Patrick Gower

Patrick Gower on the election

When Patrick Gower isn’t taking stories from me, he is taking stolen materials from hackers.

But today he writes in the Herald on Sunday about the election.

Try to make sense of this: it looks like John Key can’t lose an election that he can’t win.

Yes, Key in an unloseable position in an unwinnable race.

The polls show the left can’t win – they can’t get the numbers together to get a feasible majority no matter what.

The right can get the numbers together to win – but not without some serious compromises. It looks as if it’s not a matter of whether Key wins, but more how he wins.

For several years now the opposition have mocked John Key, along with the pundits like Gower, claiming he didn’t have support partners.

Now it looks like National has plenty of support partners…so many that National may be able to form a government easily with at least 60% of the vote.

Things aren’t so flash on the other side.

Let’s start with the death throes of the left.

The Greens’ tricky, cynical and reheated claim they could work with National was probably the final gasp of the left bloc this week.

It was just Greenwash, really: Russel Norman and Metiria Turei hate Key and everything he stands for, and have spent the past three years bashing National.

Gower on Cunliffe (he’s finally coming around)

When, as a leftie politician,  you’ve lost Paddy Gower, you might as well send out invitations to your political funeral.

Labour’s campaign bus is officially called Big Red.

But this week a more appropriate moniker was surely the David Cunliffe Blunder Bus.

The signs were never really that good for the bus from the campaign’s first week, when it had a prang in Tauranga, escaping with scratched paint.

This week it was Labour’s campaign itself that veered seriously off-course when leader Cunliffe botched and bungled his way through a defence of Labour’s capital gains tax policy.

This put a serious dent in Labour’s campaign. It could turn out to be a tragedy for Labour.

The election was there for the taking and suddenly John Key has snatched it back.

Dirty Politics was just what Labour needed – it was like someone hit the reset button.

Finally, Key and National were pulled down a peg or two. Read more »

Cartoon of the Day

Credit:  SonovaMin

Credit: SonovaMin

Karl du Fresne on Dirty Politics

No wonder Giovanni Tiso wants Karl du Fresne silenced.

Look at this analysis of dirty politics:

What makes me suspicious is that whoever hacked Slater’s emails subsequently began drip-feeding them on Twitter in a carefully phased operation obviously calculated to cause maximum political damage. As TV3 political editor Patrick Gower pointed out, that required a high degree of political and media savvy.

Suspicion has fallen on Kim Dotcom (hardly surprising, given that he boasted at the weekend about hacking the German chancellor’s credit rating), but both Dotcom and Hager strenuously deny his involvement.

Whoever’s responsible, it began to look less like the work of someone who had spontaneously attacked Slater’s email account out of anger at the “feral” headline, and more like an example of the political “black ops” that Hager supposedly despises.

Hager’s role in the affair has largely escaped critical scrutiny. He has been a trenchant critic of clandestine surveillance of private communications in the past – indeed, wrote a book about it. Yet here he is, using stolen emails to write a book whose publication is timed to derail a party he obviously opposes.

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I’m sure this is all above board


Paddy Gower gets his pound of flesh


Sean Plunket writes:

I have an apology to make to 3 News Political Editor Patrick Gower.

On Friday, I suggested Patrick knew about the Nicky Hager book in advance, and in particular the material relating to Judith Collins.

Patrick was tricked into coming on-air under false pretences. I then questioned him about this live on air without having any evidence whatsoever to support the claims. These claims were based on comments from listeners that I did not check and I have since discovered there is no basis for the claims. Read more »

Barry Soper locked out from last nights debate, and not at all happy about it

Last night a WOBH camera operator was in attendance at the farce of a debate in Helensville electorate.

He was able to capture the displeasure exhibited by NewstalkZB journalist Barry Soper as he sought entry to the hall.

Note that Patrick Gower seemed able to saunter through the rather aggressive door security.

Soper was undeterred and unleashed that little Rottweiler that still lives inside himself.

Eventually the PM’s handlers arranged to assist him through the door.

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Public say “no” to Craig’s Cuppa


Even if John Key would like to accommodate the Conservative Party purely for pragmatic cold hearted Machiavellian reasons, it looks like the electorate will punish him for it.

I believe the Colmar Brunton poll is out tomorrow, and it will be interesting to see how the Conservative Party is polling.  I mean, if they can’t bring enough MPs in to offset any losses that National may have for being punished over a dirty deal, it is automatically a backward step or at best a zero sum game.

Whichever way this Conservative Party situation is spun, it isn’t looking like Colin Craig’s heading to parliament any time soon.

“What did John Key say about Colin Craig?” contest [UPDATED]



Hmm, what did John Key say?

Your guesses in comments (remember moderation rules!).  Winner gets a virtual Choc Fish with attached bragging rights.

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Chris Trotter is either on the payroll or simply lost the plot completely


Chris Trotter, it appears, has also sold out his principles. He has seriously unhinged over the past few days writing post after post after post variously screaming at Labour MPs to
STFU” and calling them stupid.

Now he is out-right shilling on behalf of the Internet Mana Party, it seems he too ahs sucuumbed tot he magic millions from the Crook of Coatesville.

BRACE YOURSELVES, COMRADES, for some horrendous poll results. The next round of surveys from Colmar Brunton, Reid Research, DigiPoll, Ipsos and Roy Morgan will almost certainly register a major slump in the Centre Left’s support and a concomitant rise in National’s numbers – quite possibly to 55 percent-plus. Labour and the Greens will both take nasty hits and the Internet-Mana Party (IMP) will be very lucky to make it above 1 percent. Apart from John Key, the only other person likely to be smiling is Winston Peters.

The polls will be bad because the framing of Kim Dotcom’s latest intervention in New Zealand politics has been so near-universally and overwhelmingly negative. From the Right (and Sue Bradford) has come the steady drumbeat that Hone Harawira and the Mana Party have done a “dirty deal” with Kim Dotcom and, in the process, “sold out their principles” for cash.

Amplifying this message, TV3’s political editor, Patrick Gower, has characterised the IMP strategy as “a rort” (a term which normally denotes morally questionable if not downright illegal manipulation) even though what the Mana and Internet parties are proposing is well within the rules of MMP and has been a feature of every election campaign since the latter came in force in 1996. Gower’s destructive message has, however, been repeated, ad nauseum, by an endless succession of editorial writers, talkback hosts, columnists and bloggers.

What Chris Trotter forgets is that those editorial writers, talkback hosts, columnists and bloggers are merely repeating the same attack lines that people like Trotter himself, and Martyn Bradbury and all the other sellouts have used against National and Act over Epsom and against Peter Dunne in Ohariu.  Read more »