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New Zealand signs up to Climate Change subterfuge

Leaders from 175 countries, including New Zealand, signed the climate change accords in New York this morning, potentially paving the way for the agreement to come into force years ahead of schedule.

The Paris Agreement covers more than 90 per cent of the world’s emissions with 188 countries taking part in the negotiations held in France in December last year.

“We are in a race against time,” UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told the gathering.

“The era of consumption without consequences is over.”

Many now expect the climate agreement to enter into force long before the original deadline of 2020.

Some say it could happen this year.

Climate Change Minister Paula Bennett says while New Zealand’s 2030 target of reducing emissions to 30 per cent below 2005 levels was ambitious, she is confident of success.

“The next step is for more of the operational details to be fleshed out so New Zealand can consider timing and the best way to ratify the agreement,” Ms Bennett said.

So we signed up to something and we have no idea how to achieve it.  We actually have to still figure it out.  How’s that for awesome?   The thing to remember is that the agreement is non-binding, so yeah, whatever.

John Key’s put all his eggs in the “technology will provide the answer” basket, but to be honest, none of the politicians that are making decisions about climate today will be around to answer for the results, or the lack of them, when it actually becomes clear in 50 years time how much of the whole thing was actually true.

Some decades ago, the world decided to attack pollution.  Clean up the air and waterways.  And that’s a good thing to do no matter what your political persuasion.  Most of the western countries have stopped discharging untreated waste, and we are all better off for it.

And so it is with measures that mitigate climate change.  They may not actually have the desired effect, but the general environmental and life-style improvements that the search for “greener” production will generate is something we can all benefit from.

You may have seen this earlier this week.  If not, I recommend you watch it.  It makes it extremely obvious that by tackling climate change, we need to be looking ahead, and not apply bans and taxes.


– One News, TVNZ

Loony left now hurling death threats at Bennett

The loony left are feral and out of control. They are now hurling death threats at Paula Bennett.

Paula Bennett says she will not be put off making public appearances despite an online threat which said someone should “shoot the b**** dead” at her next public outing.

The Social Housing Minister said this morning that she referred all violent threats to the police.

In a Facebook post two weeks ago, a user wrote: “People own guns out there I dare any[one] to shoot the b**** dead at [her] next public appearance.

The person added: “Gosh I hope keys is standing beside her, 2 birds 1 bullet.”

Speaking to reporters at Parliament this morning, Mrs Bennett said violent threats affected her family more than her.

“When you’ve got your own kids pointing out on social media that someone should shoot me at my next public event it’s pretty distressing…”

She did not think she was being targeted, despite a series of incidents in the last few weeks.

At a visit to Whanganui last week protesters had been “aggressive” and police had been called in as a result.

“They had sex toys with my name on them and that sort of thing. So the whole thing was a bit unsavoury, to be fair.”

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Wicked Campers vigilantism leaves me unhappy

“I wrote to them multiple times, wrote to the general manager, wrote to the owner, tried to speak to them, left voicemails — no response,” National MP Shane Reti said on the Paul Henry programme this morning.

The Advertising Standards Authority has called the company’s van art “deliberately provocative and offensive”. Some bear slogans advocating rape, drug use, murder and racial hatred.

After receiving several complaints from constituents in his Whangarei electorate and struggling to get in touch with Wicked Campers, Mr Reti decided to try another approach.

“We had a number of constituents write to us saying, ‘You know, Snow White smoking crack? I think Disney is going to be upset with that. Maybe you should approach them.’ And so we did.”

Disney was “very angry” with Wicked Campers’ use of their trademarks, as was Coca-Cola, whose logo is used in a reference to cocaine. Meanwhile, Pepsi was “furious”.

“Pepsi basically said, and I quote, ‘Pepsi New Zealand can confirm that it is in no way associated with Wicked Campers, and we will be following up with the company about the inappropriate and offensive use of the Pepsi trademark.’ They are really angry,” says Mr Reti.

As well as the “legal weight” Disney, Coca-Cola and Pepsi will bring to the fight, Mr Reti is warning tourists their own wallets might also be hit hard.

“When you go and pick up a rental van, often you’re asked if you’d like to take up the extra insurance, what they call collision damage waiver — and sometimes that fee can be as much as the daily hire,” he explains. Read more »

Well done Paula and all you other SJWs, now innocent tourists are being victimised

Paula Bennett started a war on Wicked Campers and, as a result, copped some pretty disgusting attacks against her.

But her own actions have now seen innocent tourists cop a flogging from Social Justice Warriors emboldened by official support to perform their own vigilante justice on tourists.

They wanted to see New Zealand on a budget, but they have also received some cheap shots in response to the slogan on the back of their rental van.

Dahman Soraya and Rossano Antonini ​admit they are not a big fan of the slogan – Virginity is curable– painted on the back of their Wicked Camper but say it was not like they had a choice.

“We wanted to see New Zealand and this was the cheapest way for us to do that,” Antonini said.

“It’s not like we had a choice of slogan you just turn up and you get given one. Some are rude and some are more profound.”

