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Dirty Politics cartoons without Whaleoil or Cameron Slater

Believe it or not this year there were some cartoonists who managed to draw political cartoons about Dirty Politics without including a reference to Whaleoil or Cameron Slater. Their main target was our Prime Minister John Key. He didn’t get as many cartoons about him as Cameron and Whaleoil but he still did pretty well considering that he is important enough to have access to Cameron’s phone number and texts Cameron sometimes ( although Cameron is not pro-active about texting him back and often just replies to be polite )

When asked by the Mainstream Media whether or not he thought it was wise for him to engage with the Prime Minister, Cameron replied that John Key is the leader of the National Party and he gives out his contact details to all Political leaders and Politicians not just John Key. Some may not like John Key but he is recognised as the Prime Minister of New Zealand and therefore deserves the courtesy of access to New Zealand’s number one award winning blogger and journalist.

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Here is some REAL dirty politics

Not from National, nope…not from Labour, though the wanted to be in coalition with them…here is some real dirty politics being played by NZ First.

And Winston was so sanctimonious over it all in the parliament last week.

Still he is so shameless he will carry on, ignoring that it was one of his MPs digging the dirt with illegally obtained information.

The husband of a former NZ First MP has lost his job after inappropriately accessing the criminal records of a former party official.

The Corrections Department confirmed manager Dennis Taylor, husband of Asenati Lole-Taylor, is no longer employed after an investigation into a complaint by former director and Mana electorate chairwoman Marise Bishop.

Her historic drink-driving convictions were divulged to senior party members when she sought re-election at a 2012 convention.    Read more »

Are NZ’s Political Commentators Morons?

One has to wonder about how stupid New Zealand’s political commentators are.

They seem totally immune from either common sense or numerical analysis.

The biggest moronic statement is that National in its third term is like Labour was in their third term.

Lets fact check this with some basic analysis that a monkey could probably put together in about 15 minutes unless they were working for Fairfax, when it would take them three days and they would still come up with the wrong conclusion.

Rough Monkey Analysis of 2005 election result v 2014 election result:

2005 v 2014 Elections  2005 2014 Difference
% Vote Seats % Vote Seats
Labour 41.1 50 25.13 32 -18
New Zealand First 5.72 7 8.66 11 4
Greens 5.3 6 10.7 14 8
United Future 2.67 3 0.22 1 -2
Jim Anderton 1.16 1 -1
National 39.1 48 47.04 60 12
Maori 2.12 4 1.32 2 -2
ACT 1.51 2 0.69 1 -1
Total 121 121 0

Some of the really obvious things that come out are:

  1. In 2005 National went very close to winning, losing by 2%.
  2. In 2014 Labour were only just over half of Nationals vote, losing by 22%.

So the Fairfax monkey doesn’t get too confused lets leave it with those two simple facts.

And ask the monkey to come back with an answer to the question why is a comparison between the 2005 and 2014 election results relevant?


Boag vs. Slater 2.0


On Friday night the poisonous lying scumbag that is Michelle Boag was on the Paul Henry show…with my mate Willie Jackson.

Willie called her a sycophant repeatedly, which she is. She probably believes she was the one who got John Key into parliament but his biography and various public statements say otherwise much to her unending disappointment.

However she made a statement during her brief and incredibly made up performance.

“The thing is that Cameron appears to support the National Party and if he really was a supporter of the party he wouldn’t even try to contact Key,” says Ms Boag, who believes that Key hasn’t had any contact with Slater for months.

What would she know.

She went on to describe me as toxic etc and said if she was advising John Key he should dump me.

Yeah…so given her claims about benefitting or not benefitting the National party shall we look at our prospective records.   Read more »

I might be the ‘most toxic blogger in the land’ but I can’t be ignored

Apparently, according to the Dominion Post editorial writer I have a new title. The “most toxic blogger in the land“.

The report says Jason Ede, a special adviser in John Key’s office, told Slater – the most toxic blogger in the land – about the SIS report on Goff and even prepared a draft blog for him about it.

Why do work when there are others who will do it for you.

I did a review of Question time and the Urgent debate and searched for my name.

Q1: Mentioned 13 times by Russel Norman.

Q3: Mentioned 8 times by Andrew Little. The site mentioned once.

Q5: Mentioned by Phil Goff 10 times.

Q7: Mentioned 4 times, not by Winston Peters I might add but by Megan Woods.   Read more »

Face of the day


A special kind of stupid


Todays face of the day would like you to take this survey to help her determine the future of The Internet Party.

