If explaining is losing, I’ll take this one on the chin

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via RadioLive

As people have observed, I’m not only relaxed, I’m quite enjoying myself. ¬† People who know me will understand that I love dirty politics more than anyone else. ¬† And I fully understand people won’t believe this, but I have boundaries and ethics.

They may not be yours, but they are there.

What has been stolen contains legally, politically, medically and journalistically privileged material.

And here’s the kicker: ¬†most of it isn’t about me. ¬† Read more »

Police bungles eroding public confidence

99.9% of the police force must be tearing their hair out right now.

Drug dealers, burglars and drink-drivers have walked free after a police botch-up led to officers carrying out illegal investigations.

In a major embarrassment for Police Minister Anne Tolley, officers returning to the force were incorrectly sworn in, meaning criminal charges had to be dropped.

It is the third time it has happened. Tolley described the previous errors as a “monumental cock-up” which forced Parliament to pass emergency legislation.

Labour police spokeswoman Jacinda Ardern said there were serious consequences. “Ultimately, people who should be accountable before the law won’t be,” she said.

Superintendent Richard Chambers said police were investigating how the error happened, just 10 months after a similar bungle. He was “very disappointed”.

Police discovered on June 9 an officer in Wellington exercising constabulary powers without the correct authorisation.

This is the third time this has happened. ¬†Parliament has even had to enact retrospective legislation to fix the previous cock-up. ¬†This is more than disappointing. ¬† Read more »

Police pandering to Maori, creating separate justice system?

Hone Harawira and his ilk like to claim that Police brutalise Maori on purpose and pick on them, which is why apparently they have filled up our jails with Maori inmates.

We have seen that Corrections has special rules for Maori inmates….and now it seems the Police have been infested with this politically correct rubbish.

In the latest Police Ten One, their magazine, there is an article that shows just how far Police are being over backwards in caving to political correctness and letting Maori criminals walk away scot free from crimes.

Police headline from latest Police Ten One magazine

Police headline from latest Police Ten One magazine

One of the great successes of Policing Excellence has been the use of pre-charge warnings ‚Äď particularly in dealing with minor offending by Maori.¬† Read more »

More on Police manufacturing of crime stats

Another person has emailed the tipline:

Hi guys, I have just read the message you received from the police member regards Counties police re-coding of burg stats.

In my experience he is understating matters; I witnessed this at Wellington station under the leadership of Marty Grenfeld during

I clearly recall the day his re-coding project team requested all of the youth aid burglary files – they were all gone over and their stats ‘reviewed’ and sometimes being re-coded as Unlawfully on Premises and Theft. In my opinion, a number of re-codings were a dishonest reflection of the facts. They saw it as erring to one side of a 50/50 situation, in favour of more sympathetic statistics.¬† Read more »

Planned political hit job on cops continues

Labour hate the cops with a passion.

Crime rates are way down – and I’ve warned for a while now that the left will do anything they can to target Police and make them look bad for delivering the goods under National.

At the weekend there was a historical story about some silly cops recording burglaries wrongly.

They were punished – and to be fair the HoS gave some perspective.

“Tims said the analysis since the internal review found that the incorrect coding of burglaries would have “affected less than half of 1 per cent of Counties Manukau’s approximately 150,000 recorded crimes over that time”.¬†“

But here’s the real story.

It was written by Bevan Hurley and regular readers will know that Bevan’s sources for stories are almost always suspect.

This was an inside job designed to destroy colleagues and take out the Commissioner, Mike Bush, the former Manukau district commander.

This information came from an internal police report. ¬† Read more »

Labour’s war on cops continues

According to Labour, the cops are liars.

Police were under government orders to “minimise” the number of domestic violence charges they lay to make crime statistics look good, Labour MP Andrew Little claimed yesterday.

But the claim has been strongly denied by both police bosses and the Government.

Family violence figures released yesterday by the University of Auckland’s Family Violence Clearinghouse show police charges for domestic violence offences dropped by up to 29 per cent from 2009/10 to last year.

And for the same period, the number of offences recorded by police fell by nearly 10,000.

But the number of investigations into family violence grew from 86,800 in 2010 to 95,100 incidents last year.

Little, a list MP and New Plymouth’s Labour Party candidate, said he believed the drop in family violence charges was due to the Government putting direct pressure on police to lower the crime statistics.

“What I have been told authoritatively is that front line police have been told to minimise the number of charges they lay.

“That is not just family violence but across the board. I’m told it’s not just domestic violence, it’s all forms of offending.

“I think that a combination of that and using police safety orders is what is showing up in the reduced number of charges in relation to domestic violence,” Little said.

Just when you think they can’t get any more desperate, Labour resurrect their hate campaign against frontline police.¬† Read more »

Just a fun piece of writing

Occasionally you see some good stuff in a newspaper. ¬†Something that hasn’t been through the spin cycle and us just a roaring good read.

