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Paddy Gower on how Dotcom is driving Winston into Key’s arms

Sorry for the mental image there.

Kim Dotcom has done John Key a big favour.

He has pushed Winston Peters into Key’s arms and made it highly unlikely that the NZ First leader would choose the Labour-Greens over National if he held the balance of power.

Key’s dalliance with Conservative Party leader Colin Craig was all about having some insurance against a Labour-Green-NZ First Government.

One of Key’s big worries was that Peters would go with the Labour/Green side in some form. But the arrival and ongoing rise of the Internet-Mana party has changed all that.

On current polling numbers, a Labour-led Government would need the Greens, NZ First and Internet-Mana to get anywhere close.

And David Cunliffe has repeatedly and pointedly refused to rule out working with Internet-Mana to form a Government.

Despite his previous antipathy towards the Greens, I think Peters is now close enough to them on central economic issues to work with them in Government.

To be fair, Winston has never really considered going left. ¬†He may be able to work with the Labour Party, but there is no way in hell he’s sit at a cabinet table with the Greens. ¬†Imagine Winston having to deal directly with the likes of man hater Jan Logie, 3D Toy Boy¬†Gareth¬†¬†or … Russel Norman? ¬† Never, ever.

However, one could still imagine him holding his nose the the price was high enough.

Not so if Internet-Mana is involved too. Paddy continues

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NZ First enter a siege mentality around Lolly Stealer [ UPDATED ]





…oh deary me….

Bob Jones on the demise of NZ First

I’ll spare you the detailed description on Barry Soper and Audrey Young’s mandatory buttock grabbing (you can read that here, if you really want), ¬†instead, picking up the story here:

I never thought anything could top Laila Harre’s 2002 defeat explanation with her “unfortunately the public voted with their heads”, but, by God, there’s been some serious challenges – notably from Laila herself.

Even the most hardened hacks were dumbstruck by her protest at allowing her boss into the country. But she was immediately trumped by Kim Dotcom himself, who agreed it was an outrage. If he feels that strongly then America – where he’s destined to end up anyway – will give him a big hello, plus free accommodation for a very long time, although decidedly smaller than his current abode.

Colin Craig continues to delight. Explaining away his nutty image, he instead cemented it by saying: “It was logical to platform off the rhetoric already being discussed.” Psychiatrists are banned from entering, but there’s a trip to Upper Volta for anyone making sense of that.

Having lost female voters after declaring New Zealand women promiscuous, Colin is now targeting homosexuals by an advertising campaign showing him lying in long grass with a come-hither look. Missing is a rose stem between his teeth.

To add to the madness, Labour’s normally sane Andrew Little, jealous of Trevor Mallard’s moa headlines, declared men charged with sex crimes will be automatically guilty unless they can prove their innocence.

Then to further alienate male voters, Labour’s serial apologiser leader chimed in, unbelievably apologising for being a man.

If you were writing a script, you’f be going: ¬†“no, too much, it’s starting to get to the point nobody would believe this could actually happen”. ¬†And yet… the current farce isn’t over yet!
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New Rule: Only report Winston’s utterings that aren’t bluster

John Armstrong opines:

As captivating and entertaining as such a contest would have been, Winston Peters is unlikely to throw himself feline-like into the pigeon loft and stand in Murray McCully’s East Coast Bays seat.

The idea of putting himself up as the New Zealand First candidate initially seemed like a very cunning plan to disrupt the political footsie being played by Colin Craig’s Conservatives and the National Party in order for the former to get a toehold in Parliament and the latter to remain in power.

But the warning bells ought to have been ringing in the New Zealand First camp after Christine Rankin, the Conservative Party’s chief executive, urged Peters to “bring it on”.

That was a call to arms. While not ruling out standing, Peters has wisely left any decisions until closer to nomination day.

When does Winston not do bluster, bluffing and intimidation? ¬†It is actually safer to bet that he won’t do what he says, because he has a loooong history of… not doing what he says.

