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Labour selects Meka Whaitiri for Ikaroa-Rawhiti, skulduggery defeated

It looks like the Nasty faction inside Labour has taken a beating today. Their skulduggery in attempting to parachute in Shane Taurima has failed.

The women’s caucus will not be at all happy that Shane Taurima got rinsed. Neither will Paul Tolich who was probably looking forward to a new coffee machine. Expect a bit of a backlash from the EPMU as well.

Meanwhile the party announced the selection a short time ago.

The New Zealand Labour Party has selected Meka Whaitiri as the party’s candidate for the Ikaroa-Rawhiti by-election at a hui in Taradale today.

The selection meeting saw six high quality candidates present to more than 700 Labour Party members at Kokiri Marae in Lower Hutt, Hauiti Marae in Tolaga Bay and St Joseph’s Maori Girls’ College in Taradale.

Meka Whaitiri grew up in Whakatu, Hastings. She started work at the local freezing works, went on to complete a Masters degree in Education from Victoria University and is currently Chief Executive of Ngāti Kahungunu. Meka is affiliated to Ngati Kahungunu and Rongowhakaata.  Read more »

Ikaroa Rawhiti Skulduggery continues

The stitch up continues, with the strong local candidates Henare O’Keefe and Meka Whaitiri getting it in the arse from the nasty faction who are promoting ring in Shane Taurima.

The decision looks likely to be stripped out of the local’s hands by the nasty faction. Paul Tolich’s new coffee machine has been purchased and he is working overtime on behalf of Shane together with the nasty faction led by Carol Beaumont and Sue Moroney. Emails are being sent supporting Shane by Deb Mahuta-Coyle on behalf of Shane Taurima.

Unfortunately for the Nasty Faction they don’t seem to understand the party rules. Sources inside the faction are telling me that they are frantically trying to sign up members at this very late stage, although new members will have no say in the decision. The sources are in disbelieve that Paul, Sue and Carol can be so inept, and through their immoral tactics and skulduggery they are putting the chances of a good man at jeopardy.

Shane Taurima is known to be honest and reasonable, but is ruining his reputation by working with inept, nasty party fixers. He should take a big step back, look at those who are supporting him, and wonder whether it is the Maori way to screw over two very good people in Meka and Henare. Selections should be fair and honest, not nasty and unethical.

Parekura Horomia was a man whose integrity and decency was recognised by all sides of the political spectrum. He would be disgusted with the lack of mana shown by the nasty faction trying to stitch up the selection in his old constituency.

Advice to Tim and Moira, if you want selection to be an absolute shambles get Carol Beaumont involved. Everyone knows Carol is useless and got kicked out of the union movement and into parliament because even unions can’t have useless people working for them.

Ikaroa-Rawhiti – Should Meka and Henare do a deal?

The skulduggery in the Ikaroa-Rawhiti selection means the nasty faction of the Labour Party is going to parachute in their candidate, Shane Taurima, over the line ahead of the very well regarded local candidates Henare O’Keefe and Meka Whaitiri.

Meka and Henare should sit down with the kaumatua of Ikaroa-Rawhiti and come to an agreement that one of them will stand so they do not get beaten by an nasty faction imposed outsider.  Read more »

Does anyone in Labour have the mana to stop the Skulduggery in Ikaroa-Rawhiti?

Two very good people, and very good potential MPs Henare O’Keefe and Meka Whaitiri are currently getting shafted by the nasty faction of the Labour Party who want to parachute in one of their own to Ikaroa-Rawhiti.

The orchestrated stitch up is being run by some very unpleasant individuals who have proven they are unelectable. Sources inside their camp are saying that they are terrified of Meka who is far more intelligent and competent than they are, and is likely to leap frog them to senior positions if she makes it into parliament.  Read more »

Skulduggery in Ikaroa-Rawhiti

Parekura Horomia’s replacement is being chosen for the Ikaroa-Rawhiti by election. Word from the electorate is that there is a very nasty stitch up going on to ensure the nasty faction candidate wins and the locals get shafted.

The nasty faction favored candidate is Shane Taurima, and there are a surprising group of unpleasant, unelectable people behind him committing the kind of sins that hasn’t been seen in a selection since the skullduggery in the Rodney selection was outed by this blog.

In the thick of things are some very unpleasant people, including Sue Moroney and Carol Beaumont and the rest of Labour’s women’s caucus. They are being joined by union heavy Paul Tolich who is one of the best practitioners of low bastardry in New Zealand politics.  Read more »

Police State?

Snitch Lynn, the guy with the girls name, at the Standard and Malcolm…..uhhh…More Idiot than Savant at No Right Turn are all agog as is Nicky Hager at the news that the cops are spying on protest groups. From the list of these groups I don’t see Rotary or Lions or Zonta or the Prebyterian Women’s League in there, just the usual list of law breaking, shit kicking bums who show up at all the protests going.

Lynn, the guy with the girls name, at the Standard seems to think that it is all Judith Collins’ fault. Except he forgets that she has only been the Minister for a scant 4 weeks and that these operations have been going on for years, not nine years but perhaps 5 years. That means that his ex-Leader, and her Police Minister, Annette “Full Moon” King must have known about these operations. They would have been briefed, and indeed they probably initiated the investigations.

