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Does the Herald have an employment programme for ‘special’ people?

Regular readers will know there is no love lost between the NZ Herald and myself. Apart from the fact that they employ inherently dishonest people, people who interview their keyboards and generally are a bunch of muppets, they also seem to have an employment programme for ‘special’ people.

Today they have a story that apparently solves the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle.

A discovery of giant underwater craters at the bottom of Barents Sea could offer a viable explanation to the disappearance of ships in the Bermuda Triangle.

Scientists have found craters up to half a mile wide and 150ft deep, believed to have been caused by build-ups of methane off the coast of natural gas-rich Norway.

The methane would have leaked from deposits of natural gas further below the surface and created cavities which finally bursts, scientists say.

‘Multiple giant craters exist on the sea floor in an area in the west-central Barents Sea … and are probably a cause of enormous blowouts of gas,’ said researchers from the Arctic University of Norway told the Sunday Times (paywall).

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Herald journalism descends officially into guessing and speculation

They’ve given up all pretense now:



I wonder what is inside the mind of a Herald journalist who no longer actually reports the news but goes and gets a quick cheap interview from someone who isn’t at all related but is willing to go on record with a few educated guesses?



How on earth does John Drinnan manage to keep his job?

During the Dirty Politics attack John Drinnan liked to ring up my friends’ bosses or customers and ask if they still employed them or supported them.

A campaign was run, mainly by media against my advertisers and any paying job I had, to shut me down. Mostly those journalists were employed by the NZ Herald.

I’ve often said that John Drinnan interviews his keyboard and is more often wrong than right. In the recent shuffling of the deck chairs at the NZ Herald, John Drinnan  moved from being an employee to a contractor.

Unfortunately, his work ethics haven’t improved and on Friday he no doubt caused deep concern at the NZ Herald because they have had to issue an apology and a retraction for his column.    Read more »

The future of newspapers

The future of newspapers is grim.


The print newspapers are bleeding ink…lots of it.

The Dominion Post is dead on its feet. They have less circulation daily than I have readers on Whaleoil.

As a matter of fact all but the Herald are in the same position.   Read more »

Who can possibly justify paying for the NZ Herald these days?


If it bleeds it leads.

But even I, as editor of the Truth, would not have been anywhere near this tragedy upon a tragedy in this click-baity kind of fashion.

I truly can’t understand why anyone is still paying to read that rag.

The man took his life, and the NZ Herald are proud to have the first photo of him to publish.  This is on top of the people who were killed during the crash.

I’m out of adjectives to describe how I feel about this kind of “journalism”.


A reader emails about media, St John and the truth

The other day we wrote about St John and their need for more cash. The article in the Herald highlighted a case and one reader has sent in her thoughts on the issue, which really leads you to wonder what game the Media party are playing when they leave out some of these facts.

I read with interest the post yesterday about St John Ambulance and the issue of double crewing. Until then I had been unaware of other stories which had appeared in other publications, and the case which sparked the discussion of double crewing. So I went looking.

I read the Herald article When Every Second Counts by Martin Johnston.

And I was concerned about a lot of what I read, particularly regarding the treatment provided by the ambulance officer, and about the hospital doctor. For me, the issue of double crewing in this instance was not a stand out feature in the death of the patient.

I also read the Herald Editorial St John Call For Aid Must Be Answered (with no byline).

Imagining yourself or your loved ones in an emergency medical situation, potentially needing lifesaving care is all very emotive stuff. Who can disagree that single crewing in unsafe for both patient and paramedic? Yes, St John should be better funded (by what means we don’t know yet) in order to provide a greater degree of safety to all concerned. Indeed, CEO Peter Bradley has stated that after the end of this financial year no single crew will respond to any incident. His staff are totally supportive of this position.   Read more »

Changes coming at NZME?

Yeah, nah, that's a B777 you fools

Yeah, nah, that’s a B777 you fools

Richard Harman emails in his daily newsletter:

Previously reliable Auckland media sources are saying a change of management may be looming at NZME (proprietors of the NZ Herald and Newstalk ZB) now that the IPO has been cancelled with CEO Jane Hastings possibly due to leave soon.

I’m not surprised that changes are coming.

If you looked at the Herald’s front page today online these are the top stories:

“Kiwi flight attendant Kaytlin Motion describes her job on the ultra long haul service between Dubai and Auckland.”

“Times the Oscars got it oh so wrong”

“Meet Mrs Trump, the First Lady of bling”

“The Nazi child snatchers”

“Eye to eye with a big ugly shark”

and the astonishing revelation that the “Bachelor star has been single for 2 years”   Read more »

The difference between Bernard Orsman and Rebecca Wright

Two days ago Rebecca Wright wrote this about the rumours of John Palino’s candidacy for the Auckland mayoralty:

Former National Party President and father of the blogger Whale Oil, John Slater, managed John Palino’s 2013 campaign. And, my sources say, he’s managing Palino again.

But that’s where Palino’s right wing backing begins and ends.

And yesterday Bernard Orsman wrote this:

John Slater, Mr Palino’s campaign manager in 2013 and former National Party president, today said he had heard whispers from a couple of people about the businessman’s latest plans “but that’s all I know”.

Mr Slater said he would consider helping Mr Palino this year but first he would have to be asked and consider whether he had a reasonable chance of winning the mayoralty.

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It’s a street light you fools


Photos a fool took and Herald published thinking it was a UFO

A fool and the equally stupid fools at the Herald think they have found an UFO.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Or an alien life form?

Auckland man Daniel Underway has discovered a picture on his cellphone from three years ago which shows a strange pink object in the sky.

“I wish there was a good backstory but there isn’t,” he said.

“I was going through pictures on my phone a couple of days ago and freaked out.

“I took the photo in Christchurch in 2012 but I don’t remember taking it.   Read more »

This is one reason why many have lost all respect for the Herald

Here we have a story where two ratbag teenagers stole a car, were chased by police and crashed into an oncoming vehicle, which resulted in them being given a Darwin award.

However, to read it you would wonder if the thieves were innocent victims in the oncoming car such was the crim-hugging nature of the article’s first part.

Tributes are flowing on social media for a teenage girl who died today when a stolen car crashed into another vehicle following an early-morning police pursuit.

The 16-year-old, who died at the scene in Mangere, South Auckland, has yet to be publicly identified.

“Deepest condolences to the … family,” said one friend. “Still can’t believe you are gone. Such a humble soul?Why did it have to be you in the car?”

The victim’s cousin shared her sadness at the loss of a “beautiful soul, gone too young?”

The 15-year-old female driver of the car was taken to Middlemore Hospital, but was later transferred to Auckland City Hospital in a critical condition.   Read more »