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How low can the media sink?


It’s not been at all hard to take the high road over the last week and a bit. ¬† With my media colleagues reveling in my private communications and enjoying what they think is the damage they are doing, they don’t understand it has set a new expectation: ¬† private media emails are now in play.

I’m not going there unless I’m forced to. ¬†I think confidences are necessary. ¬†As is some level of respect and professionalism.

But it does show the media’s self imposed thresholds as to what goes and what doesn’t have significantly changed.

We’re seeing a lot more door stepping, a lot more gotcha journalism, and an erosion of privacy.

I get the irony, as I have myself been rightfully accused of not respecting those boundaries.   The problem is, some media luminaries were micro-leaking bits and pieces from my hacked private correspondence on Twitter yesterday.

Think about that for a minute. ¬†This isn’t the hacker. ¬†This isn’t Whaledump, or a left blog or a political party. ¬†These are professional journalists that have access to my private emails care of the hackers, and they are deliberately picking little tidbits to reveal in personal Tweets.

This isn’t journalism the way I know it. ¬†And it isn’t what they were told in ethics class, I’m sure.

But people in the same company were doing this yesterday: ¬† Read more »

The topsy turvy world of “Tainted” Fisher

Kim Dotcom’s tainted and embedded journalist David “tainted” Fisher is still revelling in stolen and hacked data.

His latest “outrage” is that people comment on my blog…and some of them are staffers in Parliament.

The press secretary of Cabinet minister Gerry Brownlee has admitted posting anonymously to the Whale Oil blog as the impact of Dirty Politics continues to hit the election campaign.

Nick Bryant was named in¬†Dirty Politics¬†as the person who had used the pseudonym “Former Hack” to post anonymous comments encouraging blogger Cameron Slater’s campaign against a public servant which resulted in death threats.

The¬†Herald¬†was able to confirm the use of Mr Bryant’s ministerial computer through details obtained from an individual other than the hacker who also accessed information from Whale Oil during the Denial of Service attack.

Under “Former Hack”, Mr Bryant told Slater “well done” on a post which attacked Simon Pleasants. He told others he agreed calls should be placed to ask why Mr Pleasants was still employed and told Slater “you might have one for the harpoon gallery there” – the so-called Whale Oil roll call of sacked officials.

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“I like many others am over it”


To The Herald News Editor,

I was phoned yesterday by your subs dept offering me a new subscription (after I cancelled mine) for $7.00 per week (down from the $10.65 I was paying), which I confess is a good deal, although it maybe reflects a growing problem you have. The reason I cancelled my sub is because of the biased Gotcha reporting I am seeing from the Herald.

I like many others am over it, and see little value in The Herald reporting. The hypocracy over the Cameron Slater/John Key witch hunt is mind blowing. You would never report like this if your own “journalists” had had their private emails stolen and publish for financial gain, in what is clearly a coordinated campaign, combined with other anti National govt activity. Where is the in depth investigation into all this, and the fact that Hager and others have broken the law to try and unfairly take down the govt? That is the real story. Read more »

Face of the day

PM John Key

PM John Key


The media have been in such a lather determined to find dirt on John Key in the stolen e-mails. They kept failing to get any traction and then finally, FINALLY they had him. They waved their evidence around wetting their pants with excitement. They had him in a corner, he was dead as a Dodo, there was absolutely NOTHING he could say that would get him out of the corner they had painted him into.

Breathlessly we waited to see how John would reply………………..

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I hope the NZ Herald know what they’re doing… Bryce Edwards is quite the spiteful liar!


This from Martyn’s union and Kim¬†Dotcom funded hobby blog:

We are losing the voice of Bryce Edwards in an election for a right wing troll who wanted Nicky Hager’s address published so he would be harmed and another right wing troll who pretends to be a Labour supporter. 

It’s interesting to see that even Bryce Edwards isn’t good enough for the NZ Herald. ¬† His continuous claims to be non-partisan are laughable and demonstrably untrue.

But that’s ok.

