Owen Glenn

The Owen Glenn character assassination continues

As I highlighted last week (Hit jobs not just political), the knives are out to make Owen Glen look like the bad guy.  Eric Watson doesn’t have any hard stuff, so now we’re reduced to this kind of smear

The heavyweight off-field battle between the Warriors’ co-owners has taken another turn, with revelations Sir Owen Glenn threatened to pull his team from the second day of the NRL Auckland Nines tournament in February over a parking dispute.

It is understood the incident unfolded late on the first day when Glenn attempted to exit a car park at Eden Park but was told he couldn’t because of a traffic management plan in place around the stadium at that time.

In the “heat of the moment”, he made a threat to pull the Warriors team out of the tournament, forcing officials from the club to later apologise to the NRL.

Glenn confirmed he had an issue leaving the central Auckland stadium, but said he needed to get away quickly due to medical reasons.

“When I tried to leave Eden Park on the first day, the gatekeeper said no-one was allowed out for an hour. I told him I needed to take medicine for my diabetes but he said he could not allow me to leave the ground,” he said in a statement last night.

Imagine being locked into a facility?  Why wouldn’t anyone be allowed to leave at will?  Especially for medical reasons.   Read more »

Hit jobs not just political

Here at Whaleoil we’re quite versed at recognising a political hit job.  Hey, we may have written one or two ourselves occasionally.  But it is fun to see one so blatant in sport.

Eric Watson is putting the boot into 50% Warriors co-owner Sir Owen Glenn.  He wants Glenn out, but he has commercial problems to solve.  Part of the solution is to make Glenn look like an ogre.

Sir Owen Glenn’s public outburst has rocked the Warriors this week, but it is not the first time his conduct as owner has raised eyebrows at the club.

Sources told the Herald on Sunday that Sir Owen, who started a war of words this week with co-owner Eric Watson and senior club officials over his disquiet at the way former coach Matthew Elliott was sacked, has been a polarising figure at the club.

His partnership with Watson was meant to take the Warriors to the next level, and Sir Owen was passionate about plans for a rugby league academy, but several incidents have caused consternation, sources said.

Last year, Sir Owen invited all of the players’ wives and girlfriends, and some female Warriors staff, on a cruise around Auckland Harbour on his superyacht Ubiquitous.

They were attended by several mini-skirted waitresses and at one point everyone played charades. After the games, prizes were given out, including fur handcuffs and g-strings.

“It was all a bit awkward. I know a lot of us felt a bit uncomfortable and we didn’t think it was appropriate,” said a player’s partner.

There you go.  The dirt file on Glenn is open.

“Sources” tell the Herald… wink wink nudge nudge   Read more »

Why I won’t vote Internet party – Observation by the Owl

So far I have given my reason why I won’t give my vote to Labour and the Greens. I thought I would give the Internet Party time to launch so to see if I could agree with their policies.

My issue is – I don’t know who the leader is?

It is a bit like Owen Glenn and Eric Watson at the Warriors – “we don’t run it but we own it and while we give the CEO full responsibility we are should be consulted but we will always support the CEO as long as we like what he is doing and Eric has told me about everything he is not fully responsible for?”

Confused – so am I about Internet Party.

I cannot for the life of me name the leader and yet I know that Kim Dotcom is the leader of a party he is not legally allowed to lead.   Read more »

Something for Labour to remember as they hammer Judith Collins today in parliament

Helen Clark and Trevir Mallard with Labour's biggest donor, Owen Glenn,  at the opening of a University building Glen paid for.

Helen Clark and Trevor Mallard with Labour’s biggest donor, Owen Glenn, at the opening of a University building Glen paid for.

Labour is going to attack Judith Collins today in parliament…over a drink of milk…apparently this is the worst indication of corruption seen in New Zealand.

We know this because Mrs Mallard (Jane Clifton) has signalled it in her column today (not online).

But Labour should remember a few things of their own.

They are making a huge fuss over a photo and some chinese text written by someone offshore. They need to remember that politicians pose for photos all the time.

But their own behaviour isn’t that flash either. As the photo shows above Helen Clark was happy to open a building paid for by Owen Glenn, named after him when he was their single biggest donor ever. On top of that he was also a large donor to NZ First at the time.  Read more »

Buddying up with Winston

Chris Keall warns Kim Dotcom of the perils of buddying up with Winston Peters…hmmm same could be said in reverse.

Dotcom and Peters have things in common: they can both be charismatic and engaging, they’re both media smart and know what pushes people’s buttons, and they both love a good conspiracy theory involving the government and big businesses.

Peters has come out and backed a pet Dotcom theory – that the Prime Minister knew about the January 20, 2012 raid on Dotcom mansion before it occurred (yes, this rankle Key, but he’ll still hold his nose and ally with NZ First if that’s what’s needed to hold power after the election).

NZ First has put a document called the “The John Key/Kim Dotcom Timeline” on its website. The timeline has no new information, but its subtext is clear: look at all this stuff going on and meeting: surely the PM is fibbing when he says he knew nothing about the raid. And there’s also an insinuation that Dotcom was only granted residency so it would make it easier for him to be arrested and extradited. It’s labelled “Prepared by New Zealand First Leader’s Office,” but consists entirely of Dotcom’s familiar bullet points.

