People are Stupid

These people all need rounding up and deporting

People are stupid, and some people are really stupid.

New Zealand Police are a busy bunch of people, responding to emergency situations at all times of the day.

But among those sometimes life-threatening situations reported to the 111 number are some questionable calls.

For the 2014/2015 financial year they received 1,840,078 calls for service. Of these, 791,662 were emergency calls meaning the rest weren’t so urgent.

Here are some of the less urgent calls:

  • A man called to complain there was a fly in the chicken he purchased at a local dairy;
  • A woman asked police to deposit money into her bank account;   Read more »

Who the hell sells a house with no reserve?

To avoid $50k of agency fees, he sold it for at least half a million dollars less than he could have.  

And this man is a retired investment advisor. Just as well – I wouldn’t want to take his advice.

A million-dollar Auckland home auctioned at no reserve by the owner to avoid up to $50,000 of agency fees sold far below expectation today.

The six-bedroom, three-bathroom house in Henderson sold for $1.45 million at a poolside auction – just $220,000 above its CV.

Owner Leon Laugalis said he was disappointed, with just 24 people turning up despite his TradeMe listing having over 39,000 views.

“I’m not happy. It sold well below its value. I was told it was likely to get between $1.8 million and $2.4 million,” he said.

“A property developer has bought it and he knows he is buying it well below what it could sell for.”    Read more »

Nah, the vodka has nothing to do with it, it was all the Pepsi Max

Apparently a woman drank herself to death on Pepsi Max…you know the sugar-free version.

That’s what the headlines say anyway.

A mother-of-one drank herself to death with Pepsi Max while on anti-depressants, an inquest heard.

Victoria Lane, from Clayton, Stoke-on-Trent, died from ‘excessive’ levels of caffeine and fluoxetine after downing up to eight litres of the fizzy drink on a daily basis because she enjoyed the taste of it.

The 38-year-old was found dead at her home by her 19-year-old son, Reese, earlier this year. He called 999 and paramedics rushed to the scene, but they were unable to revive his mother.

A post-mortem examination later found the combination of Pepsi Max and prescription drugs had led to ‘excessive consumption’ of both caffeine and fluoxetine, resulting in Miss Lane’s death.

The inquest heard how Miss Lane had struggled with depression, anxiety and paranoia for years.

She had been prescribed drugs, including fluoxetine, to help, but had also started to drink heavily.

Because she liked the taste of Pepsi Max, she decided to use it as a mixer for vodka. The drink also helped her with the side-effects of the drugs, which left her with a dry mouth, her mother said.    Read more »

Why is this guy still driving after nine drink driving convictions?

Some people are born stupid, others really work on it.

But it takes a special kind of stupid to get nine convictions for drink driving and score the last one by ploughing into a cop car while pissed.

A Westport man has been convicted of his ninth drink-driving charge after he collided with a police car while driving on Stout Street.

Colin Moir, 62, pleaded guilty to drink driving and driving while disqualified in Westport District Court last week.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Wayne Corbett said Moir was driving on Stout Street, Westport at about 2.40pm on Sunday September 20. He then drove through an intersection, and collided with a marked police car, causing minor damage to its left rear guard. In the subsequent breath test, Moir blew 842mcg per litre of breath. Moir stated at the time he knew he shouldn’t have been driving, Mr Corbett said.   Read more »

How big is that rock they live under in Alexandra?

Stupid People

Seriously, this scam’s been going over two years and there are still people who don’t know about it?

This is nothing more than a stupid tax.  

At this stage, if “Microsoft” phones you and wants your money, and you don’t know it’s not Microsoft, you deserve to be cleaned out.

Two Alexandra residents have been defrauded thousands of dollars by scam artists posing as Microsoft employees, police say.

The fraudsters have been calling residents and stating that viruses had been detected on their home computers.    Read more »

Stupid is as stupid does, Ctd


For some reason the terminally stupid always seem to run off to the media to prove that they are stupid.

I’ve come to the conclusion that they want the world to know they are stupid.

In general my mantra has become, “People are stupid”.

People think Blenheim woman Vanessa Wills tried to kill herself. She hasn’t, she’s just trying to hide a bad decision.

A spur-of-the-moment choice and the promise of a cheaper tat has left her with an infected tattoo on her wrist – a tattoo she now wishes she never had done.

