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Poll confirms disaster of Labour’s Chinkygate policy

We're winning I tell you, we're winning

We’re winning I tell you, we’re winning

Labour banked their future on their racist, dog-whistle attack on people with chinky-sounding names buying property.

Unfortunately, contrary to the claims of Andrew Little and Phil Twyford in caucus, this policy is not Labour’s ‘Orewa’. In fact in three polls in a row it is now a confirmed failure.

Don Brash’s ‘Orewa’ speech “resulted in a major surge for the National Party, which had been languishing from an overwhelming defeat at the 2002 election. From 28% in the polls a month before the speech, the National Party jumped to 45% two weeks after it: ten points ahead of Labour.

Nothing of the sort has happened to Labour, and in one poll they actually went backwards.

A newspaper has released their Digipoll this morning and there is a slight, but within the margin of error, increase for Labour, while National remains able to govern alone.   Read more »

#dirtymedia A newspaper does another grubby smear piece

Since when have cabinet ministers been responsible for their nephews.

A newspaper does a grubby hit job on Sam Lotu-Iiga suggesting it’s all his fault…and somehow he should be responsible for his nephew.

The nephew of embattled Corrections Minister Peseta Sam Lotu-Iiga has been convicted of assaulting his pregnant girlfriend.

Sam Lotu-Iiga, who was in the dark about the assault until yesterday, said crimes against women were abhorrent and his nephew must face the consequences.

“I was not aware of my nephew’s convictions and have not spoken to him,” he said.

“Any violence, particularly against vulnerable women and children, is abhorrent and the perpetrators should face the consequences of their actions.”

Kenneth Samuela Lotu-Iiga, the son of the National MP’s sister, admitted a charge of assaulting his partner in an incident on July 12.

The charge carries a maximum penalty of two years in prison. He also pleaded guilty to wilful damage in relation to the same incident.

His partner, 25-year-old beauty therapist Talia Doyle, is 22 weeks pregnant. Doyle declined to comment, and the circumstances surrounding the assault are unclear.

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The media-enabled Green Taliban beatup of Gloriavale fails to deliver

The Greens and a newspaper have been trying their very best to drive a huge wedge into an extreme Christian commune in the South Island.

One problem:  they’re doing nothing illegal, and they are meeting all required standards.

There’ll be no investigation into the education system at secluded West Coast sect Gloriavale.

Officials from the Education Review Office have told a closed select committee at Parliament that the community is working within the law.

But Green MP Catherine Delahunty says it’s totally unacceptable that Gloriavale is allowed to teach girls how to do laundry.

“My concern is about the students getting the opportunity to have a broad education and have their human rights upheld rather than just be in a very limited world which doesn’t assist them if they want to leave this cult,” she says.

Gloriavale’s school gets $200,000 worth of taxpayer funding annually.

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NZ Hits on Coke strike the trifecta


It was only last week that the NZ Herald pimped junk science by running another hit job against Coca Cola.

While the Australian Business Insider did the journalistic work questioning the Renegade Pharmacist’s work, on this side of the ditch, the NZ Herald seems hell-bent on turning itself into nothing but a tabloid rag.  Read more »

A newspaper becomes a mouthpiece for Auckland Council


An old newspaper looks like it is again running as a PR mouthpiece for the Auckland Council in a series of 10 articles about health of the city.

Let’s put aside – just for a moment – that the term ‘liveable city’ is a totally nonsensical subjective idea that has been pushed hard by Len Brown since he first took office. The measurement of ‘liveable’ is essentially a jealous comparison to other world cities wrapped in flossy cultural, social and economic notions of good will. Unicorns and rainbows. It is the measure used by local government to pat themselves on the back. Nothing else.

The real issue here is that Auckland Council is, and has been, taking a hammering in the last few years.  Read more »

Apparently mortgagee sales have jumped…if you believe a newspaper

A newspaper has a telling headline this morning: “Mortgagee sales jump as economy starts to come off boil”.

But have they? The writer is clearly showing his inherent bias in the opening paragraphs.

The number of mortgagee sales has jumped nationwide in the past quarter as worsening economic conditions and lower dairy payouts hit parts of provincial New Zealand.

