Revenge? That could lead to a heart attack


People can also be too trusting and eager to help

At least they weren’t singing Snoopy’s Christmas…

Prank of the year?

The Bucket Prank


Harmless prank or arseholes? You decide.


Might be going a little too far:


Photo of the Day reports that

An Illinois woman who appears to be falling from a Grand Canyon ledge in a viral photo said the picture was a prank on her over-protective mother.

Samantha Busch, 22, of Westmont said she sent the photo to her mother and colleagues at the medical auditing company where they both work as a prank after her mother repeatedly warned her about Grand Canyon safety prior to her trip with her boyfriend, ABC News reported Monday.


Push to Add Drama


How long before some company tries this here?

Serious drama, that’s what. In the best stunt I’ve ever seen for, well, just about anything, a Belgian TV channel staged this awesome prank, which literally left bystanders agape in astonishment. Push to add drama indeed.

I wish all PR stunts were this good, although I think I would have run for the hills when they started shooting. It’d get me hitting a lot more buttons about the place though, that’s for sure.