What the Herald should really worry about is that they are now on the Doc’s shit list. ¬† Read more »

Crim hugger, victim enabler and now Green Party cheerleader Simon Collins on:

Crim hugger, victim enabler and now Green Party cheerleader Simon Collins is using his employers organ (yes, I did) to offer you a choice:  The Nats that will hurt you, or the other lot who will give you lots of free stuff, in an article called:

…choice between the carrot and the stick

With the stick being National.

I’ll spare you the actual diatribe, but here are two¬†photos selected for the hit piece:


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Face of the day



“It seemed a very odd thing at the time and I presume that someone may have been interested in the information that was on that laptop” Ms Collins said.

It’s one of a series of interesting little break ins around computers, she told the Herald.

She said that included the break ins at Mr Mitchells’ offices in September and October last year in which a laptop and phones were stolen.

Mr Mitchell also told the Herald on Sunday his email was hacked during those burglaries.

Ms Collins and Mr Mitchell’s reports of break ins come as the Government responds to Nicky Hager’s book Dirty Politics with claims the writer and the left in general are the ones indulging in dirty tricks such as the hacking of blogger Cameron Slater’s website which yielded the messages Hager based his book on.

- hacked from NZ Herald

The three biggest lies of Hager’s book

These are the three biggest lies of the Hager book.

They cannot go with out calling them out.

The first big lie is that the PM’s department “hacked” the Labour party website. This is a lie and one repeated by the NZ Herald and John Armstrong this morning.

Hager’s allegations are many and varied. They are extremely serious. But one stands out. The allegation that one of John Key’s minions hacked into the Labour Party’s database is – to put it bluntly – the modern-day equivalent of the 1972 burglary of the Democratic Party’s national committee headquarters in the Watergate complex in Washington.

And everyone knows whose head rolled at the end of that saga.

This is a lie. The Labour party website is extremely well documented, by me at the time. The website was open to the world and anyone could access it. It was not ever hacked. Furthermore it was not the PM’s department that alerted me to the openness of the Labour party website…I had two sources, neither of which are from the PM’s department.

The second big lie is that PM and/or the PM’s office told me about Phil Goff’s briefing from the SIS. They did not. ¬† Read more »

Oh no… the Herald did it again. And again.

32  Kiwi Journalists Association

What is it with the NZ Herald and getting front page stories about dead people right? ¬†Last time they ran the photo of a Jackass C-List “star” on the story of the death of a New Zealand soldier.

Today, they provide a deep, meaningful quote to start of their grief porn about Robin Williams’ death, and they can’t even attribute it to the right movie.

I can’t throw the first stone; we had a mistake in one of our articles yesterday, but this sort of thing is a recurring problem at the Herald. ¬†Their photos tend to have problems, and that isn’t something that has been fixed for a long, long time.

Someone at the Herald doesn’t care enough for this problem to be addressed. ¬†Here is another example from today ¬† Read more »


Herald now writing stories from plane spotters

So it looks like the Herald is taking uncorroborated panic stories off plane-spotters now?

An airliner about to land at Auckland Airport climbed sharply to avoid a potential collision with another plane taking off at the other end of the runway.

“It climbed like a bloody blizzard and the other plane was nose up and was taking off too,” said a witness to the manoeuvre, which the Airways Corporation and Air New Zealand are putting down to standard procedure.

The man, who did not want to be named, was parked at a lookout near the airport just after 6pm on Monday while waiting to watch a giant Airbus 380 take off.

Ahead of it in a taxiway queue was a 171-seat Air New Zealand Airbus 320 due to fly to Christchurch, while another of the airline’s A320s was on its descent from the east, flying in from Adelaide.

“You could see this plane coming in to land – it would have been between the [Southwestern] motorway and the end of the runway – then suddenly the other A320 just moved out into the runway,” the witness said.

“I thought, ‘that’s close’, but it just paused on the end of the runway – for about 10 seconds. Then it just gasses and starts rolling down the runway to takeoff speed.”

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