Phil Goff

What will be Len Brown’s legacy?


Len Brown has a problem….his legacy.

Right now he looks to be washed up with nothing but problems besetting his moribund and frankly defunct mayoralty.

He should have quit when he was busted with his rooting. But the stubborn old goat still thought the public loved him, after all he’ just been re-elected.

Unfortunately they didn’t and still don’t.

But what will his legacy be?    Read more »

The benefits of foreign investment

There were campaigns trying to prevent Shanghai Pengxin from acquiring the Crafar farms. Politiciand from David Shearer and Phil Goff to Winston Peters interfered as well. Then there were the legal battles from people trying to prevent the sale of the decrepit Crafar farms to Chinese company Shanghai Pengxin.

Winston Peters also famously slurred their name in one presumably drunken rant in parliament.

But all the naysayers are being proved wrong as Shanghai Pengxin has literally plowed millions of dollars in to the farms to turn them from dogs to diamonds.

ONE OF the biggest achievements of the Shanghai Pengxin renovation of a former Crafar dairy farm near Hamilton is peace with the neighbours and community.

A while back, Jason Colebourn who manages the Collins Rd property for Pengxin’s sharemilker Landcorp, says he wondered if the local customary wave was a one-fingered salute, so often did he get one when working on the farm whose environmental calamities helped spur the collapse of the 16-farm Crafar dairying empire six years ago.

Colebourn moved onto the farm one year into the receivership of the Crafar farm estate and for two more years until the sale to the Chinese company was finalised, the Collins Rd property would remain an eyesore.

Pengxin has bankrolled the Collins Rd farm resurrection for $1.72 million and counting.

Colebourn and his five staff have supplied the brains and brawn to turn what was by all accounts a train wreck into an operation which this season will produce 365,000kg milk solids and is  turning a profit for its owner.

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Key will work with Goff if he’s Auckland mayor

Prime Minister John Key says he would be happy to work with Phil Goff as Auckland Mayor, should the veteran Labour MP throw his hat in the ring and win.

With the polls looking dire for incumbent left-leaning Mayor Len Brown, longtime Mt Roskill MP Mr Goff is seen by many as his natural successor. Last week he said on TV3’s Paul Henry programme there was a “better than average” chance he’d run for the top job at next year’s local body elections – but he hasn’t decided just yet.

“I want to spend the next six months or so thinking about the issues that are affecting Auckland,” he said last week. “I want to think about what difference I could make if I were to run for Mayor.”

This morning on the same show Mr Key didn’t give Mr Goff his endorsement, but had praise for his former Prime Ministerial opponent’s skills and experience.

“It was quite a combative relationship when he was leader of the Opposition. There’s no question he has a great work rate and was a very effective minister – no arguments about that.” Read more »

Ratepayers Alliance to take on the Auckland Council

A new ratepayer group, the Auckland Ratepayers Alliance, has been established to hold Len Brown’s council to account.

Rate hikes, proposed new taxes and a culture of wasteful spending has led a group of concerned citizens to form the Auckland Ratepayers’ Alliance which begins operations from today.

Auckland Ratepayers’ Alliance spokesperson, Jo Holmes, says, “Our purpose is to hold Auckland Council to account. With 130 spin-doctors the Council is very good at sidelining the concerns of neighbourhood ratepayer groups. By combining forces, this new group will shine the light on those wasting ratepayers’ money.”

“Aucklanders who are sick and tired of the Council wasting ratepayer money are invited to join us.”

It sounds as though the Ratepayers Alliance is keen to unite the neighbourhood groups throughout Auckland and gear them up ready to take on the council rather than having their voices lost in the suburbs.

This could be quite a headache for Len Brown or any other “independent” Labour Party mayor that might be at the reins.

Auckland Board Member of the New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union, Gabrielle O’Brien, says, “Traditionally it’s been the business and property groups that have stuck up for fiscal responsibility within Auckland’s local government. Unfortunately most Auckland business groups are now heavily reliant on ratepayer money and find it difficult to bite the Council hand that feeds them.”

All modern socialists know that the best way to get business on side is by throwing around freebies and funding. Auckland Council has basically taken over the EMA, Business NZ and Property Council by charging it back to taxpayers or ratepayers.

“With rates digging deeper and deeper into the pockets of Aucklanders, residents need an organisation that gives a collective strength to their voice. The Taxpayers’ Union has assisted in establishing the Ratepayers’ Alliance to ensure that Auckland has a dedicated organisation holding the Mayor, his Council, and officials to account.”

