Pakeha Party

The Pakeha Party was the original Party Party

As you may recall, we covered the rise and fall of the Pakeha “Party” extensively on Whaleoil, ultimately exposing it for the personal ego trip that it was.

Accusations that David Ruck, the person “running” the Pakeha Party, was actually just taking all the donations and spending it on alcohol was eventually eventually admitted.

A bit like The Internet Party, The Pakeha Party was really just a Party Party – in other words – the aim is to just mess people around.

Unfortunately, the geniuses behind the Internet Party and the Pakeha Party do manage to inspire some hopefuls who feel the “Party” represents their views and will be able to affect change for the better.

And guess what?  The money starts to flow in.

In the case of the Pakeha Party, you’d be surprised to learn that even after our expose and the resulting public meltdown, there is still money flowing into the Pakeha Party’s bank account. Read more »

Pakeha Party flop attempts relaunch as “Real Websites Limited”

Remember the Pakeha Party?  Where’s that at these days?

via Facebook

via Facebook

Golly.  That sounds nasty.   Read more »

Click Farms getting outed

We have covered click farming here at WOBH, especially with the Pakeha Party and the daughter of Brian Tamaki, Jasmine McPhee. Both had quickly garnered Facebook likes in an unnatural time frame.

The Guardian looks into the phenomenon of “click farming”.

How much do you like courgettes? According to one Facebook page devoted to them, hundreds of people find them delightful enough to click the “like” button – even with dozens of other pages about courgettes to choose from.

There’s just one problem: the liking was fake, done by a team of low-paid workers in Dhaka, Bangladesh, whose boss demanded just $15 per thousand “likes” at his “click farm”. Workers punching the keys might be on a three-shift system, and be paid as little as $120 a year.

The ease with which a humble vegetable could win approval calls into question the basis on which many modern companies measure success online – through Facebook likes, YouTube video views and Twitter followers.   Read more »

Pakeha Party going into Voluntary Receivership?

With the Labour Party factions competing for the Trainwreck of the Week, the demise of The Pakeha Party could almost have slipped by unnoticed if it wasn’t for this little snippet via the Tipline



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Pakeha “Party” self destructs in alcohol fuelled binge



Perhaps it was always meant to be a party, you know, like like with alcohol and food and music?

smashdracs at opeUReyes reports

A few weeks ago a Facebook page was started for a new political party in New Zealand calling itself the Pakeha Party. It instantly went viral and gained a solid amount of media coverage and even started an official website for people to join and pay fees to have the party properly registered.

This evening however things appear to have gone way of the rails on their Facebook page with the founder David Ruck embarking on a night of drunken raving which has been hilarious to watch, especially for the anger and disappointment being expressed by the pages followers at the obvious destruction of credibility.

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Like? What’s not to like? Be more popular than your dad!

As part of my research into the dodgy area of boosting Facebook Likes in relation to the Pakeha Party this morning, I also came across this curious anomaly.





So, if Jasmine has 52,000 followers, how many do you think The Bish has?

Want to guess?

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Like? What’s not to like? Likes for everyone!

I’ve been thinking about Facebook Likes lately.



Here’s the blog’s Facebook page.  And it has 483 likes.

And here is David Shearer’s:

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The Pakeha Party: For a limited time only [EXCLUSIVE]

A week ago I introduced you to the idea that the Pakeha Party is a marketing scam.  You got to see the email exchange between David Ruck, the Pakeha Party marketing guy, and what he thought was a potential “buyer” of the Party.  A cool $100,000 was being asked for.

The blog ran a poll and at the time and 56% of you decided on the strength of what you had seen about the The Pakeha Party  back then, it was most likely a personal initiative by David Ruck to make money, and not a genuine political movement.

Here is convicted criminal David Ruck‘s latest attempt to get money from anyone that  hasn’t given up on the The Dream of a NZ where there is no Treaty of Waitangi:


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You read it here first, Pakeha party scam confirmed

Yesterday NBR caught up with the news that broke over the weekend on this blog about the dodgy ratbag David Ruck and his attempts to sell out the so-called Pakeha party for his own benefit.

He hasn’t denied it either to NBR’s Niko Kloeten;

Pakeha Party founder David Ruck says it’s not a money-making scheme,  but he is trying to sell the party’s website and Facebook page for $100,000.

The controversial party, which hasn’t been officially registered yet, went viral after being set up by businessman Mr Ruck last month.   Read more »


Is the Pakeha Party a marketing scam? You decide [POLL]

A bit of a revelation has emerged  on the TradeMe message boards.



Turns out that the Pakeha Party may not be a genuine movement at all. You decide.

Here is the email exchange.  Between David Ruck, the seller of and its Facebook page, and Paul Harris, the potential buyer.

Hi Paul [Harris, aka stonemaster],

Please use david.ruck [AT] to correspond.
We have a *website being built with excellent features* – I will hand
this over and redirect to your domain name.

I will also *hand over admin to the Facebook page* and advise the
best way to introduce the best way to present your party to the strong
following on there (with some well constructed status updates).

This has been a *HUGE marketing campaign* that has been created for
you!!!!! ALL that *media exposure* and you get to take it all over!!!
You simply can’t get any better than this absolutely.

*$100, 000 and I hand it ALL over to you and [remainder of email cut off]


Paul then responds to David Ruck:


Dont know what to say…really dont.

Its a pity it was all a revenue collection thing.


David realises he’s come on too strong

It isn’t. If you guys don’t want it I’ll go forth with it. But because
you are trying to do a similar thing I thought I’d offer you the
opportunity to take it over


Paul isn’t buying this new explanation.  He’s actually coming from a genuine point of wanting to have a Pakeha Party himself.  He replies

Over four decades this team has been working on this. Not a facebook page
or a tv interview, but actually gathering evidence and research. Time

I havnt got the heart to mention it to them.

End of the day, you have 40,000 Kiwis you are going to trick, pay and
sign up.

Was telling a guy today that David Ruck will be remembered as the guy
that started the movement. I dare say I feel you will be remembered for
something a little different.

Real kick in the teeth for a bunch of people that have tirelessly worked
for years to gather the truth and the facts so that even your kids could
grow up as equal New Zealanders.


Yep.  Paul’s gutted.  His dream of a genuine 40,000 New Zealanders-strong Pakeha movement is nothing more than the dream it was the day before.

David isn’t quite done yet

 I’ve been speaking to them – they think it’s a great idea. I didn’t
realize you weren’t involved in that process – it’s maaaaarketing AND more
- every political party has to pay ALOT for marketing my friend. I will
deal directly with them.

Sorry for any mis-understandings Paul I think you are taking this the
wrong way.


At this stage Paul has lost all interest, and is no longer up for a fight

Yes, maybe I did take it the wrong way.

Good luck and all the best in the negotiations.

You did well David.



So, readers.  A little poll, below.

Based on what I've heard, seen and read to date, I believe that

  • The Pakeha Party is a money making scam (56%, 369 Votes)
  • I'm not sure. I'm going to watch this develop (33%, 220 Votes)
  • The Pakeha Party is a genuine political movement (11%, 73 Votes)

Total Voters: 662

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