Pressure mounting on Sabin

A week has gone by and the Sunday Star-Times gives Mike Sabin another kicking, and this time ramps up the pressure on the PM about when he knew about Sabin and why nothing has been done.

National MP Mike Sabin is being called on to stand down as chairman of Parliament’s Law and Order Select Committee while police investigate an assault allegation against him.

The calls come as Prime Minister John Key’s handling of the situation comes under scrutiny, particularly whether Key knew of the police inquiry before appointing Sabin in October. Sabin also sits on the Justice and Electoral Select Committee.

National Party officials were aware before September’s general election that Sabin was possibly being investigated by police.

Key’s office was also, pre-election, informed of media inquiries about Sabin.

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters says that if the National Government knew of the police inquiry before appointing Sabin then that was “inexplicable and inexcusable”, but if the Prime Minister was not aware of the police inquiry it was excusable and explicable.

Peters says that irrespective of when details of the police inquiry were known to Key, Sabin should now be stood down.

“I am not judging the outcome (of the police inquiry) – all I am saying is it is not a proper position to be holding whilst that is going on.”

“And the Prime Minister should have said to him (Sabin) a long time ago that it is time to stand aside.”

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The coming by-election in Northland

The National Party have been slow on the uptake, with the stories about Northland MP Mike Sabin’s repeated offending being known for about a month.

Police have been investigating an assault complaint against government MP Mike Sabin.

The investigation is related to events in Northland, but detectives working on the case are based in Waitemata, north Auckland.

The investigation was moved south from Whangarei because Sabin was a police officer based there until 2006.

The officer in charge, Detective Inspector Kevin Hooper, refused to confirm Sabin was the subject of an investigation.

The story itself, which National have sat on for weeks, is almost too horrible for words, and there is little doubt that there will be a by-election in Northland.

This is the problem you get when you have an ethically challenged party hierarchy.

Northland was a strong National seat under John Carter, but it has lost a lot of its members and organisational knowledge since he has left.

Even so the by election will be won by National, as it the majority is currently 9300, and Labour‚Äôs well regarded Willow-Jean Prime is pregnant so it is unlikely she will be able to contest the by election. ¬†¬† Read more »

Another crisis solved – Northland going gangbusters

The Labour party campaigned saying that the provinces were suffering under National, that they were in crisis, and as is usual once Labour declares a crisis the problem is promptly solved.

Northland is already benefitting from chucking Hone Harawira under the bus.

Small businesses in Northland are tracking some of the most significant growth in the country, as national revenue growth hits its highest level in five years.

The latest MYOB Business Monitor shows 38 per cent of small and medium enterprises in Northland increased their revenue in the 12 months to August, putting them on a par with growth in Auckland.

Northland had suffered in the survey during the past five years but the region is now one of two expected to experience the highest levels of growth in the coming year.

Nearly half of local businesses are expected to increase their revenue, with just 4 per cent forecast to lose revenue. ¬† Read more »

Abandoning ship is a better option than rearranging the deckchairs

Long term Labour supporters and even former ministers and MPs are quietly abandoning the formerly good ship Labour.Some are not so quietly doing, like Dover Samuels, who took it upon himself to ring Radio LIve and tell the listeners that he has had enough.

Former Labour minister Dover Samuels says he won’t be voting for the party at the election.

He cited the party’s opposition to the Puhoi to Wellsford extension and Leader David Cunliffe’s “prima donna grandstanding” over the issue of sexual violence.

The former Maori Affairs Minister who now serves on the Northland Regional Council confirmed the Herald this morning he did not intend giving his party vote to Labour.

“Labour’s moved away from me, I’ve never moved away from Labour. I’m as staunch of the principles of Labour as I ever was, since the days of Mickey Savage.”

He indicated he would be voting for NZ First.

“Winston Peters has been somebody that certainly has been an advocate of the regions and I’m a regional councillor and I find that spokespersons for the Labour Party have really turned their backs on some of the initiatives that the Northland Council have been advocating.” ¬†¬† Read more »

Yet another Labour MP gives the middle finger to the Labour party

Adam Bennett has the story

Labour’s only Northland MP, Kelvin Davis, is backing National’s Puhoi to Wellsford extension, the roading project mocked as an unnecessary “holiday highway” by his caucus colleagues.

