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Nationalise EFTPOS?

Winston Peters sometimes has some really stupid things to say.

This one takes the case though…he wants to nationalise EFTPOS.

Following the latest EFTPOS outage, New Zealand First is calling on the Reserve Bank to purchase EFTPOS processor, Paymark, which is reportedly on the market.

“Most people don’t realise that the clearing houses behind New Zealand’s electronic banking system are both overseas owned,” says New Zealand First Leader and Member of Parliament for Northland Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“In 2013, ANZ sold EFTPOS New Zealand to American giant Verifone for $70m, while overseas owned ANZ, ASB, BNZ and Westpac want to sell off Paymark.    Read more »

Get on with it then

John Key has said he will work with any party to get RMA reform through, even if that means dealing with Winston Peters.

Prime Minister John Key isn’t ruling out ditching concessions made to the Maori Party over Resource Management Act reform if other parties were prepared to support the National Party’s preferred approach.

His comments follow a speech last night by New Zealand First leader Winston Peters in which he complained his party supported fundamental reforms to the RMA which other parties had rejected but the government had not approached NZ First for support.

In a state of the nation speech in Auckland today, Key said more work needed to be done to lift the supply of new houses in the city to meet its growing population and the government’s priority was reforming the RMA.    Read more »

With attitudes like this I’m not sure Ron Mark should be deputy

Ron Mark staged a coup to oust Tracy Martin from the deputy leader position in NZ First.

But I’m not sure he should be deputy leader, especially when he holds views like the ones he espoused on Facebook recently.

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Is the SAS valour thief mechanic making a run for Winston’s job?

NZ First MP Ron Mark has been accused of delivering “a borderline racial diatribe” in Parliament after suggesting National’s Melissa Lee should go back to Korea.

Ms Lee said during the first reading debate on the Easter trading Bill that when she came to New Zealand 30 years ago she had been surprised to discover shops closed at 5pm.

“That was really, really surprising… in other cities they opened till 10 or midnight, or 24/7,” Mr Lee said last night.

Mr Mark said he had a message for her: “If you don’t like New Zealand, go back to Korea.”

He also drew National’s Kanwil Bakshi into the debate, though Mr Bakshi had not spoken, saying there were numerous religious holidays in India when no one worked. Read more »

Tracey Martin acting like a big girl’s blouse

Tracey Martin got the arse card from the NZ First Deputy Leader role, and now she is having a sook about it all and claiming it is because she is a girl.

Ousted NZ First deputy leader Tracey Martin is pushing back at her party’s disregard for women and accepts that could see her gone at the next election.

In July Martin was rolled from the deputy leadership by “assertive and aggressive” Ron Mark and while she says he has the credentials for the job she also believes her gender played a part in her fall.

“I was asked by a reporter in Warkworth that said, why aren’t you deputy leader anymore, what did you do wrong? I’m not aware I did anything wrong so my flippant answer was, I was probably born the wrong gender. It’s an answer but it’s an unprovable answer,” says Martin.

“I was number two on the list in 2014 because I was deputy leader but I could easily be number 30 in 2017.”    Read more »

Hitler has entered the flag debate

I’ve ignored the social media driven idiocy behind the Red Peak “swastika” as it deserved no attention.   But yesterday NZ First stood up in parliament and seriously put it up as a reason to keep the current flag.


I can’t even begin to describe how absurd that is for an argument to retain the current flag.   Given four current flags, we can also make a swastika out of it.   Read more »

Could Winston Peters be PM after 2017?

It is possible, especially the way National is governing at the moment.

I really can’t see Winston Peters wanting to dance with the Greens and Labour. He’s a conservative in his core.

The only thing stopping any meaningful accommodation with Winston Peters is personalities at play. John Key doesn’t like him and the feeling is mutual from Winston.

But, if National slides and centrist voters can’t stomach a Labour Party run by a union boss there is really only one place for those votes to go…to Winston Peters.

He is flying a kite right now that he could be PM, a position he has never had despite having the Right Honourable title already. NBR reports:

Winston Peters refuses to rule out wanting to share the Prime Ministership after the 2017 election, should a Labour-Greens-NZ First coalition government win power.

He says there’s precedent for a Prime Minister coming from a second biggest party in a coalition — in 1932 when the Prime Minister during the 24th Parliament was George Forbes, leader of the smaller United Party in a United-Reform coalition (the two parties merged a few years later to form the National Party). The coalition was demolished by Labour at the 1935 election.

The Northland MP believes NZ First has led the opposition on many issues this year. “In many ways we have led the Opposition, and there’s no doubt about it,” he says.

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NZ First’s Richard Prosser thinks an airline and a coal mine are the same thing

There must be times when Winston needs a quadruple bypass before facepalming himself over the idiotic public statements that come from his colleagues.

But hey, if only the Government would put some more money into it, then Solid Energy would be saved.  Because that will make people buy more coal.

The Government should rescue Solid Energy the same way its predecessor saved Air New Zealand, NZ First says.

The state-owned coal miner is crippled by debt and an announcement on its future is expected within weeks.

One of the options is liquidation – the Government doesn’t favour that but says banks will make the call.

NZ First’s Richard Prosser says Air New Zealand’s recovery is proof Solid Energy can be turned around.

“It’s lucky National wasn’t in government when Air New Zealand nearly went to the wall,” he said.    Read more »

Another reason to hold your nose and keep voting National: Winston wants another shot at it

Winston is going again in 2017…bad news for Labour and Andrew Little, as he will start to hoover up support as a proper opposition.

IT’S not often a journalist gets a straight answer out of Winston Peters. But there is one issue on which the 70-year-old is unequivocal: his retirement.

Forty years after he first entered New Zealand politics, the NZ First leader is planning his next election campaign and heading into his party’s 22nd annual convention. Isn’t he tired of politics?

“Why would you ask that?” he chuckles.

“I’m 70 years old, that’s a fact. But the point is I’m in a job I can do and I get a lot of enjoyment out of it.

“I could give it up and my next big wish would be to spend time doing up boats and what have you. But the reality is, would I be interested after three months doing that? How many days can you go fishing?”

Bolstered by the Northland by-election win, he says he’ll stand again in 2017.

“We have never realised our real potential…People might agree with you but if you don’t have the catalyst to vote you’ve got nowhere. You are like a salesman who has convinced a housewife that’s the best washing machine but she’s not buying it. That needs some analysis.”

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He should have a medal not a conviction

Clayton Mitchell looks like a top bloke.

He smacked up a gang member in a past life and for some strange reason ended up with a conviction for his troubles.

An MP received a suspended sentence following a fight with a gang member who attacked him after being refused entry to a bar.

First-term NZ First MP Clayton Mitchell, 43, has reluctantly spoken about the incident, which occurred 18 years ago.

“The reality is, everyone has a past and I have got one, too. I have been involved in hospitality for 25 years and so, because you run bars and you stand on the front door, you do have, and I certainly have had, over the years, a lot of situations where you get put into very perilous situations.”

Mr Mitchell, who was a Tauranga City councillor before entering Parliament after the last election, was in charge of the city’s Straight Shooters Bar in 1997, when a gang member with facial tattoos was refused entry.

“It turned into a confrontation, a physical one, he was a lot bigger than me, he was a very intimidating individual. I got a black eye and swollen face out of it. Read more »