NZ Parliament changes security in response to Canada shooting


Hey, I thought we weren’t living in a strategically hostile environment?

Perhaps we just need to have Russel Norman and his acolytes stand guard at all parliamentary access points?   Read more »

Carnage as John Key owns the opposition in parliament

Trevor Mallard was cock-a-hoop yesterday even tweeting to me that they were about to get Judith Collins despite the fact that they didn’t ask a single question of the minister in the house yesterday.

This what happened to Labour and the Greens:

Question 1:

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Media and Opposition over-reach, go duck shooting instead

Look at the headlines:

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The reality though was the questions to Judith Collins and John Key were a rehash of past questions, no new information and easily batted away, all with a good dose of duck hunting after Trevor Mallard was blasted from the chamber for a nasty accusation of bribery.

First up was David Cunliffe…

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Sledge of the Day – Maggie Barry

Maggie Barry sledges out Trevor Mallard…hard.

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Let’s play Whaleoil Bingo

Let’s play Whaleoil Bingo…Annette King and Chris Hipkins were playing today.

Annette King went after me in parliament today, too gutless to speak to me in private, the land lady went troppo…even mentioning SOCKs and Silly First Name Syndrome (starts at 6:01)

I wonder what the police interviews with her say? We will find out soon enough.

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Bored? Me too. Can’t wait for the circus to start again

Remember this?


3 News

and this?   Read more »

The year is almost over, and Winston finally finds some form

Which Minister?

The parliamentary precinct is a funny complex.

There are many floors and many windows that allow people to look from into ministerial offices.

I know of one minister who was observed by a large number of opposition MPs who were having a drink several stories above and opposite the minister. The minister was chatting up a staffer and failed to realise he could be seen.   Read more »


Question Time round up, sound smacking all round for Labour’s ‘stars’

Not a stellar start from the new Labour team at question time.

Paula Bennett answering about the success of getting beneficiaries to sort out outstanding warrants with the coppers or lose your benefit. Sue Moroney leaps up to ask how it helps them get a job?  It was a stupid irrelevant question which Bennett bats away to which Moroney raises a point of order and subjects herself to another healthy smack across the chops.

Phil Twyford reels out stats to Nick Smith lamenting how many houses housing NZ has demolished and not renewed leases on and wants to know why ? Fucking great big earthquake perhaps.   Read more »

General Key unfazed as Labour replaces Captain Mumbles with Major Stumbles

Question 1 was a let down…David Cunliffe said he would pants down John Key and in the end we never got see even a hint of his y-fronts.

Cunliffe’s supporters will be wondering just exactly what has happened.