Paul Goldsmith

List spots signal potential deals

Claire Trevett observes that National’s list spots reveal the intention behind National’s potential deals.

National has sent a clear signal it will do a deal in the Ohariu and Epsom electorates by ranking its candidates in those electorates in high list places.

The highest ranked non-MP is Brett Hudson, National’s new candidate in Ohariu. Ohariu is currently held by United Future leader Peter Dunne, one of the National Government’s support partners.

Prime Minister John Key is expected to announce next week whether he will guide National voters in Ohariu and Epsom to give their electorate votes to Mr Dunne and Act’s David Seymour in those electorates to try to ensure National has support partner options.

Mr Hudson is the only non-MP who is ranked above some sitting MPs, at 39th place on the list and on current polling is a certainty to get into Parliament.

Epsom candidate Paul Goldsmith is ranked at 30 – nine slots above his 2011 ranking.

Mr Key is also expected to decide whether to cut a similar deal in East Coast Bays.

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Hugging the corpse from National’s Epsom chair

It is my rule in politics to never hug a corpse…at least not publicly. People should keep their political necrophilia behind closed doors.

What a dumb move from a National Party officeholder to enthusiastically hug a rotting corpse, especially one who disgraced themselves and got the DCM from the highest levels of the party.

It is a great pity that Claudette has withdrawn her candidature, she is a fine person, extremely able and has done very well during her short time in the house.

Additionally Claudette has demonstrated very ably that National’s philosophies and support for individual responsibility and private enterprise are widely supported.

Haere Ra Claudette, all the very best for the future.

Tom Bowden

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Can Paul “Reek” Goldsmith ever be a Minister?

Claire Trevett delivered an awesome sledge last week, calling Paul Goldsmith “Reek” from the Game of Thrones.

For those who still don’t know who Reek is, he is a character (Theon Greyjoy) in the Game of Thrones who has his tackle chopped off and is tortured to the point of insanity.

The problem for Reek Goldsmith is not so much the pressure and bad publicity for taking a dive in Epsom. It is that he is dead set useless when put on the spot by the media.

Watch him gulp like a goldfish when asked a really simple question about running in Epsom and dodging a debate. This is a political train wreck. Despite Matthew Hooton’s best efforts it is hard to see John Key ever making Goldsmith a minister, because Reek has demonstrated how absolutely useless he is when under pressure.  Read more »

Reek Can’t Speak

The other day Claire Trevett wrote what was possibly the best political column I have ever seen.

In it she describes Paul Goldsmith to a tee.

In an eerie parallel with the current series of Game of Thrones, the 2014 election has also reached the stage in which the alliance of wildlings and giants are trying to breach the Wall led by Mance Rayder in the form of Kim Dotcom and his mammoths in the form of dollars.

The Houses of National and Labour are lining up their bannermen in the form of future coalition partners.

The price for the bannermen, of course, is that National must promise a castle as a reward for their fealty. Castle Epsom is already effectively promised to Act’s David Seymour, although Prime Minister John Key is yet to make the promised announcement of it. National’s candidate in Epsom, Paul Goldsmith, is again in the role of Reek – a candidate broken down to the point where he is effectively an obedient, submissive dog. With Epsom and Ohariu effectively done deals, that leaves National with the House of Conservatives to contend with.

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No cup of tea needed – ACT gifted Epsom


Brook Sabin reports

After the National Party’s Epsom candidate Paul Goldsmith dodged The Nation’s Epsom debate, he went very quiet.

And Mr Goldsmith admitted that, once again, winning the seat is not his priority. That means he is out to lose and the infamous Epsom cup of tea deal is being done again.

When asked why he was a no-show at the Epsom debate, he answered the National Party was doing the best job it can.

Why only do this in Epsom then?   Cup of tea deals could be done in other safe National electorates.   Read more »

Tweet of the Day

Laura McQuillan snaps Paul Goldsmith pashing up the old chook of Rongotai:

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Does Matthew Hooton use iPredict to promote his mates?

Everyone knows corporate whore Matthew Hooton is as cunning as a sh*thouse rat and has been very successful in taking large sums of money of people who want politicians lobbied.

What is not so well known is how Hooton uses iPredict to promote his mates in parliament.

Last week it was immediately putting the socially inept Paul Goldsmith up as a minister, even though Goldsmith is as popular with his peers as Nikki Kaye is with hers.

Promoting Goldsmith may help the Hooton faction, but it would alienate all Paul’s benchmates who think he has so little empathy the way for him to gift ACT Epsom is to campaign more.  Read more »

Why Holding an Electorate Matters

Scum List MPs are scum. They have far less mana than those who win a seat. That’s why Paula Bennett was like a rat up a drain pipe in her haste to get to Upper Harbour, and why Phil Twyford whored himself out around Auckland to win a selection in a safe seat.

List MPs are double scum if they have lost a seat. In 2005 National won seats off Labour and the Labour MP was back on the plane to Wellington the next week even though they had been voted out by their electorate.

Losing your seat means you lose credibility. It gives the leader or the party an excuse to leave you out of cabinet. You become a second class citizen. That is why MPs work so hard to hold seats, even though under MMP seats do not affect the proportionality of parliament.   Read more »

Greens say tax is good, not a burden at all

Russel Norman is upset because a public official used a common economic term, tax burden, …nice to know he thinks it isn’t and that their proposals for more tax won’t be a burden for anyone.

Treasury, the government’s lead economic policy advisor, has been accused of expressing ideological right wing views in a parliamentary select committee for calling tax a “burden”.

Green Party co-leader Russel Norman on Wednesday questioned Treasury officials presenting the department’s long-term fiscal strategy to the finance and expenditure select committee whether the use of the term “tax burden” was a policy neutral way to describe tax, saying it reflected Treasury’s ideological position.  Read more »

Gay Marriage wrecks National in Epsom?

Word is leaking out of a good old fashioned barney in the National Party’s leafy green electorate of Epsom.

At a meeting the other night, Paul Goldsmith was shredded by some of the long serving party members of Mt Eden and Epsom branch over his decision to support the marriage equality bill.

Clearly Goldsmith was on the right side of history, even if on the wrong side of heaven (as they see it)

Some of his strongest supporters in the local branch accused Goldsmith of completely failing them, betraying the values he was elected on. Others, post meeting, threatened to roll poor Paul at a selection next year or help Colin Craig and the Conservative Party.   Read more »