Sledge of the Day

One long sledge here from the Prime Minister against Grant Robertson who featured in a post yesterday pimping a story…he tried to use parliament to pimp the story again…and got slammed.

Note when John Key uses a phone for a prop that Jami-lee Ross and Simon Bridges are sledging away hard telling John Key to slow down because Shearer is having trouble understanding the concept.  Read more »

Gee I wonder who this was aimed at?

Felix Marwick has had a little tanty on the NewstalkZB website. It is obvious who he is aiming his article at, since I am about the only person calling out the media for their sooky-lala over-reaction.

I’m flattered Felix, a whole article just for me. Time for some fun.

The Press Gallery’s been the news rather than reporting the news over the last week or so and it seems that’s ruffled some peoples’ sensibilities. We’ve raised a hue and a cry over the treatment of our colleague, Fairfax journalist Andrea Vance, by Parliamentary services and the Henry Inquiry, and it seems there are those who feel we’ve become a little self absorbed.

In fact there are some who’ve labelled us whiny, self-obsessed, and out of touch with the public.

Yep because you are.

Granted, I accept there will be many who have little time for my profession. Annual trust and respect surveys make it clear that for many of you your esteem for us is somewhere at the level whale poo ends up. We’re not popular. I’m fine with that. That’s not what we’re here for.

Whale poo…snigger  Read more »

Comment of the Day

There is now a groundswell of opposition to the blatant politicking of the media, making up for a lack-lustre opposition.

Their willingness to be the story is back-firing.

Yesterday I posted an email from a reader who felt frustrated enough to send a message to Patrick Gower via this blog.

One of the commenters also had some good points:

I have sent this to the Dom Post. I doubt whether they will print it. It is nice to hear other people agreeing with my sentiments.

No Andrea Vance, if you are mad as hell, it is wrongly so. I would suggest , however, that you are probably rubbing your hands with glee “all the way to the bank”.   Read more »

Mallard has a big problem

Trevor Mallard has a problem…yes, I know….but not that kind…his problem is he appears to have breached Parliament’s standing orders:

406 Contempt of House

(1) The House may treat as a contempt any act or omission which—

(a) obstructs or impedes the House in the performance of its functions, or

(b) obstructs or impedes any member or officer of the House in the discharge of the member’s or officer’s duty, or

(c) has a tendency, directly or indirectly, to produce such a result.

(2) In deciding whether or not to treat any act or omission as a contempt, the House may consider—

(a) the conduct of any person taking part in parliamentary proceedings:

(b) the nature of any action taken against any person on accountof that person’s actions when taking part in parliamentary proceedings.

Parliament helpfully lists what a contempt is:  Read more »

Imperator Fish has some suggestions to improve Question Time

Scott Yorke has some great suggestions for Labour to actually improve question without resorting to dummy spits:

So what should Labour and the Greens do? Here are some options.

Do a no-show

Just don’t turn up to the next Question Time.

For: Everyone in Labour and the Greens would feel a buzz for a few minutes. It would get the attention of the media.

Against: John Key would crow about how scared Labour and the Greens are. The media would award Key the win, and raise fresh questions about the leadership capabilities of David Shearer. If he can’t handle a few barbs during question time, how would he cope during an election debate?  Read more »

Sledge of the Day


Actually it was five minutes 40 seconds of total sledging…a pleasure to behold.

During the General Debate about 2 minutes into Crusher’s speech there was a shot of Andrew Little who looked extremely angry.

What is it with Labour MP’s and anger management problems?

If Tau had become Speaker of the House…


This is what we’ve got instead: Read more »

Sledge of the Day – As popular as a pussy cat at Gareth Morgan’s house

John Key was on form in the house today, first up his Sledge of the Day against David Cunliffe:

Read more »

Perhaps he should just quit then?

I posted a short clip from Trevor Mallard’s latest SMOG yesterday.

Here’s another one.

The look on the kid’s face when Trevor explains he has been in Parliament for longer than his interviewer has been alive is priceless.

Oh, and after all these years, Trevor now thinks Parliament is boring.

Socialist Cindy quitting to have kids?

Cactus Kate has been reading New Idea…if that doesn’t just knock you down with a feather then consider the revelation of Socialist Cindy that being a mother in incompatible with being an MP. I wonder of she checked with the Tainui Princess over that remark?

The most damaging part of the piece for Ardern with the target audience are the comments about babies and being an MP.  How New Zealand women are meant to analyse this without an eye roll, I do not know.  This is where a minder should have stepped in and said “no” and canned the story.  Ardern in a senior leadership role will only make her work-life balance worse.

Currently single, Jacinda hopes to be a mother one day.

“I’m probably just not in a very good job for it right now,” she says.

Right now? She is a front bencher.  So how does that reconcile in 2014? There are many reasons for being single and not having children by that age and beyond.  Using your job or career as an excuse in this day and age is facepalm stuff.

At least be honest about it and there is absolutely no shame in saying it – the problem is not your job it is like the rest of us you haven’t found a bloke good enough for you who likes you the same way back.

There are a couple of reasons that Cactus is probably too chicken to say  as to why someone is 32 and alone. She mentions DPF who is 44 and alone…bit at least David is honest even if he used altogether too many words when just one would have sufficed…selfish. It is either that or the other reason is the obvious one…they are both dud roots.

Whatever the reasons, I think Cactus may well be right…by 2014 Socialist Cindy will be 34, and still without a bloke or baby in sight. She has stated that she thinks the job is incompatible with children so will she chuck it them or risk waiting another 3 years and getting close to 40 and the risk associated with that.

Seems to me to be a perfect opportunity for iPredict to issue some long term stocks.