She went to a tattoo studio to have a small heart tattooed on her wrist, with angel wings and a small locket. She wanted the heart coloured purple, but changed her mind to red at the last minute.

“He was like ‘Well red ink, I’ll use these bottles and it will be cheaper for you’ and I was like ‘Oh cool’. I paid $30 for it. Normally it costs $80 to $100.  Read more »

“Somebody has to be held accountable”…Yeah, your dead son is responsible

You have to wonder at the mentality, or lack thereof of a person whose son was more than twice the legal blood alcohol limits, driving at 120km/h in a 50km/h speed zone and smashes himself into a power pole…and she wants someone else held accountable for his death.

Emergency workers have described how they watched signs of life ebb away from an Auckland man trapped inside a wreckage surrounded by live power-lines.

Meanwhile “anxious” lines company workers looked for the power box.

The emergency workers couldn’t reach Raymond Tuporo for more than two hours and the 26-year-old died as a result of severe injuries suffered in the September 2, 2012, crash.

A coroner’s inquest in Auckland today heard Mr Tuporo, known as Ray, lost control on a corner, drove over a curb and smashed into a power pole on Neilson St in Onehunga about 2.15am.

A police investigation found Mr Tuporo was driving about 120km/h in a 50km/h zone and had a blood alcohol level of more than twice the legal limit.

Ambulance officer Andrew Christie said when he arrived at the scene Mr Tuporo was severely injured and only his upper chest and head were visible.

“He was able to lift his head and respond to us with incomprehensible words and groans. His breathing was rapid and shallow.” Medical staff kept regular checks on Mr Tuporo, from as close as they could get to him, but his responses were declining.

Shortly before 3am, Northpower employees arrived and said they would isolate the affected area in 15 to 20 minutes.

But more than an hour later, at 4.10am, they still hadn’t done so.

Mr Christie said the workers were “looking anxious” and said they couldn’t find the appropriate power box.

By 4.35am power was off and cutting equipment was put to work to free Mr Tuporo.

Five minutes later ambulance staff finally reached him, but he was dead, Mr Christie said.

Read more »

Alleged tough guy wants tough stickers removed before his trial


What a blouse, this ratbag who has ‘Murder’ tattooed on this throat, in full view, wants the tattoo removed before he goes to trial…for murder. He thinks it might prejudice his trial

Of course now the whole world knows about this stupid fool so his plans seem to failed, which isn;t surprising given he certainly wouldn;t qualify as one of life’s winners.

A man charged with first-degree murder in America wants to have his neck tattoo – which says “murder” – removed or covered up before his trial.

Jeffrey Chapman, of Barton County, Kansas, says that he is worried the ink might influence the jury in his upcoming trial for a 2011 killing.   Read more »

Now that really is taking one in the chook

Taking on for team, watch as this chick cops a taser in the butt.

One woman came up with a novel way to raise money for a charity by charging a group of men $100 each to watch her get tasered wearing a bikini.

The bizarre video, which has nearly 250,000 hits, was posted today on YouTube under the title ‘Girl in Bikini Takes Taser Like a Champ.’   Read more »

A good judge

Why can’t we have judges like this in New Zealand?


Richard Dameron, 58, began a week-long vigil in front of a Cleveland police station as penance for drunkenly threatening cops.

A man who threatened police officers in Cleveland has been forced to stand near a police station with a sign describing himself as an idiot.

A judge in Ohio ordered 58-year-old Richard Dameron to stand outside a local police station with a sign bearing an apology.

Dameron, who was convicted of threatening officers in 911 calls, began the vigil on Monday and must stand outside for three hours each day for the rest of the week.

Speaking of his punishment, he said:

“I’ll stand up and be a man and do what I’ve got to do and get it over with. I apologised to all the officers. I get drunk a lot of times and I make a fool out of myself.”

Bold black writing on the yellow sign reads:

“I apologise to Officer Simone and all police officers for being an idiot calling 911 threatening to kill you. I’m sorry and it will never happen again.”

His public shaming is not the first of its kind in the city.

Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Pinkey Carr who sentenced Dameron, previously made a woman wear an “idiot” sign in public for driving onto the pavement to overtake a school bus.