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Dodgy Socialist Dam gets it in the chook

The dodgy socialist dam in Central Hawkes Bay has been given a serious kick in the slats by the Board of Inquiry. The Board of Inquiry approved consents but with some stringent conditions that leave the project struggling for viability.

This is a big win for the opponents of the dam who did not want the Tukituki turned toxic by the HBRC not managing Nitrogen, and setting nutrients levels at toxicity, killing the river. Those who don’t believe it is a win for opponents should view the footage of Craig Foss and Chris Tremain arriving in the house 45 minutes late looking shaken after their pet socialist project got it in chook.

The HBRC needs to have a good long hard look at itself as it made its decisions to proceed based on the exceptionally flawed TRIM model. We have long known the TRIM model is a total jack up to let the dam proceed and the council to turn the Tukituki toxic. The Board of Inquiry appears to have came to the same conclusion we did in October last year.

The dodgy socialist dam being promoted by the dodgy Hawkes Bay Regional Council is based on a seriously flawed model that is being promoted by the ratbag council staff.

The Tukituki River Instream Model or TRIM is being used as justification for turning the Tukituki toxic. This dodgy model has the following flaws:    Read more »

Cunliffe goes over the top and signals Labour will continue to provide for bludgers

Aside from not wanting to let the facts get in the way yet again David Cunliffe is starting to adopt the verbal approach of his chief of staff, we had the Garner interview that was mate this and mate that which from a toff in a Herne Bay mansion is ridiculous.

We now have the totally over the top reaction to what is some pretty minor changes to state house tenancies, reviewing a tenancy in a HNZ house to someone whose luck has improved to free up a house for someone more deserving is now “disgusting”.

Clearly there is some media training going on but with the same results that Phil Goff and David Shearer had…you can’t completely re invent someone.

And what of the policy?

Sounds like pretty sensible stuff to me and no doubt any other working person out there paying private rent.

The changes, coming into effect tomorrow, give community housing providers greater access to money to subsidise people in desperate need of a home.

It means non-government groups can offer income-related rents for tenants for the first time.

Social Development Minister Paula Bennett said it would allow more diverse housing options for people on the waiting list, and make houses more affordable.

“It means significant savings for those renting the houses, with the state picking up a bigger part of the bill for them,” she said.

The government has set a target for 20 per cent of the country’s social housing to be provided by non-government organisations by 2017. Currently there are about 1200, but Minister for Housing Nick Smith said he wants that number to rise to 12,000.

Many of those new projects will be in West Auckland – where about 1200 of the 5500 people on the national state house waiting list live.  Read more »

Cunliffe continues to lie over capital gains tax

David Cunliffe just can’t help himself, again telling mis-truths over capital gains tax.

A Labour led government would impose a capital gains tax of 15% on realised gains from investment property. He says the family home would be exempt, Labour leader David Cunliffe told TVNZ’s Q+A programme this morning.

“I’m comfortable with that because speculators are driving this market, and to make matters worse, according to the BNZ and Real Estate Institute about 12% of speculative house buyers, all house buyers last year in Auckland came from non-resident foreigners.  Non-resident foreigners who have access to cheap finance are driving up the price of homes in New Zealand, so young Kiwis can’t get into their own homes.” Mr Cunliffe said.

When questioned on why a capital gains tax isn’t working in Australia, Mr Cunliffe said, “The problem would be worse if they didn’t have it.”  Read more »

Owner of cat killing dog faces eviction

Our article about the Housing New Zealand tenant and his dog Roxy had a poll as to what should happen next


The Whaleoil audience was pretty much split 50/50 on this matter in terms of the dog being able to stay or the dog having to be dealt with – one way or another.

The option we didn’t consider was that the HNZ tenant, who has lived at that location for 12 years, is now facing the prospect of getting thrown out.

Housing NZ says that tetraplegics don’t have permission to have a dog and they have received notice that the dog had killed two cats. 

The neighbours had in fact made a formal complaint to police and we as a responsible landlord needed to act.    Read more »

Housing Minister Nick Smith wants crackdown on willful state home wreckers

via Newstalk ZB

via Newstalk ZB

It may have taken some time, but Nick Smith is finally starting to act like a National MP

The Government is to chase up state house tenants to pay for the damage they do to their homes.

