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“Tainted” Fisher pimps aggrieved staff and smacks around a charity [UPDATED]

David “Tainted” Fisher is well adept at making up stories, he has already been slapped by the Press Council for making up his story about Customs OIAs.

In today’s Herald he attacks KidsCan on behalf of an aggrieved former staff member, who trousered some cash and has never paid it back despite claiming it was all a mistake.

On top of that he has run the attack when he well knows that the CEO Julie Chapman is unavailable for comment because her father died two days after a long battle with cancer. Julie was nursing him through his last days.

Fisher told the KidsCan spokesperson that he didn’t care and was running the hit anyway.

He’s all class.

But here is where the story is rather lopsided. There are fabrications from the aggrieved former staff member and other things simply made up, falsified even…but that’s what you get when you pimp stories from people who would nick cash from a charity.

Fisher states in the article:

The spending concerns, also voiced to the Herald, related to a period from 2009 through to mid-2012 when KidsCan was courting celebrities. It hosted footballer David Beckham, Hollywood star Karl Urban and singer Shania Twain in a bid to win big donations from the wealthy at swanky charity events.

I have had it confirmed to me that Shania Twain has never been involved or even communicated with or been approached by KidsCan. This is a fabrication by David Fisher.   Read more »

DIrty Media – NZ Herald manipulates letter from David Seymour

The NZ Herald has been playing dirty media again, this time manipulating a letter from David Seymour challenging their hit piece on Charter Schools.

Seymour is not one to back down and has published an image showing the blatant manipulations by the NZ Herald.

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Dirty Media Herald editorial carries on Jihad against Key despite their own poll results

If you ever needed proof that the NZ Herald is out of touch with mainstream New Zealand voters there is their editorial today which sanctimoniously warns John Key about margin of error movements in their own poll.

The result of our poll today could suggest voters will forgive any foolish behaviour from this Prime Minister. If the man himself reads the results that way he would be foolish indeed. The fact that his support from polled voters is undiminished by the disclosure of his penchant for pulling a young woman’s ponytail may have something to do with his response. Wisely, he soon dropped the excuse that it was mere “horseplay” in his local coffee bar – some sort of standing joke enjoyed by all except the poor waitress – and admitted he had been plain stupid.

Persistently stupid. He would be wise to continue chastising himself whenever the subject is raised on his return from overseas. If supporters make light of it around him, he should not for a moment join in. It was not funny, and not just another of the fun-loving political risks he has taken over the years. Some of those were charming, some cringe-worthy, none previously involved an unwanted physical contact.

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Dirty Media went all in over ponytail and boost Nats poll ratings


The media, especially NZME. went all in over the ponytail story. All they achieved was pushing National back over 50% in the latest poll.

Half of the poll was taken before the story blew up…imagine how high the Nats would have been if they’d taken all of the poll after the story.

Overall National polled 51 per cent, marginally up on party support in December from 50.4.

Its support among women, 45.4 per cent, is the same as it was in December.    Read more »


Dirty Media – Herald Admits Making S##t Up

Screenshot 2015-04-26 at 22.49.32

Which part of “we made it all up” haven’t the Herald said here?

Face of the day

Reporter Rachel Glucina

Reporter Rachel Glucina PHOTO-Twitter

The media outlet accused of misleading the waitress whose hair was repeatedly pulled by the Prime Minister has defended its reporter.

The NZ Herald published a story on Thursday including a photo of 26-year-old Bailey and her employers and quoted her saying she didn’t think Key’s behaviour was acceptable and she had no regrets about going public with her experience.

In a post on The Daily Blog Bailey said she was misled by NZ Herald reporter Rachel Glucina when she spoke with her at the home of her employers – Rosie cafe owners Jackie Grant and Scott Brown.

Glucina tweeted this morning saying the claims were “utterly not true” and that she would be “responding in due course”.

New Zealand Herald editor Shayne Currie issued a statement which said Glucina knew the cafe owners personally, and urged them to front-foot the issue and speak to her.

…The Herald issued three versions of its statement on the issue….The first said Glucina had approached the Hip Group – which owns Rosie cafe – “to seek comment from them and the waitress for a NZ Herald article”.

