And Len brown wants more of this?

Well, Auckland’s dirty public transport secret is out. ¬†It’s not safe on Auckland trains

Measures approved by Auckland Transport and confirmed by rail operator Transdev – after the latest two assaults on the weekend before Easter – include extending hours worked by Maori Wardens. That means their patrols on the southern line between Otahuhu and Papakura now run from 4pm each day until trains stop operating after 1am.

The police also say they are “assigning additional resources” to trains and stations as well as shopping centres over the school holidays, which began on Good Friday.

Counties Manukau prevention manager Inspector Richard Middleton said the police had met Transdev and KiwiRail to discuss setting up a working group to improve staff and passenger safety on trains.

The latest attacks left a Maori Warden with bruises and put a ticket inspector off work with undisclosed injuries after he was hit from behind at Papakura by an unseen assailant.

Although the company is vague about the number of violent incidents on the trains it runs under contract to Auckland Transport, the Rail and Maritime Transport Union says it knows of 12 since January.

Twelve assaults! ¬†Public transport has never been this dangerous. ¬† And the good news is, if Two Minute Len gets his way, he will create a huge train set for this sort of carry on. ¬† Read more »

Another David Cunliffe social media #FAIL

Some of the yet-to-be-released Labour Party policy must include where they plan to reclassify police and nurses as part of the manufacturing sector.



Remember: during Easter, the speed tolerances are 54 and 104 km/h

via sunlive.co.nz

via sunlive.co.nz

Nikki Preston has little good news for those of us who are sick of watching that the speedo doesn’t drift past 104 km/hr.

A survey by Horizon Research has found more people approve of the lower speed conditions than oppose them as the 4km/h reduced speed threshold is rolled out from Easter to Anzac weekend.

Of the 3104 surveyed, 42.6 per cent supported police lowering the tolerance to 104km/h during holidays, compared to 30 per cent who did not.

But New Zealanders were divided over whether it should be lowered outside holidays, with 42.6 per cent supporting it, compared to 37 per cent against. ¬† Read more »

Photo Of The Day

Lone Jewish Woman Oded Balilty, 1 February 2006

Lone Jewish Woman
Oded Balilty, 1 February 2006


West Bank

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You’ve got to be kidding, the dog handler should be given a medal

I can’t believe that the Police have apologised to a ratbag who got to be a chew toy for a police dog for 50 seconds…not even a minute!

Police have apologised to an Invercargill burglar sentenced to eight months’ jail because they left a police dog on him for too long when they were arresting him three years ago.

Blair Donal Taylor was sentenced to eight months’ jail for burglary and one month jail concurrent for resisting police on April 2, 2011.

The incident occurred when police were called to a burglary in Tay St.

Six officers and a police dog were involved in the arrest of Taylor who had been drinking and was uncooperative at the time, police said.

After his arrest, Taylor raised an issue with the Independent Police Conduct Authority (IPCA) about the use of a police dog as part of the arrest.

The IPCA report, released today, did not find that the initial deployment of the dog was unjustified but the 50-second deployment may have been unjustified.

Southern District Commander, Superintendent Andrew Coster said police accepted the findings and apologised to Taylor for any additional distress this caused.

”The decision to deploy and persist with the use of a police dog, or any other use of force, is always a judgement call based on the circumstances facing our officers at the time. A police investigation found that the dog’s deployment was appropriate,” he said.¬† Read more »

Police release helmet cam footage [GRAPHIC CONTENT]

If this is what they do to take down a camper with a knife, the Dotcom raids don’t look over the top at all.



Lux out of control. Police called


Crispy Canadian criminals caught

Hostile in your face racism


Same old same old

It appears that getting a dream gig as a cop in a beautiful place like Wanaka is more like being made the supervisor of a bunch of adolescents on camp than the sort of hard out policing you’d get in a bigger city.

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