3News Poll – No cut through for Cunliffe

Patrick Gower headlines these results as bad for National

Patrick Gower headlines these results as bad for National

The latest 3News poll is actually bad news for Labour not that you’d know from the framing by Patrick Gower.

The numbers are as follows:

National – 46.3% down 3.2
Labour  - 32.2 % up 1.2
Greens – 10.4% down 1.6
NZ First – 4.2% up 0.3
Conservative – 2.8% up 1.7%
Mana – 1.3% up 1.1
Act – 0.8%
Maori – 1.2 down 0.4    Read more »

More good news for Government

Things are going the wrong way for Labour…the economy is improving, and more people are feeling that the government is on the right track.

Confidence in the country’s direction is surging.

The latest Fairfax Media-Ipsos poll shows 59.5 per cent of voters think New Zealand is headed in the right direction compared with 40.5 per cent who think it is on the wrong track – a big shift from a year ago, when opinion was evenly divided.

The poll comes as the economy is tipped to pick up steam next year and outperform most other developed countries. Confidence in the Government is also on the up – more voters think it is doing a good job than ever before under the Fairfax Media-Ipsos poll, achieving an average 5.6 out of 10 rating from the 1000 voters we surveyed.

That included a big jump in the number of people who believe the Government is performing extremely well, to 18.4 per cent.   Read more »


OneNews poll – National still in high 40s, no cut through for Cunliffe

Despite the spin of Labour about a UMR poll showing National in the 30s we now have a second reputable poll showing National is still riding high in the polls after 5 years.

Worse though is that David Cunliffe hasn’t made any gains at all.

The One News/Colmar Brunton poll shows:

National: 45%
Labour: 34%
Greens: 13%
NZ First: 4%
Maori: 1%
Act: 1%
Conservatives: 2%

John Key is still preferred PM by a big margin:

John Key: 43%
David Cunliffe: 12%  Read more »

Fairfax poll shows Labour’s woes continue

The latest Fairfax/Ipsos poll shows that Labour’s woe continue despite selecting the new messiah to save their flagging fortunes.

David Cunliffe’s dream start as Labour leader has failed to derail John Key’s push for a third term.

That’s the message from a new Fairfax Media-Ipsos poll that shows the  gap between the two big parties, which narrowed in the wake of Labour’s leadership ‘‘primary’’, has reversed, leaving National on track to win the next election.

Labour is up two percentage points to 33.6 per cent since the last Fairfax poll, completed in August before the leadership spill that saw Cunliffe replace David Shearer.

But National is also up two points, and holds a huge 17-point lead over Labour, winning the backing of more than 50 per cent of committed voters.

Fairfaxpoll Read more »

Just who is running the NBR? It appears to be Matthew Hooton

It appears to be Matthew Hooton.

I spotted this late last night after his post went live.

whoisrunningnbr Read more »

National’s Strategic Stupidity, Ctd

The latest poll shows National is the most popular party but it has no coalition partners and no route to government.

National would not have enough support to form a government with present support partners Act holding the same number of seats as they do now.And even if its other support partner, the Maori Party, kept its present three electorate seats, National’s 56 seats plus five for its support partners would still not be enough to form a government.

This was obvious to anyone with half a brain for years, yet Steven Joyce tanked any National involvement in changing the electoral system in the 2011 election.

National did nothing, preserving Steven Joyce’s 47% of the vote in 2011 and his power after the election but screwing National in the process.  Read more »

Margin of error increase for Labour in latest OneNews poll


Despite the terrible spin of Labour fanboi Corin Dann, Labour ‘s modest 1 point increase in the latest OneNews/Colmar Brunton poll shows that the wall to wall coverage of the Labour party barely made a dent. You could almost hear the disappointment in Dann’s voice.

The election of David Cunliffe barely caused a ripple…in fact it could be argued that Labour went up after a month of being leader-less. The increase like National’s is within the margin of error and you’d have to say that nothing has changed despite the best spin from Dann.

Labour’s decision to hold an election for its new leader appears to have gone down well enough with voters in the latest ONE News Colmar Brunton Poll.
Labour is up one point to 34%, with new leader David Cunliffe making a strong entry into the preferred prime minister stakes.  Read more »

Len Brown blowing your rates on Labour’s polling company

Rooting the rate-paying sheeple with no hands

Rooting the rate-paying sheeple with no hands

Len Brown is wasting millions of your ratepayers dollars on polling with Labour’s own polling company UMR.

Len Brown’s Auckland Council has spent more than $5.1 million on pollsters and surveys in the past three years.

A council spokesman said about 60 per cent of the spending was required under law, mainly for annual planning and reporting.

But councillor Cameron Brewer said spending on pollsters was “out of control”.  Read more »

#Chanban was a circuit breaker…for the Greens

Labour has pinned its hopes for resurrection on two flagship policies. Both policies were touted as a circuit breaker and it looks like Labour was right, they have turned out to be a circuit breaker for the Greens.

This is the danger of sharing a platform to launch a policy like they did with NZ Power or shamelessly stealing a policy like they did with the ban on foreigners.

A political poll has failed to show the boost Labour was hoping for from its plan to prevent foreigners buying homes in New Zealand, although the policy does appear to have arrested the party’s fall.

Labour has held steady at 33 per cent in the latest One News Colmar Brunton poll, after dropping several points in the Herald-DigiPoll, 3News Reid Research, and Roy Morgan polls in the past few weeks. About three-quarters of the 1000 respondents were polled after Labour announced its new housing policy two Sundays ago.  Read more »

One News poll: No good news for Labour, not much more for Shearer

No wonder One News went early with the Preferred PM results. They are the only good news, if a 1% increase can at all be considered good news, for Labour.

Despite a perfect week for Labour and all the fuss over the GCSB bill Labour couldn’t even improve their rankings a single percentage point.

Not so the Greens they surged 5 %

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