No wonder Rankin is all excited at the prospect of a bit of limelight here. ¬†After all, before Winston put the spotlight her way, she’s not featured anywhere. ¬† Read more »

Dumber than a bag of hammers

IMG_0797 (1024x732)

Arse-nasty Lolly Stealer is dumber than a bag of hammers.

Have a look at the mocking she is copping from Felix Marwick who highlights her extreme stupidity.

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Winston Peters is up to old games, but there is one big difference.

…this time, nobody cares who he’s “going to go with”. ¬†NZ First are a dead duck.

Winston Peters’ refusal to say who he would support after the election has voters almost evenly divided about who he might back to form a government, if he is cast again as the kingmaker.

Asked which party Peters, the NZ First leader, would support to form a government, 32.1 per cent of those surveyed in the latest poll expect him to back National, while 29.2 per cent said they expected him to go with Labour.

One in five of those polled said they thought Peters would go with neither Labour nor National, and 18.7 per cent said they did not know.

Twice in the past Peters has been in a position to determine whether National or Labour formed a government.

In 1996 he backed National for a third term under Jim Bolger and in 2005 he backed Labour for a third term under Helen Clark.

Although recent political polls have suggested National could form a government on its own, a single party has never had enough support to rule alone since MMP was introduced in 1996. That means if NZ First gets more than the 5 per cent support required to bring MPs into Parliament without winning an electorate, Peters could again be the kingmaker.

Things change. ¬†Demographics change. ¬†And Winston is outliving his constituency. ¬†Even if¬†NZ First make the 5% mark, and they won’t, it is doubtful that 1) National will need them, and 2) if they need them, that NZ First will go into a coalition with Labour, Greens, Mana and Internet.

His whole shadow puppet play this time doesn’t work – we can see the hands, and the person moving them. ¬† Read more »

Winston Peters’ baubles are looking very unlikely

NEXT! Winston Peters

The Green Parrot is squealing like a pig, with Winston Peters losing so many staff and now backing asset sales.

Hi Cam,

You might be interested to know that there is real panic inside NZ First at the moment.

As well as having to show Api [Dawson] to the exit and all the turnover in staff in Winston’s office, this weekend looks set to be a big embarrassment for Winston.

As of 12pm today, only 115 people have registered to attend the conference this weekend.

As a comparison in 2011 it was 350 people registered.


With NZ First leaking like a sieve, there will no doubt be more to come.

Do you get a medal if you bust a cap in a Wogistani?

Stand your Ground

Stand your Ground

NZ First has wimped out on providing proper protection for people defending their home and assets.

They have proposed a halfway house from a proper law like the Castle Doctrine aka Stand Your Ground law and the current situation where law abiding citizens are prosecuted for defending themselves.

It’s a good start but I think they wimp out a bit.

A hardline law and order policy by NZ First would offer greater protection to homeowners, farmers and shop keepers who shoot to kill intruders during home invasions or burglaries.

Along with a 40-year mandatory non-parole sentence for premeditated murder, NZ First wants the Crimes Act amended to give certainty over the use of “reasonable force” for self-defence.

Ahead of the party’s annual convention this weekend, law and order spokesman Richard Prosser said the policy was a response to a string of incidents that had seen farmers and shopkeepers in court over their use of firearms or even hockey sticks against would-be robbers.

Mr Prosser said so-called “castle doctrine” laws in some US states, which saw Texan Joe Horn acquitted after his 2007 fatal shooting of two men who had burgled his neighbour’s home, were “so over the top that it wouldn’t be something that I think anyone in New Zealand would give consideration to”. ¬†¬† Read more »

And these people want us to think they can work together?

In order to change the government Labour, Greens, NZ First, Mana and the Internet party are all going to have to work together.

I wonder how that will work out?


Not so well it appears.

I just love how they do this all in the open on Twitter.


Face of the day


NZ First MP Asenati Lole-Taylor’s husband Dennis Taylor is being investigated.


Combative list MP and twitter user Mrs Lole-Taylor said there were ” a lot of people that I have upset because I’m very upfront.”.

-NZ Herald
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