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Patron of Shakti Helen Clark

Patron of Shakti
Helen Clark

Today’s face of the day is Helen Clark who is the Patron of Shakti. I may not share Helen Clark’s politics but I share her support of Shakti. More people need to know of its existence.

A woman close to my family came to New Zealand from Syria many years ago to an arranged marriage. She had never met her groom and neither had her family. She arrived in New Zealand unaware that she had rights and there were people who would protect her. If Shakti had been around then and if she had been aware of it she would have been able to escape instead of being trapped by the fact that she could not speak English and knew no one. Shakti are specially for women, children and families of Asian, African and Middle Eastern origin.

I did not know of Shakti’s existence until I watched an Australian show called Four Corners about Forced marriage. One of the stories was about a group of sisters rescued from forced marriage in New Zealand by their school’s guidance counselor and Shakti. Their story will move you.

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New report proves our media are comprehensively left wing

A new report and survey of journalists in New Zealand confirms what everyone has known for sometime. [Full report embedded below]

There is an inherent and embedded left wing bias in our media.

We asked respondents to rate their political stance on an 11-point scale, with 1 being strongly left-wing, 6 being the centre and 11 being strongly rightwing.

Journalists generally regarded themselves as moderately left-wing.

Sixty-two per cent of respondents rated themselves as somewhere on the left of the political spectrum, 22 per cent placed themselves in the centre and 16 per cent rated themselves somewhere on the right. The mean rating was 5.0, with a standard deviation of 2.0.

Statistical tests revealed no significant relationship between political views and job position.

By contrast, the New Zealand voting population is generally right of centre.

In the 2014 general election, a total of 52 per cent of voters voted for one of the three unambiguously right-of-centre parties: National, Act or Conservative (New Zealand Electoral Commission, 2014).

Wonder no more at left wing bias in our media.

It is now proven.

You have to wonder at the decision making skills of the editors and management though that they left their news outlets promulgate this left wing bias in clear contradiction of their customers own beliefs.

No wonder revenues are falling. When you alienate yourself from your audience you alienate yourself from their money too.  Read more »


Major changes to New Zealand domain names – .nz is coming!

Major changes to New Zealand domain names – .nz is coming!

unnamed-1There have been some pretty big changes to the world of Internet addresses this year. New domains such as .xyz, .club, and .sex have now been released, meaning that people don’t have to worry so much if they missed out on their dream .com domain. Some of the biggest changes for Kiwi internet users have been the introduction of .Kiwi, and the even more important .nz. And is here to help guide you through what this means both for people looking to register a new domain, and the 200,000 Kiwis who have already registered a New Zealand country code domain.

Up until now, kiwi websites had to have two levels, or two parts between the first dot and the end of the address – like, or Now website owners have a choice and can skip the second level and go straight to the .nz – for example.

This new top-level country code for New Zealand is being released on September 30th and has all of the answers for those affected. For people who have already registered a second-level domain such as or, your existing domain will put you in one of two categories:

Preferential Registration or Reservation (PRR)

This gives existing second-level domain registrants the right to register or reserve the matching top-level domain. For example, as the registrant of I can now go and register or reserve Read more »

An email from a reader. Read. Feel. Share.

A reader writes a touching email.

Ahead of Waitangi Day he provides us with some hope.

Dear WO

Today I had an appointment at the Oncology Dept. at Wellington Hospital as I have been diagnosed with prostate cancer. This is not my first visit to the hospital, I have had several.

I have never before in my 44 years in this country as an immigrant from Argentina ever claimed any sort of benefit or had been the recipient of a free benefit from any government entity, I always worked and paid my own way. My wife is a no nonsense Southlander from Gore and always worked hard as well. We raised three children, all University graduates and none of them owe any money on their student loans here to this day. We have contributed to various causes and helped many people in their strife but our names are not known and will never be known.

But finally I had to leave my sense of independence aside and allow ‘the system’ to run its course.   Read more »

A Pilot’s View: Queenstown, New Zealand


Just one vote, a wafer thin majority?

Labour and those who oppose are constantly banging on about the fact that the GCSB Bill will be passed “with a single vote” or passing it with “a wafer thin majority”.

This is ridiculous. Patently and demonstrably ridiculous.

Are they seriously suggesting that this is not democratic? It would appear that they are, they go on and on and on about it…watch parliament…speaker after speaker uses the lines “passed with a single vote” or passing it with “a wafer thin majority”.    Read more »


How to put out a boat fire the Kiwi way

The About details on the video state:

Lake Lyndon in New Zealand.

The captain of the boat tried to start it after it died in the middle of the lake and it caught fire so he jumped ship and watch it burn slowly. No one could really do anything about it as it had two big tanks of gas on board until a sprint boat SAVED THE DAY!

Legend, give that man a DB.


Blog Stats – August

Open Parachute has released the latest blog stats for August.

Once again I have to thank my loyal readers for their continued support of New Zealand’s number one blog. David Farrar has made some changes to the way his site records visits, but it is pleasing to note that there are almost 90,000 more pageviews per month.

Also pleasing to see The Standard Lynn Prentice’s hate blog languishing.


July Blog Rankings

 Open Parachute

The July blogosphere rankings are out for July.

Once again, thanks to my loyal readers and commenters I am number one.

The top 16 or so blogs are:



NZ Blog Rankings – June 2012

Open Parachute

The Open Parachute Blog Rankings for June are out:

Once again I would like to thank all my loyal readers, commenters and those who contribute with story ideas and leads through the tipline.

Without you all I couldn’t do what I do, thanks.

Thanks also of course to my sponsors, mentors and advertisers….again without your help I couldn’t maintain the blog and the enthusiasm.