Phil Twyford

Phil Twyford: The Leaker of Lies

Phil Twyford's imaginary 2nd harbour crossing

Phil Twyford’s imaginary 2nd harbour crossing

It will be even harder to take anything lightweight Phil Twyford says seriously after his ‘leaked’ revelations last week have turned out to be made up:

Prime Minister John Key has shot down Labour’s prediction that he’s going to announce the Government favours a tunnel for Auckland’s second harbour crossing.

Labour’s Auckland issues spokesman, Phil Twyford, said on Friday he had been given leaked information about the Government’s decision.

Mr Key would announce this week a road-only tunnel under the harbour, Mr Twyford said.
The Government has committed to a $5 billion second harbour crossing and has been considering rail, tunnel and road bridge options.

Labour suspects a tunnel has been chosen as an election sweetener for the city that has a third of the country’s voters.

“It was nice of them to talk about our policies but no, there’s no announcement coming up,” Mr Key told reporters.

It’s not a leak when it is a lie Phil.  At that stage it’s called flying a kite.

Or, if you didn’t make it up, your source is rubbish.

Either way, try to do better than your leader, and actually say something that’s remotely factual.


– NZN, via 3 News

Labour plans to let local bodies tax you even more

Now this has to be an election winning strategy….for National.

Labour is going to let local councils tax ratepayers even more than they do now under their local body proposals.

Labour plans to reinstate the power for local bodies to raise revenue through extra levies such as a ‘pillow tax’ on visitors and regional petrol taxes.

Labour’s Local Government policy will also require a referendum to be held before any local council amalgamations can go ahead.

Local communities would also have to be consulted before council services were contracted out or privatised.

Local Government spokesman Sua William Sio said Labour was not opposed to amalgamations, but did not believe they were appropriate in all cases.

He said the Auckland supercity model was opposed by many Aucklanders “and designed to take control away from the hands of the many and vest governance in the hands of the few.”

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A seriously non-gay MPs Truck

Alfred Ngaro has got himself an awesome campaign truck.


This one would make Fossy’s gay ute cry like a little girl.  Read more »

Entire feral family gains name suppression

Readers might be interested to know the whole westie  feral family appear to have name suppression due to their ‘alleged’ killer teenage sons.

Auckland dairy owner killing – parents in court on aggravated robbery now get name suppression as well!

The father of a 12-year-old charged with the aggravated robbery of West Auckland dairy owner Arun Kumar is also facing charges of aggravated robbery.

The son — whose name is suppressed because of his age — is due to appear in Auckland District Court next week, with his father appearing there less than three weeks later.

It is alleged the 12-year-old jointly committed aggravated robbery with a 13-year-old accomplice, who has also been charged with murder.

The charges stem from the death of Mr Kumar in his Henderson dairy about 7.30am last Tuesday. He was found stabbed in the neck.

The 12-year-old’s father — who cannot be named as it would reveal the identity of his son — is facing four charges of aggravated robbery, committing burglary with a weapon, threatening to kill or cause grievous bodily harm, and unlawful assembly.

Meanwhile, the Herald can also reveal that the mothers of both boys have been taken to the Tenancy Tribunal by their landlords, owing thousands.

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Feral is as Feral does

It will be no surprise to anyone that the feral ratbags who “allegedly” stabbed a shopkeeper to death are the offspring of more feral ratbags.

The parents of both boys charged over the death of a dairy owner are in jail or facing active criminal charges.

As shopkeeper Arun Kumar was farewelled in a moving service among his family and friends in Wiri, South Auckland, further details of the lives and families of the 12- and 13-year-old boys can today be revealed.

Because the boys are so young, their names are suppressed. However, the Herald on Sundayhas learned the 13-year-old murder accused’s mother appeared in court this month on dishonesty offences and breaching bail.

The Herald on Sunday understands the 13-year-old’s father is also in custody.

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Henderson needs more loving

Len in Fiji

Excuse me if you haven’t had breakfast yet

A reader writes:

Hi Cam,

Was it just me, but did anyone see the tv clip a few nights ago where Len Brown had made the trip out to the site of the recent fatal stabbing of the diary owner in Railside Avenue in Henderson.

At such a s tragic turn of events you would think that the mayor (flanked by Penny Hulse) would have something at least sympathetic if not enlightening to add.

I wasn’t expecting much to tell you the truth… as he makes my flesh crawl…but what he said left me gobsmacked.

He said – words to this effect – “Henderson needs more lovingRead more »

Labour so desperate, will even politicise murder

A 13 year old stabbing a dairy owner to death…   I decided to pass on that one.   The situation speaks for itself, and it doesn’t really need people coming in from the sidelines being arm chair experts.

Of course, that didn’t stop Phil Twyford

Te Atatu Labour MP Phil Twyford says yesterday’s killing of dairy owner Arun Kumar raises questions about whether the community has been let down by the authorities.

“The family of Arun Kumar are grieving, and the community is in shock.

“What kind of country have we become when a dairy owner is killed in his shop at 7 o’clock in the morning allegedly by a child with a knife?

“The young accused were well known to local shopkeepers in a retail centre where begging, intimidation and anti-social behaviour have unfortunately been all too common.

