Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day

Spanish Bride, on the matter of Metiria Turei calling Andrew Little ‘sexist’ for not letting her play on the Intelligence committee

Worst of all is, she so sexist as to assume that David Shearer has never been humiliated, felt powerless or experienced prejudice simply because he is a white male?

Let’s face it, he is a former Labour Leader with an embarrassing stutter, who was tipped out of power by David Cunliffe.

Of course he knows what humiliation and powerlessness is like.

Feelings that fellow white male Andrew Little is experiencing right now, given his failure to pay a contracted journalist what he owed him until Steven Joyce intervened.

Quote of the Day


Sean Plunket, on Radio Live this morning

I’m not scared of Ebola.  I’m not scared of being beheaded in my own country.  But I am scared of the next leader of the Labour party.


Quote of the Day

Lovely bit of wisdom from today’s Thoughts on the death of newspapers post:

I banned [the] NZ Herald from our house long ago.

I consider it is better to be uninformed than misinformed.

— Chris Blackington

Quote of the Day

Campbell Live

John Key to John Campbell last night

“With the greatest of respect to your financial literacy, you are proving you don’t actually have any.”

Quote of the Day

from Mark Mitchell’s maiden speech:

One thing I could see early in my career was the amount of damage gangs and organised crime did to our communities. Whether they be the Mongrel Mob, Hell’s Angels, or Asian triads, they are parasites living off the back of our communities and a bunch of low-life cowards. Hunting in packs, they rob, steal, rape, murder, intimidate, assault, and generally terrorise anyone unlucky enough to get in their way.

Quote of the Day

On Marriage Equality:

“[P]residential candidates tend to be a generation (or two) beyond the millennial generation and therefore reflect where the party has been on many social issues, not where it is going. Does anyone believe that we are going to stop and reverse the progress of women moving into combat roles in the military? It’s almost as nonsensical as arguing that after going through the task of retraining and adapting to the abolition of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ that we would turn around, root out gays already serving and reverse recruiting and other practices. At some point ideology collides with reality,” – Jennifer Rubin.

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Quote of the Day

From Miss Whaleoil (13), I have no idea where she got it from:

Dad, you know that there is no such thing as winners and losers, just winners and people who aren’t them

Quote of the Day

Winston Peters on the protestors at Waitangi (video: 3:12):

Take them to the bridge and thrown them in the tide until then can learn some manners.

Quote of the Day

hat tip No Minister

Richard Prosser doesn’t like…well I’ll let him explain

“I mean if people want to be weak, stupid, effeminate, erectile dysfunctional, naïve, apologist, namby-pamby, thumb-sucking, lefty pinko fantasy-land morons, let them find their own word for themselves, and leave “liberal” for us genuine freedom-loving, gonad-equipped, libertarian go-getters”.

You do have to wonder what a “libertarian go-getter” is doing in the cult of Winston First.

Quote of the Day

Republican presidential candidates have said President Obama practices “appeasement” when it comes to foreign policy.

At the White House a short time ago, Barack Obama had this response:

“Ask Osama bin Laden and the 22 out of 30 top al-Qaida leaders who’ve been taken off the field whether I engage in appeasement. Or whoever’s left out there. Ask them about that.”