Pita Sharples

Helping Labour out in Tamaki Makaurau

With Labour re-opening nominations for Tamaki Makaurau, I thought it might be handy to give them a help with the advertising.

Situation Vacant

Labour leader David Cunliffe is tipping the party’s ruling council will reopen nominations for the crucial Tamaki Makaurau electorate when it meets this week.     Read more »

Have Labour had an outbreak of ethics?

Matthew Hooton writes at the NBR about Shane Taurima and Labour’s decision to rinse him.

The strange thing about the Taurima report is that labour actually did the right thing and gave him the arse.

Have Labour had an outbreak of ethics or did they have too many gays for the quota?

Matthew Hooton thinks they knew all along and have done this to try to appear to have clean hands.

In some circles, Mr Taurima is very highly regarded.

As Winston Peters put it on radio this morning, as part of a wide-ranging interview on his latest allegations about the Cook Strait ferries and his promise to release, as early as today, information he says he holds that will force Judith Collins to resign: “Over the years I have known Shane, I have always found him to be highly professional and the kind of quality Maori media personality that we need to seriously encourage in this country.”

Mr Peters described the decision by the Labour’s New Zealand Council not to allow Mr Taurima to seek the party’s nomination for Tamaki Makaurau as “a tragedy”, “a terrible pity” and “disappointing in the extreme”.

Tamaki Makaurau, currently held by retiring Maori Party co-leader Pita Sharples, is now overwhelmingly favoured to be won by Labour in September. Whoever wins Labour’s nomination can look forward to a long career in parliament, representing the Auckland region, and to become a major rangatira, with a permanent place in Maori history.

Mr Taumira is only human to have wanted that desperately – and Labour gave him every indications it wanted him, delaying the deadline for nominations to try to accommodate his difficulties with his employer, TVNZ.

Those indications were even stronger because a large number of people within Labour, including on its New Zealand Council, knew all along what Mr Taurima was up to within TVNZ and implicitly endorsed it.

Mr Taurima essentially set up a Labour cell within TVNZ, signing up his own staff as party members and setting up new branches.   Read more »

Hone tells Pita to naff off as he crawls closer towards a deal with Dotcom

A clever political game is being played at the moment.

Pita Sharples is manipulating Hone Harawira into doing the deal with Kim Dotcom by telling him he is an idiot for doing it and will therefore kill off Mana in the future.

Claire Trevett reports:

Mana Party leader Hone Harawira has told the Maori Party to butt out of its plans to talk to Kim Dotcom’s internet Party after Pita Sharples said there was nothing in it for the Mana Party other than money.

Maori Party MP Dr Sharples said today he was perplexed about Mr Harawira’s willingness to entertain joining up with Mr Dotcom’s internet Party.

Mr Dotcom is due to speak at Mana’s annual conference this weekend where the Mana Party will decide whether to enter an arrangement with his party in the election.

Dr Sharples said Mr Dotcom had done “absolutely nothing” for Maori.  Read more »

McCarten’s winners and losers

Matt McCarten has written in the Herald on Sunday about his picks for winners and losers.


  1. Len Brown. The Sinner. A leader of the left in public who in private believed he was entitled to the good life of the elites. A man who gained the whole world, but lost his soul. Can he be redeemed?
  2. John Banks
  3. David Shearer
  4. Pita Sharples
  5. Peter Dunne

Number one in the losers list shouldn’t have been Len Brown, it should have been the citizens of Auckland who can’t rid themselves of a dodgy rooting ratbag of a mayor.  Read more »

Hide on Maori apathy

Rodney Hide discusses maori apathy towards…well everything, but especially voting.

Huge party, government and parliamentary resources were thrown at the poor people of Ikaroa-Rawhiti. They have never had so much attention, nor so many concerned for their welfare. The byelection was impossible for them to avoid.

And yet the “no vote” outpolled the winning candidate’s vote five to one. The “no-vote” majority was 17,500. That is despite the massive campaigning effort that a byelection entails.

I said as much at the time of the result. Maori didn’t care enough to even bother voting.

The people of Ikaroa-Rawhiti also have a heavy interest in government. Some 5500 of them are on the domestic purposes benefit. That’s 3.5 times the country rate. Another 4000 are on the unemployment benefit, 2500 are on the sickness benefit and 2000 on the invalid’s benefit.  Read more »

Pita Sharples to quit politics

via ODT

via ODT

Claire Trevett Native Affairs has a nice scoop:

Pita Sharples will resign as the Maori Party’s co-leader tomorrow and will quit politics altogether next year.

Read more »

Hooton on Harawira

Matthew Hooton must have fallen out with the Brown Brothers. He comments on the destructiveness of Hone Harawira.

Those most supportive of the Don Brash and ACT Party message of “one law for all” should be deeply grateful to Hone Harawira.

If the Northland firebrand had the slightest emotional intelligence and ability to think medium-term, he would now be set to become leader of a united Maori Party capable of winning all seven Maori electorates and something approaching 5% of the party vote.

Instead, his personal anger and belligerence, his childish emotional need to be a staunch bro’, and his extraordinary arrogance, so associated with the Harawia clan, meant he moved to split the Maori Party in 2011 and set up his own far-left Mana movement.

His complaint was that the other Maori Party MPs weren’t radical enough for him and were prepared to accept crumbs from John Key’s table as opposed to the … well, it is never quite clear what he would try to deliver to his people were he ever to have the chance.  Read more »

Labour most to lose

Claire Trevett has an article about the looming by-election in Ikaroa-Rawhiti. It is a reasonable article spoiled by inept graphics work.

See if you can work out what they are on about where they get the name of Labour candidate wrong, and the sequence cocked up.

heraldbomb Read more »

Sky City Is Evil?

8 Labour MPs accepted corporate box tickets to the RWC from Sky City.

If they’re so evil, why did they accept?

Perhaps they could explain:

Grant Robertson?

David Shearer?

Clayton Cosgrove?  Read more »

This should get Winston, the xenophobes & the Crafar naysayers going

Surely Winston, Labour and the Greens are going to cut up rough about a Chinese billionaire wanting to buy up more land and invest in new businesses.

We need more people like this rather than fat German crooks.

Chinese billionaire Jiang Zhaobai, who now owns the Crafar dairy farming empire, is back in New Zealand forging a relationship with Maori and looking for further deals in the dairy and hotel industries and in Christchurch.

Mr Jiang, ranked 82 on the Forbes China rich list, flew into Auckland early last Saturday and later that day attended the Taniwha and Dragon Festival at Orakei Marae.

Mr Jiang, whose personal wealth is estimated at US$1.2 billion, was invited to the festival by Maori Affairs Minister Pita Sharples when the pair met up during the recent John Key-led trade visit to China.  Read more »