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He should have a medal not a conviction

Clayton Mitchell looks like a top bloke.

He smacked up a gang member in a past life and for some strange reason ended up with a conviction for his troubles.

An MP received a suspended sentence following a fight with a gang member who attacked him after being refused entry to a bar.

First-term NZ First MP Clayton Mitchell, 43, has reluctantly spoken about the incident, which occurred 18 years ago.

“The reality is, everyone has a past and I have got one, too. I have been involved in hospitality for 25 years and so, because you run bars and you stand on the front door, you do have, and I certainly have had, over the years, a lot of situations where you get put into very perilous situations.”

Mr Mitchell, who was a Tauranga City councillor before entering Parliament after the last election, was in charge of the city’s Straight Shooters Bar in 1997, when a gang member with facial tattoos was refused entry.

“It turned into a confrontation, a physical one, he was a lot bigger than me, he was a very intimidating individual. I got a black eye and swollen face out of it. Read more »

A newspaper amends its article to stop propagating Ron Mark’s SAS lies

Ron Mark is despised in the armed forces for pretending to have served with the NZSAS.

This blog has opened up that can of worms and through a number of confidential sources we have previously established Mark has been dining out on his fake SAS record without ever taking the opportunity to correct it.

Even now, the NZ First site continues to misrepresent Mark’s true involvement with the NZSAS.  He may have been selected, but he failed to make the grade and never served.


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Will Ron Mark achieve something nobody else has? [UPDATED]

NZ First is beset with tension and speculation as observers wait to see whether Ron Mark has displaced Tracey Martin as deputy leader.

Sources close to the party say Mr Mark was promised on his return to Parliament last year by Leader Winston Peters that he could become the deputy.

But Mr Peters is said to be uncomfortable with him pushing the matter right now.

Whether that means the party has had or will soon have a vote is unclear.

It might even stretch the matter out for a longer period of time.

The party’s agm and conference is only four weeks away and that could be the venue for any announcement on the future of the leadership. Or the party might want to have it wrapped up now and present the new leadership as a fait accompli to the conference.

Mr Mark’s own reputation is under a bit of a cloud after comments he made in Parliament last month suggesting the Iraqi army solders being trained by the New Zealanders were cowards. Read more »

However John Key thinks that National benefits from the Conservatives collapse

We know Richard Harman thinks that NZ First benefits from the collapse of the Conservative party.

I also know that Winston Peters is personally furious with Colin Craig for his shameless stealing of policy at the last election.

However John Key thinks that National benefits from the collapse.

The strife enveloping the Conservative Party could benefit National, Prime Minister John Key says.

Board members who are opposing the return of founder Colin Craig as leader have said they believe the party can rebound under a new leader.

There have been discussions about potential new leaders since before Christmas, board member John Stringer says, and there are interested candidates.

Mr Craig has signalled he will fight for the leadership, and this morning Mr Key said it was not clear how strongly the party would emerge from its current difficulties.

The Conservatives achieved 3.97 per cent of the vote in last year’s election – more than 95,000 votes, but short of the 5 per cent needed to enter Parliament.

“You just dont know how all this stuff is going to play out. He has been the big funder of the party. We are two and a bit years from the election. It’s a long way to go,” Mr Key Mr Key told the Paul Henry show.

“Those Conservative voters…if they [the party] were not so strong a voice – they have well come back to us.”

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Ron Mark – Conduct unbecoming – Swears in parliament

Remember this image…Ron Mark flipping the bird in parliament.


The man has form, and today in Question 5 he told a government member to “shut the fuck up”.

The man is a disgrace.


The real leader of the opposition has stood up

Winston Peters speaks at a Maori Affairs select committee

Andrew Little thinks he is the leader of the opposition.

The reality is though is that he gifted the position to another MP because of his “staring at goats” strategic planning.

The real leader of the opposition, in deeds rather than in title is Winston Peters.

Auckland’s runaway housing crisis is being driven by too many immigrants, low interest rates and more and more people buying houses to make money, according to the Reserve Bank. It’s trying to target property investors/speculators who borrow from banks to pay a 30 percent deposit.

This offers little hope for those wanting to buy their first home. No one is doing anything about foreign buyers – they still have a free run with no restrictions and access to cheap overseas loans in the 1-2 per cent range. Kiwis shouldn’t have to compete with that.

