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Journalists whine about delays with OIAs and now they are whining about quick turnaround

Journalists always whine about the turn around time for Official Information Act requests.

They complain that the ministers treat the 20days as stipulated by law as a goal and a delaying tactics.

And yet when a minister who has information to hand and no reason to delay it they now whine it was a quick turn around.

Spare me, these pricks are so slippery when it comes to news.

Judith Collins’ office processed an Official Information Act request in just two days to release an email embarrassing then Serious Fraud Office head Adam Feeley in 2011.

The revelation comes as ripples from the Dirty Politics saga widened during the weekend after a series of bombshells including:

■ Collins stepped down as Justice Minister after an email handed to the prime minister’s office raised questions about her involvement in what leaked emails appear to suggest was a campaign by Right-wing blogger Cameron Slater and others to undermine Feeley while he was SFO boss.

■ Prime Minister John Key confirmed there would be an inquiry into Collins’s actions in relation to Feeley, with details of the inquiry to be announced today.

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Show me the money set to make a return

It looks like Labour is going to conjure a few billion out of nowhere and attempt to fool voters into thinking they will buy back the assets.

Labour is understood to be planning to set aside funds to buy mainly New Zealand assets, partly to woo Winston Peters into coalition.

The party, which would likely need the support of both the Greens and NZ First to form a government, has said it has one policy costing roughly $100 million a year to announce.

It trimmed back its spending plans after the pre-election update from Treasury showed a weaker outlook than May’s Budget.

Yesterday, leader David Cunliffe refused to say whether the remaining announcement related to buying back assets sold by National, but said voters “will certainly know before they cast their vote”.

Finance spokesman David Parker would not be drawn on what the policy was, but said the size of the fund meant “if this was a big asset buy-back fund, it would take 60 years”.   Read more »

Caption/Meme/Photoshop contest


The look on Judith’s face says it all.   You know the drill, funny, witty, not nasty.  Stick to our moderation standards.  Do your own Meme here, or grab the blank above and photoshop until you can no more.   Read more »

2014: The year the media stole the election

ACT’s The Letter, as usual, is on point

Readers are asking why the parliamentary press gallery is continuing to parrot Nicky Hager’s absurd claims.

The media has invested so much of their credibility in the story – printing silly statements like “National hacked Labour’s website” (No they did not, Labour left it open).

“John Key is lying”. (Key is telling the truth say the head of the SIS, the Ombudsman and John Key’s diary showing the PM was in Hawaii).

All the dump of emails and texts show is why Judith Collins is called Crusher. Labour has Trevor Mallard, National has Judith Collins.

It is now too much for reporters to say “Actually there was no story. The emails show how clean New Zealand politics is.

There was nothing wrong with Judith Collins telling the name of a civil servant and his government supplied telephone numbers.

Journalists ask politicians for the name of the person in charge and their contact numbers every day. In an open society we are entitled to know”

Having said for 10 days “This is very damaging to John Key” the media feels they must make sure it is damaging.

Q&A even put up Winston Peters to say it is “a new low”. You have run out of credible commentators when Winston of Owen Glenn and missing donations fame is your authority.

I hate to say this, but people don’t care.   This is all beltway egos driving this trainwreck.  Ironically, doing the very thing they accuse me of:  manipulating political outcome.   Read more »


Phil Goff is a liar, but then we already knew that


I’ve stayed out of the drama yesterday.  It is clear that the media aren’t interested in the truth right now.  Much more fun joining the opposition MPs in the absolute barrage of lies masquerading as news.

In the end, Phil Goff’s day came to a bit of a nasty end as John Key told everyone why exactly Goff was off his rocker.

But it took a  lawyer to spot the true own goal made by Phil Goff last night:   Read more »


Will David Cunliffe stand down Phil Goff for meddling in an active Police investigation

The Labour party called on John Key to sack Maurice Williamson, and he resigned as a result of asking about an active Police investigation on behalf of a constituent.

Now Phil Goff, a former Justice Minister, has injected himself into an active police investigation…and one somewhat more serious than beating your mistress up…this one involved a murder charge.

Senior Labour MP Phil Goff visited a police station in the wake of a murder to ask after a woman who was later charged with the alleged crime.

He says he did so after attending a family gathering and finding distressed relatives of the woman planning to march to the station.

“I said, ‘I just don’t think you should be marching on the police station because the police will be doing their job in the proper way’.”

But that is precisely what he did do. He marched down to the police station and injected himself into the investigation.  Read more »

The three biggest lies of Hager’s book

These are the three biggest lies of the Hager book.

They cannot go with out calling them out.

The first big lie is that the PM’s department “hacked” the Labour party website. This is a lie and one repeated by the NZ Herald and John Armstrong this morning.

Hager’s allegations are many and varied. They are extremely serious. But one stands out. The allegation that one of John Key’s minions hacked into the Labour Party’s database is – to put it bluntly – the modern-day equivalent of the 1972 burglary of the Democratic Party’s national committee headquarters in the Watergate complex in Washington.

And everyone knows whose head rolled at the end of that saga.

This is a lie. The Labour party website is extremely well documented, by me at the time. The website was open to the world and anyone could access it. It was not ever hacked. Furthermore it was not the PM’s department that alerted me to the openness of the Labour party website…I had two sources, neither of which are from the PM’s department.

The second big lie is that PM and/or the PM’s office told me about Phil Goff’s briefing from the SIS. They did not.   Read more »

What has changed? There was a time the Labour Party LOVED the Chinese!

How dare they!

Ashraf Choudary is outraged that some uppity Sikh Indian’s dare to belong to the National party.

How dare Phil Goff meet National party members.



You bunch of low-rent no-hopers

Apparently the Labour Party now thinks hoarding vandalism is fine, as long as it has “flair”.

imagePersonally, I have yet to see a single billboard vandlised that isn’t a National Party one.  Oh, I lie – I’ve also seen Conservative Party ones destroyed.

Now, that is hardly an exhaustive survey, but it does suggest that vandalism is mostly a left thing.

And now Phil Goff is tacitly approving of it.

You know, as long as it has “flair”, it’s OK to destroy property.   Must remember that Phil.  Will come in handy one day, I’m sure.

Any “flair” in this Phil?

Lying Jew


How about this then?

Anti-semitic vandalism in Mt Albert

Anti-semitic vandalism in Mt Albert