Government underpays Police by $40m, guess what they do next?

Police owe about $40 million to current and former staff due to a payroll bungle that has been ongoing since 2009.

A source said some staff were owed close to $10,000 each but many were not even aware they had been shortchanged until recently.

Concern was rife among those who did know that to pay staff what they were owed, funds would have to be pulled from crucial areas of policing.

“Every employee over the last few years would potentially have been affected by the pay blunder,” the source said.

“Obviously only some street police staff are aware of this … To fund this, police have to find it within their existing budget meaning some services to the public may be affected.”

There are 12,000 constabulary and non-sworn police employees.

Fiona Michel, deputy chief executive of people at Police National Headquarters could not say how many were affected or exactly how much they were owed.

“It is too early to confirm the exact numbers of staff affected, the range of payments to be made or the total sum to be paid to current and/or former staff,” she said.

“Our first priority is to inform those affected staff of their entitlements before other parties. Police can confirm that the historic issues involve a significant amount of staff and money. However, to put the issue into context, the remediation total will be less than one fortnightly pay run.”

Readers will recall that the government also underpaid beneficiaries.   And what did they do there?   Read more »


Police Association pushing for more protection for cops, but what about us?

Greg O’Connor of the Police Association is highlighting that criminals appear to have increased access to guns.

Firearms have become “ridiculously easy” for offenders to get their hands on and police are being confronted almost daily by gun-wielding criminals, the Police Association says.

The union is calling for an official police inquiry into where the guns are coming from and says the issue has been badly neglected by the top brass.

The call comes days after police were shot at as they pursued a pair of alleged offenders in West Auckland, and follows a spate of incidents where other police were fired on.

There have also been numerous instances in which firearms were aimed at the public, including a Hamilton diary owner who wrestled a gun from a would-be-robber during a dramatic encounter in August, and an armed holdup of a Mangere service station in September in which the offender fired a shot.

“It has become ridiculously easy for… criminals to get firearms. The evidence is apparent as police are stumbling across firearms and becoming involved in armed incidents on a daily basis,” said association president Greg O’Connor.

“Contrary to police assurances that armed incidents are ‘rare’, hardly a week goes by that police are not coming into contact with illegal firearms in the hands of offenders.

“A steady stream of information is coming in from cops on the street. They say there is no doubt that the number of weapons out there is on the increase and gun-toting crimes are becoming the rule rather than the exception… The big question is – where and how are they getting them?”

In the latest edition of association magazine, Police News, Mr O’Connor said firearms in the wrong hands was “an additional risk that police don’t need”.

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Arrested and jailed overnight for silly Facebook comments


A GISBORNE man caught up in a bitter love triangle was forced to spend the night in police cells – all because of comments he posted on Facebook.

With police dealing with a rising number of allegations involving posts on Facebook and Twitter, this latest case is yet another example of the dangers of using social media to malign or wage war on an ex-partner.

It’s also a fascinating look into life in small-town New Zealand and what happens when love goes bad.

Graham Emmott, 42, appeared yesterday in the Gisborne District Court to answer a charge of contravening a protection order in relation to former partner Jasmine Swain, who owns the Kitchen Cafeteria. He was remanded on bail to reappear on October 5.

Emmott and Swain were in a relationship for 6 ½ years. They have been separated for about 15 months.

Swain’s new partner, Glen Taylor, is the ex-husband of Helen Johns – another woman also accused of posting derogatory comments on Facebook about Swain and the Kitchen Cafeteria. It just happens that she and Emmott are friends.

The latest brouhaha in this unfolding drama occurred last week when Emmott was arrested by police and thrown into the police cells for the night – three weeks after he was told to remove comments on Facebook about Swain and her cafeteria business.

The arrest followed a lengthy complaint to police from Swain, who claimed that since breaking up with Emmott she had been subjected to months of abusive emails and phone calls – and negative comments on Facebook.

In March, a temporary protection order was issued against Emmott banning him from making any contact with Swain – including by phone and ‘electronic message’.   Read more »


A good start but not enough, road maggots getting fined

Road Maggots are getting fined but nowhere near enough to pay for all those special lanes they insist on having other people pay for.

Cyclists were hit with $3.75 million in fines in the past five years, mostly for cycling without a helmet but also for more daring offences such as getting towed by moving cars and riding down motorways.

Police data provided to Stuff showed failure to wear a helmet and not having helmets fastened properly made up three quarters of the 68,000 cycle-related infringements since July 2010.

Eleven thousand fines were issued for not having bike lights, another 5000 offences were recorded for riding on footpaths and garden beds, while two cyclists were caught riding through Christchurch’s Lyttleton Tunnel.

National road policing inspector Peter McKennie said overall compliance from cyclists was high and had improved on the back of more separated cycleways being built.    Read more »


Media Party blames Police for pepper spray incident

Yesterday a ratbag gang member and his “family” were pulled over by a cop. A fracas ensued and in the fracas a girl got a stream of pepper spray in the face….and according to the Media Party and the “family” it is all the cop’s fault.

Police accidentally pepper sprayed a 10-year-old girl in Whakatane during a routine traffic stop on Friday.

