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Coincidence or Dirty Politics from Labour?


When politicians and those who worked for political parties gave this blog stories and leads for stories, Nicky Hager called it Dirty Politics. A political party giving a right-wing blogger information was dirty he said, and only the National party did it.

When blogger and journalist Cameron Slater from Whaleoil, gave stories and leads to mainstream media journalists and mainstream media journalists reciprocated by giving him leads and stories, Nicky Hager called it Dirty Politics. His analysis was very simple. Anyone daring to give or receive information from a New Media journalist was dirty. Ironically, Nicky Hager claimed this without a trace of embarrassment given the fact that he has based all his investigative articles and books on stolen or leaked information rather than actual investigative research.

Recently I shared an email to me from Phil Twyford and the Labour party where he asked me to take a survey about healthy homes and the housing crisis. Included in the survey were requests for permission to share my story with mainstream media journalists.

Now in a strange coincidence there is a story in the mainstream media about…

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Labour admit their housing policies will be a huge natural disaster

I’m not sure describing your policies by using descriptors for massive natural disasters is a good idea.

Senior Labour MPs Phil Twyford, David Parker and Nanaia Mahuta were in Tauranga today to discuss the housing crisis.

After hearing comments and questions from the crowd of 70-80 people at the Wesley Centre, Mr Twyford responded by saying Labour was committed to embarking on a massive state-backed housing programme as part of its solution.

Mr Twyford said the market was not delivering enough affordable homes, and under Labour’s Kiwi Build scheme 100,000 homes would be built for first home buyers.

Labour would also crack down on non-resident foreigners buying existing housing stock and also review the Residential Tenancies Act to deliver more security of tenure for tenants, he said.

Mr Twyford said these were just some of the solutions Labour believes will help ease the housing shortage in Tauranga and elsewhere.

Labour was promising to deliver a ” tidal wave” of big housing reforms the country had not seen since [former Labour Prime Minister] Michael Joseph Savage time, he said.

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Twyford and Labour have gone full retard again; never go full retard

The government should follow Australia’s lead and stop foreign investors buying existing houses, Labour says.

Housing spokesman Phil Twyford says Australia requires foreign property investors to build new houses.

“It’s channelled $30 billion into new home construction in the past year,” he said on Tuesday.

Mr Twyford thinks that would be more effective than “some complicated land tax idea” that Prime Minister John Key has floated.

Mr Key on Saturday said a land tax on residential property bought by foreigners may be considered, but he didn’t think it was necessary at the moment.

Opposition parties have been calling for action to curb foreign speculators who are cashing in on Auckland’s overheated housing market.

They believe they’re adding to the pressure that’s forcing prices up, but until now the government has said their impact is insignificant.

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Show me the homeless people Phil!


It is a question I’ve had for some time.

If we have an Auckland housing shortage, should we not have about 100,000 homeless by now?

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Twyford admits to “Chinkygate” – trying to rebuild

Twyford speaks to Richard Harman of Politik

And, of course, Mr Twyford, made a controversial entry into the debate on foreign buyers last July with his release of statistics based on Chinese sounding names of house buyers in Auckland.

Now, over six months later he is prepared to concede that it was “a less than masterful piece of political communication” and he is careful to emphasise that he is talking about non-resident foreigners.

And that was the point of it though he says that offshore money probably accounts for 5 – 10% of the housing market.

However even that amount, he argues, has an impact at the margins of what is a market facing very tight supply constraints.

Labour plans to address those supply constraints with its Kiwibuild policy which would see 10,000 modest, “entry level” homes built every year for 10 years by Housing New Zealand onsold to private buyers.

That too poses its own challenges and Twyford concedes that the Resource Management Act is going to have to change to make it easier to build homes both within and without Auckland. Read more »

Phil “Chinky” Twyford facing a backlash in his own electorate

Labour’s racist lash-out against Asians (and more or less just Asians) being responsible for Tane and Tania no longer being able to afford anything will have its predictable fall-out:  Twyford’s own future is looking shaky.

A former Labour member plans to run a candidate in Te Atatu in protest at Phil Twyford’s use of Chinese-sounding names to analyse Auckland property purchases.

