Ron Mark – Conduct unbecoming – Swears in parliament

Remember this image…Ron Mark flipping the bird in parliament.


The man has form, and today in Question 5 he told a government member to “shut the fuck up”.

The man is a disgrace.


Here is another budget saving worth looking at

I don’t agree with much of what Peter Dunne says, and I find him a pompous tosspot at the best of times.

But he has questioned some womble positions being advertised and sledges out the Taxpayers’ Union at the same time.

UnitedFuture leader Peter Dunne is querying five new staff positions recently advertised by the Parliamentary Service.

The Parliamentary Service is currently advertising for:

– An Organisational Development Manager to join the People and Culture Leadership team

– A Senior Organisational Development Advisor

– A Senior Learning and Development Advisor to build people and organisational capability

– A Talent Manager for the People and Culture Leadership team

– A People and Culture Services Manager.    Read more »


Sledge of the Day

Things aren’t going so well for Andrew Little.

Yesterday he had the first question in the house and straight away off the primary question he got smashed in the face by John Key.

To add to his misery his follow up question also copped him a right hook, followed by a left hook with the second supplementary.

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Want to see your parliament back at work?


NZPA via 3 News


The House sits for the first time this year on Tuesday 10 February. At 2 p.m. the debate on the Prime Minister’s statement begins.

The debate is the traditional curtain raiser to the parliamentary year. Up to 2008, the Prime Minister read out a statement that had already been given to party leaders and the media. No departure from the prepared statement was allowed, which could be frustrating for the PM, who could not respond to interjections.   Read more »


Labour and media need remedial lessons in Parliament’s standing orders

Labour and their leader Andrew Little think they have got John Key.

They have used a sneaky left wing blogger to try to manipulate me into smearing the PM and it blew up in their face.

But they have a worse problem, they don;t seem to understand Parliament’s standing orders.

These are the questions John Key was asked by Megan Woods, with his answers.

Dr Megan Woods : Did his office have communications with Cameron Slater between 23 and 25 November regarding the Chisholm inquiry or the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security’s inquiry?

Rt Hon JOHN KEY : I do not think so. I am not aware of that, no.

Dr Megan Woods : Did he have communications with Cameron Slater between 23 and 25 November regarding the Chisholm inquiry or the inspector-general’s inquiry?

Rt Hon JOHN KEY : No.

Both questions have two legs…and under standing orders the minister, or in this case the Prime Minister is entitled to answer which ever leg of the question they like. There is no obligation to answer both legs.    Read more »

NZ Parliament changes security in response to Canada shooting


Hey, I thought we weren’t living in a strategically hostile environment?

Perhaps we just need to have Russel Norman and his acolytes stand guard at all parliamentary access points?   Read more »

Carnage as John Key owns the opposition in parliament

Trevor Mallard was cock-a-hoop yesterday even tweeting to me that they were about to get Judith Collins despite the fact that they didn’t ask a single question of the minister in the house yesterday.

This what happened to Labour and the Greens:

Question 1:

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Media and Opposition over-reach, go duck shooting instead

Look at the headlines:

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The reality though was the questions to Judith Collins and John Key were a rehash of past questions, no new information and easily batted away, all with a good dose of duck hunting after Trevor Mallard was blasted from the chamber for a nasty accusation of bribery.

First up was David Cunliffe…

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Sledge of the Day – Maggie Barry

Maggie Barry sledges out Trevor Mallard…hard.

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Let’s play Whaleoil Bingo

Let’s play Whaleoil Bingo…Annette King and Chris Hipkins were playing today.

Annette King went after me in parliament today, too gutless to speak to me in private, the land lady went troppo…even mentioning SOCKs and Silly First Name Syndrome (starts at 6:01)

I wonder what the police interviews with her say? We will find out soon enough.

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