We say stop foreigners and non-residents buying and wind back immigration. Kiwis should not have to queue overnight to buy an over-priced section, as happened at Beachlands in Auckland

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One News Poll bad news for Andrew Little, great for Winston

The latest One News Poll is out and it shows that Andrew Little isn’t making any gains both against National nor in the Preferred PM stakes.

Winston Peters on the other hand is winning in the Preferred PM stakes and is just 1% point off being able to claim the moral high ground and take the title of Leader of the Opposition for himself.

National’s by-election beating in Northland appears to have done little to change how the rest of New Zealand feels about the party, latest poll results show.

A ONE News Colmar Brunton poll conducted this month shows National Party support remains steady on 49%.

Labour Party support also remained unchanged on 31%, while the Green Party slipped to one percentage point to 9%.

New Zealand First, on the other hand, has seen a slight bounce – up one percentage point to 7%.

The Conservative Party is steady on 2%, as is the Act Party on 1%. Mana is back in the frame on 1%, while the Maori Party slipped down to 1%.

When converted into seats in Parliament, the poll results would mean National would take 60 seats, Labour would take 38, the Greens 11 and New Zealand First 9.

The Maori Party, Act and United Future would all have just one each.

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NZ First to decide if they will add a scum list MP to parliament

Of course they will.

It’s expected New Zealand First will today finally make a decision on which new MP to bring into Parliament.

Winston Peters still hasn’t resigned his list seat after winning the Northland by-election, but the is party board meeting today, and is expected to make a move.

Next of the New Zealand First list is Ria Bond, a former hairdresser who’s currently working as a parliamentary staffer.

She’s the obvious choice for New Zealand First to bring in, but could choose to decline, or be pressured to stand aside if the party has someone else in mind.

No one from the party will front to confirm if she’s in the running for the spot.

The alliance some were hoping for between Labour and New Zealand First doesn’t look to have come into fruition, with still no meeting between the party leaders since the Northland by-election.

Winston Peters upset the balance of power in parliament when he claimed the seat.

We find new methods to test MMP in ways that were never anticipated originally.

In hindsight, I think an MP should not be able to run for parliament while already an MP.   That means you have to resign before you run again.  This is what happens before an election for example.

It’s a little moot now, but would Winston have taken the risk of losing his list seat?   He was in a no-lose situation.  Either he got an electorate seat or he could go back to his old job.

Can you be an electorate and list MP?  Logically no.  But somehow Winston winning Northland hasn’t automatically triggered his resignation as a list MP, and therefore automatically triggered the next on the NZ First list to come into parliament.

Especially with the Internet/Mana party debacle still fresh in our memories, and not this dog and pony show, it may just be time to put MMP through a review.

It would make more sense than changing a flag.

Winston, again, gets to keep the country on a knife edge on his time table as he decides what to do.   The rules should say what to do.  We should not be in a position where we have to make it up as we go along.


– Frances Cook, Newstalk ZB


NZ First not a fan of Safety First

Sometimes the urge to “embarrass” the government needs to take a back seat to common sense, something NZ First says it was all about, but is severely lacking in this case:

The New Zealand Transport Agency has been accused of treating Manawatu as a second-class region over a slip that’s prompted the two-week closure of the highway through the Manawatu Gorge.

NZTA on Friday confirmed State Highway 3 would remain closed for at least two weeks after it assessed the damage linked to a slip near Ashhurst.

A geotechnical engineer’s assessment has revealed tension cracks in the rockface above the road near the slip.

NZTA says the unstable state of the area above the slip site means the road is prone to further rock falls.

But New Zealand First’s Palmerston North-based list MP has accused the agency of not prioritising the region.

“If this was an Auckland motorway, the New Zealand Transport Agency would be busting a gut to get it open,” said Darroch Ball. Read more »

Peters to run again in 2017? Sure. But not for Northland

Winston Peters has won the Northland by-election and effectively handed National’s dream team of John Key and Steven Joyce their first political defeat.

It was a resounding victory. The New Zealand First leader won more than 15,000 votes, leaving National candidate Mark Osborne 4000 votes behind.

The message from Labour to vote Mr Peters left Willow-Jean Prime with only 1300 votes.

Mr Peters has made political history again, saving one of his best tricks for last and winning Northland strikes on two levels.

The roaring success for Mr Peters is the humiliating blow to National.

With the win now under his belt, Mr Peters, who turns 70 in two weeks, has revealed he’s in for another round in 2017. Read more »