Former Labour staffer and political commentator Phil Quin, who resigned as a Labour member over the data analysis which he called racial profiling, said he hoped the candidate would win enough votes in 2017 to oust Mr Twyford from the seat. Mr Quin told the Herald he was searching for a candidate who could run as an alternative for Labour voters who had been made uncomfortable by Mr Twyford’s use of the housing data.

“I don’t expect such a campaign to win more than a couple of thousand votes – not nearly enough to win, but enough to force Twyford to rely on his high list ranking.”

Going in as the underdog is always a good start.  Especially with Quin, the queer, alcoholic, depressed loose cannon of the lefty liberals.  But, with that out there, a credible and hard-working sort of man who is going to have a lot of appeal to voters in West Auckland.  He’s real instead of a Labour muppet. Read more »

Labour will be pleased, actual Chinese, ones with real Chinky-sounding names, aren’t so keen on NZ for investing any more…for now

Phil Twyford will be pleased. So will Andrew Little and the rest of the Labour caucus…it seems Chinese aren’t that fussed on New Zealand any more for investment.

But it appears it is a short-term blip.

The head of a company that helps Chinese buy properties overseas says New Zealand’s popularity ranking has slipped a notch since the Government and Reserve Bank introduced new buyer restrictions last October.

Juwai co-founder Simon Henry said New Zealand shifted to fifth from fourth most popular country in the world with potential property buyers in China between the third and fourth quarters of 2015.

But Henry, whose Chinese language website has 2.6 million unique users monthly, predicts Chinese buyers’ interest in New Zealand will return in force by mid-year once they’ve fully digested the new requirements.     Read more »

Can’t wait to see what Phil Twyford will say about this

I wonder what Phil Twyford’s take on this is going to be, because there are bugger all Chinese surnames in the Queenstown phonebook!

House prices in and around Queenstown are soaring, narrowing the price gap between Central Otago and Auckland.

Nationwide, average asking prices for houses were down last month, but Central Otago and the Waikato bucked the trend, according to new data from the website.

The new asking prices were revealed as house supply across New Zealand was at near-record lows.   Read more »

Latest guess? Andrew Little will shift the deck chairs on the Titanic today

What do you mean margin of error stuff, Phil said this would work?

What do you mean margin of error stuff, Phil said this would work?

Andrew Little is going to announce the shuffle of the deck chairs on the Titanic tomorrow.

Given Labour’s talent is as shallow as a carpark puddle in the middle of summer it will really be a forlorn exercise.

Some big movers are tipped in Labour leader Andrew Little’s first big reshuffle.

A year into his leadership, Little will announce on Monday the front bench team he plans to take to the next election and into Cabinet with him in Government if Labour wins the 2017 election.

Speaking on Sunday, Little said the refresh would present a “new look”  front bench. And while that would mean some big promotions for Labour’s newer talent, there would also be demotions.

“It’s the last reshuffle I’m planning before the election… I think there are some quite significant changes there and I see it as, and am presenting it as, a blue print for Cabinet under the next Labour government.”

“We’ve got to think not only about the portfolio allocations, we’ve got to think about chief whip and junior whip in a new government, and positions outside Cabinet, positions available for potential coalition partners.

He also needed to think about MPs who might retire from politics during the first term of Government, and the requirement for understudies in those portfolios.

“That will likely become apparent tomorrow.”

One such portfolio may be health, which is held by Labour deputy Annette King, with speculation she may want a diplomatic posting if Labour makes it back into power. That would see her move on partway through a first term.

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Labour’s reshuffle kerfuffle

Richard Harman got sold down the river overnight as poisoned intel was used to out one of his leakers.


But that doesn’t make his article redundant.  It still stands, albeit the timing of the shuffle is different.

Labour is plainly sensitive to charges that Phil Goff is double dipping as an MP and now confirmed Auckland Mayoral candidate.

Leader Andrew Little has said Mr Goff will now no longer be spokesman on Auckland issues.

Any other changes to his spokesmanships will come tomorrow when Mr Little announces his reshuffle of Labour’s Caucus spokespeople.

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