Super-sized graves to be installed in cemetery for fat people

via Daily Mail

via Daily Mail

Really?  How about they dig the hole 2 feet deeper and put the coffin in sideways?   Emma Glanfield reports

Super-sized graves dedicated solely for obese people are set to be installed at a cemetery amid fears of a growing ‘obesity crisis’ – and they will be near the road so the undertakers don’t have far to carry the body.

Plans for 30 super-sized plots have been drawn up by council workers after larger graves were requested by funeral directors who have been struggling to haul coffins over long distances in Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire.

Sutton Bridge and Wingland Parish Council hopes to open a new three-acre burial ground next year because space is running out at the cemetery in the local church – where plots measure 9ft by 4ft.

There is of course an argument to be had that burial is fast becoming a selfish space hogging act.  Most cemeteries are fast running out of space.  So having to dedicate more space for fat corpses isn’t helping.   Read more »


Food Police Seek Golden Trough

Deborah Coddington has slammed academic activists who are running amok in the media telling us what to eat.

Troughers are all the same. Doesn’t matter if they’re anti-tobacco, anti-booze or the trendy new anti-bigfood. All are desperate to stay in the golden taxpayer funded trough.

While Super Trougher Boyd Swinburn is well out in front in the troughing stakes, many academic troughers are keen to follow his lead. One example is Otago Uni’s Gabrielle Jenkin who bangs on about Big Food being the new Big Tobacco.

Gabrielle Jenkin, Wellington health specialist, says Big Food is “more powerful” and will be “more aggressive than Big Tobacco” when cornered. Politicians are “cowed by Big Food” and New Zealand is “appalling, we’re sniffing KFC wherever we go”.

The more media they get, the more funding they seek. Whether it’s from the Lottery Grants Board or undisclosed funding from the University of Otago’s Activist’s Research Grant, rest ashore Gabrielle Jenkin is deep in the trough.

With a PHD thesis called “Individuals, the environment or inequalities? Industry and public health framing of obesity and its presence in New Zealand government policy on food nutrition’ and current projects looking at internet junk food marketing, her utterances are all going to be predictably anti industry.  Read more »

The Huddle


I was on Larry Williams show The Huddle last night with my usual sparring partner Josie Pagani.

  • First up we’ve got the Green party wanting to have more solar panels installed. It’s a bit underwhelming as an announcement, doesn’t really generate much excitement or promise. Certainly it doesn’t feel like a game changer or vote changer, as I would have thought Green Party supporters already have solar panels on their homes…! It’s a bit ho hum regardless of how the numbers do or don’t stack up. It’s just not inspired.
  • Then to one of my favourite stories and the spies at Dotcom’s mansion.
  • Then there is the idiot Colin Craig proving he is a sensitive wee petal.
  • And last but not least – lets tax everyone into being skinny! Puhleeease! Enough with the fun police trying to stamp out everything. Read more »

Time to start trimming the lobby groups income

I see this morning that the health fundies are making their big anti-sugar push again with the help of media. Veteran trougher Boyd Swinburn is front and centre and so is Robyn Toomath.

Coincidentally James Delingpole takes aim at such lobby groups in his Telegraph column.

“To compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical”. Thomas Jefferson, 1779.

One of the curses of modern life is the plethora of “charitable” lobbying groups demanding that the government take more regulatory action in areas where most of us believe the state has no business interfering.

Almost every day you read in the papers that some apparently grassroots movement, supposedly speaking for all of us, thinks more should be done to stop us drinking, smoking, eating sugar or salt, make us less sexist, force us to spend more on foreign aid or environmental issues. But if that wasn’t annoying enough, here’s the worst thing of all: we’re paying for these unrepresentative, mostly left-leaning lobby groups with our taxes.  Read more »

Solving obesity by the introduction of poverty and despotic rule

Obesity has been linked to economic freedom. Obesity is also apparently our number one health problem, but now I have finally worked out why the leftwing is so obsessed with controlling what we eat…and using obesity as the tool to do it.

