Peter Dunne

Helen Kelly is the next to call out Peter Dunne’s bullshit

It is a red-letter day when Helen Kelly and I are on the same side.

Former CTU head Helen Kelly has labelled Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne’s speech on drug reform “dishonest”.

Her battle to access medicinal cannabis for her terminal lung cancer has unfolded publicly.

She’s currently taking cannabis products she sources illegally to relieve her pain.

Ms Kelly says the product she took last night made her violently ill, and she and other sufferers need a product that’s specialist-approved.

“I’m dying, and it’s considered not good enough for me because somehow it’s going to harm me, it’s ludicrous.”    Read more »

Wow! Pigs do fly

Wonders will never cease, it seems the government has worked out that pigs really do fly.

Cities are emptying out for the school holidays and so is parliament in Wellington.

Parliament is in recess this week so several ministers are off overseas.

Prime Minister John Key is in China with officials hoping to improve the free trade agreement New Zealand already has with China, and a business delegation is travelling with him. He has two ministers with him — Nathan Guy and Todd McClay.

Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce is leading a delegation of exporters trying to get government contracts in the US and they’re heading to Washington DC for an event organised by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise.

Climate Change Issues Minister Paula Bennett is also in the US to sign the Paris climate change agreement at the UN in New York. She’s also going to Washington DC.   Read more »

Peter Dunne should not be the person who makes medical decisions

In refusing to act on legalisation and putting in place a regime for synthetic cannabis but not including organic cannabis under that same regime Peter Dunne isn’t really the best person to be making decisions on medicinal cannabis on a case by case.

A cannabis-based product has been approved for a patient with severe Tourette’s Syndrome by the Associate Health Minister.

Peter Dunne has approved the use of the non-pharmaceutical grade product Aceso Calm Spray following an application from the person’s treating consultant.

It was chosen based on its low THC content.

Mr Dunne says the product was chosen over Sativex, a product shown to be effective in treating the condition, because of the reduced psychoactive side-effects.

“The application was comprehensive, innovative and considered.”    Read more »

Ready for the next referendum? Dunne wants one on becoming a republic

Peter Dunne really is a tone deaf tosser.

Later this evening the referendum results will show that Kiwi voters really don’t want to change the flag and this fool opens his gob and starts promoting a referendum for a republic.

Peter Dunne wants to have a referendum in 2020 on New Zealand becoming a republic, to be held before the term of incoming Governor-General Dame Patsy Reddy expires in 2021.

The United Future leader said that a five-year time frame would give it more time than the flag referendum, which had squeezed in two votes in 18 months.

It would a clean vote on a simple question.

The question would be something along the lines of “should New Zealand become a Republic within the Commonwealth with an elected President as head of state?”   Read more »

Medical marijuana: no longer if, but when

Someone is feeling a bit of pressure:

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 11.11.45 PM

Explaining is losing Peter.

Peter Dunne help provide a legal framework around synthetic cannabis, but seems recalcitrant when it comes to natural cannabis.

There are renewed calls to push through the legalisation of medical cannabis in New Zealand after it was revealed Martin Crowe was self-medicating with liquid marijuana.

The detail around the cricket legend’s use of medicinal marijuana was revealed in a British newspaper.

Crowe fought lymphoma for four years, facing his battle against the illness with as much dignity and grace as he’d shown at the crease.

But since his death it’s been revealed he was forced to use illegal drugs to help manage his pain.   Read more »

Peter Dunne under huge pressure about medical Marijuana



It’s just too hard to get permission, says ex-CTU boss Helen Kelly.  And Dunne says he’ll go to overseas conferences about it and talk some more.

The guidelines for considering applications from people wanting to use cannabis for medical purposes will be reviewed, Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne has announced.

Mr Dunne said the need for “fine-tuning” was inevitable, given that medical cannabis was a new policy area for the Ministry of Health and wider medical profession.

“The guidelines were set up at my request following the Alex Renton case in 2015, so far the only case where ministerial approval was granted, following an application from Mr Renton’s treating clinicians to administer the restricted product Elixinol,” Mr Dunne said. Read more »

New Zealand starting to lag on medical marijuana front as Australia tackles it head-on


Legislation to allow the cultivation of cannabis in Australia for medical or scientific purposes will be introduced by the Federal Government today.

The proposed amendments to the Narcotics Drugs Act 1967 would allow for cultivation through a national licensing and permit scheme. Read more »

Prissy Precious Peter actually is a ‘childish, foolish moron’

Peter Dunne hasn’t really been taken seriously since falling for the glad eye of a female reporter.

In fact he has become a political joke, with his grandstanding and preciousness. He is more of a liability to the government now than an asset.

His latest act of preciousness is hanging up on a talk show host.

United Future leader Peter Dunne has clashed with a radio host in a fiery on-air interview, being labelled a “childish moron” after abruptly hanging up.

Sparks flew during Dunne’s interview with Newstalk ZB Christchurch host Chris Lynch about “jihadi brides” on Friday morning.

Prime Minister John Key on Tuesday said New Zealand women were known to have taken part in “weddings” before heading to Islamic State (Isis) stronghold Syria, which pointed to the fact they were going as jihadi brides.

Key’s remarks came after SIS director Rebecca Kitteridge told Parliament’s intelligence and security committee there had been a rise in the number of young New Zealand women heading to Iraq and Syria.

However, Dunne has questioned the claims, saying the allegations could be aimed at “softening up” the public before an independent review into spy agencies is released.   Read more »

Here’s a worry: The left supports National’s RMA bill, the right doesn’t

The government has been slapping themselves on the back that they are going to get their RMA ‘reform’ through the parliament with Labour support.

Peter Dunne is problematic, but Act is now upset as well with the lacklustre reforms.

The Government has failed to get the backing of two of its support partners for major planning reforms but has still been able to progress the law changes with votes from the Maori Party and Labour.

The Act Party and United Future voted against the Resource Legislation Amendment Bill this afternoon at its first reading.

The long-awaited reforms aim to simplify planning rules and make them more consistent around the country, involve iwi more in planning decisions, and place greater emphasis on the supply of housing.   Read more »

Labour celebrates their first government 80 years ago – has one more party on the political Titanic

This weekend Labour celebrates the first time they formed a government 80 years ago. It is nearly their 100th birthday as well and there isn’t that much to celebrate.

A dinner to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the election of the first ever Labour Government will bring together a potentially explosive mix of people as some of the Rogernomes return to their original home for some reminiscing.

The dinner at Parliament is organised by current MP Stuart Nash, the grandson of the Prime Minister in the Second Labour Government: Sir Walter Nash.

It is to mark the anniversary of the election of the first Labour Government in 1935, under then Prime Minister Michael Joseph Savage.

The 100 guests attending include Sir Roger Douglas, the architect of the Rogernomics reforms who later founded the Act Party, and Michael Bassett, another backer of those reforms and minister of the fourth Labour Government. Sir Roger’s nemesis Jim Anderton was unable to attend.   Read more »