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Great news! Unrestricted oil exploration can start in 15 years – or sooner?

New research suggests New Zealand’s Maui’s dolphins – the smallest and rarest marine dolphin in the world – could be extinct within 15 years if protection is not stepped up.

According to new estimates just 43-47 individuals, including about 10 mature females, are left.

The study is being presented at a meeting of the scientific committee of the International

“These new figures are a loud wakeup call: New Zealand has to abandons its current stance, which places the interests of the fishing industry above biodiversity conservation, and finally protect the dolphins’ habitat from harmful fishing nets, seismic airgun blasts and oil and gas extraction,” said Dr Barbara Maas, Nabu’s head of endangered species conservation.

Unless this happened, Dr Maas said the dolphin’s extinction was ”a matter of when, not if”.

I have a better plan.   Instead of trying to save a genetic aberation from certain extinction, let’s just leave them to it.   If they make it, fine.  If they don’t we have some oil exploration to get on with.   Read more »

Green Taliban’s “3D blueprint” for the future nothing but hype

New Zealand Green Party printing plastic logos

New Zealand Green Party printing plastic logos

Now, go get some Paracetemol, because what I’m about to tell you will  make your head hurt

Green Party information and technology spokesperson Gareth Hughes launched a component of the Green Party’s Smart Green Innovation package today.

The Blueprint For The Future, a digital manufacturing strategy for New Zealand, will:

• develop a digital manufacturing strategy;

• support and develop 3D printing;

• educate and empower students in the use of digital manufacturing.

“This component, like the Green Party’s proposed structural timber award, is a blueprint for the future,” said Mr Hughes.  [ opportunity gone begging:  The Greenprint For the Futuretm  ]

“The world is changing, we need to change with it and invest more in smart green innovation like digital manufacturing.

“We need to be investing more into smart green manufacturing and digital manufacturing technologies like 3D printing, which offer new economic opportunities. Read more »

Green Taliban declare war… on themselves

Turns out this whole Green Bank idea isn’t popular within the rank and file…


Oh oh.  Green “peace” ain’t happy…


Greenpeace adds:   Read more »

Gareth Hughes, you don’t speak for us

Newstalk ZB staff reports

Hughes to Anardarko: Wish you weren’t here

Wish you weren’t here. That’s the message Green MP Gareth Hughes is taking to United States oil giant Anadarko in a new campaign against offshore drilling.

Mr Hughes is travelling the country with a billboard take-off of an Auckland street artist’s work.

He says it is a message on behalf of New Zealanders who are opposed to oil and gas drilling.

“The Government’s done everything they can to bend over backwards for the industry. We’ve tried on many occasions to convince the Government to stop this risky practice.

“We’re sending Anadarko a message they’re not welcome in New Zealand.”

Garry, I don’t know why you are so keen on New Zealand remaining an impoverished nation while we’re sitting on resources and the means to do something about it.

You are a complete Luddite.   Read more »

Sabotage and inappropriate waste of tax payers’ money – Green Taliban at it again

Instead of acting like a responsible Government in Waiting, the New Zealand Green Party continue to fall back to their hippy protest roots – except these days they think nothing of using, abusing and wasting your money to do it.

They’re calling their latest stunt ‘Creative’.  I call it a deliberate act of attempted sabotage.

The Green Party has placed a competing bid against companies seeking permits to undertake deep-sea exploratory oil drilling off New Zealand.

Yesterday was the last day oil companies could make submissions to the Government for permits to be able to conduct exploratory oil drilling off the coast.

The Greens, along with New Zealand surfing champion Mischa Davis, placed their protest bid on behalf of 14,000 New Zealanders who had signed it.

Speaking to a crowd before placing the submission with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, Greens energy spokesman Gareth Hughes said the point of making the submission was to protect New Zealand’s beaches

Why aren’t they protesting air airports to protect New Zealand’s air quality?

Everything we do as humans has an inherent risk and an opportunity cost.

The Green Taliban would rather have us all poor rather than take advantage of our natural wealth.  If we dairy it is dirty, if we fish it is unsustainable, if we drill it will cause spills, if we make roads it is irresponsible…

…when are they going to act like people who would be trusted to run a stable Government?


Labour trying to whip up hysteria – again

Labour is yet again trying to whip up faux hysteria about efforts to encourage oil exploration.

This bullshit really annoys me….but at least Labour paid for this one themselves.

Still, Labour opposes absolutely everything that will lead to more jobs and better living standards.