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Lenny No Mates takes the Train

People often ask me if Len Brown takes the train anymore.

Well, thanks to the WOBH Ground Crew, we can confirm that he does indeed take the train…at least he has this morning.

Hi Cam

I’m on the train right now and Len is sitting on his own. No one wants to talk to him or even have eye contact.



“Oh, I know, I’ll take the train, that will make me popular again”

Densification no solution, would someone tell Len

Len Brown is trying to foist intensification upon Auckland while he rests his lonely carcass in the space and grandeur of a lifestyle block (when he isn’t resting in some of Auckland’s best hotels).

Aucklanders don’t want it, and there is little justification for. One suggestion is that intensification alleviates congestion. It may be that that is a false premise too.

 It is commonly put forward that Auckland needs to increase the number of people living near the city centre if it wants to tackle the traffic congestion and avoid costly upgrades to its highway and roading network.

By extension, first-home buyers need to accept that the Kiwi dream of owning a quarter-acre house is gone, and they should instead focus their attention on the cheaper apartments that will increasingly be coming onto the market.

The upside is that by living closer to the city centre, residents in these apartment will be able to walk, cycle or take public transport to work, cutting down on the need for cars, and hence congestion.   Read more »

So what were all the extra rates for? Not buses it seems

Len Brown has taxed his citizens hard…he claims his rates increases are only by the rate of inflation…but we all know that is a lie.

He claims he has managed to keep rates increases down, and he has…by borrowing billions. But what have we got for that money? Both from massive rates hikes and from massive borrowing?

Surely we have got something for it? Turns out no.

Len Brown has not built a single metre of bus lane in his first term as mayor of the Super City.  Read more »

Council fights back against light rail, not Auckland unfortunately

It looks like Perth seems to be throwing off the shackles of loons like Len Brown who are fans of light rail.

A plywood train is sitting in Perth’s CBD, part of a council protest against state government plans to run the real thing down the middle of the city’s shopping malls.

The $100,000, 42-metre-long scale model of the dual light-rail line popped up overnight.

And in an inflammatory move, Perth Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi says the model will stay in place for a week to illustrate the inconvenience and potential danger of the plan.

“Once our malls are lost they are lost forever, and we want a city that is welcoming to people,” Ms Scaffidi said.

Honolulu rail warning for Auckland

Honolulu serves as a warning to Auckland and to Len Brown over the city rail loop project. There are many, many direct comparisons between Honolulu and Auckland.

It has cost over $1.8 billion so far and expected to blow out way over $2 billion.

In 2011, officials in Honolulu, Hawaii began construction on a controversial 20-mile rail project partly because of almost $1.8 billion in federal subsidies to President Barack Obama’s home state. The project’s total cost estimate stands at $5.3 billion, but if other similar projects are any indication, the final price tag will increase dramatically before anyone even gets to buy a ticket. What’s playing out in the Aloha State is happening all over the country.   Read more »

Nice upgrade in Onehunga

A friend of mine, was recently approached to collaborate with Auckland Transport and the Maungakiekie-Tamaki Local Board to create designs as part of the new transit centre at Onehunga.

This is a prime example of how community engagement can work and should be a model for further engagement in other communities. Amanda lives, works and plays in Onehunga, and is a real advocate for the area. The designs incorporate local historic landmarks, events personalities, past and present.

I reckon she did a real top job….they look great.

If you want some top design work done then contact Amanda.

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This is the future of public transport

Len Brown can stick his trains, he can also stick his buses. This is the public transport of the future.

Robot taxis.

Raul Rojas, a professor of artificial intelligence at the Free University of Berlin who leads their autonomous car project, has a more ambitious vision.

He predicts that the public transport of the future will be fleets of robot taxis, cheaper and safer than the human kind, and capable of operating for 24 hours a day without fatigue.    Read more »

Intensification – A Dense Idea

While Len Brown wants to sock landowners with a 70% stealth tax from Canada, new evidence is emerging that despite his claims of following best practice for intensification, it is in fact detrimental.

It turns out cramming more people into cities won’t help the environment or our health, and may even hurt the economy

… In the eyes of many city planners and political leaders, the suburban ideal of the single-detached house on a quiet cul-de-sac, complete with a large yard and the requisite lengthy commute, is a relic of a bygone and largely unsustainable era. In its place, they are pushing for “smart growth” communities featuring high-density housing—usually in the form of apartment and condo complexes—in mixed-use neighbourhoods where everyone walks, bikes or takes the bus. It’s the only way, we’re told, to handle our rapid population growth without destroying the environment and clogging streets with traffic.

Urban planners have been hotly debating how to cope with sprawl—or whether we even need to cope with it at all—for decades. But the smart-growth movement has picked up steam over the past decade as environmentalists concerned about global warming pointed the finger squarely at the suburban commuter for contributing to climate change.  Read more »

Speaking of trains, how were things for you in Wellington today?

Credit: Mark Mitchell / via NZ Herald

Credit: Mark Mitchell / via NZ Herald

Question?  Do buses derail?

Answer:  Buses don’t derail and if there does happen to be a mishap involving a bus the whole route system doesn’t have to close down….how did Wellingtonians enjoy public transport this morning?

Hundreds of passengers are being evacuated from trains after one derailed near Wellington today, KiwiRail says.

Read more »

Auckland Council hides public transport details for V8s

Cameron Brewer is like a dog with a bone and he has a big one at the moment after busting the sneaky and furtive council staff in hiding details regarding public transport use to attend the V8s.

Despite all the hype to catch the train or a bus to the V8s in Pukekohe last month, only about nine percent of attendees actually did, with Auckland Transport now refusing to release the cost to provide the public transport to Auckland Councillor Cameron Brewer.

“To think only 7.7% of attendees caught the train and less than 1.5% took the bus will raise a few eyebrows particularly given the huge cost to put on the special weekend services.”

Mr Brewer has been refused any information around the costs associated with the provision of public transport, which he points out are costs over and above the $10.6m ratepayers have already committed to the annual motorsport event over the next five years.

Why is Len’s council being sneaky and furtive over the costs…are they that bad?  Read more »