Parental leave

Labour thinks bludgers should be able to breed without limits

Labour have attacked David Seymour for his comments in the debate over Paid Parental Leave.

There were angry exchanges during parts of the debate after NZ First MP Tracey Martin took issue with suggestions people should wait to have children till they could afford it.

But ACT leader David Seymour refused to apologise for that stance, saying it was not only what most New Zealanders believed, “It is what the overwhelming majority of New Zealanders do”.

This was on social media yesterday:

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Face of the day


Labour MP Sue Moroney.


Labour MP Sue Moroney has been forced to concede defeat over her paid parental leave bill and instead is asking National to support a severely watered down version.

The new version gives extra leave to parents of twins or triplets, premature babies or those born with a disability.

Ms Moroney’s members’ bill to lift paid parental leave to 26 weeks will go before Parliament again tomorrow but the election result means she no longer has the numbers to pass it.

Instead she introducing an amendment to replace the universal extension in the bill with a much narrower provision to extend paid parental leave to 22 weeks in June for parents of babies born prematurely, with a disability or in the case of multiple births. It would lift further to 26 weeks in 2017.

Ms Moroney said she sent her proposal to the all the other parties in Parliament yesterday but was yet to hear back. Her decision to water down her original bill so significantly were forced by “political reality” – after the election National now had the numbers to vote it down.


I don’t imagine that her current position of begging National to support her will be successful. She is now totally powerless, having to rely totally on other parties to get even this shadow of her former bill through.

It sucks to be a Labour MP right now.





Labour admits its numbers were dodgy

It is entirely unsurprising that a party full of unionists and teachers can’t get their numbers right. Labour is now back-pedaling on the costs of paid parental leave and in the process proving the point that they are unfit to govern.

David Shearer has admitted that their figures are as dodgy as a Meatworkers Union set of accounts in his press statement on Paid Parental Leave.

“One area that certainly needs more discussion is in the costing the Government is using, which appears to be Labour’s costing from before the election. This doesn’t include offsets for savings from things such as reduced demand for childcare subsidies.”

This is a clear admission that Labour’s costings before the election were pulled from their proverbial – and now the new Leader has been flushed out on the numbers by the Government using labour’s own figures. You can’t trust Labour with its numbers. I imagine their CGT numbers are a dodgy as the paid parental leave numbers.

It also makes a mockery of Sue Moroney’s fake surprise at the numbers that the Government was quoting – she knew the cost of Labour’s policy (it was her rather large arse they pulled them from int he first place) and chose to obfuscate.

Unfortunately for Labour the economic geniuses who came up with Labour’s Mickey Mouse numbers are still calling the shots.

14 weeks is stuff all

There is much bickering over paid parental leave being extended from 14 weeks to 6 months. 14 Weeks is essentially three months.

While the living are wailing that they think they should get to pick the pockets of the taxpayers for some extra cash to extend their bludging to 6 months there are people out there that 14 weeks is literally a lifetime.

Take Helena McAlpine…given 3 months left to live she went out on the town and got pinged drunk driving. I doubt she cares very much about paid parental leave being extended, much less attending court…she is busy trying to work out how to live past 14 weeks. She would pay almost anything to extend her life to 6 months…or even two years. She has had her ovaries removed in a bid to extend her life.

Think about 14 weeks for a moment from the perspective of the dying rather than from the living…it is 14 weekends to spend time with family…but likely to only be 12 depending on how aggressive the cancer is. 14 weeks is just 98 days and every day you wake up is one day less in the count down to the end of your life.

For the dying even 6 months or 180 days just doesn’t seem like much…so let’s get some perspective shall we. Screw paid parental leave, it is just greedy living people picking taxpayers pockets for a little bit more.

If only we could simply buy people more time to live by extending an entitlement from government.