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Chris Hipkins disowns union scumbag who threatened Paula Bennett…sort of

Chris Hipkins commented on Kiwiblog’s post about a scumbag union thug, trying to disown him.

His comments are disgusting and wrong. Rape is a horrible thing and should never be used as a political weapon. That goes whether you’re an anti-government activist or the Prime Minister. This photo was taken at Ratana. He approached us to talk about the meat workers fight against AFFCO and asked for a photo. I don’t do background checks on everyone who asks for a selfie or a photo, and suggestions anyone appearing in such photos endorse any comments made by people they otherwise don’t know is simply juvenile. If that’s the new standard I’m sure there are plenty of people frantically deleting their selfies with John Key.

Of course, he had to have a flick at John Key. But Hipkins is wrong here. Megan Woods actually tagged him in to the photo. She even stated it was great to catch up with him…you’d hardly say that about some random who wanted a selfie.    Read more »

The misogyny of the left

Paula Bennett has been attacked on social media and the other day she highlighted one instance when the media jumped all over her.

Fair enough, but this case is so much worse than what John Lehmann ever said.

Meet Phillip Reweti Bear. He’s a protestor, meat worker and thinks that “scabs” should die.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 9.47.33 AM

He also has a message for Paula Bennett.

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National Ministers channel their inner-Clark as nanny-statism takes hold

Who would ever have thought that National ministers would develop nanny-statism.

There is a danger this article will give Wicked Campers the very publicity it seemingly seeks out through the brash slogans on the back of its vans.

And yet, it was a risk three government ministers were willing to take when deciding to tell the Herald on Sunday of their determination to squish from the company the behaviour for which it has become notorious.

The idiot reporter is for once speaking the truth..he is giving free (earned) publicity to a private business…aided and abetted by three government ministers.

Wicked Campers is the brainchild of Australian John Webb.

He has ignored repeated requests to be interviewed for this story. To be fair, he (and Wicked Campers) ignore pretty much everyone. They don’t respond to the ASA, didn’t respond to NZ Transport Agency concerns, ignored government ministers who wrote and didn’t take calls from the Director General of Conservation this week.

His only interview appears to have been with an Australian marketing website about seven years ago. Of the business, he said: “It’s more about a reflection of myself in some ways … just having fun. It comes from … looking for reaction. We think we can’t do that then all of a sudden, we’re ‘stuff it, let’s do it’.”

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Paula’s revolving staff door continues

Paula Bennett has developed a reputation for being hard on staff.

She has had a considerable turn over of staff and now another has left.

The press secretary for Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett has unexpectedly resigned.

Former top investigative reporter Phil Kitchin, has been in the government spin doctor role for less than a year.

He confirmed his resignation on Tuesday.     Read more »

New social housing rules enforced from today

Those looking for state homes could be thrown off the waiting list for 13 weeks for turning down a house “without good reason” more than once.

Currently, potential housing tenants can turn down three homes deemed reasonable before action is taken.

Additionally, they’ll also have to name at least three suburbs they want to live in, as opposed to one, currently.

Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett said people being “overly demanding” had been slowing the process down.

“Too many people have been refusing offers of social housing properties without a good reason and this is delaying others from getting into homes that suit their needs,” she said.

Ms Bennett said 414 houses out of 10,000 offers had been rejected without good cause in 2015, including for reasons such as wanting a garage or a bigger back yard.

You basically get given a free house, many times on top of free money, and these people can say “no”?   It’s about time harder rules were enforced.   Read more »

Hooton on Collins’ revival and leadership contenders

Matthew Hooton discusses the rehabilitation of Judith Collins.

Right now, if some personal tragedy were to befall Mr Key, there would be a period of shock and mourning and the prime ministership would pass to one of his close lieutenants, most probably his deputy Bill English.  Were there a more managed transition over the next four or five years, with Mr Key still popular, incoming Climate Change Minister Paula Bennett, Energy and Transport Minister Simon Bridges or even Justice Minister Amy Adams would be contenders.  A premium would be placed on a record of loyalty to the current regime.  (Despite the big-noting of his associates, Steven Joyce would never have the numbers.)

Ms Collins is not preparing for those circumstances.  Her moment comes if and when the public develops fatigue with Mr Key’s blancmange style of politics and perceives his government’s lack of a serious reform programme will only ever deliver slow relative economic decline, out of the first world and into the second.

Steve Joyce hasn’t a chance, and despite the claims of Hooton, Garner and others neither does Paula Bennett. I’m prepared to put money on that…the only rider on that is the feeling that caucus might want someone to take one for the team in the chook and in that case Paula Bennett will qualify ably in that regard.

Over the past year, Ms Collins has proven herself a highly astute political player.  To force her return to government, she adopted the doctrine that “it’s the squeaky wheel that gets the oil” – a strategy that seldom fails with the risk-averse poll-driven fruitcakes running Mr Key’s government.  Ms Collins pursued the strategy with aplomb, never crossing the line into outright sabotage.

Ms Collins also made clear to her supporters on the right of the party, in the Auckland business community and among the law-and-order brigade that she was more one of them than the wets and corporate-welfarists who currently dominate Mr Key’s circle.

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