We have a duty to keep our police safe

The organisation representing rank-and-file police is once again calling for the arming of frontline officers.

The call comes after police shot dead Vaughan Te Moananui on the Coromandel Peninsula at the weekend, after he allegedly threatened officers with a gun.
Police Association president Greg O’Connor says the time is approaching when all frontline police will need to be armed.

“Fortunately in this case it was the armed offenders squad who he confronted, not the general police from Thames, because they would not have been as well-equipped to deal with the situation,” says Mr O’Connor.

In another incident last week, shots were fired at police in south Auckland.

And this is especially needed for cops that are out in the wops wops hours away from backup.  Time to get over our romantic view that our country is some idyllic safe backwater.  We are sending good men and women into situations while we are not taking full responsibility for their well being.

That’s just not right.


– 3 News


So about that zero tolerance policy huh?

The Police have maintained an incredible focus on road safety and speeding with their zero tolerance policy.

They deploy speed cameras on motorways where there is a dual carraige-way, with a median barrier and in some places in Auckland they are there every day.

And the result?

A 20% increase in road deaths.

The number of people killed on New Zealand roads so far this year is 20 per cent higher than at the same time last year.

The Ministry of Transport reported 95 people have been killed on the roads from January 1 to April 16 this year. In the same period last year, 79 people died on the roads.   Read more »

Photo Of The Day

Photo: Associated Press

Photo: Associated Press

… By Taking Hostages

McClain holds a sawed-off shotgun at the throat of Judge Harold J. Haley and aims a pistol at law enforcement officers. In the background are other hostages taken by the convicts in their attempt to escape. Road flares, which were used to simulate sticks of Dynamite, was held at the Judge’s throat before being replaced by a sawed-off shotgun which was taped around his neck.

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The message: be insured, and do everything in your power not to be burgled

The number of reported burglaries remains steady, but police are resolving fewer cases, latest crime statistics show.

The figures, released by Statistics New Zealand today, show an overall 2.8 per cent decrease in the number of crimes reported to police last year.

There were 350,389 recorded offences in 2014 compared with 360,411 in 2013. When adjusted for population growth. this means criminal offences per head of population dropped by 4.2 per cent.

Similarly, the total number of resolved crime in 2014 was lower than in 2013.

Last year 145,367 crimes (41.5 per cent) were resolved, which means an offender was apprehended by police and dealt with, either with a warning or prosecution.

In 2013, 43.9 per cent, or 158,042 crimes, were resolved.

The crimes with the lowest resolution rates were burglary, unlawful entry and breaking and entering.

While the number of these crimes remained fairly steady year-on-year — 53,265 incidents were reported to police in 2014, or 1.9 per cent more than in 2013 — fewer of these crimes were resolved.

Nationwide, 12.1 per cent of those crimes were resolved last year. Auckland had the lowest resolution rate in the country, at 6.1 per cent. Read more »

Brodie Kane: Is this fair?

So, I don’t know about you but I’ve certainly used *555 to report a dangerous driver.

When I called I was driving back from Matakana, north of Auckland, and a driver was weaving in and out of the lane, and passing cars in incredibly dangerous spots. It was nerve-wracking to be behind.

I called *555 to report this in the hope that highway patrol might be in the area and could catch the driver in the act.

Luckily, they did. But what would’ve happened if they couldn’t get to him? I thought surely they’ll be able to send the driver a warning based on what I’d seen.

What I’ve learnt on the story we’ve done with west-Auckland truck driver Schaa Rabbani – is that the police can go even further than that.

Schaa came to us because he’d been issued a $150 infringement notice by police, not because they’d caught him in the act, but because one person had called to complain about his driving.

A fine for a non-police person dobbing you in?   Read more »


Police take control of bad tourist drivers

Police suspended a French visitor’s licence on the spot on Monday after he was nabbed doing 93km/h through Hari Hari township.

As a result, he forfeited his rental vehicle and was continuing his holiday using public transport.

Yesterday, a tourist driver was also escorted by police back to Greymouth and had their vehicle confiscated following an incident on the Coast Road near Barrytown. A marked police car witnessed sustained driving by the tourist across double yellow lines.

Hokitika police apprehended a driver yesterday after being handed video evidence of dangerous overtaking on the Awatuna straight on State highway 6. Acting sergeant Paul Watson said a local resident had filmed the dangerous manoeuvre on their dash cam. Read more »

Photo Of The Day

Photo Credito: Reprodução

Photo Credito: Reprodução

Prison Breakout in Brazil

After Guards Fall For Fake ‘Orgy’ Plan

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Why wasn’t the headline “Fleeing scumbag crashes”

Once again the media are beating up the police with their headlines.


The reality is somewhat different from the headline.

The 33-year-old’s erratic driving caused damage to vehicles in a Hornby residential street at 5.45pm.

She fled in her black Ford Explorer but police chased her.

The pursuit was abandoned a short time later and a search started for her car.   Read more »

Media beating up on cops again, this time for daring to protect themselves

Yesterday the Sunday Star-Times ran a hit piece on a rural cop who routinely straps on his Glock, especially when dealing with domestic incidents.

It was a shameful piece. Our cops have a hard enough job as it is without panty-waisted wombles in the media attacking their every move.

You have to start thinking that the media would like nothing better than a string of dead cops in rural towns such is their insistence that cops shouldn’t be able to protect themselves.

A policeman in rural New Zealand admits he routinely breaches regulations by carrying a firearm and will continue to do so – saying he needs to for protection.

“I work on my own in a remote area, which is why I am able to do this,” he wrote in a letter to the Police Association magazine Police News.

“I have not had a complaint; if anything, very few people even notice.”

The unnamed officer said he carried a firearm “at times” while patrolling.    Read more »

National is stuck on flypaper, and gets more stuck as it struggles


Yes, it’s boring.  Yes, it’s beltway.  But yes, it is now a pattern of poor decision making that is starting to dog this government

Police were asking questions about former Northland MP Mike Sabin back in August last year.

Sources have confirmed this to ONE News as questions continue to dog Prime Minister John Key about exactly when he found out about Mr Sabin’s troubles. Read more »