Rules are for other people (Another union parking mess)

Via the tipline

SFWU vehicle illegally parked across road from parliament at 6.00 pm yesterday.

No driver in car, legal park behind and plenty around corner.


I keep getting more of these than any other type of organisations.  When Whaleoil was running its bad parking awareness campaign last year, it was obvious how many times union vehicles were being pinged.

But they are such important people on important business.  It justifies it all.


The Internet Mana Party really do want to break all the rules

via ODT

via ODT

Their message is all about disruption.  Just about everything they do is semi-anarchic and destructive of society in general.  And the general arrogance and disdain for even the most basic of human decencies is on display every day.

Here’s an example. ¬†It may not be a “big deal”, but it illustrates their contempt for the rest of us. ¬† Read more »

We’re from the left! Your rules don’t apply to us


Earlier today in Onehunga, the Caropotamus crowd were out.

Want to play the “all the things wrong with this?” in the comments? ¬†Off you go¬†then.

If you are an MP, the small laws are really just suggestions

Some MPs have real entitlement problems. ¬† Sue Moroney’s need to park anywhere she likes means the mother needs to push her pram onto the road to get past and back on the footpath that has been specifically designated so she can travel safely.

2014-06-14 13.20.22

Remember politicians, the Whale Oil Ground Crew are everywhere. ¬†Even if it isn’t in your own makeup to do the right thing,¬†you can trust us to make a fuss.


Len Brown parking madness [UPDATED]

The Ground Crew have been busy.

Our Mt Roskill correspondent reports:

Reporters on the scene at the new car park being created in Keith Hay Park, Mt Roskill have discovered that Len Brown’s plans for raising cash are in full swing.

The large public car parking area for people visiting the grounds, Tristar gym, and swimming pool is to have parking meters for every spot.

Locals are not impressed.


[workers on site were interviewed for this news]

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Maybe the Greens can help Len Brown out with his little parking issue

Len Brown is antagonising people with his parking edict, an effort to replenish the coffers his profligate spending has depleted.

The problem Len Brown has is that no one talks to him anymore, he is a lame duck and so being snubbed by everyone eventually leads to a silo mentality that subsequently leads to ideas nobody supports.

Like his parking policy.

Auckland Mayor Len Brown supports a $1 hourly fee rise for central city parking, which he wants his council’s transport arm to line up against a region-wide parking strategy.

He has alarmed the Heart of the City business association by saying he supports in principle an increase proposed by Auckland Transport, and has referred the matter to the council’s infrastructure committee, which meets today.

“I am asking that Auckland Transport present a much fuller report on proposed fee changes, alignment with the [region-wide] parking strategy, and a communications plan to the infrastructure committee before any changes are implemented,” he said in a budget paper to the council last month. ¬† Read more »

Auckland Transport have had a ‘Midvale School for the gifted’ moment


Picture 6

Auckland Transport have had a ‘Midvale School for the gifted’ moment this week with the release of their parking brain farts.

And the AA is pointing out just how dumb it is.

The introduction of parking charges at Auckland’s network of park & ride stations could add to traffic congestion and encourage a commuter culture, says the Automobile Association, which thinks it goes against Auckland Transport’s aim to create a “shift to public transport”.

The objective is set out in a discussion paper looking at putting parking fees or time limits into more parts of the city.

Income from park & ride sites has been proposed to help pay for adding to the 5300 spaces available at the current stations around the city. Spaces would need to treble to about 15,000 by the year 2040 because of demand, the document says.

The AA warned charging people for a space could defeat the purpose of park & ride facilities. “At this point, we’d be sceptical about it,” said AA Auckland Transport spokesman Barney Irvine.

“Our main concern is it could have a perverse effect, it could result in more people driving than using public transport.”

Fees at park & ride facilities could make it too expensive for people to catch public transport, meaning more cars would end up on the road and add to the city’s traffic woes, Mr Irvine said.

The AA would not support the proposal unless there was “compelling modelling to support it”.

So, is the idea by AT to charge park and ride commuters for the car parking an epic failure or genius? You decide. We’re too busy sitting in bewilderment.


– NZ Herald

Why doesn’t the council consider reducing costs instead of stiffing ratepayers harder?

Len Brown is now trying to make your parking charges higher…all in a bid to a) raise more revenue for him to spend and b) force people onto his crappy trains that don’t go anywhere useful.

It is just shameful revenue gathering. If you live on the¬†North Shore or in East Auckland then public transport just isn’t an option for you and driving is faster despite traffic.

Now Brown and his rapacious army of tax collectors are wanting to charge you even more for parking…to “encourage” you to use public transport services that just aren’t there.

Auckland Council is suggesting a comprehensive shake up for parking in central city and outlying town centres, which could mean higher costs to park your car and fewer places you can.

In releasing a discussion paper today, council agency Auckland Transport says parking is a tool to make the transport network more efficient and there is a need to balance the needs of all road users.

Complaints to the agency showed Auckland’s present parking policies were not work well and were causing conflicts for businesses, residents and commuters over limited spaces, particularly in the city fringe.

Extending central city parking scheme¬†to other main regional centres, by which time limits are removed but motorists will pay incrementally more after the first hour for on-street parking and are offered cheaper off-street parking as an alternative. The goal is 85% per cent occupancy of street parking spaces ¬† ¬† Read more »

Hey, why not another parking classic?

Been a while:

Ritchies car seen at Countdown 9.00am 0n Saturday the 19th in the disabled car park and was not displaying a disabled parking permit


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A rare example of a terrible truckie

Taken by Whaleoil Ground Crew just a few hours ago

winston aggregates

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