Phil Twyford

Phil “Chinky” Twyford facing a backlash in his own electorate

Labour’s racist lash-out against Asians (and more or less just Asians) being responsible for Tane and Tania no longer being able to afford anything will have its predictable fall-out:  Twyford’s own future is looking shaky.

A former Labour member plans to run a candidate in Te Atatu in protest at Phil Twyford’s use of Chinese-sounding names to analyse Auckland property purchases.

Former Labour staffer and political commentator Phil Quin, who resigned as a Labour member over the data analysis which he called racial profiling, said he hoped the candidate would win enough votes in 2017 to oust Mr Twyford from the seat. Mr Quin told the Herald he was searching for a candidate who could run as an alternative for Labour voters who had been made uncomfortable by Mr Twyford’s use of the housing data.

“I don’t expect such a campaign to win more than a couple of thousand votes – not nearly enough to win, but enough to force Twyford to rely on his high list ranking.”

Going in as the underdog is always a good start.  Especially with Quin, the queer, alcoholic, depressed loose cannon of the lefty liberals.  But, with that out there, a credible and hard-working sort of man who is going to have a lot of appeal to voters in West Auckland.  He’s real instead of a Labour muppet. Read more »

Labour will be pleased, actual Chinese, ones with real Chinky-sounding names, aren’t so keen on NZ for investing any more…for now

Phil Twyford will be pleased. So will Andrew Little and the rest of the Labour caucus…it seems Chinese aren’t that fussed on New Zealand any more for investment.

But it appears it is a short-term blip.

The head of a company that helps Chinese buy properties overseas says New Zealand’s popularity ranking has slipped a notch since the Government and Reserve Bank introduced new buyer restrictions last October.

Juwai co-founder Simon Henry said New Zealand shifted to fifth from fourth most popular country in the world with potential property buyers in China between the third and fourth quarters of 2015.

But Henry, whose Chinese language website has 2.6 million unique users monthly, predicts Chinese buyers’ interest in New Zealand will return in force by mid-year once they’ve fully digested the new requirements.     Read more »

Can’t wait to see what Phil Twyford will say about this

I wonder what Phil Twyford’s take on this is going to be, because there are bugger all Chinese surnames in the Queenstown phonebook!

House prices in and around Queenstown are soaring, narrowing the price gap between Central Otago and Auckland.

Nationwide, average asking prices for houses were down last month, but Central Otago and the Waikato bucked the trend, according to new data from the website.

The new asking prices were revealed as house supply across New Zealand was at near-record lows.   Read more »

Latest guess? Andrew Little will shift the deck chairs on the Titanic today

What do you mean margin of error stuff, Phil said this would work?

What do you mean margin of error stuff, Phil said this would work?

Andrew Little is going to announce the shuffle of the deck chairs on the Titanic tomorrow.

Given Labour’s talent is as shallow as a carpark puddle in the middle of summer it will really be a forlorn exercise.

Some big movers are tipped in Labour leader Andrew Little’s first big reshuffle.

A year into his leadership, Little will announce on Monday the front bench team he plans to take to the next election and into Cabinet with him in Government if Labour wins the 2017 election.

Speaking on Sunday, Little said the refresh would present a “new look”  front bench. And while that would mean some big promotions for Labour’s newer talent, there would also be demotions.

“It’s the last reshuffle I’m planning before the election… I think there are some quite significant changes there and I see it as, and am presenting it as, a blue print for Cabinet under the next Labour government.”

“We’ve got to think not only about the portfolio allocations, we’ve got to think about chief whip and junior whip in a new government, and positions outside Cabinet, positions available for potential coalition partners.

He also needed to think about MPs who might retire from politics during the first term of Government, and the requirement for understudies in those portfolios.

“That will likely become apparent tomorrow.”

One such portfolio may be health, which is held by Labour deputy Annette King, with speculation she may want a diplomatic posting if Labour makes it back into power. That would see her move on partway through a first term.

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Labour’s reshuffle kerfuffle

Richard Harman got sold down the river overnight as poisoned intel was used to out one of his leakers.


But that doesn’t make his article redundant.  It still stands, albeit the timing of the shuffle is different.

Labour is plainly sensitive to charges that Phil Goff is double dipping as an MP and now confirmed Auckland Mayoral candidate.

Leader Andrew Little has said Mr Goff will now no longer be spokesman on Auckland issues.

Any other changes to his spokesmanships will come tomorrow when Mr Little announces his reshuffle of Labour’s Caucus spokespeople.

The interesting question:  who will replace Goff?   Read more »

Just what Labour needs, a deputy who doesn’t know what she wants to do

Labour’s conference has turned into a travesty, with Andrew Little unwilling to say whether or not Labour supports free trade, Phil Twyford going all Stalinist on housing, and the nanny state policies making a return with Labour’s wish to tax Watties’ tomato sauce.

