Chuck her back in jail, I’m done


Imagine you were wrongfully convicted of smuggling drugs into a country and spent 9 years in a pretty tough jail by our sorts of standards.  You lose the best years of your life.  On the outside, family, friends and government try to intervene and and you are finally paroled under strict conditions.

Pressure is building in Indonesia for Schapelle Corby to have her parole revoked after Indonesia’s deputy justice minister said she may have been “sneaking around the law” in her appearance on Australia’s Seven Network on Sunday.

The Corby family and Seven producers believed they would not be in breach of the Indonesian law if the Sunday Night exclusive did not include an interview with Corby herself.

But Nasir Jamil, a member of Komisi III, the parliament’s justice and human rights committee, said Mercedes Corby doing the interview was “basically the same thing”. ¬† Read more »

Good, stop in jail for some more time

A scumbag killer has been denied parole…again…for the seventh time.

The NZ Herald reports.

One of New Zealand’s most sadistic killers is still refusing to accept responsibility for elements of his crime.

Hayden Taylor has spent more than 17 years in jail, serving dual sentences of life imprisonment and preventive detention after murdering pregnant teenager Nicola Rankin in September 1996 while on bail for raping former street worker Amanda Watt.

Taylor was denied parole at a Parole Board hearing earlier this month.¬† Read more »

Beast back in his box

The Beast of Blenheim has been put back in his box after losing his appeal against his recall to prison.

Hopefully that will be the last we see of him.

Convicted sex offender Stewart Murray Wilson boasted to a vulnerable women he was banned from contacting that he could cut off his monitoring bracelet and flee to Australia with her.

The man dubbed the ‘Beast of Blenheim’ was recalled to prison in February after breaching his parole conditions by phoning a woman he was barred from speaking to under his strict release conditions.

The four-minute call in which Murray made the claims was uncovered by community probation officers and ultimately led to the sex predator’s recall to prison.¬† Read more »

Give him a good stretch

The Beast of Blenheim, Stewart Murray Wilson is back behind bars where he belongs after attempting to abscond to Australia.

The Parole Board has found he still poses an undue risk to the community after evidence emerged that he made phone calls mentioning plans to flee New Zealand.

Stewart Murray Wilson was recalled to prison on an interim basis on February 21, pending yesterday’s parole hearing. He has now been recalled indefinitely.

The Parole Board deemed Wilson posed “an undue risk to the safety of the community or any person”.¬† Read more »

String ‘im up, another bad bastard commits a crime on parole

One day, not far off the citizenry are going to react really rather badly towards the judiciary and other unelected officials that continually let bad bastards out on parole only for them to continue their life of crime.

A man who sexually assaulted a young woman in a Dunedin park last September was on parole at the time from a lengthy prison sentence for serious sexual offending in 2005, the High Court in Dunedin heard yesterday.

Shaun Kahu Leonard, 29, had served seven years of a nine and a half year jail term for a rape with characteristics amounting to deviancy and sadism and had been out of jail only four months when he attacked the 25-year-old Dunedin woman on September 24 last year.¬† Read more »

String him up

Wonders will never cease…Stewart Murray Wilson has been recalled to prison.

Stewart Murray Wilson is tonight back behind bars after he allegedly breached the conditions of his parole by phoning someone he shouldn’t have.

Department of Corrections assistant general manager services Maria McDonald confirmed the department had successfully applied for an interim recall to prison for the man ‚Äď dubbed the Beast of Blenheim.

The Parole Board considered the application this afternoon and Mr Wilson has since been returned to prison.¬† Read more »

Beast can only live at prison


The Beast of Blenheim is to be released but only to a house within site of Whanganui Prison. Personally I think he should have been taken for a long walk off a short pier, but he does have 17 conditions he must comply with.

He isn’t allowed a car and the prison is over 10km from town, plus he will be chipped with GPS like the dog he is:

The serial sex offender dubbed the Beast of Blenheim will live in a house on Whanganui Prison property and will be electronically monitored when he is released from prison in the coming weeks.

Stewart Murray Wilson, 65, is due to be released from Christchurch’s Rolleston Prison on September 1 after serving 18 years for a catalogue of sexual and violent crimes against women and girls over the two decades leading up to his sentencing in 1996.

The Parole Board last month imposed an extended 10-year supervision order on Wilson and he will be 78 when his supervision ends in 2025.

The Board announced today that Wilson is being compelled to live on Whanganui Prison property and within view of the prison in a house yet to be built.

The Board says it believes it has no alternative in the interests of safety.

On his release Wilson will remain under strict conditions imposed by the Parole Board which will be in force for three years.

He will become the first paroled child sex offender to be tracked by GPS.

The Torture of Parole Hearings

ŠĒ• Herald on Sunday

Anna Leask reports on what the parole system does to victims. It gives some idea of what they have to go through in ensuring that killers and abusers remain behind bars.

Stephen Franks asks why it is that Judges fail to see this:

Would that our judges could feel more of that in their approach to victims and the law’s role in keeping the scales of justice in balance. Instead¬†they think they are therapists¬†for criminals.

At elast with judith Collins as Justice minister we should get some meaningful change to the ongoing torture that parole hearings have become for victims of serious crime….thankfully too with the 3 strikes legislation this should lessen.

Word of the Day – Megarexia

I’ve heard it all now. Apparently there is a condition known as megarexia…he should have really just tried the “make people laugh” defence:

Former body-building champion Justin Rys has escaped a prison sentence for importing a drug he was addicted to – GBL, which is known as Fantasy.

The drug was a component of a manicure product available legally in New Zealand, but Rys imported it because it was cheaper bought online.

In Wellington District Court today he was sentenced to six months home detention on four charges of importing the drug.

The 35-year-old former Mr New Zealand and Mr Oceania is still on parole from a seven and a half year term imposed for the same offences.

Rys suffers from a psychological condition called megarexia – which means he sees himself as being much smaller than he is.

Judge Susan Thomas said the random drug testing and other strict conditions of parole would help Rys during the home detention sentence at his parents’ Kapiti home.

Update on my travels

Ok so the mechanic phoned this morning, the van, surprise , surprise is deader than origionally thought.

Bugger, trapped in Ohakune, need to get to the boy's camp at Raglan.

I arranged for the dead van to be transported to Auckland. Hired a car in Ohakune from the lodge and legged it to the camp in Raglan. I made it just in time for dinner.

Then i went eeling with all the boys. For some reason the girls all sooked out of catching eels.

Anyway, on Friday, I do it all in reverse, drive back to Ohakune, then catch a bus to Auckland…man that trip to Wellington has cost an arm and a leg.