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Another disrespectful cartoon, no surprises it was the Herald

What is it with cartoonists and ANZAC day?

The other day Jim Hubbard attacked me using ANZAC Day and disrespected the sacrifices of my great-grandfather in a lame attempt to smear me.

Today the NZ Herald has an equally offensive cartoon.

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Staff announcements for NZ Herald Monday

As reported earlier.

Sources via the tipline a mole in the NZ Herald’s aghast newsroom tell me that after popular and competent Editor Tim Murphy’s rolling sudden departure soon we will see emerge a “victor” from the spoils announced in a new role.

Unknown to the shop floor this player has pre-positioned themselves these past months moving political spectrum after getting themselves embroiled in matters they shouldn’t.    Read more »


John Drinnan was wrong but continues to dance on the head of a pin pretending he was right

John Drinnan is more often wrong than right. He likes to interview his keyboard and claim high ethical standards even when he seeks to hound people out of jobs for nothing more than differing from him in their political outlook.

When he gets things wrong does he apologise?

A source said another option canvassed was the notion of a show in the style of Jono and Ben, or Hard Copy. In this column last week – based on a conversation that looked at the review of Campbell Live, I mistakenly attributed this idea to a TV3 document.

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Drinnan joins Fisher on the making stuff up naughty bench at the Herald

We all know David Fisher makes stuff up, he got slammed as did his editor Shayne Currie, by the Press Council for making stuff up over a Customs story.

John Drinnan is another who makes stuff up, often interviewing his keyboard and yesterday he got his chops busted.

So egregious were his “fabrications” yesterday that MediaWorks issued a very strongly worded press release.

Their spokeswoman, Rachel Lorimer said:

CLARIFICATION – Jono and Ben and Campbell Live

There is on-going speculation that the Jono and Ben show is being considered as a possible replacement for Campbell Live.  This seems to be based on a fabrication by the Herald and has unfairly led to significant negativity towards Jono Pryor, Ben Boyce and the rest of the Jono and Ben team.

For the avoidance of doubt, MediaWorks Corporate Counsel, Alex Nicholson makes the following statement:

“The statement in John Drinnan’s articles in relation to the Jono and Ben show, which is attributed to “TV3 bosses”, is a complete fabrication and is not based on fact. Jono and Ben has never once been mentioned in any MediaWorksmanagement forum, discussion or document as a possible replacement for Campbell Live. ”

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Rod Jenden smashes Herald reporter Michael Botur back right in the face


The other day I highlighted a shabby blackmail attempt against Wet & Forget founder Rod Jenden by NZ Herald journalist Michael Botur.

Well Rod Jenden isn’t one to take such threats lightly and so on his blog he has published the email correspondence and the audio and to cap it all off he is offering a “Blackmail Special”.

I think Michael Botur may have played the wrong game with Rod Jenden.

The Streisand Effect is working in reverse of what he clearly intended…and not one of the media outlets he shopped the story to have run it.   Read more »

And the Herald pays this guy?

John dreary Drinnan really has a bee in his bonnet about the Food Grocery Council.

Drinnan tweet

After interviewing his keyboard on Tuesday as a result of being missed off the list of recipients of an Easter gift basket by FGC, he got all outraged and desperately tried to find someone as upset about it as he was.

So bitter and twisted the old fool was, he dug out another old bitter and twisted fool, my good friend Doug Sellman to moan about it.

So in this morning’s Herald dreary Drinnan wheels out Sellman who is “aghast at the PR initiative”.   Read more »

Face of the day

Is this possibly the worst ever celebrity endorsement for today’s face of the day, Alastair Thompson?
Perhaps Kim forgot that his brand is toxic or perhaps David Fisher  from the NZ Herald slipped the leash and Kim needs a new pet?


Scoop General Manager Alastair Thompson draws the winners names from a video camera bag. -Photo Scoop

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Herald continues to keeps Milford columnist when NZ Super suspends them


Yet again, Brian Gaynor of the besieged financial firm Milford Asset Management has his weekly column published in the NZ Herald, despite the NZ Super Fund taking the unprecedented step of suspending Milford from running any investment mandates for them.

You will recall the FMA is investigating Milford Asset Management staff and transactions for alleged manipulation of share prices for their fund and personal gain.    Read more »

Accuracy from the Herald…surely you jest?

Yesterday the esteemed NZ Herald told us:

Meanwhile, the New Zealand Defence Force is also prepping the HMNZS Canterbury for departure tomorrow.

The ship will be packed with aid, equipment and more than 100 Defence Force engineers when it sets sail from Devonport naval base tomorrow morning.

Righto…so I should be able to watch as it sails up the harbour this morning right?


3News managed to get it right…on Sunday.

HMNZS Canterbury is expected to leave from Devonport Naval Base today with equipment for the reconstruction, including two helicopters.

It will carry up to 250 people to help onshore as well as 126 crew and will take three to four days to reach the island nation.

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Who are the Herald writing for, exactly?

Check this out.






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