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NZ Herald openly continue their support for Little and Labour

In the leadup to the party’s conference, Little told the Herald one advantage that All Blacks coach Steve Hansen had over him was that sports teams could select and de-select at their pleasure. He had to work with what he had.

Little’s basically complaining he’s got to make a team out of players picked from Buller, West Coast and Mid Canterbury.   Crap in, crap out – basically.    Nice one Andy, that will win you friends.

This is a critical reshuffle.

Parliament is about to break up for the year, and the Herald is going on about next year’s Labour reshuffle?   Seriously?

Labour has been criticised for being too oppositional and failing to present as a Government in waiting. This shadow Cabinet has to be of high enough calibre to convince the voters that Labour is ready to take over.

His team is small and he needs his performers to perform. There are precious few of those. Those who got opportunities and made the most of them will do the best, such as Kelvin Davis and Phil Twyford. Beyond those, few of the MPs have stood out in the public eye.

Reshuffling a group of people that are useless isn’t really going to produce a better outcome.

Little has already indicated Jacinda Ardern will be moved up from her ninth position. That is likely to be a shift to fourth in the rankings. Although Labour’s top three are all from Wellington, they cannot be moved given one is the leader, the other the deputy and the third the finance spokesman.

Ardern’s job is to win over Auckland. She is also likely to take on a meaty portfolio in place of the justice portfolio, which is not a natural fit for her. Expect Kelvin Davis to leapfrog over Nanaia Mahuta to be the highest ranked Maori MP and for Mahuta to drop down.

Ardern to win Auckland?   Ha!   Read more »

The paper of record surpasses its own standards


What next?

Annette King wears less lacey bras?   Read more »

Is the Herald helping Labour fundraise?

In today’s Herald it appears that they have shown their true colours and are trying to help the Labour Party fundraise.

The Labour Party’s financial deficit problems should be of concern to all New Zealanders. It is not necessary to be aligned with National or Labour to recognise that a healthy democracy needs two parties capable of providing sound government. Labour’s fundraising difficulties, revealed in its latest annual financial report, are not a surprise. Ever since the party’s former president, Mike Williams, stepped down there have been murmurs that his successors did not have the same persuasive touch with business donors.

Mike ‘Fat Tony’ Williams is a good bastard, but you certainly make sure you count all your fingers after shaking hands with him. He sure did know how to fundraise.

I’m not sure how Labour’s financial woes should be a concern for all of us. If Labour fails because they can’t raise money then that is because they are bereft of ideas in an open marketplace of ideas. They simply aren’t attracting the capital because the ideas they present are stupid. Donations are the canary in the coal mine for political parties. If you aren’t getting donations it is because of several factors, all of which are under your control. Firstly the personnel of the party, tired, old and out of touch means no money. Secondly, policy platform, again if it is tired, old and out of touch you won’t attract money. Thirdly, government in waiting…if donors don’t think you have a chance at winning then you don’t get any money. It’s that simple.

So, if Labour goes broke and disappears it doesn’t matter as politics abhors a vacuum and a new party or better ideas will float to the surface in the political flotsam and jetsam of a sunk Labour Party.    Read more »

The mendacity of the NZ Herald and David ‘Tainted’ Fisher

Yesterday David “Tainted” Fisher wrote an article in the NZ Herald. He contacted me on Friday afternoon for comment, but I didn’t respond. There is no point responding to David “Tainted” Fisher because he has an agenda and is on a mission to protect Nicky Hager and to ultimately protect himself.

He is a mendacious scumbag.

The NZ Herald appends each of his stories about Nicky Hager’s predicament with this rider:


But even that isn’t really truthful. You see in the documents released from the court and the common bundle we can actually see that David “Tainted” Fisher actually swore his two affidavits for and on behalf of Nicky Hager.  Read more »

Not just Nicky, it also means you David, and Matt and anyone else who worked with the hacker

David ‘Tainted’ Fisher has yet another article in support of his partner in crime Nicky Hager.

This time catching up on something everyone else has been talking about since last week…that a recent Supreme Court decision regarding data as property and what that means for people working with criminal hackers.

Dirty Politics author Nicky Hager may face criminal charges over accepting the hacked material used to write the bombshell book, according to documents obtained by the Herald.

Police will not say whether the investigative journalist is again a suspect, instead of simply a witness, after a pivotal Supreme Court decision which ruled computer files were property.

Documents show the new definition from the court puts Hager back in the frame over the computer files he was given by a hacker which he used as the basis for his book.

An Official Information Act response to Hager’s lawyers in June saw police lawyer Carolyn Richardson explain there had been a decision – apparently just before the journalist’s house was searched – to treat him as an “unco-operative witness as opposed to a suspect”. It was based on legal advice over an earlier Court of Appeal decision which said computer files weren’t property, she said.    Read more »

This will make you laugh: John Key simply not dignified enough for the NZ Herald

09072010 news photo JOHN SELKIRK/auckland bureau. Jane Hastings, the GM of Event Cinemas with two of the original pieces of clothing worn by two of the characters in the second Twilight movie ( Edward (left) and Jacob) The exhibition is at the manukau Events cinemas and can be viewed with a purchase of a ticket for the latest movie in the saga, Eclipse.