A ratepayer group that won’t be swayed by local government handouts?

Auckland Council will be in crisis mode.

All power to them, I think I’ll become a member.

Another Goff stuff up, NH90s not fit for purpose

Phil Goff signing away nearly $800 million on rubbish helicopters

Phil Goff signing away nearly $800 million on rubbish helicopters

The NZ Herald editorial explores yet another legacy of the idiot Phil Goff from when he was Defence Minister.

Nine years ago, the decision to buy eight NH90 helicopters for the air force was accompanied by considerable fanfare. The French-made multi-purpose choppers would, said the Defence Minister, Phil Goff, be bigger, faster, more versatile and have a far greater lift capability than the ageing Iroquois they were replacing. Such acclaim was only to be expected given that they represented the biggest single defence purchase since the navy’s two Anzac frigates in the 1980s. The NH90s cost $771 million, a sum which demanded everything should be done to ensure they met Defence Force requirements for military deployment and disaster relief.

Clearly, this was not done to an acceptable standard. Cyclone-hit Vanuatu has proved as much. None of the NH90s have been taken up there because they are considered too difficult to transport and are not yet cleared for “island-hopping”. In addition, the air force is concerned about how the helicopters would cope with “wind-wash” in the islands. So much for Mr Goff’s assurance that the multi-role ship Canterbury, now in Vanuatu, had the capacity to carry up to four NH90s, along with a Seasprite helicopter, light armoured vehicles and 250 soldiers.

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POAL: What a fiasco!

So far I’ve stayed out of the fiasco that is the Ports of Auckland expansion of their wharfs into Auckland’s Waitemata Harbour.

Lying Len Brown is doing such a good job at sticking himself in the neck over the issue it’s no wonder his team have defected to Phil Goff’s camp.

But the tip line has been hot over the issue, including being sent a POA paper explaining what’s happening and why.  It’s part of their PR offensive.

But explaining is losing. And boy are they losing.

So who is behind this PR mess?   Read more »

And Goff changes his mind, now thinking about Mayoralty


Phil Goff has constantly stated he doesn’t want to be Auckland Mayor…until now…once it became obvious that Len Brown has lost his supporters.

Labour MP Phil Goff is giving “serious consideration” to running for the Auckland mayoralty.

His comments come following claims sitting mayor Len Brown has lost the support of some of his campaign team.

The MP for Mt Roskill and Labour Party spokesman for Auckland issues says he’s thinking seriously about throwing his hat into the mayoral ring.

“After quite a number of approaches from across the community I have said that I’ll give serious consideration to it,” Goff said.

However he hadn’t reached any conclusions, he said.   Read more »

Lenny No Mates

Len Brown has no mates, despite his protestations.

Auckland Mayor Len Brown has lost the backing of key members of his campaign team, who are turning their attention to other left-leaning candidates at next year’s local body elections.

The Herald has learned of a meeting last month where key campaign and mayoral advisers delivered the “blunt message” to Mr Brown that he has no chance of winning and should step down.

Mr Brown was told he would receive no financial backing, political support or volunteers to erect billboards and deliver pamphlets for a campaign where his sex life would be centre stage.    Read more »

ISIS have done it now… Vatican goes to war

ISISflag copy

The Vatican’s envoy to the United Nations in Geneva has endorsed military action against the Islamic State group (IS) in Iraq and Syria.

The church has traditionally opposed force in the region.

In an interview with the US Catholic website Crux, Archbishop Silvano Tomasi said IS fighters were committing atrocities on a huge scale and the world needed to intervene.

“We have to stop this kind of genocide,” the Italian archbishop said.

Genocide?  According to Phil Goff it isn’t any of our business.  What on earth is the Catholic Church worried about? Read more »


How can Labour and the Green Taliban possibly be against acting against this? [GRAPHIC IMAGE]

Eight dead bodies hang from a metal frame in the Iraq’s Kirkuk province in Islamic State’s latest public display of barbarity.

The gruesome images which emerged on social media show the men’s limp bodies suspended from their feet off a tall structure in the town of Hawija.

The notorious black flag used by Islamist groups like ISIS is displayed above them as horrified onlookers inspect the scene.

Some of the deceased men appear to be wearing military fatigues but it is not known if they were Iraqi soldiers.

An ISIS fighter believed to be Abu Al-Rahman poses triumphantly in one of the pictures – giving the one-fingered salute in front of a bloodied victim’s corpse.

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