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Public say “no” to Craig’s Cuppa


Even if John Key would like to accommodate the Conservative Party purely for pragmatic cold hearted Machiavellian reasons, it looks like the electorate will punish him for it.

I believe the Colmar Brunton poll is out tomorrow, and it will be interesting to see how the Conservative Party is polling.  I mean, if they can’t bring enough MPs in to offset any losses that National may have for being punished over a dirty deal, it is automatically a backward step or at best a zero sum game.

Whichever way this Conservative Party situation is spun, it isn’t looking like Colin Craig’s heading to parliament any time soon.

“What did John Key say about Colin Craig?” contest [UPDATED]



Hmm, what did John Key say?

Your guesses in comments (remember moderation rules!).  Winner gets a virtual Choc Fish with attached bragging rights.

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Chris Trotter is either on the payroll or simply lost the plot completely


Chris Trotter, it appears, has also sold out his principles. He has seriously unhinged over the past few days writing post after post after post variously screaming at Labour MPs to
STFU” and calling them stupid.

Now he is out-right shilling on behalf of the Internet Mana Party, it seems he too ahs sucuumbed tot he magic millions from the Crook of Coatesville.

BRACE YOURSELVES, COMRADES, for some horrendous poll results. The next round of surveys from Colmar Brunton, Reid Research, DigiPoll, Ipsos and Roy Morgan will almost certainly register a major slump in the Centre Left’s support and a concomitant rise in National’s numbers – quite possibly to 55 percent-plus. Labour and the Greens will both take nasty hits and the Internet-Mana Party (IMP) will be very lucky to make it above 1 percent. Apart from John Key, the only other person likely to be smiling is Winston Peters.

The polls will be bad because the framing of Kim Dotcom’s latest intervention in New Zealand politics has been so near-universally and overwhelmingly negative. From the Right (and Sue Bradford) has come the steady drumbeat that Hone Harawira and the Mana Party have done a “dirty deal” with Kim Dotcom and, in the process, “sold out their principles” for cash.

Amplifying this message, TV3’s political editor, Patrick Gower, has characterised the IMP strategy as “a rort” (a term which normally denotes morally questionable if not downright illegal manipulation) even though what the Mana and Internet parties are proposing is well within the rules of MMP and has been a feature of every election campaign since the latter came in force in 1996. Gower’s destructive message has, however, been repeated, ad nauseum, by an endless succession of editorial writers, talkback hosts, columnists and bloggers.

What Chris Trotter forgets is that those editorial writers, talkback hosts, columnists and bloggers are merely repeating the same attack lines that people like Trotter himself, and Martyn Bradbury and all the other sellouts have used against National and Act over Epsom and against Peter Dunne in Ohariu.  Read more »

A few thoughts on the new Alliance

With the left wing shamelessly selling out to Kim Dotcom in the creation of the new Alliance I thought I’d share some thoughts.

One thing we do know is that left wingers are prepared to sell their souls if the ends justifies the means.

Read what Martyn Bradbury has to say:

I just don’t believe we have the luxury of telling the 285 000 kids in poverty that we preferred principled opposition than pragmatic co-operation. 

There you have it…money trumps principles…the very thing that Martyn Bradbury and his little band of socialist dreamers rail against the right for allegedly doing we see them jumping in boots and all. For just a few shiny shekels the hard left of NZ politics has dropped their trousers.

For all of the accusation they have leveled and continue to level against John banks they are doubly worse. When John Banks received a donation it was in his mind “NO strings attached”. Kim Dotcom thought he was buying favours but John Banks could not be bought and so we arrived at the point where we are today with John Banks stitched up on trial by the manipulations and mistruths by Kim Dotcom and his band of enablers and at the same time the left-wing selling their principles for a bit of german loot.

One thing we will be hearing no more from the left-wing though is the description of the coat tail provisions of MMP as a dirty little rort like in Epsom. In fact I await the lengthy posts, articles and television utterances of Patrick Gower about the dirty deals being done on the left. He will no doubt put as much effort and vigour into his reporting of that like he has done with his kickings over Epsom and Ohariu. Or will he? I suspect not.

Dodgy deals and rorts seem to be only done by the right, and not the left. It is a dodgy deal in Epsom but pragmatic use of the MMP system in Te Tai Tokerau. It is dodgy for the right to receive donations from wealthy people but not dodgy for a foreigner interloper on criminal charges to buy two whole political parties.     Read more »

A reader comments

Reader Barnicles2 comments on last night’s poll results

Hey Clint, Hey Matt, Hey Grant, Hey Trev, have you got it yet that good and decent New Zealander’s, the one’s whose votes you need, do not like smear politics and do not want to see decent aspirational people be brought down.

What most people want to see is positive policies and reinforcement that NZ is a good place to live.

If you keep slagging NZ off with no positive alternatives you will continue to suffer, as you should.

Hey Corrin, Hey Paddy, Hey Duncan, remember that 70% or NZ do not want Labour and 89% do not want the Greens, you guys are alienating a large part of the country just to create a story and boost your ratings.

How about reporting the positive, regardless of the source for a change?

Instead of trying to destroy the good that is NZ.

Cartoon of the Day

Credit:  SonovaMin

Credit: SonovaMin

Tweet of the Day

Laura McQuillan snaps Paul Goldsmith pashing up the old chook of Rongotai:

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Cunliffe a drawcard for Labour fundraiser

David Cunliffe was all outraged yesterday as he copped a flogging from John Key.

He thinks it is dreadful that MPs attend fundraisers…of course he is attending a fundraiser where he is the major drawcard for Labour voters.

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Mallard smears made up, will Cunliffe act and demote him for lying in parliament

Trevor Mallard celebrated his promotion by being chucked out of parliament for a scurrilous smear.

Worse, though, he has admitted to Tracy Watkins that the smear he launched in parliament was nothing more than a shameless lie.

Clearly seeing which way things were headed, Labour MP Trevor Mallard fell back on the oldest trick in the book to spice the story up for the evening news and got chucked out of the House after lobbing an incendiary allegation in the Justice Minister’s direction.

Mallard had interjected that Collins’ family had benefited from Oravida to the tune of half a million dollars – a figure he later admitted was based on nothing more than totting up the average fees paid to company directors.

So Collins, whose husband Wong-Tung is a director of Oravida, was not too far off the mark when she accused Mallard of making it up.

What is worse though is TV3 used his lie and smear to mount a full on attack with the three lead items all about the National party and Judith Collins.

The scurrilous smears spread by Patrick Gower and Trevor Mallard show clearly that TV3 have decided to inject themselves into the political game and therefore are fair game now.

Yesterdays question time was billed by TV3 and their useful helpers in the NZ Herald as the day Crusher would be crushed, and when that failed to happen, and Labour’s attacks were blunted they took it upon themselves to do the job of the opposition.

Well if the media want to be the story and be the opposition then they get to face scrutiny of their own actions.

No wonder that people are sick of the mainstream media and are calling out for a news medium that reflects their own values.


Source/ Fairfax


Cartoon of the Day

Credit:  SonovaMin

Credit: SonovaMin