A link exists between a country’s economic freedom, fast-food purchases, and obesity, researchers say.

Their results fit New Zealand, among other countries, they said.

The World Health Organisation has used the study as another opportunity to call for governments to take action to “reverse the obesity epidemic by hindering the spread of ultra-processed foodstuffs”.

The authors used data on the number of fast-food transactions per capita from 1999 to 2008 in 25 high-income countries and compared that with figures on body mass index (BMI) in the same countries over the same period.

A report of the study, published in the Bulletin of the World Health Organisation, said the work showed that countries adopting market-liberal policies had faster increases in both fast-food consumption and mean BMI.

The average number of fast-food transactions per capita per year increased for all 25 countries in the study, with the 10.1 transactions per capita increase in New Zealand the fourth highest.

Canada (16.6), Australia (14.7) and Ireland (12.3) had larger increases.

According to the OECD, New Zealand has the fourth-highest rate of obesity among members of the organisation, with 27.8 per cent of the population aged 15 and above rated as obese, based on BMI figures.    Read more »


Greens are going to spend $100 million on feeding fat kids

You might think my headline is a bit over the top.

But that is the reality of the situation. The Green party website is filled with references of the problem with child obesity, particularly for kids in poor families.

Source/ Green party website

Source/ Green party website

In 2012 Kevin Hague was banging on about obesity too.

“As soon as it was elected the Government dumped – for irrational ideological reasons – the healthy food standards that the Green Party had managed to get implemented,” said Green Party health spokesperson Kevin Hague.

“This new study, reported in the New York Times, shows that banning unhealthy food and drinks in schools reduces obesity. The Health Ministry’s nutritional guidelines released last week demonstrate the importance of healthy food to child achievement.

“The guidelines say under 18-year-olds should not be consuming energy drinks, and highlights how schools can be role models for healthy eating.  Read more »

Flakenstein donkey deep in class action against Coke and Frucor execs, Ctd

While Tony Falkenstein is trying to make out that he actually cares about sugary drinks, his credibility and involvement in the obesity debate is tumbling faster than his Just Water International share price.


Not only has the line “just placed an ad in the newspaper seeking people for a class action against cola companies” been completely blown out of the water, Falkenstein is likely to have to face the wrath of a bunch of publicly funded troughers.  Read more »

Is obesity a qualifier for disabled parking? Perhaps Billy Big Steps thinks so?



Photo via the facebook page You’ve got my Car Park, want my Disability too?


Convicted fraudster, gamer and hobby politician Kim “Billy Big Steps” Dotcom as spotted on TV3 recently.  Of course there no shortage of apologists and have been claims he wasn’t the one driving, he was only being dropped off and his driver found another park, he has a legitimate permit because of a head injury when he was 16 and “you people are just picking on him because he’s fat”, and even some blaming TV3. Well yes he is just a tickle on the tubby side but more to the point, would that be a legitimate reason for a disabled parking permit if he indeed had one? Or does his driver need some driving lessons?  Read more »

Lord Tebbit reveals the dirty little secret of the cause of obesity

Lord Tebbit has let the cat out of the bag on why there is an ‘obesity epidemic’.

Predictably there is outrage that a politician could speak with such truth and clarity.

Lord Tebbit says fat people have only themselves to blame for their obesity if they insist on ‘stuffing themselves silly’.

The former Tory chairman said people’s ‘stupid actions’ in eating ‘rubbish’ foods all day was behind the rise in obesity.

He was cheered in the House of Lords when he told peers that rather than setting up government initiatives to persuade  people to eat more healthily, ministers should simply tell them that weight is a matter of individual responsibility.  Read more »

Enterprising, but wait till the whingers try to shut him down


The market gives up all sorts of opportunities and customers wants and needs must be met.

Entrepreneurs find those niches and cater to the wants and needs of those customers…until the wowsers move in and try to shut them down.

With a car boot full of fizzy drinks, crisps and sweets, it is hardly surprising that he is popular with pupils.

But parents and teachers are furious at the mobile trader who has set up shop at the gates of their school.  Read more »