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Why Holding an Electorate Matters

Scum List MPs are scum. They have far less mana than those who win a seat. That’s why Paula Bennett was like a rat up a drain pipe in her haste to get to Upper Harbour, and why Phil Twyford whored himself out around Auckland to win a selection in a safe seat.

List MPs are double scum if they have lost a seat. In 2005 National won seats off Labour and the Labour MP was back on the plane to Wellington the next week even though they had been voted out by their electorate.

Losing your seat means you lose credibility. It gives the leader or the party an excuse to leave you out of cabinet. You become a second class citizen. That is why MPs work so hard to hold seats, even though under MMP seats do not affect the proportionality of parliament.   Read more »

Greens say tax is good, not a burden at all

Russel Norman is upset because a public official used a common economic term, tax burden, …nice to know he thinks it isn’t and that their proposals for more tax won’t be a burden for anyone.

Treasury, the government’s lead economic policy advisor, has been accused of expressing ideological right wing views in a parliamentary select committee for calling tax a “burden”.

Green Party co-leader Russel Norman on Wednesday questioned Treasury officials presenting the department’s long-term fiscal strategy to the finance and expenditure select committee whether the use of the term “tax burden” was a policy neutral way to describe tax, saying it reflected Treasury’s ideological position.  Read more »

Gay Marriage wrecks National in Epsom?

Word is leaking out of a good old fashioned barney in the National Party’s leafy green electorate of Epsom.

At a meeting the other night, Paul Goldsmith was shredded by some of the long serving party members of Mt Eden and Epsom branch over his decision to support the marriage equality bill.

Clearly Goldsmith was on the right side of history, even if on the wrong side of heaven (as they see it)

Some of his strongest supporters in the local branch accused Goldsmith of completely failing them, betraying the values he was elected on. Others, post meeting, threatened to roll poor Paul at a selection next year or help Colin Craig and the Conservative Party.   Read more »

Will the National Party do anything at the Local Government Elections?

Local government is the breeding ground for political parties, where newbies cut their teeth and prove themselves. It is also an incredibly important part of our system of governance, with dodgy councils being able to waste lots of money then stick out their hands for more from government.

Strategically it makes a lot of sense for political parties to run strong local government campaigns. The strategic stupidity of the National Party means that they are not doing anything at these local body elections. The Board has not got involved at all, and caucus also put it in the too hard basket just last Tuesday despite the impassioned plea from Auckland based MPs.

This means National’s proxies, C&R in Auckland, and Independent Citizens in Christchurch are going to get no support from National, and will get a sound hiding from Labour in the coming elections.  Read more »

Is Farrar telling the Conservatives to concentrate on East Coast Bays?

David Farrar blogs about reports the Conservatives are thinking of campaigning in Epsom:

Actually I would say Epsom is more liberal than other electorates such as Tamaki.

My belief is that Paul Goldsmith will become MP for Epsom at the next election, so long as his name is on the ballot paper. I don’t think Epsom wants to become the tactical voting capital of NZ.

If I was advising the Conservatives, I’d tell them to look for a seat where it is likely a National MP will retire in 2014. Their chances are best there.

Farrar is always good at analysis, and will tell you that winning a seat from an incumbent is near impossible. This means Colin Craig will struggle to beat the extremely popular local MP Mark Mitchell in Rodney, who already pasted him once, or the high profile and high name recognition Maggie Barry in North Shore.

This leaves just one seat north of the harbour bridge, East Coast Bays. For some time now it has been rumoured that Murray McCully has been offered three years practicing diplomacy in gay Paris, where he can pretend to be ambassador while examining the cultural implications of the Folies Bergere from the New Zealand taxpayers perspective.

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More tumble than rough

The rough & tumble of Parliament took on a whole new meaning for Paul Goldsmith last night…

National’s Paul Goldsmith is best known for “taking a fall” in Epsom, allowing ACT’s John Banks to win the seat.
Yesterday he narrowly avoided a replay. In mid-speech on Greens co-leader Russel Norman’s foreign investment bill, the earnest Mr Goldsmith suddenly exited stage right into the aisle beside his seat.
Returning to shot on Parliament’s TV feed, he apologised for “getting carried away”, but Deputy Speaker Lindsay Tisch soon ruled him out of time, saying he should not have “fallen off his perch”.

The Difference between Epsom and Rodney

John Armstrong talks about Mark Mitchell being asked to take a dive to let Colin Craig win Rodney to give National a life line. The precedent is when Don Brash endorsed Rodney Hide in Epsom, at the expense of Richard Worth, and Paul Goldsmith was told not to campaign in Epsom in exchange for a safe list position.

The difference between Worth, Goldsmith and Mitchell is Mitchell has a safe blue seat, he has a 20 year career ahead of him, and like most National back benchers it is in his best interests to see National go into opposition so he can get a promotion when all the senior people leave.

Richard Worth was dependent on Don Brash for a job after 2005 so he toed the line. Paul Goldsmith does what he is told and knew what he was getting into when he ran for Epsom. Paul has admirable ideological perspectives but this does not necessarily translate to vote winning. Mark Mitchell, on the other hand, has huge vote winning potential, a strong electorate infrastructure who are now all behind him, and a bright future that becomes only brighter if National loses in 2014.

It is hard to see Mark Mitchell take a dive. A guy who has a track record like Mark likes a scrap, and won’t shy away from one no matter who it is with. Peter Goodfellow is scarcely going to have him quivering in his boots. Mark is used to facing really scary people like armed offenders as a police officer and a whole lot of seriously bad, heavily armed arabs in the middle east, hell bent on killing him.

Really stern words from Peter Goodfellow or Greg Hamilton will likely be met with a polite “Get Fucked”. Far better that National looks to throw McCully under the bus if they really want Colin Craig holding them to ransom.

Still getting it wrong

Yesterday I blogged about Paul Goldsmith using the title Mp for Epsom, when this is demonstrably incorrect.

A few little tweaks later and all is fixed…or is it? …seems the meta tags haven’t been changed yet.

Quite clearly at the top of the browser in the title it still describes him as “MP for Epsom”.

Although it’s second nature for Goldsmith to be rude to the paid help, he clearly hasn’t jumped up and down enough about how his website still describes himself as the MP for Epsom.

I guess it’s hard to be on top of things sometimes, like following Parliamentary rules properly and not risking complaints to the speaker’s office about misleading constituents.

MP for Meerkats perhaps?

Interesting that Paul Goldsmith is describing himself as the MP for Epsom, which is of course incorrect. The Hon. John Banks is the MP for Epsom.

He is a scum List MP who lives in Epsom – a completely different kettle of fish.

Not sure the speaker would agree with Goldsmith’s describing himself as such….perhaps the Member for Meerkats would be more accurate?

Well it is

Stephen Conroy is in trouble for stating the obvious:

The minister in charge of Australia’s broadcasting standards has dropped the F-word live on national television during children’s viewing hours.

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy was answering an AAP question about the risk for investment in Australia at the National Press Club in Canberra that was being shown live on the ABC today.

“In terms of sovereign risk, I love the debate about sovereign risk,” he said.

“I have seen a new definition of sovereign risk, it is asymmetrical.

“If a tax goes up, God, that is sovereign risk. But if a tax goes down, f—ing fantastic.”

He quickly added: “Excuse me.”

The next program on the ABC’s schedule was the G-rated Meerkat Manor, an animal show popular with young children.

Bonus points for using the word asymmetrical too.

I’m wondering though, is Meerkat Manor a programme about Paul Goldsmith and Scott Simpson?