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NZ Herald in contempt of court over John Banks article?

The other day the NZ Herald ran a story about poll results regarding the sentencing of John Banks on 1 August.

The article has been taken down but remains on Google.


This has potentially landed them in a spot of bother with Wylie J issuing a minute concerning their apparent contempt of court.¬† Read more »

Face of the day

Now here is a judge that would not have let Prince Paki off.

We need more judges like this one.

Justice Simon Moore

Justice Simon Moore

An Opotiki man has been given the open-ended sentence of preventive detention for what a judge said was the protection of vulnerable women in particular and the community in general.

Justice Simon Moore imposed the lengthy prison term on Bligh Lawson Thompson, 48, in the High Court at Rotorua on Friday.

He ordered a minimum period of imprisonment of five years on each of the three charges Thompson faced – unlawful detention, sexual violation by rape and unlawful sexual connection. Thompson pleaded guilty to the charges as his trial was about to commence in April.

Justice Moore noted Thompson’s March 2013 offending against a young Opotiki woman he didn’t know was a virtual carbon copy of what he’d done to an Auckland woman 18 years earlier.

For that he’d been jailed for 9¬Ĺ years, subsequently breaching his parole and being returned to prison.

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Putting your breasts on the line

Most of us these days concede that ‘ Breast is best ‘ when it comes to feeding a newborn baby but most of us also do not judge or have a problem with Mothers who choose to bottle-feed for whatever reason. It is so sad when the most natural and the most beautiful thing in the world, (breastfeeding) is seen as some how obscene or dirty because a boob is involved in the process.

Breastfeeding i


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Face of the day

Years ago when Cam was not at his best he was interviewed by Michele Hewitson. The stand out line from her interview for me was her comment that he had ‘ dead eyes,’ so it was of no surprise to me whatsoever to see her comments on Laila Harre.

Don’t hold back Michele tell us what you really think.

Laila Harre

Laila Harre in her ‘ Uniform ‘

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Liu and Labour lawyers’ letters

Labour going on the front foot demanding apologies from Liu may not have been the best strategy. ¬†Never ask a question to which you don’t already know the answer is the Golden Rule, and now it seems that Labour are going to find out everything they really don’t want to know.

Millionaire businessman Donghua Liu has hired a high-profile Queen’s Counsel to deal with any legal action from the Labour Party.

Aucklander Paul Davison, QC, is heading a team of advisers for Liu reviewing the property developer’s records following the comments of David Cunliffe this week.

The Weekend Herald understands this includes more than 30 photographs taken over 18 months linking Liu to Labour, including a fundraiser at an Auckland restaurant and a trip to China, where he hosted a Cabinet minister in 2007.

Oh my… photos? ¬†Photos of Labour people? ¬†Photos of Labour people accepting money?

Remind me again:  they could find NO RECORDS of Liu having donated to the Labour party.  Am I rite?

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Face of the day

Lucan Battison

Lucan Battison

The long-haired schoolboy who was suspended for refusing to cut his locks has won a High Court battle to keep his long hair.

Year 12 St John’s College student Lucan Battison, 16, was suspended for refusing to conform with his principal’s wishes and cut his hair last month.

His family challenged the school’s decision and took the case to the High Court in Wellington earlier this week.

But now Justice David Collins has ruled in his favour.

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Herald Editorial on attacks against them for bias

The Labour party is demanding an apology from the NZ Herald, their paid staffers who blog anonymously at The Standard are running a campaign of letter writing and bullying against the Herald and this morning they responded…by saying diddums.

It is common in election years for political parties under pressure to attempt to shoot the messenger. In 2005, the¬†Herald¬†was stridently criticised and accused of bias by National supporters for our reportage of Dr Don Brash and the Exclusive Brethren. In 2008 it was the turn of Winston Peters and his New Zealand First people to call for resignations of the editor and political editor for the inconvenient revelation of funding from millionaire Owen Glenn, despite his “No” sign. Last election it was National partisans again, livid at the¬†Herald on Sunday¬†and¬†Heraldfor John Key and John Banks talking openly before a microphone accidentally left on their “cup of tea” table in a cafe.

This year it is the turn of Labour and its leader, David Cunliffe, incensed at reporting on the donations to the party and its MPs by the controversial Chinese migrant Donghua Liu — and that party’s connections to him.

Mr Cunliffe is considering unspecified legal options against the Herald. Party supporters have weighed in with accusations of political bias and complicated right-wing conspiracies.

The noise obscures the validity of the¬†Herald‘s reporting.

I don’t think the Herald is inherently biased. The Donghua Liu story shows that. Some staff may well be biased, but the Herald as a whole is not…though it has taken a more left wing slant in recent years. There is nothing wrong with that…the audience will leave and something new will come along, that is the way of media.¬† Read more »

Bully Dotcom angry at ex-missus speaking out

Rachel Glucina has written about the raging of Kim Dotcom because his ex-missus has spoken out.

Like a true sociopath he is angry that someone dared to speak the truth about him and provide yet another crack in his media created manufactured persona.

Mona Dotcom’s estranged husband Kim Dotcom, 40, has lashed back following her interview in a women’s magazine this week.

Kim, who was not informed about the interview before publication, made contact with his estranged wife on Monday about her story which he felt should have remained private. Two nights earlier, to celebrate the All Blacks’ victory, he had invited 20 random strangers to an all-night pool party at his Coatesville mansion, where his five children slept soundly.

Mona, 25, was reluctant to divulge what he said, but when asked by The Diary if her husband was offended, she came clean.

“Yes, he was very upset and angry … but I have the right to express my opinion. I don’t need his permission. I’m not his princess any more.”

Why should he be consulted? This is just typical of Dotcom and his bullying ways.

No wonder he hired security guards to try and keep her a prisoner, like Leia to his Jabba.

Jabba Dotcom and Princess Mona

Jabba Dotcom and Princess Mona

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A reader emails

This email was in my inbox when I got home from court yesterday:

Hello Cam and friends,

I thought you would appreciate the email I sent off to the NZ Herald subscription dept today:

“Today I am writing to cancel my subscription to the NZ Herald after a very long association. I have been a daily reader since delivering the paper in my teens in the 1970‚Äôs and my father being a delivery agent.

However I have become increasingly disillusioned over the last year with the paper’s view of what constitutes ‘news’, as opposed to sensational and often biased left wing spin. I had not realised the extent of this until becoming a regular reader of ‘Whaleoil’, enlightening me to the often not told other side to many of the items you report on. Views that a balanced newspaper of record should be giving, along with your current left wing spin. The easy ride you give the Labour and Green parties, the lack of obvious questions not asked and so on, the stories not followed up … ¬† Read more »

Face of the day

He wants to set the record straight.

He wants to set the record straight.

Horan: our side of the story

MP Brendan Horan has cut a lonely figure since his sacking from the NZ First caucus amid allegations he took money from his late mother’s bank account. Today, he and his wife, Miranda, tell David Fisher how the crisis has affected them and why they plan to fight back

- NZ Herald

Politics is a tough arena. It is not for the faint hearted and it is particularly hard on spouses who often get caught in the cross fire.

I can understand his wife Miranda wanting to try to set the record straight but it is foolish of them both to try to do so.

You need to get to a place where you do not care what other people think if you are to survive the Political world. Journalists like David Fisher are not your friend. They are not there to help.¬†¬†¬† Read more »