The second version removed reference to an article for the NZ Herald, and said Glucina approached the Hip Group after The Daily Blog broke the story.

A third version added Glucina “wanted to follow-up The Daily Blog post” when she urged the couple to front-foot the issue.

In the blog Bailey tells of how her employers convinced her to meet them at their home to work on a press release together with a “concerned friend of theirs”.

…At that point it became apparent Glucina was “acting in her capacity as a journalist for the New Zealand Herald and claimed that my employers had known all along” she wrote.

“I made it absolutely clear that all and any comments I had made were given under false pretences, not to mention completely out of context…”

“I later contacted my employers reiterating that I revoked any permission to use my photo or comments for any press release…” she wrote.

– Stuff

Dirty Media – Today Audrey Young Should Be Embarrassed To Be a Staffer at The Herald

Yesterday Audrey Young wrote under the cloak of NZ Herald sanctimony that she was embarrassed John Key was Prime Minister. I wonder what she is thinking today of her employer.

It turns out that today’s story in the NZ Herald was a sting under the close watch and approval of Shayne Currie (and outgoing Editor Tim Murphy who is still in the building).

I have warned of this behaviour emerging as standard at the NZ Herald with the recent appointment of Dirty Politics insider Fran O’Sullivan as a former tool of the ninth floor to now born-again centre left scorned woman.  O’Sullivan only last week announced from the lofty heights of her self-appointed throne that we need a more “adult” media.

I have to hand it to Shayne Currie, nothing in Dirty Politics was as downright evil and sneaky as this hit job on someone who didn’t want their story to be run using his own staff. He went ahead in full knowledge of what happened.  There can be no throwing of his staffer under the bus for this incident no matter how much his left wing luvvies try.  It is Currie’s responsibility as to what goes in the paper.

Nicky Hager will not be happy.  He expects more from media he omitted to mention in Dirty Politics.  Oh that’s right, he is currently collaborating with the NZ Herald as he thinks he has them all eating from the palm of his filthy little hands.

In the meantime Audrey goes from yesterday’s sanctimony back to her gin and pulling a pay check from an embarrassing employer.

And I am betting the planned and deliberate deceit from the NZ Herald machine is now far worse for this woman than a little pull of her ponytail.

Not so Good Times, the NZ Herald story factory, and Dotcom


There’s a piece on Dotcom’s disasterous foray into the music business as an artist.

The whole piece is here.  This is the last bit:

[Mikee] Tucker’s noisiest complaint is reserved for the Herald, which he claims is a mouthpiece for Dotcom’s enemies – John Key and the National government. He says Good Times deserved more than the one star Chris Schulz gave it in TimeOut, the paper’s entertainment magazine.

“It’s just the journalists that always take the same cheap shots to sell that shitty publication,” he says. “The album was probably a three-and-a-half out of five.”

The review was more than fair, according to TimeOut editor Russell Baillie. “I can’t think of an album in the past year or so more deserving of a few cheap shots than Good Times. It was comedically awful and TimeOut didn’t exactly go out on a limb by saying that.” He has “sympathy” for the New Zealand artists who featured on the album. “I am sure one day they will all look at the experience and laugh, if they haven’t already.”

Selling Good Times was a tough job, Tucker admits. “It was hard for people to take seriously – a bit like Paul Holmes’s album.” However, he notes that many thousands of people downloaded it free as part of the soft launch of Baboom, a digital music service founded by Dotcom. Read more »


Another disrespectful cartoon, no surprises it was the Herald

What is it with cartoonists and ANZAC day?

The other day Jim Hubbard attacked me using ANZAC Day and disrespected the sacrifices of my great-grandfather in a lame attempt to smear me.

Today the NZ Herald has an equally offensive cartoon.

200415BODYCARTOONgif Read more »

Staff announcements for NZ Herald Monday

As reported earlier.

Sources via the tipline a mole in the NZ Herald’s aghast newsroom tell me that after popular and competent Editor Tim Murphy’s rolling sudden departure soon we will see emerge a “victor” from the spoils announced in a new role.

Unknown to the shop floor this player has pre-positioned themselves these past months moving political spectrum after getting themselves embroiled in matters they shouldn’t.    Read more »