And Winston has alleged the government is spying on him and his visits to Dotcom’s mansion, making the pair brothers in surveillance conspiracy. Most guffawed when they heard this theory, but of course in the MMP world NZ First only has to appeal to 5%, and a good government-is-out-to-get-me story is grist for the mill.

So: Dotcom and Peters seems like best buds all of a sudden.  Read more »

The multiple positions of Winston Peters

Winston Peters has a political legacy of being against something and then miraculously, after a few fact finding “meetings”, being for it.

Let’s look at his history.

We need to go back to 2003 and the scampi quota allocation and subsequent parliamentary select committee enquiry where initially Winston took one side of the argument accusing various players of corruption and made a big song and dance and then later flip flopped over it.

Then he even sued David Carter for defamation over comments regarding his multiple positions on the issue and lost, and had to pay considerable costs to David Carter as a result.

Then of course was his massive state subsidy package of the racing industry to improve stakes for the industry. Now, Winston Peters has always been a big fan of racing and horses so there is no direct flip flop there but what was undeclared at the time of his massive subsidy for racing interests was the fact that NZ First had a massive undeclared donation from the Vela family who have substantial interests in the racing industry as well as, coincidentally, fishing.

When asked about those donations he lied to journalists.

Following that was the revelation he took money from Owen Glenn and was actively lobbying for him to be appointed Honorary Consul for Monaco. Again there was an undeclared donation from Owen Glenn and again Winston Peters lied to the media and worse to a Privileges Committee about it. He faced the embarrassment of the Labour members having to defend him, Owen Glenn providing documentary evidence contradicting his position on donations and a minority finding that censured him.  Read more »

Winston redux…same as he ever was

Here’s a redux after the Owen Glenn scandal.

Winston says he never asks for money – he gets others to do that… “he’s there for the politics of the thing”.  Read more »

Colin Espiner is dead right on Dotcom

Colin Espiner has shown up The Herald on Sunday this morning by critically analysing Dotcom’s proposals for his Internet Party.

While the Herald and its various organs run PR articles on behalf of Dotcom other more sensible commentators look at the facts.

Dotcom’s pending entry into our political landscape may be both micro and looney but it has reportedly got both Labour and National worried. It’s true the giant German national has earned his self-anointed moniker The Wrecking Ball of Change. There can be few immigrants who have caused more damage in such a short space of time.

Usually immigrants who cause problems get asked to leave…what about if they try to hijack our democracy as some sort of a petty vanity project in order to get revenge on some slight or another. Dotcom’s mouthpieces like to compare this party to Bob Jones but Jones didn’t form the New Zealand Party out of spite, he formed it to remove a tyrant. John Key is certainly no tyrant, in fact he is our most popular prime minister ever.

But in hindsight, the botched, illegal, government-sanctioned raid by police on behalf of the United States at Dotcom’s Coatesville mansion, and his subsequent brief imprisonment, was the best thing that could have happened to the publicity-seeking tycoon. It won him a level of public attention and sympathy even his millions could not buy.

Because behind the ice creams and the fireworks, the offers to fund our next America’s Cup challenge or a new submarine fibre-optic internet cable, the extravagant parties to which we’re all invited and promises of free wi-fi for all, lies a narcissist desperate for popularity, relevance, and above all, respect.

It’s my opinion that Dotcom’s constant quest for omnipotence stems from his desire to make us – and the rest of the world – understand the value of his achievements (and they are many) while forgetting his criminal past as a computer hacker and convicted fraudster.    Read more »

Mad or Bad, Key’s Choice

Patrick Gower has written a piece about Winston Peters being John Key’s only real choice and that once again Winston Peters is set to become the “King Maker”.

Of course all Patrick Gower is trying to do is get John Key to rule Winston Peters in or out, that way it sets up a couple of nice angles for him.

The theory goes that with the demise of John Banks, Peter Dunne and the Maori Party, Key has no mates and needs Peters.

And that Peters is mellowing, that he is a Tory at heart, that he hates the Greens and that the ultimate comeback on Key will be working with him in Government. And also that Peters is not that bad to work with while he’s in Government.

It all seems easy.

But if Key doesn’t rule Peters out next year, he creates a monster. Peters becomes much more relevant to the electorate.

No longer will a vote for Peters be a vote for the Left – a vote for Helen Clark, or a vote for Phil Goff as it has been in the past.

Voters who want a right-wing Government who have previously voted for National will have a reason to vote for Peters.

Particularly those voters who have a redneck streak, who don’t like the Maori Party, who don’t like asset sales and who are concerned by China. There are a few of them out there.  Read more »

Owen Glenn knows all about bunny boilers now…and cock tax

Finally the truth out, Owen Glenn was being blackmailed tapped for cock tax by a bunny boiler.

Millionaire Sir Owen Glenn says a woman who laid a complaint of physical abuse against him “was mad”.

In an interview on Campbell Live, Glenn said it was a former personal assistant who laid the charges.

Glenn said that on the night in question, a rugby team he sponsored had won a tournament in Honolulu. Both he and his personal assistant joined the team at a dinner afterward to celebrate.

Glenn told Campbell he went back to the hotel about midnight to go to bed, and his assistant went to find a chemist to buy pain medicine for a headache.   Read more »