Pheasants, Foxes and Night Vision

Found this great hunting video about the South of England. Well worth the time for those on holiday still.

The fox squealer and night vision part using them to knock down foxes is cool.

Pigeon-shooting fanatic Andy Crow is out on a spectacular south-of-England driven pheasant shoot, where he shoots his best bird of the season. He offers his tips for pheasant shooting and how to behave. Meanwhile, Roy Lupton is playing with a homemade night-vision kit. The parts only cost a few quid. He tries the DIY set-up on rats, rabbits and foxes.

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Photo of the Day


Plucking Ducks

Hopefully this afternoon I will be plucking a Duck.

Meanwhile watch this quaint video about Bingham Pluckers. Nice funny comment at 3:55


Friday Firepower – It's game bird season

Tomorrow is opening day. Here is a little video to get you in the right frame of mind.