The planned crackdown comes as Housing New Zealand records show state home tenants and their visitors in Wellington have been asked for more than $2 million to cover damage after a period of assessment towards the end of last year.   Read more »

1080 to protect birds? Really?

Weka eating 1080 poisoned carcass

Weka eating 1080 poisoned carcass

Last week the Nick Smith said there is no evidence to suggest 1080 kills birds…I don’t know how he knows that but anyone who has been into a bush area after a 1080 drop will tell you that there are no birds, no sounds, nothing but death.

However now scientists are planning on boosting 1080 drops…to protect birds.

Scientists are supporting the Government’s plan to use targeted 1080 drops to protect native birds from an expected rat and stoat plague.

An abundance of beech seed this year is expected to cause a population explosion among stoats and rats in forests.

Under the “Battle for Our Birds” predator control programme, announced by Conservation Minister Dr Nick Smith last week, the Department of Conservation will treat up to an extra 500,000 hectares of conservation land with aerial 1080 application this year and next, should predator numbers increase.

The additional 1080 drop will increase the area of public conservation land treated for pests from 5 per cent to 12. The work is budgeted to cost $21 million over the next five years. DOC’s annual budget is $335m.   Read more »

The Huddle


I’ll was on Newstalk ZB last night with Larry and Josie again.

We’re tackled the following three topics:

  • First up the polls and the final line up for the ACT party
  • Next, the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman. Why are these thespian types prone to substance abuse? It’s always the so-called “smart” ones who seem to get nailed. They’re even the ones who’ve gotten help and attempted to get on top of their addictions.
  • And last but not least, if we have time, can a sign stop stupidity? Nick Smith wades into the dangers at Maruia Falls – but a sign doesn’t stop stupid drunken antics, does it?  Read more »

Lifetime entitlement to statehouse ends, about time too

The bludgers who have spent a lifetime living in a state house are about to see the movers arrive. The Government has moved to end lifetime entitlements to state houses.

A cornerstone of New Zealand’s welfare system, the state house for life, has passed into history.

A law change has turned the state house system on its head by introducing reviewable tenancies and giving tenants in social housing provided by non-government organisations access to the same rent subsidy as Housing New Zealand.

The subsidy applies to low-income earners and means they pay no more than 25 per cent of their income on rent. Previously, people had to be in a state house to qualify.

Housing Minister Nick Smith said that, and the promise of a state house for life, had created inequities.  Read more »

“Socialism masquerading as environmentalism.”

Tony Abbott has come good, honouring an election pledge. Today the bill to repeal the carbon tax gets introduced to parliament.

On top of that they shelving all taxation or contributions to anything remotely connected with climate change.

Australia’s cabinet has decided it will reject new contributions or taxes related to climate change at this week’s annual United Nations global summit on climate change in Warsaw, calling the measures “socialism masquerading as environmentalism.”   Read more »

Interventionist but necessary?

We need less government in our lives.  Even if that means people die.

It is obviously unpopular to take a stance where we try to save five children a year from being run over by their own parents in their own driveway, but this is another example of National being Green/Labour Lite

Tackling the horrific toll of children maimed or killed in driveways lies behind a $30 million investment in state house safety.

The money will be spent in the next four years, averaging about $2500 a house, to secure the driveways of all state homes inhabited by families with young children.

Housing Minister Nick Smith visited one of the first homes to be completed in a Porirua cul-de-sac yesterday. Its driveway is now secured with strong wooden fences and a child-proof gate.

Five children a year die after being run over in driveways: New Zealand’s record is the worst in the developed world.

The greatest risk is to toddlers.

“We know a child is seriously injured every two weeks,” Dr Smith said.

“We know a child loses their life once every 10 weeks and we know there’s a disproportionate number in state homes.”

You may think it callous of me to go “so what?”, but the question is valid:  Why are parents not killing their kids by parking their car on them in the better-to-do suburbs of this country?     Read more »