Now Annette King, Andrew Little’s chosen deputy isn’t quite sure what she wants to do after 2017.

Labour MP Annette King says she hasn’t decided what she’ll do for the next general election.

Ms King is the MP for Rongotai, deputy leader of Labour and their spokeswoman for health.

There’s been speculation the 68-year-old may not stand at the 2017 general election or will run on the party list, creating an opportunity for a new electorate MP.

“That’s a decision I’ve yet to make,” Ms King told TVNZ’s Q&A program today.    Read more »

Twyford thrown from the house after getting his arse handed to him

Phil Twyford is the fool who launched the chinkygate disaster for Labour, he whinges all the time about housing and he rates himself as the policy guru for Labour.

The only problem with all that is he is dead set stupid and walks right into fists in the throat from government ministers.

He got spanked in the house yesterday by a brutal Paula Bennett.

The Minister of Social Housing and her Labour opponent have clashed in Parliament today over the minister’s take on some state housing tenants.

Paula Bennett is taking a paper to Cabinet that will allow tenants to decline a house once, before being put back in the waiting queue.   Read more »

Peter Thompson ignores the obvious

Peter Thompson ignores the obvious in trying to explain why people with chinky-sounding names no longer attend his company’s auctions.

Chinese property investors are rapidly disappearing from the auction room, says the boss of Auckland’s biggest real estate agency.

Peter Thompson, of Barfoot & Thompson, blames financial instability in China for the dip in those bidding – partly fuelling the market slowdown. “There are a lot less Chinese in the auction room at the moment and at the open homes,” he said.

“The market has changed and some of that is the Chinese buyers. There are more requirements in getting money out of China now and that is having an impact.”

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Staunch Fossy stands up to Twitter and Labour/Green/Media Party pressure

The pressure on Associate Minister Craig Foss was immense:  let the Kiribati “climate refugee” and his family with young New Zealand born children stay.

Phil Twyford went on the offensive, saying that Ioane Teitiota was a stand-up guy with a strong work history, loved by his colleagues and appreciated by his employer.

The decision has met resistance, not only from Pacific people, but also from Labour MP Phil Twyford.

“As Ioane’s local Member of Parliament, I have asked the Associate Minister of Immigration, Craig Foss, to use the powers that he has under the law of the land to intervene. He has the power right up until the moment the plane leaves the runway,” said Twyford.

“And if he can’t find it in himself to exercise the passion and common sense to allow Ioane and his family to stay in this country, then I don’t think he’s doing his job properly,” he said.

Labour’s Twyford and The Green’s Shaw (who?) even made a big deal about accepting the petition delivered to parliament by Ioane Teitiota’s lawyer.

Photo: RNZ / Alexander Robertson

Photo: RNZ / Alexander Robertson

The pressure on Craig Foss was substantial.   And yet, he decided not to intervene and overturn the deportation order.

This afternoon, more information about Ioane Teitiota has reached the public.
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Onya Fossy. A little less gay.

He might drive a gay ute, but he at least knows a scam when he sees one.

Craig Foss has declined to intervene and the so-called “climate refugee” will be sent packing.

A last-ditch appeal against the deportation of a man who claimed to be the world’s first climate change refugee has failed.

Associate Immigration Minister Craig Foss has received a briefing on the case of Ioane Teitiota and his family, and has tonight declined to intervene.

That means he will be deported shortly to Kiribati, with his wife and young New Zealand-born children likely to join him.

Mr Teitiota had claimed to be the world’s first climate change refugee, but that was dismissed by the courts, and Labour instead asked Mr Foss to allow him to stay on humanitarian grounds.

Earlier today, Prime Minister John Key said there was no question that Mr Teitiota was an over-stayer, and not a refugee.

“I am sure people feel for the guy – they have got their family here, all these kinds of things. But unfortunately he is not unique in that, and we have to be in the most part consistent.”

On the issue of climate change, Mr Key dismissed the notion that New Zealand should consider looking at accepting people on the basis that their homeland was threatened by rising sea levels.

“I am certainly not ruling out that a future Prime Minister and a future Government wouldn’t take that compassionate view, and I suspect actually that they would. But it would be on genuine grounds that they actually can’t live in their country.”

Labour MP Phil Twyford, whose electorate includes Mr Teitiota’s home in Ranui, this afternoon accepted a petition from a Kiribati-Tuvalu delegation from West Auckland, some with tears in their eyes.

Boo hoo, dry your eyes and go buy some Red Bands.

This scoundrel tried it on and failed. If his lawyer had tried something more sensible he might still be here. Instead they went for the scam.

At least Craig Foss saw through it all.

Watch the Media Party crank into action to try and save this bloke though.


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