing and a good legal test to manage driving under the influence. An obviously libertarian writer commented that as long as they’re not harming anyone else, what people do is their own business.




Legalisation of Marijuana for MEDICAL use: Whaleoil survey results

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 6.56.14 AM

An overwhelming majority of Whaleoil readers support legalisation of medical marijuana.

The  main concern expressed was  whether or not it would be controlled properly so that there would be no backdoor access for people who want to use it recreationally.

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Why I don’t want these British immigrants to come to New Zealand

Immigrants who leave Europe because of the mass Muslim migration and the damage it has done to their home countries  are the kind of immigrants that I would be happy to welcome to New Zealand. Assuming that they have skills useful to New Zealand, they also will bring with them wisdom.  They have learned the hard way what underdog socialism does to countries.

In contrast, immigrants from the UK fleeing Brexit  are not the kind of immigrants that I would welcome to New Zealand. They bring with them the belief system of underdog socialism. They will do to New Zealand what they have already done to Europe. They turned it into a dangerous land of opportunity for terrorists. They welcomed in their millions a culture that is steadily challenging and destroying their own moral and cultural values because of their slavish devotion to multiculturalism and tolerance.

Now that they have done the damage to their country they want to leave it because it is belatedly trying to to protect itself. I do not want these kinds of idiots in our society. They can take their open borders and their lack of patriotism and pride in their National culture and they can shove it where the sun don’t shine. Their belief system is more poisonous and dangerous to New Zealand than any Islamic terrorist.

In 49 days after the vote, there were 10,647 registrations from the UK compared with 4599 over the same period last year.
More than 10,500 registrations from people considering moving here from Britain have been lodged with Immigration New Zealand since the Brexit vote.

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Rodney Hide hits Teacher Unions hard

Over at the NBR Rodney Hide is hitting the teacher unions hard. He is not playing nicely as the gloves are clearly off. It is great to see that the same fantastic results I wrote about here are now appearing in the mainstream media. Alwyn Poole and his loyal staff at South Auckland Middle School deserve all the praise Rodney has given and more.

The teacher unions oppose the charter schools with every fibre of their being.  Their opposition is well-founded: The charter schools highlight the failure of the unions.


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