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Parole Board rescinds parole for NZ’s worst mum

These sorts of decisions are few and far between.  Rebecca Quillam reports

The mother of tortured Rotorua three-year-old Nia Glassie has had her parole revoked by the Parole Board.

Lisa Michelle Kuka was granted parole last month because the board said she no longer posed an undue risk to the community.   Read more »

Good, stop in jail for some more time

A scumbag killer has been denied parole…again…for the seventh time.

The NZ Herald reports.

One of New Zealand’s most sadistic killers is still refusing to accept responsibility for elements of his crime.

Hayden Taylor has spent more than 17 years in jail, serving dual sentences of life imprisonment and preventive detention after murdering pregnant teenager Nicola Rankin in September 1996 while on bail for raping former street worker Amanda Watt.

Taylor was denied parole at a Parole Board hearing earlier this month.  Read more »

Tell someone who cares

Boo-hoo sex offenders might spend a lifetime in jail and die there…the only wonder is why it takes a lifetime for them to die.

New Zealand’s ageing sex offenders could wind up dying in prison because of a lack of suitable community support facilities, even if they present little or no risk to the public.

Corrections Department figures obtained by the Waikato Times show more than 200 pensioner-aged offenders are behind bars.

The country’s prison population includes 97 prisoners aged 70 years and older and 13 prisoners aged 80 years and older.

Thirty-three elderly prisoners are serving sentences of preventive detention.  Read more »

Give him a good stretch

The Beast of Blenheim, Stewart Murray Wilson is back behind bars where he belongs after attempting to abscond to Australia.

The Parole Board has found he still poses an undue risk to the community after evidence emerged that he made phone calls mentioning plans to flee New Zealand.

Stewart Murray Wilson was recalled to prison on an interim basis on February 21, pending yesterday’s parole hearing. He has now been recalled indefinitely.

The Parole Board deemed Wilson posed “an undue risk to the safety of the community or any person”.  Read more »

String him up

Wonders will never cease…Stewart Murray Wilson has been recalled to prison.

Stewart Murray Wilson is tonight back behind bars after he allegedly breached the conditions of his parole by phoning someone he shouldn’t have.

Department of Corrections assistant general manager services Maria McDonald confirmed the department had successfully applied for an interim recall to prison for the man – dubbed the Beast of Blenheim.

The Parole Board considered the application this afternoon and Mr Wilson has since been returned to prison.  Read more »

Dud justice spawns vigilantism

Kiwis are getting fed up with crim hugging, panty waist judges. I don’t believe that vigilantism is the right way to go, but it may be the lesser of two
evils. Get the justice sorted and this will not be necessary.

A paedophile released after eight years in prison for crimes that included the drugging and violation of young boys has been driven from Turangi by a firebomb attack on his house.

Darren Simon Kihi – who has committed crimes against as many as 28 victims – was released from prison to live in Turangi last Sunday, after temporarily living in Taupo.

He was moved there because there was no room at a home in another town that offered support for sex offenders, a Parole Board report reveals.

The April report, released to the Waikato Times, said Kihi was at “very-high” risk of reoffending upon release, and the 42-year-old would pose a threat “almost immediately upon release”, without supervision.

However, a month later the Parole Board agreed to release him to Turangi, where he’d been on work release for two years, and had guaranteed employment.

He was also placed on an extended supervision order which restricted his movements. While the Turangi community weren’t privy to the extent of Kihi’s offending, which took place elsewhere, they demanded the Corrections Department remove him.

But residents’ frustrations boiled over this week, culminating in a molotov cocktail attack on Kihi’s Paekiri St house about 6am yesterday. He was not home at the time.

The blast caused internal damage, rendering the house uninhabitable.

Meanwhile another crim thought fighting in court was the go. In a country with a REAL justice system, this idiot would be charged with assault for every one he was struggling with, given the maximum sentence on each case to be served sequentially after the initial sentence had been completed. He’ll probably get victim support.

A bloody fight akin to a bar-room brawl erupted in the New Plymouth District Court this morning.

After being sentenced to nine years jail for a violent robbery, Michael Hutchinson, 37, turned on Shannon Glen, 20, his smaller co-offender standing in the dock beside him and rained punches on Glen and bit him on the shoulder.

An extended fight ensued as prison officers, police and court security staff all tried to get Hutchinson off Glen.

Once Glen was freed the brawl moved to the ground, continuing for several minutes as Hutchinson continued to fight the pile of enforcement staff on top of him.

Tracking Bad Bastards

ᔥ NZ Herald

Anne Tolley has annouced that GPS tracking of bad bastards will start soon. I still recon they should put the live tracking details on a website so we can crowdsource their monitoring:

High risk offenders will be fitted with GPS-equipped ankle bracelets so authorities can monitor their movements around the clock, Government has announced.

Corrections Minister Anne Tolley said the ankle bracelets will notify Corrections staff if paroled offenders stray into “exclusion zones” such as parks and schools.

They will be introduced in August, with 11 child sex offenders on parole with special conditions fitted in the initial launch.

Corrections has asked the Parole Board to order high profile rapist Stewart Murray Wilson, known as the “Beast of Blenheim”, to wear a bracelet following his release from jail in September.

“GPS tracking will be a valuable tool for Corrections and will give peace of mind to communities,” Mrs Tolley said.

“We need to stay one step ahead of these people and this proactive approach with more advanced technology allows us to reduce the risks to the public.”

It's Eden Park

Finally the Government sees sense and decides that it is good not to go against public opinion.

People power won out in the end and Clark's and Mallards dreams lie shattered on Quay Street. 

Now that all the distractions have past it is onto Panty Slut Boy and El Jefe.