Jane Hastings, the dignified face of the NZ Herald

Thanks to an appearance on Hauraki’s breakfast programme, we now know our Prime Minister has, among other things, stolen something and peed in a shower. …

If he is going to admit to criminal and social offences, it begs a number of questions.

He did not seem at all embarrassed this week when the radio segment was screened on American television’s popular satirical programme Last Week Tonight.

English host John Oliver – who already finds New Zealand a resource for ridicule – ought to come down here, the Prime Minister said, and witness one of his weekly post-Cabinet press conferences. Read more »

The state of a newspaper


Yesterday a newspaper had a story of a cry baby suicide bomber.

A young jihadist suicide bomber was filmed weeping before being sent to his death in Syria.

The fighter named as Jafar al-Tayyar, from Uzbekistan, was comforted by his fellow militants moments before he launched the deadly attack on Shi’ite town of Fua in Idlib Province – an Assad regime stronghold, the Daily Mirror reported.

In the footage he is seen sobbing as he climbs into the explosives-packed armoured personnel carrier.

“Jafar, my brother, don’t be afraid. When you are scared, remember Allah,” a fellow militant tells him.

But the footage shows he does succeed and an explosion rocks the camera at the end of the video, the Daily Mirror reported.

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The Media Party run another campaign – part 2


Whaleoil readers are now well trained to see the manipulations that the Media Party try to foist on an unsuspecting public.   Writes one

…[I] just noticed an article in The Horrid by Claire Trevett about Helen Clark saying she advised JK to take more refugees like Tampa blah blah blah, and lower down is such a lovely story about this ever so kind lady in Invercargill (my town) who will throw open her home to refuges etc etc… mention of any association but of course its Rachael Goldsmith from daily blog…

Man, are we being played…do these reporters at the herald have all these Green and Labour tossers on speed-dial just ready to try to suck in the readers by asking them for comments and glowing promises with no need to list their political agendas and affiliations?

Rachael Goldsmith indeed.What will she do if she gets a houseful of hardened muslims??????


I suspect she’ll put them to work in the sex trade.   Rach is a tireless advocate for Queer issues and sex workers.   That’s such an immediate strong kinship bond to Muslims, don’t you think?

Or do you think this is just being played for effect?   Do you think ISIS would gang rape her and sell her into the sex trade?   Or throw her off a building for being gay?   The disconnect is simply stunning.

Of course A newspaper knew who she was.  And they ran it.  And they didn’t disclose it.

Here she is only in 2014:


Rachael Goldsmith describes herself as “different looking, not your ordinary, conservative-looking Southlander” but the Clutha-Southlanders made her feel welcome and listened to what she said.

She stood for the Greens in the last election.  You think that would be something worth mentioning by A newspaper.

There is a political party in this country that nobody elected, and it is currently working harder than the elected opposition to damage the government.

I guess nature abhors a vacuum.   Enter the Media Party.

As Pete said the other day, Whaleoil is an essential piece in keeping our sanity and some degree of honesty in the media landscape.   And I’m glad you are starting to see behind the curtain too.  It is getting more desperate and blatant, but at least you’re no longer fooled.


John Drinnan caught making stuff up again

Following on from my earlier post about media and social media, one particularly stupid and fixated media person who uses Twitter to stalk and harass people all the while pretending it is his job to try to hound people out of jobs in the pursuit of a story is John Drinnan.

He has often been caught making up stories and not just getting basic facts misunderstood but just plain wrong. How he maintains his comfortable sinecure at the newspaper is beyond me.

He is the laughing stock of most people in the media…usually called the disparaging “Silly Old John Drinnan”.

When the final four flags were released he tweeted:

Drinnan Read more »

Poll confirms disaster of Labour’s Chinkygate policy

We're winning I tell you, we're winning

We’re winning I tell you, we’re winning

Labour banked their future on their racist, dog-whistle attack on people with chinky-sounding names buying property.

Unfortunately, contrary to the claims of Andrew Little and Phil Twyford in caucus, this policy is not Labour’s ‘Orewa’. In fact in three polls in a row it is now a confirmed failure.

Don Brash’s ‘Orewa’ speech “resulted in a major surge for the National Party, which had been languishing from an overwhelming defeat at the 2002 election. From 28% in the polls a month before the speech, the National Party jumped to 45% two weeks after it: ten points ahead of Labour.

Nothing of the sort has happened to Labour, and in one poll they actually went backwards.

A newspaper has released their Digipoll this morning and there is a slight, but within the margin of error, increase for Labour, while National remains able to govern alone.   Read more »