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It’s a street light you fools


Photos a fool took and Herald published thinking it was a UFO

A fool and the equally stupid fools at the Herald think they have found an UFO.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Or an alien life form?

Auckland man Daniel Underway has discovered a picture on his cellphone from three years ago which shows a strange pink object in the sky.

“I wish there was a good backstory but there isn’t,” he said.

“I was going through pictures on my phone a couple of days ago and freaked out.

“I took the photo in Christchurch in 2012 but I don’t remember taking it.   Read more »

This is one reason why many have lost all respect for the Herald

Here we have a story where two ratbag teenagers stole a car, were chased by police and crashed into an oncoming vehicle, which resulted in them being given a Darwin award.

However, to read it you would wonder if the thieves were innocent victims in the oncoming car such was the crim-hugging nature of the article’s first part.

Tributes are flowing on social media for a teenage girl who died today when a stolen car crashed into another vehicle following an early-morning police pursuit.

The 16-year-old, who died at the scene in Mangere, South Auckland, has yet to be publicly identified.

“Deepest condolences to the … family,” said one friend. “Still can’t believe you are gone. Such a humble soul?Why did it have to be you in the car?”

The victim’s cousin shared her sadness at the loss of a “beautiful soul, gone too young?”

The 15-year-old female driver of the car was taken to Middlemore Hospital, but was later transferred to Auckland City Hospital in a critical condition.   Read more »


Herald resorts to trolling celebrities to create stories

You have to wonder how low the NZ Herald is prepared to go…it is pretty low and each day that passes shows up yet another low for them.

The latest effort on their part is to get one of their journalists, John Drinnan, to troll Lorde after her, so far unconfirmed, relationship break-up. And then when someone, in this case her mother, reacts to them, write a story about it.

The truly low thing is they didn’t disclose that one of the trolls was John Drinnan…but the posted tweet reveals it.

Lorde’s mother Sonja Yelich has fired up over rumours her daughter has split with her longtime boyfriend.

Lorde, 19, was yesterday reported to have split from her boyfriend of three years, James Lowe, 26.

They haven’t been seen on each other’s Instagram accounts for several months.

While the pair are yet to discuss the reports, Lorde’s mother hit back at two Twitter users discussing the reports online.

“Glad you are having fun at my daughter’s expense. And what, may I ask, is your contribution to New Zealand?” she asked.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 11.00.33 AM

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NZ Herald just became interesting again

This has been doing the rounds.


In all honesty, we could have a similar Bingo card for other media, such as Stuff and (ahem) Whaleoil. Read more »

After days of skiting about his new big stories it all turns pear-shaped for Matt Nippert

Matt Nippert has been cock-a-hoop about his two big stories in today’s NZ Herald.

He’s been boasting on Twitter.

Firstly, about his story of Ella Yelich O’Connor buying her first house.

Nippert skite

And then about his story involving David Henderson, Rodney Hide, Xero and the Official Assignee.Nippert skite 2 Read more »

It’s a scandal! Man holds same views for ten years. Outrage!

The NZ Herald has attacked Jamie Whyte for the apparent crime of being self-plagiarising. How does that even become a problem?

You can’t plagiarise yourself.

You really do have to wonder at the sanctimony of a newspaper who has been running repeat articles all holidays moaning like a whore that hasn’t been paid about someone who it seems holds the same views he held ten years ago.

What’s worse? Jamie Whyte holding the same views he did 10 years ago, or the Herald going all in on a misleading story from a drunk slapper who claimed she’d been hit because she spoke Te Reo?

Think about the outrage here for a moment. If a politician changes his views 10 years later he’s a screaming hypocrite, but if he espouses the same views ten years later he’s a self-plagiarist?

Our readers are onto it.

Metalinwood says:

What rubbish by the herald. They often pull out articles that have already been published and republish them again a year later. What is the difference?

Or when they take an article from a british newspaper and it looks like it was written locally because its not clear where it came from other than the author that you would have to look up to know?

How many political articles by John Armstrong over the years are the same thing, self plagiarism? Plenty. Amazed to hear them say they would not take it on if they had known.

It appears if you want to make comment about a situation in different countries you will have to choose which country you want to write about first as the second will just be plain plagiarism of the first!

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You have to admit, they’re not proud


The Herald want you back as readers.  And they’re willing to pay for adverts to run on Whaleoil that have a blatant blue “National” on them.

Whatever it takes to get you back.

The NZ Herald is dead; Long live the NZ Herald

This morning the most read articles on the NZ Herald site were:


Now, I know there is a little less going on this time of year, but the above clearly shows that the NZ Herald has a different audience these days.  The reason we keep laughing (out of mirth or frustration) is because we still expect the Herald to deliver the same product it did when we were growing up.

It has abandoned us, and is now after a different kind of customer.    Read more »


Comment of the Day


George nails it:

I feel rather sad this morning as I reflect on the demise of the New Zealand Herald. It was a once one of my closest companions. It not only kept me up to date with the news of the day but advanced my education and advised me of things that were relevant to my every day life. Whilst I didn’t agree with everything I read, l never felt manipulated by bias or selective reportage. Like most things I cherish, I was forgiving as I witnessed its decline. I had developed an unhealthy co-dependency living with the belief that one day it will return to its former status, but alas, as it continued to spiral downwards, the time came when I had to let go.

I have considerable admiration for those who strive under the pressure of deadlines and scoops with the expectation they increase or at least maintain their circulation and I would not be so unkind as to suggest it could not be anything other than extremely stressful.    Read more »

Finally. Fatty’s Fanbois at the Ferald turn

Even the Herald is seeing the writing on the wall for Mr Dotcom.  Or, more realistically, they can’t see any more money in them thar hills and have finally joined the rest of New Zealand in wanting him gone.

Judge Nevin Dawson has found prima facie breaches of copyright on a massive scale in Dotcom’s operation. It is important to note that prima facie findings are not proven guilt; they mean simply that the evidence offered by the prosecution is strong enough to support his extradition. Dotcom and his co-accused offered alternative explanations for the alleged offences but these can be considered only at a trial.

To avoid extradition, their lawyers had to show that the evidence against them was unsound, or the application faulty. They did not do so.

Dotcom and his co-accused should now take their explanations to a trial in the US. Unfortunately they are determined to stay here and take full advantage of our glacial legal system. They lodged an appeal against the district court decision the day it was delivered and Mr Mansfield said they would go all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary. Once they have exhausted those appeals, the Minister of Justice can make the extradition decision, which can also be appealed on issues of procedure.

It has taken nearly four years for the case to come this far. We may expect years more to pass at each stage of appeal. And all the while it is costing this country a fortune in court time and expenses.

The district court hearing took nine weeks and it followed countless procedural hearings since Dotcom’s arrest in an almost paramilitary police operation in January 2012. Read more »