“The community is asking why there has not been a more visible police presence, with regular foot patrols to discourage law-breaking. There is a community constable delegated to cover Henderson but the officer is based in Massey. We’d like to see a community constable based in the town centre, with a shop front on the main street.

Come on now Phil.  The community is still reeling, the case is still in the first 24 hours, and you are already beating the drum of systemic failure?   Read more »


Another bumper sticker “trust us” policy

It is emerging that like all other policies announced by labour so far it is yet another bumper sticker policy slogan with no thinking or depth beneath it.

Labour’s capital gains tax policy is still in the same form as it was last election. Nothing more deep policy-wise has been revealed other than their “trust us” promise to implement a tax based on the recommendations of a so far anonymous working group.

Their electricity policy is the same…and now their immigration policy is being revealed as nothing more than an anti-immigrant slogan-fest.

Audrey Young attempts to drill down and finds that she can;t as none of the critical thinking or policy work has been done.

Labour leader David Cunliffe wants to cut the level of immigration but won’t say by how much. He said Labour did not have enough information to put a target on it.

“I think current levels are too high and they should be managed to a moderate sustainable level using the tools available to Government,” he said.     Read more »

Labour still drinking Len’s Koolaid

Oh goodie...I'm going to get my train set is Labour wins!

Oh goodie…I’m going to get my train set is Labour wins!

Phil Twyford has been drinking the mayor’s Koolaid and if elected is essentially promising to turn up the day after the election with his shovel.

Mayor Brown, who has still to finalise funding for the council’s half-share of the rail project, insists a 2016 start is vital to Auckland’s economic development and to prevent crippling peak-hour road congestion.

The chances of Auckland reaching the Government’s 20 million rail trips by 2020 took a knock this month when Mr Brown and councillors voted to reduce the patronage targets over the next three years. Instead of 17.75 million rail trips by 2017, the council cut the target to 15 million because of lower-than-expected patronage and revenue.

The PwC report said the Government’s rail targets were “technically achievable” and not inconsistent with growth rates since the opening of Britomart in 2003, but the timing of growth from full rail electrification by 2016 would come too late to have an impact on an early start for the City Rail Link.

The report said the Government’s employment target was unachievable because falling office vacancy rates and new office space in the pipeline could not accommodate a 25 per cent increase in city centre employment by 2017.

Labour transport spokesman Phil Twyford said the Government’s targets were always going to be unachievable. If Labour won the election it “would start tunnelling immediately” and pay for it out of the national land transport fund.

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Looks like John Key was right about boat people

via Keeping Stock

When National rushed through legislation about stopping boat people through parliament the opposition and their lap-bloggers squealed that it was unnecessary.

In 2010, Labour MP Phil Twyford attacked John Key on Red Alert:

Does John Key really think New Zealand is about to be hit by a wave of boat people?

“What I’ve said to the Australian prime minister is that we recognise there is a problem, and we recognise that from New Zealand’s perspective it’s a problem that is coming towards our shores at some point in the future.”
Mr Key said that from all the intelligence he had received, this was “a real issue”.

Has he looked at a map recently? There is a lot of ocean between us and them. Short of us putting out the welcome mat for people-smugglers it seems very unlikely they will make it this far.

In 2011, former Green MP Keith Locke accused the PM of scaremongering in this post on the party’s Frogblog:

John Key’s scaremongering about boat people flooding into the country damages New Zealand’s race relations, Green Party immigration spokesperson Keith Locke said today.

“While John Key’s approach may increase the National Party’s ‘redneck’ vote, as happened to John Howard in Australia, it will be at a cost to race relations in New Zealand,” said Keith Locke.

“Racial dog whistling about refugees is unbefitting of a Prime Minister.

And just last year, those bastions of left-wing reason at The Standard accused John Key of invoking the “yellow peril”:

Bad jobs numbers and a succession of collapses of major businesses weighing your government down? You need: distraction! How about an old classic from the New Zealand politician’s playbook – the Yellow Peril!

Passed on by Richard Seddon and Winston Peters, Yellow Peril’s now being wielded by John Key as he talks of vague, unsubstantiated threats that boatloads of Indonesians are heading for our shores (no, I’m not sure what terrors are meant to eventuate when they land, either)

Of course, the closest any boat people have actually come to reaching New Zealand was when our mates, the Aussies, thought about helping them


Never mind that Indonesia is literally 1/6th of the world away,* John Key wants us to know the ‘threat’ from boat people, threat of what I don’t know, is very real and something we should all be worried about. Far more worried than we should be about, say, the threat of losing our jobs. (* At nearly 4,000 miles the distance from the closest parts of Indonesia to New Zealand is the distance from Europe to North America and back. Most boat people make trips from Indonesia to one of Australia’s offshore islands, a journey of a couple of hundred miles. So, we’re being asked to believe that boat people are planning, for no apparent reason, to make a journey 20 times longer and over colder, rougher, open seas in the Tasman, when Australia’s right there, literally in the way – doesn’t seem like a profitable business venture for the people smugglers for a start, 20 times the operating costs.)

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