Noel Gibbons

Lazy Repeating?

ŠĒ• NZ Herald

David Fisher had an article in Saturday’s paper about a pokie fraudster. I have now had several tips on the tipline providing further information about this bloke:

This particular part is bullshit:

“Gibbons has lived a life committed to his community. There have been¬†cricket and horses – the rhythm of life in Franklin, south of¬†Auckland.”

And this sentence is plain effing laughable:

“There was barely a blemish in life until he started trying to bring¬†in money for Counties Manukau Bowls.”

What Gibbons didn’t tell Fisher is that he was kicked out of the¬†Franklin Trotting Club, The Pukekohe Cosmopolitan Club and the¬†Pukekohe IHC.

My Grandmother’s bowling club was one of the clubs he tried to get to¬†invest in his scheme and it was from there that I found out about the other Pukekohe organisations he got the boot from.

While there were others who got off scot-free, he is far from the poor innocent old coot he is making himself out to be.

Did David Fisher contact any of those clubs/organisations to verify Gibbon’s story?

Or was this a case of rushing a bad story about the evils of pokie machines out there in order to continue the Herald’s lop-sided anti-gambling campaign.