Push poll

Will Colin Craig’s polling company adhere to these?

Farrar blogs about the NZ political polling guidelines.

A group of New Zealand’s leading political pollsters, in consultation with other interested parties, have developed draft NZ Political Polling Guidelines.

The purpose is to ensure that AMRO and MRSNZ members conducting political polls, and media organisations publishing poll results, adhere to the highest “NZ appropriate” standards. The guidelines are draft and comments, questions and recommendations back to the working group are welcome.

This code seeks to document best practice guidelines for the conducting and reporting of political polls in New Zealand. It is proposed that the guidelines, once approved and accepted, will be binding on companies that are members of the Association of Market Research Organisations (AMRO) and on researchers that are members of the Market Research Society of New Zealand (MRSNZ).

The code only covers “political polls”, which for the purpose of the code are polls that related to public votes such as national elections, local body elections and parliamentary referenda. This is in recognition of the fact that reporting of polls may have an impact on how people vote.  Read more »

How to rig a Horizon Poll

Little wonder they get the results they do, when the well know leftwing agitators are co-ordinating their answers

Note too that Horizon is push polling the secret taping issue.

Horizon polls have about as much credibility as dodgy polls from Research First.