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The Huddle at 1740


I am on Larry Williams’ show The Huddle tonight with Josie Pagani at 1740.

Our topics are:

  • The disappearing plane – God only knows what’s happened to it. But what is astounding is that apparently no one checks if you’re travelling on a stolen passport. For all the hassle you have to go through to get on a flight nowadays,  hand over your pocket knife/lipstick, tip out your water, put your perfume/aftershave in a bag take off your shoes type of security – what kind of nonsense is it that no one bothers to check if you’re being dodgy with  your passport?
  • The beat up over the Antoine’s fundraiser dinner. As it’s been pointed out if Tony hadn’t taken it upon himself to hand the money over in one lump sum, it would never have been declared at all – if the money was given as smaller donations in itself it would have gone under the radar. 
  • Quick chat about the election date (Election date is Saturday September 20th 2014)

You listen online via iHeartRadio or usual methods.

I will post the audio tomorrow morning.


Kerre McIvor on Pants Down Brown

Kerre McIvor calls out Len Brown in the Herald on Sunday.

I can understand why the organisers of the Howick Military Tattoo want Auckland Mayor Len Brown to stay away this weekend.

The mayor was roundly booed by the crowd at the Auckland Nines last weekend and, even given the lack of enthusiasm for speeches from any politician at a sporting event, it was a pretty hostile reception.

Brown is a distraction at best for any event organiser; an embarrassment at worst.

No one wants Brown anywhere near them. Even the luvvies on Ponsonby Road last night stayed away from him. He was reported to be wandering around looking lost the entire evening. If the luvvies don’t want to be associated with him then no one does.

He needs to start performing in his titular role as leader of the Super City. One part of that job is to be available to all the media, not just the ones where he thinks he’ll get a free ride.  Read more »

The Huddle


I’ll was on Newstalk ZB last night with Larry and Josie again.

We’re tackled the following three topics:

  • First up the polls and the final line up for the ACT party
  • Next, the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman. Why are these thespian types prone to substance abuse? It’s always the so-called “smart” ones who seem to get nailed. They’re even the ones who’ve gotten help and attempted to get on top of their addictions.
  • And last but not least, if we have time, can a sign stop stupidity? Nick Smith wades into the dangers at Maruia Falls – but a sign doesn’t stop stupid drunken antics, does it?  Read more »

Mike Hosking on Len Brown and trying to run down the media clock

Mike Hosking’s editorial on ZB this morning is worth a read

Yes, interesting question over Len Brown.

If by talking about it the great hope is he will see the light and walk how long do you keep talking about it?

This is a general media dilemma at the moment. Is Len Brown still a story? Are his issues and problems still relevant?

Given they’ve been going on now for over a month and we’ve had the Christmas holidays. This is not a new dilemma.

You often get stories often bad news stories that involve the Government and they like them to come out on a Friday because people the theory goes aren’t as interested on a Friday, then they have the weekend to forget about it or get over it in the hope that you can start the new week afresh. Len has had Christmas. Len when we last left him was mired in misery with no shortage of calls for him to quit.

But he toughed it out till the holidays and his great hope would have been that we would be over it by now. But are we?   Read more »

Newstalk ZB continues to shed the regulars

It’s time Deaker went home to lie on his Biomag and called it quits, apparently

Deaker, New Zealand’s pre-eminent radio sports broadcaster, called time this week after a colourful career of more than 20 years.

He will host his final Newstalk ZB/Radio Sport show on December 22.

On his Sky TV Deaker on Sport show on Tuesday, he also announced that that night would be his last presenting the programme.

Deaker has been quite the ZB stalwart of course, like Holmes, and one day Leighton Smith.  I suspect Dallas has his hands full trying to keep ZB on top of the ratings.   Read more »

David Shearer – On Chch Mayor, Mediaworks, and Julia Gillard

Another ripper of an interview from David Shearer on Newstalk ZB last night.

1 – He has no idea if Lianne Dalziel is going to resign (by-election) and run for Christchurch mayor.

2 – He has no idea that Mediaworks has repaid its loan (BTW it’s Ironbridge not Stonebridge)  Read more »

The Huddle at 1740


I am on the Huddle again tonight, with Josie Pagani.

