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Mike Hosking on Cunliffe (the lights are on, but nobody’s home)

Newstalk ZB’s Mike Hosking is overdoing the face palming too

Is David Cunliffe incompetent or mad?

Hard to tell the difference, but I think his incompetence leads to him appearing mad.

Is he out to lunch or out of touch?

Last Thursday he was definitely out to lunch.

Is David Cunliffe deluded or living in a parallel universe?

Deluded.  No doubt.

I grant you he’s in a precarious position and you have to offer some sort of explanation each time a poll comes out that shows you bad news. But by the time he’s offered the excuses then buggered off skiing, he starts to look like a bloke who either doesn’t care or doesn’t get it or both.

To want to be a leader of a country is an all-consuming passion. You must want it so badly you can taste it. Despite what we so often say about politics and politicians, by and large the ones that get to the top are dedicated, professional, talented and know a long day when they see one.

Cunliffe’s job is not to lose wondering. Cunliffe’s job is to inspire those who support him and give them hope that September 20 won’t be a disaster. Cunliffe’s job is to lead from the front, to be the inspiration, to be the ‘go to’ figure, to give the membership the sense that anything is possible, that the race is winnable, that the path chosen is the right one. Winning breeds winning. Success breeds success. Inspiration is contagious. Cunliffe shows none of these qualities, especially when he’s not even at work. Read more »

Cam on The Cauldron at 16:00 on Newstalk ZB

I am on The Cauldron again at 1600.

Join Greg Boyed, Josie Pagani, Barry Soper and some guy called Cam Slater on The Cauldron.  Greg is sitting in for Larry while he’s having some well deserved time off.

Topics today may include:

1) Labour Party Conference / Cunliffe: I’m sorry for being a man

2) The battle of Education polices – Labour v National

3) Fallout from the Malaysian diplomat scandal

4) Japanese Prime Minister’s visit – TPP & Whaling

5) The battle of violence polices – Labour v National

6) Trevor Mallard & the Moa

7) Horan & Winston Peters in a legal tussle?

8) ?

Read more »

Cam on The Cauldron at 16:00 on Newstalk ZB

I am on The Cauldron again at 1600.

Join Rachel Smalley, Josie Pagani, Barry Soper and some guy called Cam Slater on The Cauldron.  Rachel is sitting in for Larry while he’s having some well deserved time off.  Greg Boyed will sit in over the next two weeks.

Topics today may include:

1. Should Key name and shame the diplomat?

2. National Party Conference / Roading announcement

3. TV3 and One news/ Colmar Brunton Polls show Labour heading sub-30% yet better for Labour than other recent polls

4. McCully to stand aside in East Coast Bays if asked

5. Logging of windfelled trees on the West Coast.  Two Labour MPs crossed the floor.

6. John Key’s biography

7. Labour’s alternative budget

8. #TeamKey

Cam on Cam

You can listen online via iHeartRadio  or tune in though usual methods.


Cam on The Cauldron at 16:00 on Newstalk ZB [UPDATED]

I am on The Cauldron again at 1600.

Join Larry Williams, Josie Pagani and me Barry Soper on The Cauldron.  [Cam still tied up in court]

Topics today include:









Cam on Cam

You can listen online via iHeartRadio  or tune in though usual methods.


If you could ask John Key a question, what would it be?

John Key – LIVE at Newstalk ZB today

Photo: Edward Swift

Photo: Edward Swift

Prime Minister John Key will be LIVE in studio on Friday morning with Leighton Smith, taking your calls between 11am and midday.

If you have a question for the Prime Minister, make sure you email it to Leighton or call up on 0800 80 10 80 Thursday after 11am.

Prime Minister John Key v Leighton Smith

11am to Midday

Only on Newstalk ZB

Do you have a question for the Prime Minister? Email it to [email protected] 

or call 0800 80 10 80 on Friday morning from 11am


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Newstalk ZB, Pam, and Cam?

Pam Corkery’s sudden departure from Newstalk ZB to take up a press secretary position with the Internet Party has upset few and delighted more.  One of Newstalk’s most loyal listeners is also one of the Whaleoil Ground Crew.

