Hurricane is no more

Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, the boxer whose wrongful murder conviction became an international symbol of racial injustice, died Sunday. He was 76. Read more »

CNN decide a bit of racism is called for reporting on “The Royal Bummer”

Another perspective on Dotcom’s nazi fetish

Carrie Stoddart-Smith  at Ellipsister blogs on her thoughts about Kim Dotcom, the Interet party and his nazi fetish.

On its own, purchasing the copy of Mein Kampf and other WW2 memorabilia isn’t in my view sufficient evidence for claiming that KDC is a Nazi sympathiser. It might raise questions about his character, however, collectors do in fact purchase these kinds of items and we cannot ignore the news coverage of the raid on KDC’s mansion that referred to him as a collector of sorts.

But I think Giovanni Tiso is right about social norms in Germany and the improbability of German’s finding pleasure in collecting Nazi artefacts or posing for photo’s wearing Nazi memorabilia.  Tiso writes from his experience and understanding as an Italian, the difference between how neo-Nazism is approached in Italy versus Germany.

I blogged yesterday on Giovanni Tiso’s position.

I do have my reservations as to whether there would have been as much public interest or even outcry if only a single event tarnished KDC’s name. I’m sure there would still have been questions that lingered and general suspicions. Interestingly or even perhaps unsurprisingly, many bloggers who support KDC have limited their focus to a single factor attempting to minimise the weight attributed to the claims against KDC, including a post promoted by Vikram Kumar entitled The power of an open mind that hinges only on the fact that KDC owned Mein Kampf.

To my knowledge, KDC has not even made a decent attempt to apologise for his offensive behaviour or comments. Instead he dismisses the claims or events as unremarkable, or offers up excuses and weak justifications for his actions.  Read more »

Compare and contrast – Kim Dotcom

In the interview with Kim Dotcom on Q+A he said this when asked about his political ideology:

I’m neither left or right, I’m commonsense. I would say I’m up…you know.


We are new, you know, we are fresh. We are about common sense. You know some of the left have good ideas, some of the right have good ideas and you know we need to find the right mix.


Well because I don’t sit anywhere politically and the Internet party doesn’t sit anywhere politically.


It’s not about the left or the right, it is about what works.  Read more »

Herald Editorial on Dotcom’s nazi fetish

Kim Dotcom showing off his Waffen SS helmet

Kim Dotcom showing off his Waffen SS helmet

The Herald Editorial today points out clearly to Kim Dotcom why it is not on to own a copy of the book written by the most heinous war criminal in modern history.

Owning a copy of Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf, even a rare signed one, does not necessarily indicate a sympathy for Nazi ideology.

People with an interest in that period of history may own memorabilia from it. They might also have items associated with Winston Churchill or Josef Stalin. That does not mean they are communists or subscribe to a conservatism associated with those born into the British aristocracy.

Kim Dotcom says he is merely one of those collectors.

“Let me make it absolutely clear, I’m not buying into the Nazi ideology. I’m totally against what the Nazis did,” he said this week when admitting he owned the book.  Read more »

Two very valid points

Danyl McLauchlan makes two very good points:

First point: this whole ‘I’m not offended by this so what’s the big deal?’ routine is identical to the one you hear from old white guys complaining about political correctness. ‘I’m not offended by Paul Henry, so what’s the big deal?’ And you’re free not to be offended by a political figure who owns Nazi memorabilia, just as old conservative white guys are free to not be offended by words like ‘nigger’ or ‘retard’, or whatever Henry says on any given day but the fact is that huge sections of the population are offended by all of these things and when someone is founding a political party there’s public interest in knowing that they hold values that many voters find revolting.  Read more »

Fresh from cuddling fat Germans, Winston’s now slagging off Asians again

We all know that Winston Peters is a race-baiting political charlatan and a proven liar.

When he isn’t cuddling up to fat Germans he is attacking Asians and today is no different. The NZ Herald reports:

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has claimed the world-famous Huka Lodge near Taupo has been sold to Chinese buyers and suggested Prime Minister John Key had a hand in smoothing the process.

Peters made the claim during his state of the nation address on Auckland’s North Shore this afternoon.

“While you’re here media, let me tell you something, Huka Lodge has just been sold to the Chinese … and I want you to go and ask John Key what role you had in this?

“Was it not true, Mr Key, that you assured them `there won’t be a problem, we’ll smooth it out for you’.”  Read more »

Hostile in your face racism


Sunday nightCap

The rejuvenation of NZ First – I think I’ve found them a new candidate

The Herald provides a vehicle for more Asian bashing.

Partygoers are being urged to boycott a nightclub whose owner made racist remarks suggesting some of his Indian patrons were predatory rapists.

The Facebook post by DJ Neill Andrews, who owns Wellington’s Famous nightclub, sparked outrage.

It read:

“Just because we don’t let groups of creepy Indian rapists into the club doesn’t make us racist, they also don’t buy alcohol.

“Probably so they can be sober enough to tie up the sack and lift the body into the back of their hybrid taxi, while wearing oversized leather jackets and sports shoes.”

Yeah.  With the elections ahead, get ready for more of it.  The usual suspects like NZ First will dust off their standard playbooks.