When it comes to Ben Rachinger, even his victims remain blinkered

Rangi Kemara - via Twitter

Rangi Kemara – via Twitter

Rangi Kemara, the man fingered by Ben Rachinger as the person responsible for hacking and stealing my emails and other data, has been keeping an eye on things and commenting publicly on Twitter.  It’s mostly to mock me for being a fool, and the fact that Whaleoil is still up and running only because 1) I’m not an important enough target and 2) he can’t be bothered driving the truck through all the security holes he knows about.

All that is vintage Rangi.

But this tweet interested me more.    Read more »

I would have thought hitting the criminals was a better strategy

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According to the Herald Police are hitting the streets. I would have thought hitting the criminals would have been a better idea.

A major police operation in central Auckland tonight will target alcohol-fuelled violence on the streets.

More than 70 police officers will be out in force as part of Operation Relentless – triple the number on the beat on a usual Saturday night.

It comes after footage emerged of a man being punched by a stranger at an Auckland club last weekend.    Read more »


It isn’t just the New Zealand media who are anti-police and pro-crim

After watching this, you get the sense that the media are just deeply compromised.


Phil – never lied, never leaked – Goff staunch about police station closures


New Zealand Police is denying claims 16 Auckland police stations are going to shut down.

Labour MP and Auckland mayoral candidate Phil Goff said earlier this week that police sources had confirmed to him 16 Auckland police stations would close. Some would be temporary, and some permanent, he said.

But Acting Assistant Commissioner of District Operations Bruce Bird says the only change that’s happening is the upgrade of safety features at 105 stations around the country. Read more »

Cops put surveillance in police stations so they can record proof of getting bashed

Cops are always accused of bashing ratbags, and back in the day that sort of thing was acceptable, but no longer.

So the Police are having to protect themselves with CCTV monitoring the inside of Police stations. They are however describing it as a public safety initiative.

Police have announced plans to make the front counters of more than 300 stations safer for staff and visitors.

They say they are also looking at making changes to 105 stations identified as most at risk, mainly in smaller towns or suburbs.

Assistant commissioner of police districts Allan Boreham said that included potentially issuing staff with safety alarms, adding more security cameras, and limiting public access to times when constabulary or sworn staff were on site.    Read more »


Community minded cops lighten the mood in Turangi

The cops in Turangi are really good with their community involvement sharing their weed with the community.

Grocery shoppers in Turangi on Friday could have been forgiven for thinking they were extras in a Cheech and Chong movie production.

Billowing clouds of marijuana-scented smoke were wafting across from the town’s police station, over the road and into the car park outside the New World supermarket.

Police bosses have apologised to the townsfolk for the accidental inundation of dope-laden vapours, which were emanating from a furnace at the police station where a recently-acquired haul of the illegal harvest was being incinerated.

However their fuming faux pas won’t be forgotten for a while, thanks to video footage shot by a bemused passer-by.

New Plymouth man Adam Green posted a video on Instagram and Facebook of the cannabis clouds drifting past him.    Read more »


Oh, NZ journalist receives death threats. That’s a pan-media story these days?

When it happens to me it’s just desserts and the natural consequences of my unwanted behaviour.


One comment read: “You should probably euthanize yourself before publicly humiliating even more.”

Another said: “If any pitbull attacks again I hope its [sic] you for your f***** up comments!!!”

MediaWorks contacted police who have since acted; one person has been issued a warning.

Ferals with Internet access.   Read more »

Police work out that if you investigate burglaries you catch burglars

It seems if you target burglars, you catch them.

A police operation launched to solve burglaries has made 17 arrests since its inception two weeks ago.

Operation Resolve was launched in the Auckland City police district after the Herald‘s Hitting Home series highlighted that only 6.2 per cent of burglaries were solved there in 2015.

The series revealed that on average only 9.3 per cent of the 59,845 burglaries logged by police were solved in New Zealand in the 12 months to December 31.

A team of 20 staff, led by Detective Senior Sergeant Iain Chapman, are working on the operation from the Mt Wellington Police Station.

As of today, 17 arrests have been made for a range of offences including burglary and receiving stolen goods a number of arrest warrants have also been executed.

Mr Chapman said the results were commendable.

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Photo Of The Day



“The Toughest Cop in the World”

Here’s how Johnny Broderick handled ordinary smart guys. There were three of them, standing outside a downtown restaurant, looking for trouble. Johnny smacked them around for a while, then he picked them up one by one and flung all three of them through the restaurant’s plate-glass window. Then he ran them in for malicious destruction of property, and the judge gave them 30 days and made them pay for the damage.

Here’s how Johnny Broderick handled racketeers like Vannie Higgins. Dapper Vannie would come around to Madison Square Garden for a sporting night out on the town, and Johnny would be waiting for him every time, and Johnny would just pick him up and send him crashing through a phone booth and make him leave. Vannie complained about this to the fixers on several occasions, but it never got him anywhere.

Here’s how Johnny Broderick handled Legs Diamond, who blustered one night that he’d had enough of this Broderick and he was going to take the lousy copper for a ride. Word of this came to Johnny, who went out looking for a showdown and soon found Legs and his boys at Broadway and 46th. The boys fled at once. Legs gulped. Johnny dumped a trash bin over his head. Then he made him crawl away on his hands and knees as the whole Stem watched.

Here’s how Johnny Broderick handled Two-Gun Crowley. Crowley was holed up at West End and 90th, fending off tear-gas bombs, challenging 300 cops outside to come and get him. Johnny stomped upstairs by himself, bashed down the door, ordered Crowley to come along and marched him out by the scruff of his neck.

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So, where now for the gun enquiry?

After the absolute slaying by the Herald yesterday (yes, I can happily admit it when they pull some good quality journalism) it’s apparent that the whole farcical gun enquiry is now a total waste of time.

Firstly – many politicians, along with a legion of media big names, have made the unfortunate mistake of jumping in to slag off guns and call for restrictions and law change.

They’ve been absolutely certain that guns are obtained from gun shops that don’t check paper work.

Some media have even gone as far as forging police PID numbers to pull stunts to prove it despite no evidence that it’s ever occurred before.

Others claimed the gangs order guns from overseas, which are dropped off the side of fishing boats in the dark to waiting organised crime wearing black balaclavas.   Read more »