Phil Goff

Why won’t Vic Crone debate anyone and why is her team strong-arming debate organisers?

Vic Crone

Not a good look for Vic Crone and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out who on her team is strong-arming organisers of debates.

Two Auckland mayoral candidates aren’t happy at being invited and then excluded from an election event being organised by a ratepayer-funded business group.

Mark Thomas and John Palino said they were invited to the South Harbour Business Association candidate event, but then removed from the line-up, leaving just Vic Crone and Phil Goff.

Mr Palino said he was invited by email to join a line-up including Phil Goff and Mark Thomas, but 20 minutes later received another email withdrawing the invitation.

Mr Thomas said he believed he’d been excluded after an objection from rival centre-right candidate Ms Crone.

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Is Joe Davis Ratfucking Vic Crone?

Any decent political analyst knows that Phil Goff will become Mayor of Auckland because there are too many candidates on the right.

In an ideal world the right wing candidates would be smart enough to work together, run a defacto primary and decide who should run and win because they will all lose otherwise.

This requires goodwill between candidates. Candidates need a rapport and mutual respect to do deals, or else they will think “fuck it if I cannot win I am buggered if I will let X win”.

Which makes Mark Thomas’ Facebook challenge to Vic Crone seem as if Joe Davis’ strategy is going to ratfuck Vic Crone.

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Phil – never lied, never leaked – Goff staunch about police station closures


New Zealand Police is denying claims 16 Auckland police stations are going to shut down.

Labour MP and Auckland mayoral candidate Phil Goff said earlier this week that police sources had confirmed to him 16 Auckland police stations would close. Some would be temporary, and some permanent, he said.

But Acting Assistant Commissioner of District Operations Bruce Bird says the only change that’s happening is the upgrade of safety features at 105 stations around the country. Read more »

If Phil Goff is independent, I’m a female Green Party MP

phil goff like len brown zipper up


Ex Herald editor Tim Murphy lays on thick layers of BS

The front runner for Auckland’s top job has been a Labour politician for three decades, but now he’s embracing independence. And the ticker is good for another 20 years of toil, he tells Tim Murphy

Phil Goff is shedding his tribal Labour Party skin. He is starting to like his new look and feel as an independent candidate for mayor of Auckland.

He’s feeling strangely liberated. Odd things are happening. Read more »

No surprises here as Michael Wood nominates to replace Goff in Mt Roskill

Michael Wood has been taking one in the chook for Labour for years.

He got two hidings against Maurice Williamson and Jami-Lee Ross beat him in the Botany by-election. He has effectively been Phil Goff’s under-study.

Now he is readying himself for the big time.

Puketapapa Local Board member Michael Wood has officially put his hand up to be the Labour Party’s next candidate for the Mt Roskill seat in Parliament.

The father-of-three made the announcement he was standing for the Labour nomination at a gathering of supporters and local party members this afternoon.

He said having served the community on the local board for the past six years, he knew what the electorate needed.   Read more »

Can Phil Goff really work with National?

Goff’s pitch to the people of Auckland is that he can work with the National Government.

Which makes you wonder why he is calling National Ministers liars.

But Phil Goff, the former Labour defence minister who was in charge of procuring the boats in the first place said Brownlee was being “dishonest”.

Goff said the defence select committee were told the vessels weren’t at sea because they didn’t have the skill to staff them.

The vessels were commissioned to do fisheries protection, conservation support, border security and search and rescue.

Goff said the boats shouldn’t be sold: “These were a quantum leap forward in terms of their capabilities.”

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This is the best the Nats could find to stand for Auckland mayor

Victoria Crone Vic Auckland Mayor

Vic Crone and Louise Upston

When Nikkie Kaye and Paul Goldsmith recruited Michelle Boag to find them a candidate to stand for Auckland Mayor they drew up a list.

There were reportedly 20 names on the list. As they worked their way through the list potential candidate after potential candidate said no…until they got to number 11…Vic Crone.

It didn’t seem to matter to Nikki Kaye or to Michelle Boag that Crone was helping Labour develop policy for the Future of Work Commission and is still on their advisory board for that. I also didn’t matter that she was extremely cosy with Len Brown as well.   Read more »

The chart of doom for Andrew Little

David Farrar has posted the chart of doom:

labopp-560x366Those are the preferred Prime Minister ratings of the last four Labour leaders. It is rather telling.   Read more »

Goff got rolled at 15, Shearer at 13 and Cunliffe at 12

NZ Labour opposition leaders' Preferred Prime Minister ratings during the National Government - source: Kiwiblog

NZ Labour opposition leaders’ Preferred Prime Minister ratings during the National Government – source: Kiwiblog

Arts, lifestyle and travel blogger David Farrar loves his numbers, and today he’s in devastating form.   Read more »

Eradicating the stadium virus

Tim Hunter writes about the return of the stadium virus.

We thought we had eradicated it 10 years ago with a thorough spray of practical economics but the stadium virus has returned.

Symptoms include feverish thirst for large expenditure of other people’s money, repetition of the word “waterfront” and an interest in design ideas resembling bird nests or vulvas.

Some of those infected are probably chronic sufferers, or possibly carriers of the disease. That wealthy Warriors owner Eric Watson is keen for taxpayers to provide a swanky new home for his league franchise is as unexpected as the growth of a fingernail.

Warriors sponsor Vodafone has also joined the chorus, with its CEO Russell Stanners describing a “waterfront” stadium as “a fantastic idea.”

It probably is if your company can waltz in and stick your name on a stadium for a pittance after the public has spent hundreds of millions building the thing.

Yet for those who have to front up with the cash, which is invariably the public, the glaring lack of economic viability of stadiums is rather more important.

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