“Vegan” Pie Shock: Z’s Vegan pies contained chicken!

Oh noes!  Z energy may have inadvertently been providing chicken and vege pies to its strict vegan customers!

Z Energy’s new vegan pie offering has feathers ruffled over one decidedly non-vegan ingredient.

A customer revealed today that the gourmet Mexican pie – with a spicy tomato, sweetcorn and onion filling – contained E920, a pastry conditioner made from ground-up poultry feathers – meaning the prize-winning baked good is definitely not suitable for vegans.

The claim was made on the petrol station’s Facebook page, with Z Energy confirming the ingredient in a follow-up comment.

“We’ve just checked with our pie makers and the E920 that has been used to date has been chemically derived from poultry feathers,” the post read.

“This was an honest mistake which our bakers have fixed.

An honest mistake they say.  I would have thought that they’d understand the concept of a vegan pie.   Ground-up chicken feathers don’t really fit that.   Read more »


And the Media Party thinks this person should be deputy leader of Labour?

The Media Party are pushing for Jacinda Ardern to be deputy leader of the Labour party.

It really is a push with little or no merit, and yesterday’s performance in the house suggests that Ardern is not yet ready.

The National Party ministers and backbench had a feast as Ardern asked dopey questions about pies.

During parliamentary question time, Green Party MP Kevin Hague asked Health Minister Jonathan Coleman why the plan did not include a sugary drinks tax.

But Dr Coleman said again that there was not enough evidence to justify a tax.

“I know the member would love to tax all sorts of things… All I know is that if we have a Labour-Greens government, the price of everything is going to go up – it won’t be just soft drinks.”    Read more »

Labour, Greens forget the pie ban cost them the 2008 election


Typical, politicians have extremely short memories. Labour’s Annette King should know better, but long-term memory seems to be failing her.

Labour lost the 2008 election after New Zealanders got sick and tired of Labour politicians telling Kiwis how to live. They also ended up being called the “food police”.

Now they’re back at it, wanting bans on tuck shops and pushing their agenda via embedded journalist Kirsty Johnson;

Labour health spokeswoman Annette King said she would now expect the Government to bring back tuck shop regulation.

“It’s horrifying to New Zealanders that we are now considered one of the fattest nations in the world,” she said.

“We have wasted seven years, when we could have been doing something about it, for purely political reasons, because apparently saying what kids could eat was being a ‘nanny state’. I now look forward to seeing what the minister will do.”

Read more »

So not Big Gerry then?

Looks like this donut mugging wasn’t as a result of Big Gerry being in town, luckily the pies were all safe:

An Arrowtown cafe was left in short supply of bread after a dog with a penchant for panini, French sticks, doughnuts and bagels made off with $60 worth of stock.

Bread was delivered to Arrowtown’s Espresso Love cafe at the earlier time of 3am last Saturday and left in an outside area.

Cafe owner Jacynda Wallace said she arrived at the cafe to find nearly all of the bread destined for the day’s customers gone.

The theft was reported at 9am and Ms Wallace expected police to be looking for a two-legged culprit.  Read more »

Should Have Blown On The Pie, Ctd

The Coroner has decided now that pies are killers.

A pregnant woman who died when she crashed into a powerpole may have been eating a pie at the time, according to a coroner’s report.

Melissa Mahia, who worked at Mr Apple Coolstores in Whakatu, Hastings was driving away from the market store last November when she lost control of her car.

The report says the 27-year-old’s vehicle, a green Lexus ES300, hit a wooden pole on the side of Ruahapia Rd in Hastings.

You know, not that she may have just been boyracing

“[It was] closing in very quickly behind the brown car in front,” the report said.

“I wondered if the two cars were racing.”

It is “possible” that the pie caused the crash

Coroner Chris Devonport said in his report it was possible Ms Mahia was distracted by the pie, which in combination with the high speed she was driving at, contributed to the crash.

ALWAYS blow on the pie.



He should have blown on it


An Aussie man has got in trouble be he ate instead of just blowing on the pie. Everyone knows that you should always blow on the pie.

A drunk Australian man was arrested for disorderly behaviour after he went into a Queenstown bakery and ate another customer’s pie.

The man, 33, who refused to give police his details, was taken to the police station, where he vomited on arrival.

Police picked up another drunk man about 7am yesterday, asleep in the entranceway to Queenstown Airport.

The man could not remember where he was staying or where he had left his bags and said he had decided to come to the airport because he just wanted to go home.

Police took no further action.

Where was Gerry yesterday?

NZ Herald

Someone has nicked hundreds of pies…not many leads…I wonder where Gerry or Parekura were yesterday?

Thieves who stole hundreds of pies from an Oamaru bakery could find their haul too hot to handle.

Police are baffled why the culprits were so greedy and have warned people to be on their guard if they are offered a large quantity of pies on the cheap.

The thieves ignored other foodstuffs when they targeted Coupland’s Bakery at the weekend.

About $850 worth of pies were taken.

Community Constable Bruce Dow asked the obvious question: “Why would anyone take that many pies?”


Neil Miller is awesome

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