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Just when you didn’t think a newspaper could stoop any lower… [UPDATED]

Not content with dumbing down the main news section, a newspaper has brought in a gossip column for its business pages…and Holly Ryan the  Retail, Innovation and Manufacturing reporter is running the tawdry little gossip column.

No I’m not kidding.

Let us know … 

This is not a gossip column but….

The new weekly Page2 is a chance to share stories and pictures about business personalities and events so please drop us a line at [email protected] We promise to be nice.”

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A Newspaper blames Labour when their own Dirty Media hit fails

A newspaper had this headline last night:

labour gamble

Surely they jest?

Labour’s gamble in using real estate data to highlight Chinese property buyers in Auckland has so far not paid off in the polls – the party has lifted by just one point in the first poll since it released the figures.

Support for Labour in the One News Colmar Brunton was at 32 per cent, up one point since May. National was on 47 per cent, down one point. The Green Party was up three to 13 per cent and NZ First was steady on seven per cent.

The polling started on July 11 – the same day Labour’s data was published in the Herald. Labour leader Andrew Little has defended using the figures after Labour was criticised for race-based politics. Support for Mr Little as preferred Prime Minister dropped by one point to eight per cent. Prime Minister John Key’s support also dropped down to 40 per cent from 44 in May.

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Herald Seniors continue to undermine Barfoot & Thompson business while training Labour how to do more Asian Bashing

When skimming John Armstrong and Fran O’Sullivan’s pieces this morning, I truly wondered if I had woken up to a parallel universe.

Apparently, Labour are doing just fine.  Just needs a few small adjustments.

The National Party might have fooled itself into thinking otherwise, but for all intents and purposes it was done like a dog’s dinner by Labour this week.

National’s response to Labour’s exploitation of explosive sales figures leaked by a subsequently sacked employee of real estate firm Barfoot & Thompson ran the full gamut from the pathetic to the non-existent.

Much of that was down to National trying to defy gravity. The figures simply confirmed what everyone had assumed – that prime Auckland real estate was being soaked up by offshore Chinese nationals who, at the same time, were forcing up prices across the whole market, particularly so-called “affordable housing” – the segment of the market where the politics are the most sensitive.

National found itself in a highly unenviable, if not impossible position.

It could either try to pooh-pooh Labour’s analysis of the figures, in which case it would be accused of denying the obvious.

As far as I’ve seen, the National Party sat back and couldn’t get up from laughing so hard.  All the blow-back has come from the LEFT and the media, apart from Labour’s stooges at A Newspaper, obviously.   But it gets better.  Here’s Fran O’ detailing how Labour must not give up, and lays out a free strategy (or is the invoice in the mail?) for Labour to have a second go at what John Armstrong will clearly see as a second victory:  Read more »

Hard core grass root Labour are not happy

NZ Herald swings into damage control: Loves Asians. LOVES them!

Should the fired Barfoot & Thompson agent pay back all his Chinese commission? [UPDATED]


Happy enough to advertise on a Chinese Language real estate web site our Grant.  Happy enough to take Chinese commission on sales.

And yet he colluded with media to highlight the plight of how Chinese money is ruining the Auckland real estate market?

How does that make any sense?

Mr Hargrave would appear to be a bloody hypocrite.



Labour’s Phil Twyford saying Grant Hargrave was a whistle blower acting in the interests of the country is demonstrably false.   Like almost everything else Twyford says…  total horse dung.

When is a leak not a leak?

Screen shot 2015-07-15 at 4.47.33 PM

Screen shot 2015-07-15 at 4.47.33 PM

My definition of a leak I think is far too narrow for New Zealand’s MSM.

The term ‘ Whistleblower ‘ is usually paired with the term ‘ leak ‘ and this is how I have defined it:

A leak is when someone who knows something illegal or unethical is happening gives confidential information to the Media in order to expose corruption or wrongdoing. A Whistleblower risks their job and jail ( if they hacked it ) for no financial gain, in order to get the truth out because they can see no other way to expose the wrongdoing.

The private and confidential Real Estate information taken by a Barfoot and Thompson staffer did not expose wrong doing or corruption. The information was stolen to give the Labour Party what they wanted to make a political hit. It is even possible that they solicited the information from the employee involved. The employee has now lost their job because of it. I wonder if the Labour Party will offer them a position?

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Was Labour used to launder the real estate data?

There were some interesting and conflicting comments yesterday as Labour’s leaker lost his/her job at Barfoot & Thompson.

Peter Thompson said in his statement:

He refused to release personal details about the individual or say how the data was passed on, but confirmed it was leaked over a period of months.

“We can also offer no insights into the motivation of the staff member concerned.”

Mr Thompson said that while the data was passed to media and political figures, it was not given directly to the Labour Party.

Police had not been involved but the company had spoken to its solicitors and the internal investigation was ongoing to establish if anyone else was involved.

That is interesting, especially considering that Phil Twyford says the opposite.

In a statement which did not confirm whether the fired staffer was his source, Mr Twyford said: “The whistleblower who I worked with wanted to shine a light on what is a very real issue for New Zealand – foreign investment pushing up house prices and shutting people who live here out of the property market.”

“This data provided an important snapshot of what’s going on in the Auckland housing market.”

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Now hiring: Auckland gossip columnist who will not offend


Poor Pebbles Hooper, if she had only known how this could have all been prevented. I found out the secret to being offensive on twitter and getting away with it last year.

Screen shot 2015-07-08 at 5.48.00 PM



That’s right, if Pebbles had been a contractor rather than an employee she would have been fine just like Rachel Stewart. Pebbles had to resign for pointing out that it was not an intelligent thing to do to accidentally kill yourself and your children by leaving a car running in a garage. If she was a contractor she could have said a lot worse than that. She could actually get away with wishing someone dead on twitter just like Rachel Stewart.

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“Just John Drinnan interviewing his typewriter again”

Throng has lifted this pertinent bit of commentary from the Paul Henry show.

It’s getting tiring really.  The NZ Herald are running their attack lines on anyone they don’t like.  But they do it so clumsily.  It’s little more than immaturity. Read more »