Officers said the girl’s father had become violent and assaulted a police officer.

The girl’s mother, Tiwaiwai Teepu, posted a picture on Facebook of her 10-year-old daughter Amy receiving hospital treatment, drains attached to her eyes.

Amy was in a vehicle with her father Jack “Blu” Kira and Teepu when they were pulled over in Whakatane about 5.40pm yesterday.

Teepu wrote on Facebook: “Amy pepper sprayed because they missed Blue in the driver’s seat shot Amy in the back of the truck”.    Read more »

This is a problem, how?

A newspaper continues to represent the criminal fraternity rather than the general population.

Apparently it is a bad thing that Police are shooting armed criminals…”more than ever before”.

A leading criminologist says more gun-toting offenders are being shot and killed by police than ever before.

Police have shot dead three gunmen in the past four months, including Pera Smiler in Upper Hutt on Tuesday after he reportedly fired a high-powered rifle inside a McDonald’s restaurant and brandished the weapon in the street.

Since 1951, 29 offenders have been shot and killed by police.

But 21 of them have died in the past 25 years alone.

22 police and traffic officers, meanwhile, have been shot dead in the line of duty since 1886.

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Yep, suicide by cop…at least he succeeded

As suspected the scumbag who went to McDonald’s in Upper Hutt with a gun was intent on suicide by cop.

Too gutless to put the gun in his own mouth and pull the trigger he had to put cops and the general public through hell.

A man shot dead after an armed police stand-off this week was “in a bad place” but did not want to hurt anyone, his cousin says.

Pera Ariki Smiler was killed after brandishing his rifle in Upper Hutt, Wellington on Tuesday.

His Auckland-based cousin Dylan Smiler believed the 25-year-old wanted police to kill him.   Read more »

Why is the default position of the Media Party to side with criminals?

Here we go again.

An idiot with a death wish is firing a gun in a  suburban street, and the liberal elite media luvvies that weren’t crapping themselves lying on the ground dodging bullets and safely ensconced behind their keyboards write lengthy epistles second guessing people who are paid to protect us by putting their own lives on the line.

3News reports:

Wellington’s police commander says he’s confident officers “acted appropriately” when they fatally shot a 25-year-old gunman who opened fire in an Upper Hutt fast food restaurant.

Superintendent Sam Hoyle tonight confirmed earlier media reports that Pera Smiler of Upper Hutt was the man killed in the armed stand-off in the city’s business district yesterday.

“I have reviewed the CCTV footage of the event this afternoon and remain confident that my officers acted appropriately to keep the community safe,” Supt Hoyle said in a statement.

He said police were still sifting through hundreds of pieces of information and dozens of witnesses, as well as providing support for Smiler’s family.

Before he was shot Smiler told a store attendant who was attempting to talk him down that he was trying to get into the army, but was rejected because of his police record.

Aside from that exchange, not much is known about why he took a high-powered rifle into a McDonald’s and fired a single shot, leading to much of the business district being put into lockdown.

Witnesses told NZ Newswire say he was incoherently screaming as he paced back and forth on the corner of Main and Wakefield St.

No one else was hurt during the opening skirmish inside the McDonald’s or later when Smiler shot at the police dog that accompanied the uniformed officers who eventually shot and killed him.      Read more »

I need a lie down. I agree with a union

The Police union has said the fatal Upper Hutt shooting shows now’s not the time to be reducing cops on the beat.

Police shot dead a man outside the Main Street McDonald’s yesterday, after he fired inside the restaurant and shot at officers outside.

No one else was injured in the stand-off on Upper Hutt’s main street.

Police Association president Greg O’Connor reported it’s the fifth time in a month officers have been confronted with armed offenders on the street.

He said things are changing, and Police need more resources, not less.

“That wasn’t happening years ago, it’s happening now and it’s certainly no time that the police budget should be put under the restraints that it’s been at the moment.”

Mayor Wayne Guppy is grateful no bystanders were killed or injured in the stand-off, but he is anticipating people will have plenty of unanswered questions.

“The way the public responded when the police went through town asking people to recover, to look their doors was outstanding,” Guppy said.

“Life will return to normal but those questions will be asked and there will still be people wondering why here? Why did this occur in our town?”

As we saw the other day when they put more police on the street – they caught more offenders.  It’s not just the violent incidents that are on the increase. Read more »


Give the cops a medal

A gunman has been nailed by cops in Upper Hutt yesterday.

That’s what happens when you walk the streets threatening people with firearms.

Police have shot and killed an armed man who had fired a high-powered rifle inside a McDonald’s in Upper Hutt on Tuesday afternoon.

Main St in Upper Hutt, north of Wellington, was closed after the incident and police are continuing to investigate the scene.

At a press conference outside the Upper Hutt police station, Wellington district commander Superintendent Sam Hoyle said the man had fired at least once inside McDonald’s before he was shot outside by frontline police officers, not armed offenders squad members.

The shooting had been referred to the Independent Police Conduct Authority, which has confirmed it will be investigating.

Hoyle said police were called at 12.40pm and, when officers arrived, they “were fired upon”.

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