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Winston scolds the Green Taliban for “unsuccessful politics”

Someone’s found a couple of spare D batteries and reanimated Winston Peters. ¬†I haven’t seen him this energised since he denied Owen Glenn had given his party some extra pocket money.

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has accused the Green Party of attempting to destabilise the Labour Party over its approach to Labour for a pre-election coalition agreement.

Labour leader David Cunliffe this week rejected the Green proposal for the two parties to campaign as a “Labour-Greens Government” in waiting, preferring to stick with a “Labour-led Government”. But he has said he expected to negotiate a coalition agreement with the Greens after the election.

Mr Peters said Labour was right to reject it and saw it for what it was.

“You have an attempt by one party to destabilise another party by seeming to offer friendship and collaboration in a deal before the election campaign has even started, knowing full well that the other party has not invited that and does not want that. What do you call that? I call it unsuccessful politics.

“I think the Labour Party saw it for what it was and they are probably relieved.

“I am not surprised it was rejected.”

Mr Peters said the Greens would have known what Labour’s response would be and therefore putting up the proposal and making it public was “an attempt to torpedo the strategy of another party”.

To be honest, Labour and Greens fighting in public is a bit like a couple that are only together for the kids. ¬†The love just isn’t there, and every ¬†move is one out of self interest while forgetting the children will be the ones that suffer. ¬† Read more »

Clown of Campbells Bay accused of bullying staff


Clown of Campbells Bay, Andrew Williams, accused of bullying staff

I knew he couldn’t last a term without some sort of scandal.

Andrew Williams is making headlines again, and once again for all the wrong reasons.

The man is unfit for public office, his long list of embarrassments preclude that. Fortunately for him MMP allows unelectable people to sneak into parliament via the list.

Two female New Zealand First employees have received payouts after being “bullied” out of their jobs by MP Andrew Williams.

Williams is understood to have sent abusive late-night texts and emails to former executive assistant Rebecca Papprill, who worked for him in Parliament.

Williams also locked party worker Karen Potter out of a NZ First office on Auckland’s North Shore.

Both women are understood to have complained to the Parliamentary Service and received confidential settlements after mediation.¬† Read more »

Cartoon of the Day


Herald poll vs Whaleoil poll

The Herald-Digipoll results came out this morning.  As you may recall, we ran our own survey a little while ago so we could compare.

The Digipoll had 750 responses


March 2014 Herald-Digipoll

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Winston Peters positions NZ First as National’s best coalition partner

Winston Peters speaks at a Maori Affairs select committee

Oh vagaries of MMP… ¬†Peters has made buying the partially privatised power companies back a bottom line issue for any coalition deal.

The Government has only just launched its partial sale of Genesis Energy, and already Mr Peters is making it clear any government that New Zealand First is involved with will have to buy back those shares.

Mr Peters told The Nation that New Zealand First would walk away from any potential coalition partner who did not agree. ¬† Read more »

NZ First policy for older drivers?

Asenasti Lole-Taylor slagging off older drivers

Is Winston aware she was talking about him?

The dictator moves to silence dissent

No, not David Cunliffe, Winston Raymond Peters. it seems he is moving to silence members in an ongoing spat over two staff members.

A reader emails about my post last week.

The fallout from your post last week has reached the NZ First Board.

Two party members lodged complaints against Api for bringing NZ First into disrepute.

Winston had them thrown out. His reason: Dawson is not a member (which is actually not true…)

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I have nothing to apologise for

I see my good friend Dr Brian Edwards is all cock-a-hoop about Matthew Hooton choosing to apologise for calling David Cunliffe a liar on radio.


If we put aside the side-splitting irony of a corporate soldier of fortune hitman spin doctor choosing to apologise for lying to a career politician, I did find myself asking: “Why am I not apologising?”

I’ve stopped short of calling David Cunliffe a liar. ¬†Or having lied about working on the formation of Fonterra while working for BGC. ¬†Instead, I’ve asked lots of questions that have exposed David Cunliffe’s fanciful claims that litter his CV.

He’s gone into bat with a dodgy looking document that doesn’t have his name on it anywhere, from an organisation that he worked for over 14 years ago, and claims this is the documentary proof that he worked 8 hours on the formation of Fonterra, at best two years before Fonterra as a concept of conceived of.

Apart from the fact it clearly doesn’t link David Cunliffe to anything, it has always been heavily redacted since it was released. ¬†And yes, forensic analysis carried out by a number of people have thrown up too many unanswered questions for me to back down from the idea the whole thing is a setup.

Why are the Media asleep on this? ¬† Read more »

Oh come on, no one asked her for a blowjob, surely?

Arsenasty Lole-Taylor asked the Police minister about blow-jobs today in parliament.

Quite a bizarre exchange…cued to the strange bit…

NZ’s dodgiest LBP Nominee – Aaron Goodwin

Aaron Goodwin - Blenheim Ratbag

Aaron Goodwin – Blenheim Ratbag

The nominees are flowing in thick and fast. It seems there are a lot of ratbags and troughers out there.

I may have to post several a day until ballots are posted, then issue an award.

Here is a dodgy ratbag Blenheim.

Aaron Goodwin is running for council in Blenheim. Blenheim is a nice place that doesn’t deserve a drug using diesel thief on its council. He also changes his mind.

Mr Goodwin, 21, told Fairfax¬†on Friday¬†he had decided about a fortnight ago not to stand for the council because of troubles with his health and family.¬†“I’m not really sure I can be committed to the campaign. It’s a bit of a stressful time at the moment.

Stressful time means getting busted stealing diesel.

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