Malcolm…..uhhhhh….More Idiot than Savant at No Right Turn can be safely ignored because he is just the usual squealer whenever the world isn’t revolving in the alignment he prefers.

That leaves me with Nicky Hager, the trust fund baby who lives in a million dollar house yet hates the very capitalism that clothes and feeds him. He is shocked and horrified that people are being spied on.

Nicky Hager is a fucking hypocrite. He wasn’t shocked and horrified when it became obvious that the Leader of the Opposition was being spied on, and his private and confidential correspondence was stoelen. Oh no, that wasn’t spying was it? It was in the public interest.

Shocked and horrified? Not bloody likely he was fricken ecstatic and wrote a book about it. Fucking, stinking, double dealing little hypocrite.

And now onto Lynn, the guy with a girls name at the Standard’s little niece, oh yeah, she pops up again and again and again. Little shit stirring hussy. Rochelle Rees is no innocent party to all this. She has known for a long time about it, it has all been timed to try to smear National, that somehow they are running a Police State when in fact it was Helen Clark that was running the Police State.

If only the leftist twats like Lynn, the guy with a girls name, would just open their clouded eyes they would see that all this ocurred on Labour’s watch, that they must have known all about it and in fact probably authorised it like the spying on Don Brash.

On another note, why doesn’t Rochelle Rees look to blame her boyfriend, He is the snitch that kept dobbing them all in after all.

Two out-of-action jets leave John Key fuming

Two out-of-action jets leave John Key fumingPrime Minister John Key says it is “unacceptable” that both the Air Force’s Boeing 757 passenger jets are being repaired in Alabama when they should be evacuating New Zealanders from Bangkok. One of the aircraft is back in Alabama… [NZ Herald Politics]

Phil Goff is burned by his own words.

When the 757 returned in August, Labour leader Phil Goff, who was then defence minister, said it would greatly enhance the Air Force’s ability “to evacuate New Zealand citizens should the need arise”.

Well Phil, the need arose and it was your fricken government that sent these planes for reconditioning. STFU wanker, you FAIL.

John Armstrong: Key did right thing, just a few steps late

John Armstrong: Key did right thing, just a few steps lateIn his handling of the first “crisis” to confront him as Prime Minister, John Key has been taught a few instructive lessons about not just keeping in step with public opinion, but the need to stay ahead of it. In sending an Air… [NZ Herald Politics]

John Armstrong has his pinko coloured spectacles on again this morning in berating John Key for doing too little, too late about the losers stuck in Bangkok.

Now a couple of points here. Phil Goff would have known the 757′s were broken, he was the Defence Minister just 4 weeks ago and would have been informed that the planes were broken and in the US. Quite how the NZ government was supposed to deploy them to help is beyond me. Phil Goff also thinks a valid contigency plan is to sponge off your mates by asking Australia for help.

Quite apart from all that I fail to see why people are sitting on their chuff in Bangkok waiting for the New Zealand government to save their sorry asses.

I had a couple of mates stuck in Thailand, they both got themelves home with no help either asked for or received from the government. One took the bus to Phuket and flew to Singapore from there and the other took a train to Malayasia and flew home from there. A bit of lateral thinking and Kiwi can do spirit.

It seems to me that 9 years of Labour have knobbled the Kiwi Spirit, essentially emasculating us from thinking and doing for ourselves, instead waiting for the munificence of the the government to save us.

Very Pertinent Questions

hat tip Adolf at No Minister

Has Mike Williams resigned his directorships yet?

Has Peter Dunne paid back the money yet?

Has Winston Peters paid back the money yet?


I'm not the only one who thinks Andrew Williams is mental

Andrew Williams got a bit upset with me because I called him mental. In complaining about my post he started a war. I was going to go easy on him until after the election but a couple of things have come to light that means I have to post on the fool.

Firstly the other night he tried to attend the U17 Womens FIFA U17 World cup function at North Harbour Stadium. The stupid twat, though, forgot his credentials. FIFA are simply anal when it comes to accreditation and refused him entry.

Well if that didn’t just set the mental fol off like a firecracker. He shouted and remonstrated and performed like the numpty twat he is. He was heard to be screaming at the poor staff the “He was The Mayor”, and it was “his city” and “his stadium”. The yelling and screaming, I’m told, went on for over an hour.

Then today The Aucklander has printed an article about Andrew Wiliams entitled “Is the Mayor mad?”

His behaviour is described variously as overbearing, controlling, heavy-handed.

The man about whom these words have been used doesn’t flinch as I put the descriptions to him. He does, however, twitch. A lot.

The article then goes on to describe the bizarre and strange life of the Cock of Campbell’s Bay.

He’s formally dressed in a suit, with a red tie that has been over-tightened. He clutches a sheaf of papers in his right hand. His left hand makes karate-chopping motions on the armrest to underscore his comments.

The mayor’s legs are stretched straight in front of him, crossed at the ankles. He’s never completely still and there’s a frequent jerking spasm
right down his legs.

I ask him if he is mad. He sighs and looks at the ceiling before returning to my gaze with a goofy smile and a shrug.

I think he is mad, mad as a snake. He is laughable as a Mayor, kind of a Crunchy the Clown figure.