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Found the perfect book for Master Whaleoil

After my Face of the day this morning about the snapper our son caught I was contacted by Michael Rendle the New Zealand author of a new book, ‘How to catch fish and where.’

He has very generously offered to send Master Whaleoil a signed copy.

Master Whaleoil is an avid reader but unlike the rest of the family he does most of his reading online. He is the cuckoo in the nest as he only reads Non- fiction while the rest of us love fiction. As he has a technical mind I know he will love this book as reading for him is all about absorbing new information.

Yesterday he eagerly took pointers from an experienced fisherman who was fishing in the same spot. I can really see the value in a book like this as experience and knowledge passed on can get an amateur experiencing success very fast.

In fact it took a simple change of bait for Master Whaleoil to catch his first snapper, bait given to him by the experienced fisherman.

How to catch fish and where

How to catch fish and where by Mike Rendle

Drawing from more than four decades of fishing experience throughout New Zealand and the Pacific, Mike Rendle has written a book that will be loved by fishermen of all levels and ages but is targeted primarily at those who may be new to the sport.

It is a book packed-full of colour, description, diagrams and detail. If you don’t know your ratchet from your reel seat, have no idea how to rig a softbait, or use a squid for bait, then you are going to love this book!

The style is easy to read, simple to follow and includes lots of tips and hints.


If you would like one you can get a signed copy too if you purchase it here

Fiji vs NZ – Media blackouts

While I was in Fiji the foreign media, including NZ media were complaining about “censorship of media by the regime”.

It was a constant low grade whine for 3 days….the duration of the media blackout on reporting the election.

The refrain back in NZ by idiots like David Farrar and Barry Soper was the same. “Media need to be free to report”, “this is an outrageous restriction on media freedoms.”..all calls made by various media, and commentators like the idiot from Amnesty International.

Of course they all forgot that we have a media blackout in New Zealand too, it is just that ours is only one day.

Under the Electoral Act, it is an offence to influence a voter in any way on polling day.

This covers who they should or shouldn’t vote for and statements which might influence a person to abstain from voting.

Political parties and the media are included in this, meaning news outlets must not run stories which are likely to influence voters.

Political coverage can start again when voting closes at 7pm.

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Face of the day

Abu Abdul Rahman

Abu Abdul Rahman – Facebook

A Kiwi jihadist who has links with al Qaeda and has taken up arms in Syria wants to leave the war-torn country — but first needs a fresh New Zealand passport after burning his old one.

Mohammad Daniel, also know as Abu Abdul Rahman, and formerly known as Mark John Taylor, says war-torn Syria needs humanitarian aid rather than a bloody jihad.

Sounds good but it doesn’t change his past does it?

He claims to have been in touch with the New Zealand government in a bid to get a new passport.



I assume the words in black were added.

Is this a person we want to allow back into New Zealand?

A spokesman for New Zealand Intelligence Community — an agency made up of the Government Communications Security Bureau, the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet’ National Assessments Bureau, and the Security Intelligence Service — refused to comment on any specific case.
But it said that, in general, fighters taking part in or returning from any sort of conflict zone are a “concern for many countries, including New Zealand”.

“We are aware of a small number of New Zealanders who have travelled to areas of conflict,” the spokesman said.

“We strongly recommend that people do not travel to these areas.”

In 2009, Mr Daniel was arrested by Pakistan authorities while trying to gain access to an al Qaeda and Taleban stronghold close to the Afghanistan border and was subsequently subjected to travel restrictions by the New Zealand government.

He left New Zealand again in May 2012, and lived in Indonesia for two years working as an English teacher.

In June this year, he entered Syria across the Turkish border.

I come to Syria as a Soldier for Allah,” he told the Herald on Sunday at the time.

Online, he claims to be an “adventurer living in Syria. I have no links to any groups. I’m independent, living under good care by Muslim brothers”.

He has posted photographs of himself clutching machine guns and boasted of going on “patrol” and doling “guard duty“.

Earlier this year, he also proudly displayed his burnt New Zealand passport on Facebook and declared he was on a “one-way trip” with no intention of returning home.

Now, it appears he has changed his mind.

He told Aotearoa Independent Media Centre that he was planning to leave Syria “around late October”.

He advised that while he had requested a new passport from the New Zealand government, he had no intention to return to his homeland.

Asked if he had broken any laws, he told Aotearoa Independent Media Centre: “No, I only went there for adventure Jihad, but along the way I realised Syria is in a very direct need of humanity aid and support.”

Mr Daniels, who has spent several years living in Australia, was friends with another New Zealand radical, Muslim Bin John.

Mr John, along with Australian Christopher Havard, were suspected of links to al Qaeda splinter group AQAP, and killed in a drone strike last November.


Success is the best revenge.

the best revenge

When you are married to a unique individual like Cam who makes a strong impact you attract strong supporters and friends and opponents and enemies in equal measure. It used to be very difficult for me to read and hear the vitriol about Cam as well as the strong criticism.

