Neutral public service? Not any more

This is an email being sent to PSA members this morning.

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Winston Peters, Maori TV and the stitch up, ctd


The other week I brought you a couple of posts about a little known Maori trust that has had a few problems with how it spends $30million in taxpayer money, thanks to a couple of so-called whistleblowers.

As a result, the Ministry of Health that funds the trust, along with PWC auditors and the SFO have been crawling over Te Roopy Taurima O Manukau Trust’s files with a fine tooth comb.

When you have so-called whistleblowers, one thing you can be sure of is that somewhere along the line it will all end up at the Employment Relations Authority, with one party wanting a pay-out, and the other party essentially having to pay them off.

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Winston Peters, Maori TV and the stitch up, Ctd


Further to the post showing a stitch-up involving Winston Peters, Maori TV and Te Roopu Taurima O Manukau Trust, it’s also worth looking at the role of Richard Wagstaff and the PSA, who has a right bee in his bonnet about the trust’s CEO Malcolm Robson and has been calling for his head.

Many would wonder what beef the PSA’s national secretary Richard Wagstaff could have with the trust, especially as most of the trust’s 500 staff are actually members of the PSA.

The stitch-up of the trust is more personal.

Information through to the tip-line is saying that Robson has pushed back hard on several wage demands from the PSA.  Read more »

Another David Cunliffe “on the hoof” policy revealed


MBIE staff are part of the PSA strike action today. They have concerns about their pay, and find the 2.1% offer insufficient. David Cunliffe tells them not only that their salaries should be linked to GDP, he’s also suggesting it is paid in advance on forecast GDP growth.

Is this just plain economic illiteracy?

Does he still just think he can say things and it won’t be analysed, pulled to bits and exposed for all to mull over?

Like a Capital Gains Tax, I am a firm believer that if you tax or reward on gains/increases then like night follows day, pay and taxes should decrease on falls or losses.

Will Cunliffe commit to pay cuts for civil servants if there are forecast contractions in GDP?

There are so many things wrong with this – not least the rule that politicians don’t involve themselves in pay rounds!


Ground Crew report on PSA “strike”



About 300 of them noisy as….

Bastards are lucky to have a job.

But I cant say much being a public sevant and all


PSA ready to strike? Must be an election year with National in Government


It’s so predictable.

I’m sure we’ll have the NZEI and PPTA conjure up some industrial action during the election also.

Although I like the sign that says (at first glance)  PUBLIC SERVICE – SLAVE LABOUR

Perhaps we need a sign that says  PUBLIC SERVICE not NATIONAL TREASURE

Come on you lot, if you picked a different year and a different time of year, at least we would be able to believe it was anything but politically motivated.

Oh, what am I saying?  The Public Service is politically neutral!  / TUI

PSA hits members with 11 &12% increases on enjoyment – Observation by the Owl

The PSA Union have increased their rates on their holiday homes to members with a whopping 11% and 12% increase..

While crying living wage inequalities and the poverty gap arguments – the PSA Union show their true colours by hitting the union members with large increases almost 4 times the CPI.

Now holiday homes are now getting out of reach for the average union member. (Source PSA website)

Location  Sleeps Now 1-Apr-14 Increase % Increase
Whitianga 2 $62.00 $69.00 $7.00 11%
Whitianga 3 $72.00 $80.00 $8.00 11%
Whitianga 5 $82.00 $91.00 $9.00 11%
Whitianga 7 $113.00 $125.00 $12.00 11%
Rotorua 4 $46.00 $51.00 $5.00 11%
Rotorua 4 $49.00 $55.00 $6.00 12%
Rotorua 5 $51.00 $57.00 $6.00 12%
Raumati 5 $56.00 $62.00 $6.00 11%
Raumati 5 $72.00 $80.00 $8.00 11%
Raumati 7 $82.00 $91.00 $9.00 11%
Nelson 5 $56.00 $62.00 $6.00 11%
Carters Beach 5 $51.00 $57.00 $6.00 12%
Otematata 6 $51.00 $57.00 $6.00 12%
Te Anau 6 $51.00 $57.00 $6.00 12%

The PSA is another union well past its use by date.    Read more »

A Message from Concerned Citizens for Children

Will there be legal issues with PSA? Observation by the Owl

Extract from their PSA 2013 Annual Report

“In the face of ongoing job cuts, PSA membership remains stable and now stands at 58,427, slightly up on last year. The Executive Board has identified recruitment as a top priority that must be a feature of all the union’s activities in order to maintain and increase our influence.

A number of new recruitment strategies are being tested, including prize draws for members who recruit new members.

The PSA Benefits team, a company which specialises in union recruitment, has recruited 441 new members over the past year.”

With over $9M spent on PSA staff wages per annum why have they set up a recruitment team and more importantly a company?

Why aren’t the members told who holds the shares and why are they investing in a company who sole job is recruitment and yet they have X hundred of staff at the PSA.  Read more »

Unions backing sex-pests continued access to children

Paula Bennett’s new sex-pest reforms mean we are going to need a whole lot more registered teachers to replace the ones that are child abusers, sex-pests and apologists for the same. The whole Teachers Council may need to be replaced, they keep on covering up the actions of pedophiles.

Teachers, doctors and any other government employees who fail Social Development Minister Paula Bennett’s tough new child-abuse screening test will be instantly sacked.

The new child-protection laws will trump existing employment legislation, removing the need for bosses to go through a fair process of verbal and written warnings to dump anyone suspected of sexually preying on children.

Screening of all government employees working with children is one of the main planks of Bennett’s incoming child protection regime, unveiled last week.

All staff working with children in schools, hospitals, government agencies and organisations that get government funding must submit to security screening every three years. It is estimated to affect 376,000 people.

Anyone who fails the test would be dumped. The details of the screening tests are yet to be revealed, but police will be in charge of the vetting procedures.

“The advice I have had so far is that they could be instantly dismissed,” Bennett told the Sunday Star-Times yesterday.  Read more »