Need a safety harness just taking a photo of NASCAR


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Lee Jeffries

Lee Jeffries

Lee Jeffries¬†is a self-taught artist who has surprised the insular photography world with his¬†striking series of black-and-white portraits¬†of homeless men and women. Read more »

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Helmut Newton

Helmut Newton (1920 – 2004)

Two Pairs of Legs in Black Stockings, Paris, 1979 Read more »

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Top Hats: ¬†In trouble, Charles Sodokoff, 28 and Arthur Webber, 32, ¬†both Broklynites, use their toppled toppers to hide their faces as they take a free ride to Felony Court. ¬†The boys were tippling at Astor Bar on a Saturday night when they slide down bannisters for fun … ¬†The Cop was called, and they assaulted him. ¬†The Funsters then went from a Mahogany bar to the Iron Type.

Published: New York Daily News, 27 January 1942

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The human behind Humans of New York

[CORRECTION] John Key is Lovin’ it, proud of Stephanie’s photos

Stephanie Key poses nude

Dad is Lovin’ it

Good on John Key, he has come out proud as proud can be about his daughter Stephanie’s artistic achievements:

His daughter may be making headlines around the world with her raunchy self portraits, but it’s not bothering the Prime Minister.

Twenty-year-old Stephanie Key lives in Paris, studying at the Paris College of Art.¬† Read more »

Dad’s not Lovin’ It, Stephanie Key poses nude

John Key’s daughter is stepping out in life by herself and boy has she made a splash…posing near naked in her photographs. They are pretty good though with her¬†work chosen to promote the prestigious art show, Paris Design week.

They are self-portraits which could land any young daughter in trouble with her parents.

But when your father just so happens to be a prime minister, they are all the more troublesome.

These raunchy self-portraits¬†show Stephanie Key – the 20-year-old daughter of New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key.

Miss Key is studying at a prestigious Paris arts school where she has created these astonishing self-portraits. They are being used to promote a show at Paris Design Week next month.

The photographs could well prove embarrassing for her father as the images show his daughter in a number of revealing poses.

The most controversial picture shows her posing topless with a cherry in her mouth while holding a gun in one hand.

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Photo of the Day

Michal Karcz is a Polish Artist. ¬†He’s a commercial painter, photographer and digital artist. ¬†The work he does is truly amazing. ¬†I’ll let him introduce himself:

I was born in 1977 in Warsaw, Poland. I had graduated from the High School of Art in Warsaw. My journey into the world of photography began in the early 90′s, but at that time my biggest passion was painting. Painting helped me develop vision that was hard to create. Unfortunately I had to leave the paintbrush and canvas. A few years ago, I opened “the door” to my own world with help of a different key…

My early fascinations of painting and photography was combined into one piece, with use of digital tools. This digital photography and software gave me the opportunity to generate unique realities that are impossible to create with ordinary dark room techniques. Most of my work is the journey to the places which don’t exist, places from my dreams, desire and imagination

This is but one of many stunning creations.  Check after the photo for a link of more of his incredible work.

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When it comes to wild animal photography, Charles Glatzer really does get the shots that others don’t. ¬†He must have had a very long lens to take this photo. ¬†(Or balls of steel)

Some more of his work is easily accessed here