Well actually that is a lie.

I tried to participate and after answering the first question honestly, found myself shut out. The question was whether or not I was an Internet Party or Mana Party Supporter or a member of the Internet Party. When I selected none of these options the survey immediately finished. A one question survey in other words.

I think it is a waste of time personally and that all she is doing is this.

Laila Harre breathing new life into the Internet Party

Laila Harre breathing new life into the Internet Party


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How about shooting the messenger?

The roadshow is over, the public yawned, and I’ll be that less member registered and voted in this leadership election than the last.

We know this to be true because we haven’t heard a peep out of Tim Barnett about the surge in membership like last time.

Grant Robertson, one of the contenders, has a long rant about why Labour lost the last election, and that it was not policies that cost Labour the election.

Pinning Labour’s poor election result on a couple of policies risks missing the much bigger issues facing the party as it rebuilds.

The roots of Labour’s loss are much deeper than any individual policy that we took to the last election.  For many New Zealanders they did not even get to the stage of thinking about our policy.  They made their minds up that Labour was not presenting as a credible alternative government well before controversy arose about Capital Gains Tax.

Our biggest task is to rebuild confidence that we are a unified Party that stands clearly and authentically for our values. That will be my first priority if I am elected Leader.  We cannot expect New Zealanders to back us to run the country if we give the impression that we are not organised, and confident and proud of who we are.   Read more »

John Armstrong gives the Greens a lashing

John Armstrong gives the greens a lashing in this morning’s Herald.

He castigates them for more of their batshit crazy policy making on the hoof.

The next time the Prime Minister delivers a speech on something as fundamental as national security and the potential for Islamic State-inspired terrorism in New Zealand, the Greens should read it carefully, rather than making assumptions about its content and consequently missing or dismissing what he is really saying.

Had they done so, they might have realised the new (and temporary) law to be pushed through Parliament to block New Zealanders going to Syria to sign up with Islamic State (Isis) looks like being far less an infringement of personal freedom than its far lengthier and more prescriptive Australian counterpart.

The Greens might have also realised that contributing to military training in Iraq was about the minimum John Key could get away with without traditional allies such as Australia looking askance.

The Greens don’t believe in allies, they believe in hugs and cuddles for terrorists.

It was hardly a surprise that the Greens rejected every initiative in Key’s Wednesday address that was targeted at Isis.

In doing so they have displayed not so much a reluctance to shift on principle as a downright refusal to entertain even the thought of doing so. That is their right.

But it means two things. First, there can be no getting the Greens out of the shadow cast by Labour without compromise or dropping whole swathes of policy as a prerequisite for any move more to the centre of the political spectrum, which would enable the Greens to no longer be hostage to Labour.   Read more »

Face of the day

Steffan Browning

Steffan Browning

Looks like the Co-leaders of the Greens have decided to take a leaf out of John Key’s book and have punished one of their MPs for having an opinion different to that of the party. Granted the opinion was Batshit CRAZY but isn’t that an entry requirement for the Greens?

It could have been worse. Imagine if he had been long time friends with someone like Martyn Martin Bradbury? Imagine if Martyn Martin Bradbury had his private e-mails and facebook chats stolen by a hacker. Imagine if the hacker thought that Bradbury was a nasty leftie weasel and handed the stolen e-mails over to Nicky Hager to publish in a book called ‘Ranty Spittle Politics.’ Imagine that in one of the e-mails Martyn Martin said to someone else that his dear close mate Steffan Browning was gunning for the Minister of Health because he was unhappy about the fact that the Minister had celebrated with his employees using stolen bottles of wine taken off a de -registered doctor.

Now THAT would cost him ALL his portfolios and would get him stripped of his position as a Cabinet minister wouldn’t it? ( hypothetically )

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Comment of the Day

One of our commenters makes an astute point:

Has Grant unshackled himself from the green caboose? He will have to publicly do that before Winston will talk to him in any meaningful way.

Spot on Euan.

Winston won’t do a deal with the Greens, so if he is alive at the next election Grant will need to work out how to shaft the Greens and do a deal with Winston.

Someone in the MSM should talk to Winston and find out who he reckons should be Labour leader.

Meanwhile new lefty blogger Josh Forman explains his own thoughts on Winston Peters and Labour.

With Winston Peters embarking on what is almost certainly going to be his last term in the New Zealand Parliament he is looking to secure the future of the party he founded after splitting with National in 1993 after being sacked by then PM Jim Bolger to years earlier.   Read more »