Fattism is a legitimate form of discrimination

James Delingpole gets stuck into fat bastards.

Breitbart London’s Executive Editor, James Delingpole, has appeared on the BBC Daily Politics to attack moves to award fat people minority status. He said that he hoped fat people would be “stigmatised” rather than government stepping in.

Delingpole claimed some of his greatest idols were fat, including Eric Pickles and Jabba The Hut but they were still a burden on the taxpayer.

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Fat bastards could lose benefits in UK, what a great policy

David Cameron says UK taxpayers shouldn’t have to “fund the benefits” of fatties or drug and alcohol addicts who refuse treatment that could help them get back into employment.

Obese people could have their benefits stripped if they refuse treatment in a bid to ensure they can lead a “fulfilling life”, David Cameron has said.

A Conservative government will attempt to ensure that tens of thousands of people who claim welfare on the grounds of obesity, drug or alcohol addiction are “incentivised” to go back to work, the Prime Minister said.

Mr Cameron said that taxpayers should no longer “fund the benefits” of people who refuse to accept the treatment that could help them get back into employment.

He has asked Professor Dame Carol Black, a senior Government adviser of health, to conduct a review into how best to get people with treatable conditions back into work.

The review will focus on how to incentivise the people to get back to work and consider whether their benefits should be stopped if they refuse treatment.

Currently, almost 100,000 people are claiming sickness benefits because they say they are suffering from conditions such as drug or alcohol addiction, or obesity.

However, there is no requirement for such people to undertake treatment, meaning it is possible to claim without making efforts at recovery.

Of the 2.5 million claiming sickness benefits, around 1.5 million have been claiming for more than 5 years.  Read more »

NZ Junk food manufacturers in for tough 2015


Companies making ‘junk food’ look as though they’re in for a tough year.

If it wasn’t the Aussie council seeking to ban chips, chocolate and sugary drinks from parks, it is now UK ‘experts’ calling for a ban on junk food adverts.

The usual health experts suspects are calling for bans on junk food TV ads, saying they shouldn’t be aired before 9pm in the hope that parents will stop getting pressured by their kids wanting ‘unhealthy food and sugary drinks’.

The British Heart Foundation is saying ‘seven in ten parents with children aged four to 16 have been pestered by their children to buy junk food they have seen advertised on TV.’    Read more »

This is why we need a FBT

This is why we need  Fat Bastards Tax, that taxes the fat bastard not the fat or the sugar.

I’ll just bet fat bastards will soon start demanding the NZ government funds this new drug.

A treatment of injections that can help people lost a stone more than they normally would by dieting or exercising more has been approved by health watchdogs.

Liraglutide, which has been described by doctors as life-changing, could be available on prescription in months.

Slimmers typically lose almost a stone more than they would by simply watching how many calories they consume and doing more exercise.

Trials showed that some severely obese patients lost so much weight they were able to abandon their wheelchairs and walk normally for the first time in years.

Liraglutide also lowers blood pressure, raises good cholesterol and prevents diabetes.According to its makers, Novo Nordisk of Denmark, the drug even produces a ‘feel-good factor’, making dieting a pleasure.But some experts have already warned it does not provide a long-term solution to the growing problem of obesity in Britain.

Novo Nordisk will apply for it to be prescribed on the NHS after Friday’s ruling by the European drugs regulator that it is safe and effective.

There are fears however that Nice – Britain’s drugs rationing body – will judge it too expensive for routine use on the NHS.

Liraglutide costs from £2.25 a day, which is roughly double the price of Orlistat, the only other prescription diet drug.

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Could depression just be an allergic reaction?

Could depression actually be nothing more than an allergic reaction?

Our understanding and awareness of depression has, thankfully, evolved some way beyond the old-fashioned “pull-yourself-together” response. Most now know that it’s a multifaceted, shape-shifting, and frequently debilitating condition that transcends race, sex, and creed. But we still don’t know exactly why some become depressed and some don’t.

We know that people may be genetically predisposed to depression and anxiety disorders. We also know that specific life events may trigger depressive episodes in those who have previously been the picture of mental health. But so far we’ve been unable to identify one single, definitive catalyst. However, new research suggests that, for some people, depression may be caused by something as simple as an allergic reaction. A reaction to inflammation—a product of the body, not the mind.

George Slavich, a clinical psychologist at the University of California, Los Angeles, is one of an increasing number of scientists who believe we need to be looking at our physiology to better understand depression—that, perhaps, it’s not all in the head. “I don’t even talk about it as a psychiatric condition anymore,” he told the Guardian. “It does involve psychology, but it also involves equal parts of biology and physical health.”