Our topics so far are:

First up Mediaworks goes into receivership but manages to survive – AGAIN – I’m not sure how they manage it but they do. It’s not looking too peachy keen though on the IRD bill number. It looks like  they’re not going to get off that one.  Read more »

“A dyke, a bore and a clown”, is this a call to bring back the muppet?

Bruce Russell has caused outrage this afternoon on holiday talkback by asking caller if they thought the changes at 7pm on TVNZ to replace Close Up and Mark Sainsbury with a new show called Seven Sharp and hosted by Alison Mau, Greg Boyed and Jesse Mulligan.

I was listening in the car when he asked callers about it…as best I can recall, I haven’t managed to get the audio yet but I believe he said something along the lines of the show is “populated with a dyke, a bore and a clown” and indicated it wasn’t something he would be interested in watching and asked caller what they thought.

Well it went off…the txts started flowing and Dannews was the first to tweet about it:  Read more »

Plunket Off AGAIN!

No sooner did everyone mourn the loss of Sean Plunket from Red Radio than he has announced he is leaving Newstalk ZB.

”I’m parting with a little sadness,” said Plunket, whose last day with the network will be December 21. ”It’s been more fun than I’ve had anywhere else in broadcasting.”

Hmmm.  Plunket moves in the industry with the pace of a whore through a social club rugby team on an end of year trip.

In Defence of Trevor Mallard

You know there are some things in life you never think you will do.  Climb Everest is one, swim the Cook Strait is another.  But I really never thought I would:

- Defend Trevor Mallard.

Yesterday Trevor SMOGGED out badly in probably his worst gaffe to date since entering into the asymmetrical war cycle race with myself.  As a Labour Member of Parliament, the week after the Rufus Paynter affair while it is all a wee bit tense in the caucus and among the louder membership he posted this on this Facebook and tweeted to his loyal and faithful supporters:

Now to most of us on the right it is common sense.  We all agree and would share it on our Facebook wall in a second if our local MP posted it.  It is the most honest thing Trevor has ever put his name to.  He doesn’t like beneficiary bludgers any more than his colleagues from 1984, Sir Roger Douglas and Richard Prebble.

Trevor Mallard yesterday was a) a realist, b) a pragmatist and c) a brave endangered soul speaking truth to power.  Mallard is a “roofist”.  He believes Rufus Paynter is real and is actually a sickness beneficiary up on that roof rorting the system when he should be working.

But for a Labour MP the above constitutes beneficiary bashing to the general (declining) Labour membership.  It is demanded that you keep quiet if you are a roofist.  Rufus Paynter is not real and even if he was he is a legitimate beneficiary who needs more support.

Dare to question there are people refusing to work who are able to are the Labour “roofists”.  This is why it is such a bad SMOG.  Roofism splits in two his own membership and people in his electorate.  One that doesn’t exactly represent the “right end” of the country in employment and income statistics.  They let him have it and he deleted the post and tweet.  This then spewed out on to Newstalk ZB and over the news bulletins.  At this point even I was feeling sorry for Trevor.  Especially after David Cunliffe’s very obvious warning shots yesterday.

And this from Mickey Savage

This from some random Labour member

Thing is, these were the polite responses. Over at The Strandard Lynn Prentice’s hate blog all the Camp Cunliffe team were continuing their now ritual at least weekly flogging of Trevor.

I am getting pretty pissed off.

Ritual blog floggings of Trevor Mallard are MY job.

I cannot keep up with their level of hate over there.  It is all consuming.  I cannot hate Trevor Mallard as much as The Strandard Lynn Prentice’s hate blog.  They hate the man more than anyone in the National Party except Paula Bennett and Crusher.  I think even a random poll of Camp Cunliffe members would find John Key more popular than Trevor Mallard.  They blame him for everything that is wrong in the Labour Party.  The polling, the strategy and what Duncan Garner writes.  What do they thing he is? The Leader?


Even I do not believe Trevor is drunk when he posts or a fatty calcified deposit on the arteries of the left.


So shame on Trevor Mallard, it is our job in the centre and far right to question why beneficiaries keep being paid for not working and questioning their “entitlements”.  The left cannot comment unless it is sympathy and the promise of a larger payday.  Even if your Leader agrees and is a Chief Roofist.

And shame on The Standard Lynn Prentice’s hate blog and Camp Cunliffe.

It is MY job to bash Trevor Mallard.  Know your role.