Talia Shadwell, thanks for bringing several smiles to my face today

Police officers have filthy mouths, and Khandallah schoolgirl Sarah Scott can prove it – even though her dog ate some of the evidence.

Her science project investigation into whether police dogs or their handlers have more bacteria in their mouths has won her a chance to compete in a science and technology fair – but it also produced some disturbingly close results.

Sarah, 11, of St Benedict’s School, examined bacteria from the mouths of eight police dogs and their handlers. Fortunately for the handlers’ reputations, their mouths proved cleaner than the dogs, but only just.

Sarah’s project won her school science competition – despite her jack russell Rupert climbing on to the dining table and eating four of the samples just two weeks before the project was due.

His behaviour was not only unhelpful, but pretty gross, Sarah said.

“Those petri dishes were smelly and they had heaps of bacteria.”

The dog handlers helped Sarah out by repeating the experiment, swabbing their dogs’ mouths to avoid Sarah being bitten.

She said she was very grateful for their help.

“I feel that they dedicated a lot of time to my project and helped me a lot.”

Six-year-old Rupert, however, was collared for destroying evidence – incriminated by photographs of broken petri dishes at the “crime scene”.

For ethical reasons, Sarah, who hopes to become a vet, refused to entertain The Dominion Post’s questions about which of the eight Wellington police officers involved in her research had the worst breath.

However, she did reveal police dog Link had the highest oral bacterial count – and that the dogs proved the most obedient research subjects.

Link’s handler, Wellington police dog section head Senior Sergeant Mark Davidson, said he was proud of his “top dog”. He and his colleagues who volunteered to take part in Sarah’s project admired her work ethic.

“To get up in front of a bunch of hairy-arse dog handlers and get her spiel across takes a huge amount of courage for a young kid. She did great.”

Speaking of dogs, did you know there is such a thing as dog racism? ¬†Katy Waldman has that story ¬† Read more »


This is why we need an Independent Commission Against Corruption, 113 cases and not a single prosecution

More than a hundred cases have been referred to the Police for prosecution by the Electoral Commission and not a single one has even been investigated.

These are breaches of our electoral laws and are about as serious as it can be when it comes to protecting democracy, and yet the Police just don’t give a stuff.

The Justice Minister’s been taken by surprise by the number of Electoral Act breaches that have been referred to police over the past three years.

Figures supplied by the Electoral Commission reveal 113 cases have been referred to police for investigation since the beginning of 2011 – not one has resulted in a prosecution.

It’s a figure Justice Minister Judith Collins wasn’t aware of.

Ms Collins doesn’t know the basis on which the Electoral Commission referred the cases to police, and says it’s something she’d have to find out more about before she could express an opinion.

It is outrageous that there are so many breaches, many by the Labour party that remain uninvestigated much less prosecuted.¬† Read more »

Ratbag flees cops on motorbike, no surprises he is now dead

A ratbag motorcyclist has fled from cops and smacked himself up in the process, resulting in his demise.

Let’s hope he is an organ donor so some good may come of his poor decision making.

The motorcylist killed while fleeing police in Christchurch today has left behind a young son, his distraught friends say.

The incident began about midday when an unmarked police car was travelling away from New Brighton on Hawke St.

The motorcyclist rode past the unmarked police car at speed and on seeing the car accelerated towards Marine Parade.

The two officers then saw him travel through a stop sign at speed, police said.

They made a U-turn and activated their lights and siren and had just reached the intersection with Marine Parade when they saw the motorcyclist, about 150-250m further down the road, crash into a vehicle travelling in the same direction but turning right into a carpark.

The red Nissan, with two elderly occupants who received minor injuries, had indicated to turn right into the car-park of New Brighton Surf Lifesaving Club.

As they were turning in, the rider hit their vehicle and was thrown some 10m, police said.

The male motorcyclist, in his 20s, died at the scene.

Read more »

So, the whole police force will vote National, that much is clear

If Labour get to lead the Coalition of the Damned later this year, the police minister will most likely be Jacinda Ardern.

After a good run with Tolley and Collins, the police know what it is like to have a minister that has your back.

If Labour get to the levers of power, that’s not looking likely

Labour is questioning the decision not to discipline a police officer who used excessive force when he tasered a Whakatane driver.

The officer said he thought he was in danger of being hit, but an Independent Police Conduct Authority (IPCA) report released on Thursday said he could have been less forceful.

The long-serving officer used pepper spray when he was restraining Mark Smillie on Christmas Day 2011 but he continued to lash out.

After protecting himself with a baton, the officer twice used a Taser on Mr Smillie while he was on the ground.

The IPCA found the use of the Taser was “excessive and contrary to the law”. Read more »