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Brian Edwards has his panties in a bunch

My good friend and luncheon sausage aficionado Brian Edwards has got his panties in a bunch over TV3′s media bias.

The following report by TV3 political editor Paddy Gower appeared on the channel’s 6pm bulletin last night. Setting aside as best you can your political prejudices, please answer the following question: Is this journalism or a party political broadcast on behalf of the National Party?

He needn’t worry, TVNZ is pulling their weight as Labour’s sleeper agents.    Read more »

HoS editorial on Dotcom’s dodgy deals

Patrick Gower should really be sinking his chipmunk teeth into finding out who the dodgy MP is that is skulking in his current party but looking at bailing out in June, dogging on his mates.

That MP is a traitor to his party and should be outed. Instead I fear we will have more stories from him and Corin Dann about how much milk there is or isn’t in the fridges of Oravida’s offices.

The Herald on Sunday makes a call for openness from Dotcom, but there is fat chance of that after he got a gagging order against his former head of security. That didn’t work in keeping his appalling employment practices secret, and it won’t work in keeping other dodgy behaviour secret either.

Dotcom is dangerous. He could threaten Key. But his private life could also explode in the face of potential allies like Labour, the Greens and Mana.

I don’t think he is dangerous, not with what I know and will release. His party will wither and die with coming revelations, my only hope is it also takes out all those who have bent their knee to Dotcom. If is hilarious to see Mana leap into bed with them when he rips off workers in such a blatant manner. I wonder what John Minto of the Unite union and a Mana party prospect thinks about Dotcom paying his staff less than the minimum wage as required by law.

He is fighting extradition to the United States to face copyright charges, and suffered a setback in that fight on Friday when the Supreme Court ruled he would not have access to details of the American prosecution case against him.

He has also gone to court this week to prevent disclosures by his disgruntled former head of security, Wayne Tempero, apparently angry at having his contract and pay cut. Tempero is threatening to lift the lid on Dotcom’s relationship with staff, debts, and allegedly embarrassing trivia such as what he keeps in his basement. Dotcom says he cannot (or will not) comment on the threatened Tempero disclosures, beyond dismissing them as a “smear campaign” and promising his creditors will be paid in full this week.  Read more »

Groucho Marx’s Labour party


This accurately sums up the state of the Labour party.

You can see the evidence of this in their ham-fisted attacks and smears on Judith Collins and now John Key. Aided by their pals in the compliant media, like Patrick Gower and Corin Dann they really are making a mockery of politics, their party and journalism.

The excuse making and justifications of Gower’s recent behaviour in Shanghai, by journalists like Russell Brown, just make that sort of scurrilous reporting available to all.

I look forward to Patrick Gower invading the office of Selwyn Pellett and rummaging his drawers, fridge and bookshelves looking for evidence of his cozy relationship with Labour and the unions. Of course that won’t happen.

Since the departure of Helen Clark the party has been stagnant, and now since the arrival of the entirely false and contrived David Cunliffe in freefall in the polls. The current state of the Labour party can be sheeted home entirely to the legacy of Helen Clark.  Read more »

There is no point arguing with some people

…like Winston Peters

Herald media blogger Paul Casserly manages to mix politics and science to explain

There’s no point arguing with some people.

That’s something that Patrick Gower and every other journalist in New Zealand who finds themselves in front of Winston Peters knows all to well. To interview the man is essentially to be told off by him.

After a lengthy spiel about how New Zealand First is totally against the recent electrical asset sales and plans, if able, to “put back the system into one delivery of electricity throughout the country” Gower sought clarification, “So you will buy back Genesis?” Winston: “Yes”. God, we were actually getting somewhere for once.

“Would you walk away from negotiations over that? Would you walk away?” continued Gower. But, as you probably guessed, we were soon shot back in outer space, entering a wormhole that even Sagan or deGrasse Tyson would struggle to grapple with.

Winston, did not answer with an earthly “yes” or “no”, or even a “maybe”, but came back with a lengthy telling off.

“You say ‘you’! Straight away we’re back talking about Winston Peters. The New Zealand First Party is having it’s 21st birthday in July of this year, which means that we haven’t been around because one guy has been running the show himself like a dictator … In terms of walking away we’re not even walking in until we get what we believe New Zealand economically and socially needs … Paddy look, I’m not going sit here like someone in a star-chamber federal case in the United States while you think you’re going to nail me down.”

There was to be no nailing down in this particular “star-chamber” or any other I suspect, but it’s fun to watch an attempt.

As a TV spectacle these encounters with Peters are unequalled, like the joy one gets from watching someone attempting to wrestle a greasy pig.

It’s going to be an interesting ride to the election thanks to planet Winston, just as it’s going to be an interesting ride through the universe on Cosmos.