But as the nation’s “rock star” economy comes off the boil, experts are warning of more foreclosures outside Auckland’s surging property market as financially strapped homeowners in regional New Zealand start defaulting on their mortgages.

“People lose interest in their properties, they lose interest in their lives and the bank senses that, and that’s when you have distressed sales,” Harcourts agent and mortgagee specialist David Savery said.

Nearly 150 people lost their homes in distressed sales in the three months to June 30, compared with just 95 in the first quarter – a jump of more than 50 per cent – CoreLogic figures provided exclusively to the Herald show.

In the year to June nearly 700 Kiwi homeowners lost their properties – 84 of them in Auckland. Though the annual figures were down on previous years, foreclosure numbers appear to be plateauing again after a period of sustained falls.

Five of the nation’s 14 regions recorded a jump in forced sales in the past 12 months: Hawkes Bay (47), Otago (31), Southland (27), Tasman-Nelson-Marlborough (22) and West Coast (16).

Waikato had the most (117), followed by Manawatu-Wanganui (90), Auckland (84) and Wellington (76).

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Paraphrasing John Armstrong: “Geez Labour, do I have to do everything by myself?”

This piece is quite amusing.  In it Armstrong appears destroyed as the opposition fumble the Saudi Sheep Deal hit

Given the already surreal shemozzle, otherwise known as the Great Saudi Sheep Saga, the likelihood of more embarrassments emerging from official documents should have had National feeling like a lamb to the slaughter on Tuesday afternoon.

Labour and New Zealand First should, by contrast, have been pigs in muck or rather sheep in clover when the papers were released after countless Official Information Act requests.

The next morning’s papers and news bulletins would have been expected to highlight fresh revelations to go with the farm in the desert and sheep flying Singapore Airlines on what might be termed the Shrek Trek from the verdant uplands of New Zealand to the parched sands of Saudi Arabia.

It could have been the script from a Wallace and Gromit movie. But it did not happen.

Sorry John.  At times, it does feel like you’re the only one trying to bring this government down.  Have a cuppa.   Read more »

NZ Herald pimps Junk Science


For two weeks the NZ Herald has run hit-jobs against Coca-Cola.

Yesterday they ran the ‘What Diet Coke does to your body in one hour’. Typical of MSM these days, the company that produces the product was only afforded a sentence at the bottom of the article.

For fairness here’s what Coke said.

A Coke NZ spokesperson told the New Zealand Herald: “These infographics are misleading, scaremongering and simply junk science. Our products are loved by millions around the world and are safe to consume.”

What the Herald has done is pimp out the work of the Renegade Pharmacist, but clearly hasn’t done any research into the work. It’s just another example where the NZ Herald is too lazy to do proper journalism.   Read more »

Just when you didn’t think a newspaper could stoop any lower… [UPDATED]

Not content with dumbing down the main news section, a newspaper has brought in a gossip column for its business pages…and Holly Ryan the  Retail, Innovation and Manufacturing reporter is running the tawdry little gossip column.

No I’m not kidding.

Let us know … 

This is not a gossip column but….

The new weekly Page2 is a chance to share stories and pictures about business personalities and events so please drop us a line at [email protected] We promise to be nice.”

Perhaps Holly need some tipoffs on NZME unhappiness…   Read more »

A Newspaper blames Labour when their own Dirty Media hit fails

A newspaper had this headline last night:

labour gamble

Surely they jest?

Labour’s gamble in using real estate data to highlight Chinese property buyers in Auckland has so far not paid off in the polls – the party has lifted by just one point in the first poll since it released the figures.

Support for Labour in the One News Colmar Brunton was at 32 per cent, up one point since May. National was on 47 per cent, down one point. The Green Party was up three to 13 per cent and NZ First was steady on seven per cent.

The polling started on July 11 – the same day Labour’s data was published in the Herald. Labour leader Andrew Little has defended using the figures after Labour was criticised for race-based politics. Support for Mr Little as preferred Prime Minister dropped by one point to eight per cent. Prime Minister John Key’s support also dropped down to 40 per cent from 44 in May.

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