The thesis is simple: Everyone feels like shit when they’re sick. That ennui we feel when we’re unwell—listlessness, lack of enthusiasm, troubled sleep, tearfulness, and a general feeling of wading through tar—is apparently known among psychologists as “sickness behavior.” Our bodies are pretty intelligent, see—they behave this way so that we stop, lie still, and let our system fight whatever infection of virus has us croaking for Gatorade on the couch.

These kinds of emotional responses are also typical of depression, though. So scientists are asking: If sick people feel and act a lot like depressed people, might there be a link?

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Healthy fat people are a mirage

fat lady with ladle

Some big people are fat but don’t have any of the obesity markers such as diabetes or high blood pressure.  These people are held up as “proof” that you can be “healthy obese”.

Not so.

Scientists at University College London tracked more than 2500 people for 20 years – the longest study of its kind – and found that obese people became progressively less healthy over time.

The research supported previous findings that showed as time passes, overweight people face a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, stroke, and some types of cancer compared to thin people. Read more »


Too fat to work, and the government is to blame


Stephen Beer and Michelle Coombe, are from Plymouth, where 60 per cent of adults are overweight. The couple, who weigh more than 354 kg between them and claim $4,000 a month in benefits ($48k per year), have wed in a $6,000 ceremony – paid for by the taxpayer.

They can’t work, and it is not their fault.  Apparently.   Read more »


Fatties face ridicule and abuse

fat lady with ladle

Apparently obese people don’t get a lot of respect from the rest of the population

Overweight people face so much ridicule and abuse it makes it harder for them to slim down, a study claims.  

Four in ten complain they suffered some sort of personal insult or abuse at least once a week, according to a survey of more than 2,500 who struggled to lose weight.

Problems ranged from rude shop assistants in fashion chains laughing at the idea of people asking for larger sizes to supermarket staff commenting on what people have in their trolley.

Overweight people find they are mocked or filmed in the street, while girls enjoying a night out have been targeted by groups of young men.

More importantly, their opportunities to get a job or promotion – and so improve their lives – have been blocked by discrimination.

You know.  You can’t change your sex, or your race.   But you can change if you weigh too much.   It’s a “discrimination” that is totally in your own hands.  (Ok, with a very few notable exceptions  – lets take that as read)   Read more »


Katie Hopkins: what fat people need is a kick up the arse


Katie Hopkins is at it again…speaking the truth.

Of course useful taxpayer funded troughers like Boyd Swinburn and hi pals would say that her attitudes are outrageous and if they could just have more funding they could design some new taxes to tax people thin.

The bottom line is Katie Hopkins is right…fat people do need a kick up the arse.>

Katie has just finished filming My Fat Story, a two-part series for the TLC television network, for which she piled on 4st (half her body weight) and ate her way through a staggering 13 ready meals daily to prove how easy it was to shed the pounds. “I’ve always criticised fat people, so I decided to put my money where my mouth is,” says the newly slimmed-down Katie, who believes that obese people are the architects of their own misfortune.

She has little sympathy with the recent EU ruling on obesity as a disability. It’s her belief there’s too much “sympathy, tea and tears” around Britain’s spiralling obesity epidemic, which costs the NHS more than £6 billion a year. “All fat people want is an excuse,” she says. “But fatties have the one thing disabled people don’t have. They have choice. Nobody’s forcing them to shovel food in their faces.” If she sees a morbidly obese person in a disabled parking bay, Katie plans to have this very conversation with them. “The institutions keep offering excuses but what fat people need is a kick up the a—,” she says.

Poverty or lack of education are no defence. “We went to Aldi, did the shop and proved the point,” she says. Katie, who believes there is no such thing as a happy fat person – they’re simply in denial – was appalled to discover recently that some British mothers were feeding their offspring liquidised Chinese and Indian takeaways. “You sit there and you go, ‘No! It can’t be true!’ ” she says. “But that’s what’s going on outside our cutesy little bubble.”   Read more »

Parents of fat children should be charged


The ever-controversial Katie Hopkins has incurred the wrath of her critics once again after claiming parents of obese children should be prosecuted for “child cruelty”.

The comments were made in an interview ahead of her upcoming TLC documentary My Fat Story, which is due to air in January.

The former Apprentice star gained almost four stone in weight for the film, to ‘prove’ that overweight people should “stop blaming everyone else for problems they can control”.

Think of Katie as a right-wing Simon Cowell of Life, and you’ve got the right idea.  She’s in the business of telling bludgers and professional victims to harden up and take responsibility for their lives.

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