Parekura Horomia

Vernon Small on Labour’s “issues”

Yesterday Vernon Small wrote about the biggest issue facing Labour ahead of this year’s election.

Well the biggest problem after the issue with their tits leader….rejuvenation…or rather the lack of it.

¬†In politics rejuvenation rates alongside succession planning. Both are easy catchcries and generally seen as “a good thing”.

In reality they are a type of parliamentary Nimby-ism – nice to have if it is someone else who is vacating a seat, and fine as long as you are not the leader whose replacement is being groomed.

On the National side of the aisle rejuvenation is in full swing. At last count 14 MPs have either gone or are going out of a caucus of 59. It is generally accepted as a worthwhile and necessary refreshment of the party. Certainly it is being handled well and without any overt bloodletting. No dummies have been spat in the remaking of the National caucus.

Of course if the polls were different it would be a different story. Shave a theoretical five points off the Government and give it to the Opposition and the narrative might be akin to the “rats leaving a sinking ship” theme that Labour leader David Cunliffe has tried to get up.

But that just looks lame when the last three polls had National harvesting enough support to govern alone.¬† Read more »

Labour party corrupts state broadcaster, Taurima resigns, Cunliffe ducks for cover

Patrick Gower has a massive story of the corruption of the state broadcaster TVNZ by the Labour party and their activists who have been using the resources of TVNZ to mount political campaigns including fundraising.

David Cunliffe is donkey deep in it even attending meetings and sessions. His leadership must surely be in question now.

What MP could possibly think that using the resources, meeting rooms and facilities of TVNZ, the state broadcaster, would ever be acceptable.

3 News can reveal state broadcaster TVNZ is being used as a campaign base by Labour Party activists.

They’ve even held a meeting in TVNZ’s Maori and Pacific Unit aimed at fundraising for Labour.

The unit’s manager, Shane Taurima, has held ambitions to become a Labour MP and his staff have been arranging Labour Party business, using TVNZ facilities like email.

Mr Taurima has resigned following the revelation.

Mr Taurima’s a Labour Party activist. He could be standing as a Labour MP this election.

Documents obtained by 3 News show the state broadcaster is being used to help Labour’s cause. ¬†¬† Read more »

Predictions results

Ok so here were my predictions from January…how did I go?

1. National Party MPs will cringe every time Hekia Parata is asked a question in the house, and will avoid being in the house when they know Hekia is going to be rinsed.

Went pretty much as predicted…and got progressively worse as the year progressed, saved only by inept Labour questioners who were more distracted by fighting amongst themselves over the leadership.

2. Nanaia Mahuta remains anonymous and never holds Hekia to account.

Yup, neither did anyone else which is bizarre because she is tits and a legend in her own mind.

3. Iain Lees-Galloway’s missus is still dirty with him every time he mentions a certain stenographer.

Not much has changed here. ¬† Read more »

Good attitude from Nanaia Mahuta

Nanaia Mahuta has shed 15kgs in recent months and tells how she did it, willpower over obesity taxes.

The death of Parekura Horomia is more than a cautionary tale for fellow MP Nanaia Mahuta – it is a wake-up call. Now, she is leading a group of parliamentarians on a journey to overhaul their lives in a way he never could.

Two weeks before he died, Parekura Horomia committed himself to losing weight. It was a decision he made too late.

But, perhaps prophetically, when he signed on to patron an organisation aimed at helping people reclaim their health, he pulled the founder aside and said, “Whatever we start, we finish.”

Those words have given Mere Takoko – parliamentarian, body-building champion and the founder of fitness programme Chumpchange – a determination to see it through. The new figurehead for the programme is Labour MP Nanaia Mahuta, who has already lost 15kg.

“He did want to make a commitment to better health,” Takoko says.

“I think his passing is a precautionary tale of what happens if one doesn’t look after their health and wellbeing – he was simply gone too soon.”

Horomia’s legacy is gaining cross-party support. A dozen MPs including Green co-leader Metiria Turei and party member Eugenie Sage, Labour’s David Cunliffe and Louisa Wall and National’s Paul Hutchison are joining Mahuta in making healthy life choices and fundraising for the Child Cancer Foundation (CCF) while they’re at it. ¬† Read more »

Left Parties – Out of Money – Simple Solution – Bleed the taxpayer

Over the past couple of weeks I have done a couple of posts on the reluctance of Moira Coatesworth and Tim Barnett to go out and do the hard yards to raise the money necessary for the Labour Party to fight election campaigns.

Parekura Horomia’s vacancy caused what precious funds there are to be concentrated on fighting that by-election. Lianne Dalziel’s resignation will cause the red ink factory (and debt collectors) to break open the champagne.

And what of David Shearer?