Mr Davis revealed his support for the upgrade to the main route to Northland as the recent storm stirred up a political debate over the state of the region’s roads.

List MP Mr Davis came into Parliament when Shane Jones, who was also willing to reject the party line on economic development projects for the north, stepped down earlier this year. However, even Mr Jones did not support the Puhoi to Wellsford project.

But Mr Davis yesterday told the Herald he was being told “loud and clear” by Northlanders to stop criticising the project.

“The message I’m getting from the North is ‘Kelvin, stop taking pot shots’ at what has come to be seen as an essential piece of infrastructure.

“They want a safe and solid highway that’s going to get our people and goods in and out and that’s not at the whim of Mother Nature.

“This weather event has shown how vulnerable and susceptible the North is and it’s really important that we have a road where emergency services and whatever can get through, but also we’ve got to have a road that’s going to be able to export our produce outside of Northland and one that’s not going to be washed away in the next storm or flood.”

He said his support for the project did not put him “entirely at odds with the Labour Party policy”.

No, not entirely. ¬† But it does show that Labour’s collective approach doesn’t allow for regional variances. ¬†Well, that’s not true either. ¬†You should see the bribes going into Christchurch. ¬†Nothing to do with making the Labour mayor look good, I’m sure… ¬† Read more »

Having a whale of a time

Kristin Edge at The Norther Advocate reported on orcas, which means an immediate obligatory post for Whaleoil:


Credit: Ingrid Visser and Monique Visser from Orca Research

It seems locals and tourists aren’t the only ones enjoying Northland’s fabulous coastline at this time of year.

A pod of 23 orcas delighted boaties and devoted researcher Dr Ingrid Visser when they cruised into the waters at the Poor Knight Islands last week. ¬† Read more »

PPTA commences dummy spitting


Adele Towgood, left, with Angela Roberts of the PPTA

The PPTA have had forever and a day to do something about achievement in Northland.

They have failed.

Now that someone else is given an opportunity all of their toys are going out of the cot. The Northern Advocate reports.

The president of the Post-Primary Teachers’ Association (PPTA) is calling for partnership schools to be put on hold until the Ministry of Education has consulted with the Northland community.

President Angela Roberts met hundreds of PPTA members at the Capitaine Bougaineville hall in Forum North in Whangarei yesterday afternoon to seek support for a letter she is sending to the Minister of Education Hekia Parata to impose a moratorium on the partnership schools.

She is urging the minister to firstly consult with Northland schools, whanau and community about alternative solutions to the low rate of Maori achievement.¬† Read more »

I bet he was registered

Oh look another registered teacher caught diddling the kids. Labour and the teacher unions would have you believe that registration will protect the kids.

It doesn’t. The NZ Herald reports on yet another teacher caught pants down.

The former principal of a Northland Christian school has appeared in court on sex abuse charges involving two young boys more than 40 years ago.

Raymond George Melrose, of Paihia, has appeared in Kaikohe District Court on 10 charges including four of sodomising a boy aged 12-16.

Melrose was the principal of Kaikohe Christian School from 1997 until earlier this year but the charges date back to the late 1960s and early 1970s when he was teaching outside Northland. One of the alleged victims was aged 9 at the time.¬† Read more »

Labour’s plan to extend bludging in North

Another ‘brilliant’ idea from Labour.

A Labour Government would “upgrade” a long running forestry joint venture between the Crown and Northland Maori land owners to give young Maori badly needed jobs replanting recently logged forests economic development spokesman Shane Jones says.

Mr Jones said thousands of hectares of forests on Maori land are currently being logged in Northland but many of the overseas owners are choosing not replant them.

Given the profits they had extracted from the land it was disappointing the owners were not replanting.

“Maori landowners are going end up getting this land back that’s going to turn to blackberry, ragwort, tobacco weed and electric puha.”

“There’s enormous numbers of idle Maori hands up there and basically what I’ve been saying to them is we’re gong to get people replanting trees on that land.”¬† Read more »

Have you seen these 2 amazing stories from the past 24 hours?

In one, a 60year old Northland farmer travelled 30km on a quad bike with a broken neck after a fall.

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