Phil Goff

Nats prepared to do deal with devil

National are all at sea with local body politics.

Richard Harman at Politik reveals what everyone in Auckland has known for sometime, that National doesn’t want to compete in local body politics and is prepared to do a deal to support Phil Goff.

Prominent Auckland National Party members and some MPs are working on a plan intended to give the centre right control of the Auckland Council.

The plan has been discussed by National’s Caucus and Party President Peter Goodfellow indicated at last weekend’s party conference that the party’s board would soon discuss how National dealt with local body elections.

Mr Goodfellow said that knowing that the Caucus has already ruled out allowing centre right candidates to stand under the National brand as Labour and Green candidates are.

Caucus are self interested numpties…including Jami-lee Ross who declared to caucus that he didn’t want another Nat stomping around in his electorate.

But the plan Richard talks about isn’t really a plan.

It involved Paul Goldsmith together with Desley Simpson trotting around talking to people about something, they’re not quite sure what, but it won’t involve Maurice (just quietly) and #win.

They have no policy, no vehicle and no plan….worse they have no money for such a debacle.    Read more »

20 years of preferred PM and Labour’s disconnection with reality

Colmar Brunton published via Twitter two charts showing the last 20 years of the Preferred PM statistics:

Source/ Colmar Brunton

Source/ Colmar Brunton

Source/ Colmar Brunton

Source/ Colmar Brunton

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Will the Wharfies Fund Phil Goff’s Mayoral Campaign?


Phil Goff, nice and cosy with the Maritime Union

The Maritime Union of New Zealand, MUNZ has been in dispute with the Ports of Auckland because the Ports of Auckland want them to do more than 26 hours actual work a week, and not get paid way more than teachers, policemen and firemen based on three weeks training.

These ratbags start on $92,000 and some make as much as $127,000 but they are still annoyed at the Ports for not paying them more and working them less.

By coincidence everyone knows Phil Goff is dead set useless at fundraising, and can’t run for mayor without a big war chest.   Read more »

Comment of the Day

Yesterday Phil Goff responded rather limply to Judith Collins’ robust kicking of Labour’s racist housing policy.

Born in China and now a Kiwi, Joey loves New Zealand and has a professional job here.

He wants to buy a home of his own but with house prices up on average in Auckland by $116,000 last year, he can’t afford it.

He resents the fact that offshore investors helped push up property prices and can outbid him at auctions.

It’s not racist to worry about the impact of offshore property investment on house prices, it’s common sense.

Chinese cities like Beijing and Shanghai don’t allow non-resident purchase of residential property and Hong Kong and Singapore impose taxes to discourage it.

Stopping foreign investment by those who never intend to live here is one element in cooling Auckland’s over-heated property market.

It doesn’t affect residents in New Zealand and any restraints would apply to all foreign investors, not just Chinese.

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Labour’s little problem attacking people with chinky sounding names

Labour has got a problem looming…with their constant attacks on Asians.

Phil Twyford though was busily telling people at the caucus retreat in Rotorua that this was Labour’s Orewa moment. That remains to be seen, but what happened for National after Orewa was it increased its vote, but more importantly increased its donations as Kiwi voters sought a party that believed in one law for all.

Labour’s problem is their policy a) can’t be implemented and is nothing more than dog-whistling slogans and b) it creates segregation based on race.

Which is a little strange for a party that happily accepts money from donors with chink sounding names.

Like Phil Goff:

Goff-donorsPhil Twyford won’t care, he didn’t get a single donation. Read more »

Will Robbo arsehole Twyford like he did Goff?

Grant Robertson

Aspiring Labour leader Grant Robertson cracked the shits with Phil Goff when Goff made a speech in 2009 saying that Maori needed to stop bludging and whinging quite so much.

Goff made a speech to a Grey Power meeting in Palmerston North, which remains on line.

Goff actually said some quite sensible things, and they weren’t anywhere near as racist as Phil Twyford’s premeditated attack on the Chinese.

Many New Zealanders would agree with all these sentiments.

And as Shane Jones pointed out this week, by allowing some select corporations to top up their settlements, the government is keeping the grievance going.

If you can never settle Treaty grievances, there can never be healing, and you keep alive a grievance from one age into another.

We must address grievance, but we must not sustain it.

The promise I want to make to young Maori New Zealanders is that we will work as hard as we can to help ensure that the next generation of leaders will be a breakthrough generation.

They understand tradition. They understand that the future can be changed – by education and by opportunity.

And therefore we should make sure everyone gets a fair go.

Everyone should be supported to ensure they have the opportunity to fulfil their potential, so that the breakthrough generation can open any door, achieve any ambition, triumph in any test.

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Which Unions Give What to Labour?

Not enough union cash is coming in

Not enough union cash is coming in

Continuing on from our series on Union funding of Labour, or more correctly union non funding of Labour, it is worth looking at which unions give to Labour and when. Since the MMP era began Labour’s donations from unions have been less than $700,000.

Somewhat surprisingly there is only one donation from a union that does not have a vote in the Labour Party leadership election and that was a long, long time ago before Unions had a vote in the Labour leadership race.  Read more »

Comment of the Day


George nails it again:

With the comments today reflecting on the possibility of Phil Goff standing for Auckland Mayor, there needs to be consideration of why he is not being snapped up by the private sector.

I believe the private sector wouldn’t touch him with a barge pole nor would they do so with the encumbered (sic).

The only way these career politicians can wield power is through being elected to office where qualified merit is not a requisite. Socialists’ support comes from those who are generally not involved in generating their own income thus relying on the endeavours of others to either provide employment or State benefits.   Read more »

Phil Goff as good as announces he is running for Auckland Mayor

Phil Goff is still not officially saying he is running for Auckland’s mayoralty, but he sure is talking a great deal about it all.

Auckland mayoral prospect Phil Goff says he would run the city differently from the current “presidential” style of leadership.

In a local television interview the Mt Roskill Labour MP has reiterated that he’s seriously considering standing for mayor, but claims he still hasn’t made the final decision.

The longtime Auckland politician has clearly been putting in the legwork,however, meeting with a wide range of interest groups in the city including youth environment movement Generation Zero and Transport Blog commentators.

Phil’s only problem, stopping him from formally announcing his bid, is his missus. It is understood from my Labour sources that she wants nothing of it, and was hoping that after 34 years as a Labour MP he was finally going to retire. The word is she isn’t at all happy about the latest developments.    Read more »

It is hard to know if Frances O’Sullivan is serious

Frances O’Sullivan has a frankly strange and meandering column in today’s ‘newspaper’.

In her column she makes this bizarre statement:

Increasingly there is also talk of a coalition of like-minded politicians to get Auckland moving.

Under this scenario, Labour MP Phil Goff is being touted as a mayoral candidate with the right-of-centre faction being led by Orakei Local Board chairwoman Desley Simpson.

Goff – who has been gallivanting in Rome this week with close friends former Labour political colleague Darren Hughes, Australian Ambassador Mike Rann (also a Kiwi) and Waitemata Local Board chairman Shale Chambers – has been part of the Auckland political scene for decades.

He is supposedly cut from Labour’s cloth.

But Goff is from the blue jeans brigade that made up the “Vietnam era” generation of politicians. The university lecturers, lawyers, and urban professionals who joined Labour in the 1970s and early 1980s with a clear aim to overthrow the spendthrift prime minister Sir Robert Muldoon, liberalise the New Zealand economy and get the nation focused on “paying its way”.   Read more »