I think it is my civil responsibility as unpaid consultant to the Labour Party to¬†point out that there is a high risk that when Shearer is rolled in 53 days or less, that it will be within¬†his rights and a definite possibility to resign to make way for another woman to enter the Labour¬†Party (#manban is now unofficial policy) but this will be another by-election Labour cant afford, and¬†importantly cant afford to lose. ¬† Read more »

Ikaroa-Rawhiti, less than a third turn out, disaster for Labour and Shearer

The Ikaroa-Rawhiti by-election was held yesterday and the Labour candidate won…just.

Parekura Horomia had massive 6541 majority, that is now less than 2ooo votes. In 2011 Horomia got 10,558 votes, that is more votes for him than the total votes for everyone combined in the by-election.

Maori electorates are a joke, if their own people,can’t be fucked turning to vote why should we be fucked keeping these expensive colonial hang-overs going. Neville Gibson was dead right when he said Maori electorates are a waste of money.

A lot of money is spent on enrolling in the Maori electorates, which are based on population statistics, yet the outcome remains more of a gerrymander than a genuine exercise in one person, one vote.

One Maori vote is worth much more if it is assessed as contribution to getting political representation, something MMP was supposed to solve (but then these seats were supposed to disappear because of MMP).

Time for Key to abolish them.¬† Read more »

Labour most to lose

Claire Trevett has an article about the looming by-election in Ikaroa-Rawhiti. It is a reasonable article spoiled by inept graphics work.

See if you can work out what they are on about where they get the name of Labour candidate wrong, and the sequence cocked up.

heraldbomb Read more »

Labour selects Meka Whaitiri for Ikaroa-Rawhiti, skulduggery defeated

It looks like the Nasty faction inside Labour has taken a beating today. Their skulduggery in attempting to parachute in Shane Taurima has failed.

The women’s caucus will not be at all happy that Shane Taurima got rinsed. Neither will Paul Tolich who was probably looking forward to a new coffee machine. Expect a bit of a backlash from the EPMU as well.

Meanwhile the party announced the selection a short time ago.

The New Zealand Labour Party has selected Meka Whaitiri as the party’s candidate for the Ikaroa-Rawhiti by-election at a hui in Taradale today.

The selection meeting saw six high quality candidates present to more than 700 Labour Party members at Kokiri Marae in Lower Hutt, Hauiti Marae in Tolaga Bay and St Joseph’s Maori Girls’ College in Taradale.

Meka Whaitiri grew up in Whakatu, Hastings. She started work at the local freezing works, went on to complete a Masters degree in Education from Victoria University and is currently Chief Executive of NgńĀti Kahungunu. Meka is affiliated to Ngati Kahungunu and Rongowhakaata.¬† Read more »

Ikaroa Rawhiti Skulduggery continues

The stitch up continues, with the strong local candidates Henare O’Keefe and Meka Whaitiri getting it in the arse from the nasty faction who are promoting ring in Shane Taurima.

The decision looks likely to be stripped out of the local’s hands by the nasty faction. Paul Tolich’s new coffee machine has been purchased and he is working overtime on behalf of Shane together with the nasty faction led by Carol Beaumont and Sue Moroney. Emails are being sent supporting Shane by Deb Mahuta-Coyle on behalf of Shane Taurima.

Unfortunately for the Nasty Faction they don’t seem to understand the party rules. Sources inside the faction are telling me that they are frantically trying to sign up members at this very late stage, although new members will have no say in the decision. The sources are in disbelieve that Paul, Sue and Carol can be so inept, and through their immoral tactics and skulduggery they are putting the chances of a good man at jeopardy.

Shane Taurima is known to be honest and reasonable, but is ruining his reputation by working with inept, nasty party fixers. He should take a big step back, look at those who are supporting him, and wonder whether it is the Maori way to screw over two very good people in Meka and Henare. Selections should be fair and honest, not nasty and unethical.

Parekura Horomia was a man whose integrity and decency was recognised by all sides of the political spectrum. He would be disgusted with the lack of mana shown by the nasty faction trying to stitch up the selection in his old constituency.

Advice to Tim and Moira, if you want selection to be an absolute shambles get Carol Beaumont involved. Everyone knows Carol is useless and got kicked out of the union movement and into parliament because even unions can’t have useless people working for them.

Ikaroa Rawhiti By-election

Labour now has three potential candidates.

Henare O’Keefe  - Well respected Hastings District Councillor.

Meka Whaitiri - There was talk of her standing in 2011.

Meka Whaitiri is one of the potential candidates being talked up to put her name forward – and her credentials extend far beyond her links to Pania of the Reef.

She is chief executive for Ngati Kahungunu Iwi – that’s the tribe on the East Coast.¬† Read more »