Indeed, Neil deGrasse Tyson seems to describe both journeys when he says: “In this ship of the imagination, free from the shackles of space and time we can go anywhere.”

I honestly don’t know why any media invites Peters to an “interview”.  They are either buying themselves a few minutes of personal and professional insults or if they are still wincing from the last encounter, the give Peters a run at a free commercial to say pretty much anything he likes.

With Winston, the only winning move is not to play.


An email from a reader

I love my readers and the fact that they correspond with me. Sometimes their ideas get turned into a post after some research, other times they can stand on their own like this emails from a reader.

I still fail to see what Ms Collins did wrong and not a single one of my mates has mentioned it and they are usually pretty quick to stick the boot into any politician.

The MSM continue to burn off their advertisers audience by devoting all their opinion space to dissecting something that very few people give a shit about.

I quite like her to be honest and she does remind me a bit of Maggie and having grown up in England during the seventies where Dad was only allowed to work 3 days a week and his marginal tax rate was 98%…it was shocking so like many of my age group I have a soft spot for Maggie.

But if if I sit here and imagine it was Ruth Dyson who while overseas dropped in and had dinner with her hubbies business interests would I care? …not at all, even though I can’t stand her and she is worse than useless.   Read more »

Geddis on donations and why Cunliffe’s trust is tricky

Even though Andrew Geddis, like a petulant child, can’t bring himself to say my name, he does make good points in his latest post at Pundit.

The left wing blogosphere has been cock-a-hoop (wrongly it turns out) that Patrick Gower ‘got’ John Key on The Nation. Geddis doesn’t agree and schools them on the law.

There’s been a bit of lefty gloating going on around the traps aboutPatrick Gower’s interview with John Key on The Nation, in which he sought to draw an equivalence between David Cunliffe’s use of a trust to receive donations for his Labour leadership campaign and donations that National received back in 2010 and 2011 through a dinner held at “Auckland’s pricey Parnell restaurant Antoine’s”.

(On that last point, check out Antoine’s menu and the attached prices. This, remember, apparently is one of John Key’s “favourite places to eat”. That this fact does not at all seem to undermine the popular view of him as being “just like us” is a source of unending mystery!)

But much as I would love to grab a pitchfork and torch and follow in behind the crowd all the way to the door of Key’s castle on a bleak mountain top (which is what he lives in, right?), my goddam conscience just won’t let me do it. So I’m going to have to break ranks and say, “nice try, but not quite.”

If the lefty bloggers take just 5 minutes to read why they will find out why no other media except TV3 is pushing this story.  Read more »

Donations vs Dinner

The left wing is all cock-a-hoop about Patrick Gower’s little mis-aimed hit on The Nation this morning.

However Claire Trevett pops that particular bubble.

The fools claiming this is some sort of hypocrisy fail to realise that this is over 4 years old, the dinner was in 2010, we’ve had an election in the meantime plus continuous disclosure of donations.  Read more »

Herald and Bryce Edwards manufacturing news again

Bryce Edwards is always one of the first to climb into me…on almost anything, like most sanctimonious commentators he should perhaps remove the log from his own eyes.

Here he was two nights ago begging for bloggers to write hit pieces against the National party.

So there wasn’t any copy for him to use on his chosen topic so he went out and begged for it…to create the impression that there was over confidence and arrogance amongst National. He had nothing..and so begged for copy. And so his dutiful obedient left wing followers all piled in to help him with his column.



Bryce Edwards was then able to announce his column yesterday..which was on guess what?    Read more »

Cunliffe caught hiding another trust, and relies on legal advice from bloggers

Patrick Gower kicked David Cunliffe hard in the cods last night, revealing that David Cunliffe has another secret trust, one he has just now decided to discover and declare to on parliaments pecuniary interests register.

What is it with these working class heroes that they forget hundreds of thousands of dollars stashed in secret trusts and offshore bank accounts?

3 News can reveal Labour Party leader David Cunliffe failed to declare a financial trust, as MPs are required to do with investments.

He initially tried to keep the trust off the official record – but was forced to make a late change.

“I’m the beneficiary of the Bozzie Family Trust and a bare trust called ICSL which does savings and investments,” he says.

A check of the latest register of MP’s Pecuniary Interests shows only one of these two was actually declared on time – The Bozzie Trust, which owns his house.

He left out the ICSL trust and was forced to correct the register by making a late declaration posted on the website.

“He needs to be upfront and clear about when he found this trust, why he forgot about it. These are just basic facts that he should tell the public,” says Prime Minister John Key.    Read more »

Cunliffe makes another ‘mistake’, how many before he is held to account?

Yesterday’s admission from David Cunliffe that he made a mistake attacking the PM for where he lives would mean something – if he hadn’t overlooked his own ‘middle range’ existence repeatedly.

Particularly among audiences where he’s talking with the bros:

Read more »