Some wanted to draw me into the battle and would attempt to engage me by naming me and discussing me on their blogs. Others simply told lies about Cam which made me itch to defend him and myself.

The latest planned and highly co-ordinated attack on Cam and Whaleoil has involved many individuals. They want to destroy Whaleoil financially and to destroy Cameron Slater personally. To date they have not achieved their goal much to their surprise.

Revealing so called ‘ Dirty Politics ‘ by using Criminal Politics AND dirty politics to do so has not been the nuclear hit they expected.

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Boo hoo, dry your eyes

Narcissist and sad old git Owen Glenn is crying a river of tears int eh Herald this morning…that NZ is too nasty and he is being driven away.

Harden up or shut up Owen.

Sir Owen Glenn has become so disillusioned with New Zealand he plans to close his foundation and concentrate his charitable efforts overseas.

The millionaire philanthropist says he has effectively been driven out of New Zealand, possibly by people with political interests.

Sir Owen also cited a media obsessed with unearthing scandal as a factor in his decision to quit the country.

“I’ve literally been driven out of New Zealand mentally. I’ve closed down my foundation there.”

He believes he is the victim of the tall poppy syndrome.

“Why? I’m not hurting anybody. I’m doing the opposite. I’ve given more money away in New Zealand than anybody else ever as a philanthropist. Will somebody please tell [people] that? Read more »

Photo Of The Day

Photograph by NASA : [12 December 2006]

Photograph by NASA : [12 December 2006]

Going for a (Space) Walk

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Photo Of The Day

Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images A Tucker Sno-Cat in the Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition encounters a slight problem with a crevasse ‚Äď 1957

Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images
A Tucker Sno-Cat in the Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition encounters a slight problem with a crevasse ‚Äď 1957

Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition

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Playing politics like Fiji plays rugby

I am with a group of 9 overseas bloggers and journalists here in Israel and obviously people are inquisitive, especially when you leave organised events to go do television interviews, so they Google.

Nicky Hager would probably call that some sort of Zionist conspiracy.

Nonetheless they Google and so are asking a few questions about what it is like to be involved in political debate in New Zealand.

One blogger, Anton Diaz, from the Philippines, plus a couple of other Filipinos expressed to me how New Zealand seems to know nothing about dirty politics, after all, no one  gets shot in drive by shootings for daring to express a different political opinion. This is apparently what happens in their country. In fact people get shot for much, much less.

So they asked why I play so hard. Those are my words, paraphrasing an interesting discussion over lunch.

I thought about that.

I play politics like Fiji or Samoa plays rugby. ¬† Read more »

Auckland University goon squad defends Hamas


Yesterday the Auckland University goon squad were out in force¬† dribs and drabs protesting against Hamas..oh….I mean Israel. It did make me wonder though, as one of their chants were “Boycott genocide”. Juliet Moses confronted the rowdy teenagers and tried engage some sensible dialogue with their adult supervisor and enlighten them to a few facts about Hamas, only to be shouted down with petulant behaviour, abuse¬†and more chanting¬†because they didn’t like what she had to say to them. It just goes to show one thing from ‘that side’, that freedom of speech is tolerated, as long as it’s theirs.

Billy Hania the adult representing the rowdy toddlers blurted out a ¬†delusional rant which stated that all the killing was a result of the Super Fund and other companies. It has been alleged that an Israeli chemical company that the Superannuation Fund invests in is “killing people” with white phosphorus. The trouble with that is, the IDF haven’t used it since 2009 and it is only used for smokescreens because its use as a weapon is now illegal.

Even David Shearer doesn’t know what’s going on, as is evident in his comment:

Labour defence spokesman David Shearer, who worked for the UN in some of the conflict zones where white phosphorus was allegedly used, this month called for the fund to sell its Israel Chemicals stake.

“We should be divesting from that [shareholding] immediately,” he said.

“New Zealand should not be investing in any type of munitions that can be used in the way Israel is using them at the moment.

“It is absolutely unacceptable and I think most New Zealanders would agree. I don’t believe it is right.

“There are plenty of good investments in the world without having to invest in armaments.” – source

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I tried, I really did, but couldn’t find a single road block, goon squad or government censor anywhere

The Grand Pacific Hotel, redeveloped and open for business

The Grand Pacific Hotel, redeveloped and open for business         Photo/ CamSlater, Whaleoil Media

I have spent three days in Fiji, a short trip transiting onto my next destination.

After my interview with Frank Bainimarama I received emails, threats, and comments that basically said that I didn’t know what I was talking about. That Suva wasn’t safe, that there were government goon squads roaming the city setting dogs onto people and breaking up groups of 5 ¬†or more, and that the media were muzzled by government censors, not to mention the road blocks and general intimidation and subjugation of the general population at the point of a gun. In fact I never saw a gun, at all, and trust me as someone who is interested in such things I was looking.

Well, I can tell you that despite asking and looking for all of these things that we have been told exists by the disaffected and the complicit media in New Zealand, I could find none of those things.

I went to several press conferences where media turned up, asked questions, received answers all without any Police or Army people present. ¬† Read more »