Time for a fat-bastard tax


Forget sugar taxes, fat taxes or anything else based on ingredients. We should be taxing the fatty not the food the fatty scoffs.

Kiwis are porky and dangerously deluded about it, a new study has found.

While we might tout ourselves as a sports-mad nation, the reality is most of us are hopelessly inactive.

According to a study comparing 11 countries, Kiwis were not only the chubbiest, but were “wildly off the mark” in estimating how fat they were.

While six in 10 were overweight or obese, most thought only 45 per cent of us fitted that description, independent research for the annual Cigna 360° Wellbeing Score found.

Health and nutrition experts are not surprised. “I think it’s normal to be overweight now,” New Zealand Nutrition Foundation dietitian Sarah Hanrahan said.   Read more »

World’s fattest man dies at 38. Can you guess why?

via Stuff

via Stuff

The world’s most obese man has died of heart failure at the age of 38.

German press agency Deutsche Presse-Agentur cited a friend of Mexican man Andres Moreno Sepulveda who said he died on his way to the hospital in the state of Sonora on Christmas Day. Sepulveda had weighed as much as 450kg. Sepulveda’s publicist confirmed the news to London’s Daily Telegraph.

It is understood he suffered a heart attack. Read more »

CLAIM: Fat chicks as big a threat as terrorism

Terrorist in training

Terrorist in training

The UK’s Chief Medical Officer says the obesity threat for fat chicks is as big a risk as terrorism.

Obesity poses as big a risk to the nation as terrorism, says the Chief Medical Officer.

Dame Sally Davies wants the obesity crisis in women to be classed alongside flooding and major outbreaks of disease – as well as the threat from violent extremism.

Her extraordinary claim comes as she warns today that being overweight affects all stages of women’s lives – including in the womb.

It may lead them to being teased as teenagers, having higher-risk pregnancies and possibly developing breast cancer or heart disease after the menopause.   Read more »

Poverty? We’re getting fatter and still have enough money to get drunk more often

So much for increasing poverty.

A new report shows that we are getting fatter and drinking more.

An annual snapshot of the nation’s health shows 31 percent of adults are obese and problem drinking is increasing.

The Ministry of Health’s annual health survey, which involves face-to-face interviews with more than 13,000 adults and the parents and caregivers of over 4000 children, found one in nine children aged two to 14 were obese.

Children living in the poorest neighbourhoods were five times more likely to be obese than those living in the most affluent and, for adults, the equivalent rate ratio was 1.7 times, after adjusting for age, sex and ethnic differences.

More than 5.3 percent of the adult population was morbidly obese, up from 3.4 percent five years ago.   Read more »


Fat bastard sacked fairly for being a fat bastard

In Australia a fat bastard was sacked for being a fat bastard and the resulting court case has upheld the rights of his employers to sack him for being a fat bastard.

The Fair Work Commission has ruled an obese forklift driver was fairly dismissed because his weight created a workplace safety issue.

Ranui Parahi worked as a cool room operator for dairy business Parmalat and weighed 165 kilograms when Parmalat called in an occupational therapist to assess Parahi and other employees.

The occupational therapist found Parahi was of “medium to high risk” and raised concerns he may not be able to safely and competently perform his role as a result of his weight.

Parahi’s weight exceeded the forklift’s maximum weight safety ratings and by the time of a second assessment it increased to 175 kilograms.

The occupational therapist took into account a cardiologist’s report which indicated Parahi had “severe obstructive sleep apnoea that may pose a problem with operating mobile machinery”. The occupational therapist advised Parahi should only conduct “semi-sedentary-type work” which did not require any heavy manual handling or operating mobile machinery for full-time hours.   Read more »

Robyn Toomath throws in the towel and the toys out of the cot


Will this set a chain reaction in motion?

Today we find out long time obesity activist Robyn Toomath from the Fight Obesity Epidemic has thrown in the towel, but not before first chucking her toys out of the cot.

Her comments are priceless.

“Clearly I’ve made no progress. There’s not a single thing that comes to mind other than the district health boards are going to provide a healthy food environment for their staff,” she said.

If there was only a “we” in that statement other obesity troughers could well be asked to seriously look at their positions as well and their achievements.   Read more »


Cry Baby of the Week


Some people really lack self awareness of their situation.

Take Blenheim man Kevin Williams who at 51 years of age weighs 230kgs and is blaming the government for his predicament and his lack of suitable housing.

He has run off to the Media Party for a bit of shaming.

Blenheim man Kevin Williams is 51 years old and living in a rest home.

He was forced into a home four years ago after his weight shot up to 300 kilograms and he developed type two diabetes.

He was no longer able to care for himself and had to start using a mobility scooter.

Shot up? Like overnight? That is some impressive eating to get yourself to 300kgs. But it wasn’t his fault you know…it was the takeaways…leaping out of the shop and into his gaping maw.    Read more »

Is making your kid a fatty child abuse?


Is making your kid a fatty child abuse?

Juliet Hartley-Brewer at The Telegraph certainly thinks so as she lambasts “lazy, selfish parents would rather let their child shovel sweets into their gob than take them to the park.”

If you are the parent of a fat child, you are a bad parent.

Did everyone get that? Because it really is very simple: if your child is overweight then that is your fault because you are not doing your job as a parent properly.

If force feeding your child into obesity and ill health, a life on diabetes medication and far higher risks of cancer, heart disease, infertility and an early death isn’t child abuse, then what on earth is it?

That is the message that needs to go out, as starkly as that, in letters to every parent of every overweight or obese child in the country tomorrow.

And, boy, will that be a lot of letters. Because we are living in the middle of an obesity epidemic, with children arriving on their first day at primary school with bellies like sumo wrestlers – and they are getting fatter by the day.

One-in-five-children in reception last year were found to be either overweight or obese, while a tenth were in the obese category. By Year six, 34 per cent of children were either overweight or obese, while 19 per cent were obese.

That is a lot of fat kids who will one day become a lot of fat adults, most of whom will have numerous long-term health problems, costing the NHS a fortune, and a shorter life span than they have the right to.

Yet today the Royal Society for Public Health has called for schools to stop sending out so-called “fat letters” to the parents of overweight children because apparently they are not having any effect on tackling obesity.

Read more »

Labour to introduce sugar tax by stealth


You’d have thought that Labour had learned from the last time they wanted to go all nanny state on us all.

Last time it was light bulbs and shower-heads….now it is Watties Tomato Sauce.

Labour wants the food industry to reduce how much sugar goes into processed food in an attempt to reduce childhood obesity.

New Zealand has the third-highest adult obesity rate in the OECD and Labour’s health spokeswoman, Annette King, has unveiled details about how her party will tackle the problem if it gets into government.

In her speech to the annual conference in Palmerston North today, Ms King said Labour would work with the food industry to reduce the amount of sugar in processed food.

It would be voluntary at first, but would eventually move to being a requirement.   Read more »

I challenge Restaurant Brands to do this in Mangere

I bet Restaurant Brands doesn’t have the balls to do this in Mangere.

All-you-can-eat KFC is a finger lickin’ good option – if you can make to Japan.

The chicken chain is opening an all-you-can-eat buffet location in Osaka, Japan, reports RocketNews.

Customers will pay between $US16 ($NZ24) and $US21 ($NZ30) for 90 minutes of access to a buffet filled with fried chicken as well as about 60 other KFC menu items, including biscuits, coleslaw, rotisserie chicken, and salad. Children’s prices will be even lower, and kids under the age of four will eat for free.   Read more »