Maybe he could write for the Herald

I think this guy is absolutely qualified to work at the NZ Herald….look at what the judge said about him:

The¬†Grimsby Telegraph¬†reported that the judge described the journalist as “a most unreliable witness whose evidence was creative, inconsistent, self-motivated and incredible”.

The judge was handing down his decision in a case where the journalist blew up an engine of a race car and refused to cover the costs:¬† Read more »


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This is going to cost someone their job and their incurance company a lot of money:

A truck ploughed into a Porsche dealership in Epsom today, injuring two people and damaging several luxury cars.

Police spokesman Lou Alofa said the truck was heading down Great South Rd toward Manukau when the crash happened at 11.25am.

Witnesses say a people-mover tried to do a U-turn on Great South Rd but it hit the truck, which lost control.

The people-mover “whistled” through the air and was airborne for around 10m.

Eleven cars and two trucks were damaged in the crash, and the crushed people mover was sitting on the opposite side of the road.

Alofa said some of the cars were pushed into buildings.

“We understand a number of the vehicles had occupants in them and they have sustained various injuries,” he said.

Three people were taken to Auckland City Hospital, one with serious injuries and another with moderate injuries.


Gayer than Fossy’s Gay Ute, Ctd

I was in town today and I finally got some idea about why Piri Weepu is tits this year at rugby.

He is driving a car that is gayer than Fossy’s Gay Ute….worse there isn’t even¬†room in¬†the¬†back for pig dogs.

He was driving a black Porsche Cayenne.

Working Class hero my arse. Trevor Mallard’s working class rugby hero drives a girls car.

N.I.W.A. taken to court over data accuracy

Finally someone has the balls to take on the warmists legally. NIWA are being sued.

The country’s state-owned weather and atmospheric research body is being taken to court in a challenge over the accuracy of its data used to calculate global warming.

The New Zealand Climate Science Coalition said it had lodged papers with the High Court asking the court to invalidate the official temperatures record of the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (Niwa).

The lobby of climate sceptics and ACT Party have long criticised Niwa over its temperature data, which Niwa says is mainstream science and not controversial, and the raw data publicly available.

The coalition said the New Zealand Temperature Records (NZTR) were the historical base of NIWA’s advice to the Government on issues relating to climate change.

Coalition spokesman Bryan Leyland said many scientists believed although the earth had been warming for 150 years, it had not heated as much as Government archives claimed.

He said the New Zealand Meteorological Service had shown no warming during the past century but Niwa had adjusted its records to show a warming trend of 1degC. The warming figure was high and almost 50 percent above the global average, said Mr Leyland.

The coalition said the 1degC warming during the 20th century was based on adjustments taken by Niwa from a 1981 student thesis by then student Jim Salinger, a Niwa employee who was later sacked after talking to the media without permission.

The Salinger thesis was subjective and untested and meteorologists more senior to Dr Salinger did not consider the temperature data should be adjusted, it said.

The coalition would ask the court to find Niwa’s New Zealand Temperature Record invalid.

About time.

Perhaps they might like to fit in a couple of questions about the CEO of NIWA and his penchant for parking his Porsche across two car-park spaces. Surely using two spaces and driving such an inefficient vehicle goes against everything NIWA stands for? The 1995 Porsche 911 has a massive carbon footprint of 11 tonnes of CO2 emissions according to www.fueleconomy.gov. That is compared to the deeply uncool, but fuel efficient Toyota Prius at just 3.8 tonnes of CO2 per annum. Never mind the cost of two parking spaces in downtown Auckland just so his precious gas guzzler doesn’t get scratched. Hypocrisy knows no bounds obviously.

If you are going to preach carbon containment then best you drive like you preach.

NIWA CEO's 1995 Porsche parked across two spaces

NIWA CEO's 1995 Porsche parked across two spaces