She senses an opportunity for both Newstalk ZB and Cam Slater

I am a long time loyal reader of this blog and a very, very long time loyal listener of NewstalkZB and often quote stuff in my comments that I have heard on NewstalkZB. My kids grew up with Paul Holmes, Leighton Smith and Larry Williams. My daughter who is now 27 often says if Leighton ever left there would be a big hole – who would fill his shoes? Well Leighton will just have to turn up as usual with his Zimmer frame – he can’t leave. I awake every morning to the dulcet tones of Mike Hosking Breakfast (much nicer than a noisy buzzer). Larry is a regular voice late afternoon and Danny and Kerre are also heard at times. I am sure a lot of you fellow Whaleoilers also have NewstalkZB as your alarm clock and talking in the background in your homes.

Pam Corkery from “The Two” (Tim is the other half) is now gone from NewstalkZB and I am not sad that Pam is gone – “The Two” never gelled with me. I very rarely listened to her and Tim and if I did it was for 10 minutes at a time in order to hear the news on the hour. I did hear Tim for a few minutes last night after hearing the 10:00pm news. He was a bit sad and no doubt he will miss Pam though I think it is for the better that Pam has gone. She tried to dominate Larry’s cauldron but ended up rambling on. Read more »

The Huddle at 1740


I am on Larry Williams’ show The Huddle tonight with Josie Pagani at 1740.

Our topics are:

  • The disappearing plane – God only knows what’s happened to it. But what is astounding is that apparently no one checks if you’re travelling on a stolen passport. For all the hassle you have to go through to get on a flight nowadays,  hand over your pocket knife/lipstick, tip out your water, put your perfume/aftershave in a bag take off your shoes type of security – what kind of nonsense is it that no one bothers to check if you’re being dodgy with  your passport?
  • The beat up over the Antoine’s fundraiser dinner. As it’s been pointed out if Tony hadn’t taken it upon himself to hand the money over in one lump sum, it would never have been declared at all – if the money was given as smaller donations in itself it would have gone under the radar. 
  • Quick chat about the election date (Election date is Saturday September 20th 2014)

You listen online via iHeartRadio or usual methods.

I will post the audio tomorrow morning.


Kerre McIvor on Pants Down Brown

Kerre McIvor calls out Len Brown in the Herald on Sunday.

I can understand why the organisers of the Howick Military Tattoo want Auckland Mayor Len Brown to stay away this weekend.

The mayor was roundly booed by the crowd at the Auckland Nines last weekend and, even given the lack of enthusiasm for speeches from any politician at a sporting event, it was a pretty hostile reception.

Brown is a distraction at best for any event organiser; an embarrassment at worst.

No one wants Brown anywhere near them. Even the luvvies on Ponsonby Road last night stayed away from him. He was reported to be wandering around looking lost the entire evening. If the luvvies don’t want to be associated with him then no one does.

He needs to start performing in his titular role as leader of the Super City. One part of that job is to be available to all the media, not just the ones where he thinks he’ll get a free ride.  Read more »

The Huddle


I’ll was on Newstalk ZB last night with Larry and Josie again.

We’re tackled the following three topics:

  • First up the polls and the final line up for the ACT party
  • Next, the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman. Why are these thespian types prone to substance abuse? It’s always the so-called “smart” ones who seem to get nailed. They’re even the ones who’ve gotten help and attempted to get on top of their addictions.
  • And last but not least, if we have time, can a sign stop stupidity? Nick Smith wades into the dangers at Maruia Falls – but a sign doesn’t stop stupid drunken antics, does it?  Read more »

Mike Hosking on Len Brown and trying to run down the media clock

Mike Hosking’s editorial on ZB this morning is worth a read

Yes, interesting question over Len Brown.

If by talking about it the great hope is he will see the light and walk how long do you keep talking about it?

This is a general media dilemma at the moment. Is Len Brown still a story? Are his issues and problems still relevant?

Given they’ve been going on now for over a month and we’ve had the Christmas holidays. This is not a new dilemma.

You often get stories often bad news stories that involve the Government and they like them to come out on a Friday because people the theory goes aren’t as interested on a Friday, then they have the weekend to forget about it or get over it in the hope that you can start the new week afresh. Len has had Christmas. Len when we last left him was mired in misery with no shortage of calls for him to quit.

But he toughed it out till the holidays and his great hope would have been that we would be over it by now. But are we?   Read more »