A rare example of a terrible truckie

Taken by Whaleoil Ground Crew just a few hours ago

winston aggregates

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Dispute tribunal and Automobile Association ignore property rights

So this guy parks illegally in a company car park and gets towed. ¬†He appeals, because it was at night, and the company doesn’t use the car park at night, so nobody is deprived of a parking spot.

Tow company comes along and takes the vehicle away.

The guy wins on appeal because of a technicality: ¬†a piece of paper that essentially acts as a “tow notice” or some sort of vehicle trespass notice hadn’t been supplied.

So the guy goes to the disputes tribunal, gets the decision overturned based on a technicality, and next minute you have the Automobile Association siding with the guy who illegally parked his car on someone else’ property.

Nikki Preston explains further:

An Auckland man has won a battle against a towing company after his van was illegally towed from a private car park in Auckland’s CBD, even though he did not have permission to be parked there.

The Automobile Association is claiming Steven Ooi’s win at the Disputes Tribunal as a victory for motorists, and says the ruling could set a precedent because it raises questions about motorists parking in business carparks after hours if they are not causing any harm.

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Ground Crew report: road lice and parking fleas

Nothing like a bit of courtesy to your fellow man and woman

 Look at this arsehole today in New Brighton. I had about 20 cars behind me and the prick was only doing about 25kph because the road was as rough as guts. The cones go from about 400m behind where the photo was taken and finish about 300m ahead of me.

God some of these road lice are pricks. Vile lycra clad gimps.

2014-02-18 18.24.01

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You better behave! Our ground crew is everywhere

You might think that now that we’re all buddy buddy with the PM ‘n all, we no longer have time for the little people.


You park like an idiot, you’re still going to get famous:


Your article on Doc supporting gay events reminded me of this photo I took on Saturday at the Arataki visitors centre on Scenic Drive.

He came running over to shift it as soon as he saw me take the photo.  The car park was near empty and he  could have legally parked a few meters away.

Lazy prick

2014-02-15 15.05.00

We must be due another EPMU car parking photo.  Oddly enough, we tended to catch one of those every 4 weeks or so, and never the same one!

Whaleoil.  Where we find joy in oddly named dead babies, but take parking very seriously.


Bet Len does this next

Len Brown is intent on charging us for rubbish collections we already pay for in our rates and is spending like a drunken sailor on his pet projects.

He is going to need more revenue off of ratepayers, what’s the bet he is looking at solutions like this:

Councils that use spy cameras to enforce parking rules are making nearly nine times more in motorists’ fines than authorities which do not use them.

Official figures show that councils which are using CCTV to enforce parking rules made £49.35 per household last year.

This compares to just £5.69 per household in councils which do not have them. The figures come ahead of a consultation on a ban to stop councils using cameras to snap people parking illegally, which closes next week.

Government figures show a quarter of councils in England ‚Äď 70 out of 288 ‚Äď currently use CCTV cameras to enforce parking rules.

This often means that drivers who unwittingly park in a loading bay can receive a fine through the post weeks later. ¬†¬† Read more »

In Soviet Russia, cars parks you!

New Zealand parking – Redux

Sent in by one of our readers, he asks

Hi guys,

I snapped this car parked in Newmarket as I walked home this afternoon, How many laws do you think this parker broke?


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Auckland Council misbehaving

Is this the trickle-down effect in action? ¬†The guy at the top doesn’t have to follow the rules, so neither does anyone else? ¬†This, via the Tipline

An Auckland Council car has been parked here in a 30 minute zone directly under the sign for well over the permitted time.  Here are the photos showing them 38 minutes apart.  We are currently sitting at nearly 50 minutes and counting (not taking into account the time it was there before I started counting.

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Decent journalists, trained and skilled…except in the Road Code

via the tipline

A sharped eyed, but lowly ranked member of the army took this yesterday. He may get a promotion of the team approves.



This has to be some kind of record