Can we have some consistency – please?


You got to love this: in Susan Devoy we have a white woman telling us we shouldn’t force Christmas on people and to be more inclusive, but today we have a Pacific Islander pushing Chinese New Year on the same people, as well as the whities.

Ethnic Communities Minister Peseta Sam Lotu-Iiga says he is looking forward to celebrating Chinese New Year with communities around the country.

“2016 is the Year of the Monkey, the ninth animal on the Chinese zodiac calendar. New Zealand’s Asian communities, and the wider community, look forward to the lunar new year with much excitement,” Mr Lotu-Iiga says. Read more »

Freedom of speech for some but not others.

We have already posted a number of  articles containing New Zealand examples of anti-semitism which is hostility towards, or prejudice against Jews.

My criticism of Islam on this blog has been called Islamophobia and racism by others but I am not hostile towards Muslim New Zealanders nor am I prejudiced towards them. I disagree strongly with the laws and oppressive rules of Islam but I do not abuse Muslims either verbally or in writing. When I see Muslim women in Burkas I feel sorry for them. It upsets me that they do not enjoy equal rights as I do inside New Zealand.

Lisa Marie Mendez, a University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) student and employee at the UCLA Medical Center, has made her extreme distaste for “fucking Zionist pigs” crystal clear this past month in her rant against Jews on Facebook. Mendez’s racist comments in response to a pro-Israel Facebook post by Jewish actress Mayim Bialik, were picked up by a UCLA student and publicized to the UCLA community

Ms Mendez has not been censored in any way for her hate-filled and abusive comments yet so called Islamophobic comments have cost other people their jobs.

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Phil Quin lashes Labour and Twyford over their racist dog-whistle anti-chinese attacks

Phil Quin has had another crack at Labour and Phil Twyford for their attack on people with Chinky sounding surnames,

The passing of time has not diluted my disgust at Twyford’s actions.

Questions of race and what constitutes racism are often complex and extremely nuanced. Accusations of racism are sometimes deployed too readily to allow the accuser to silence or demean the accused. For example, there is the infuriating tendency on both extremes of the political spectrum to conflate criticism of certain extreme beliefs among a small segment within Islam (specially Salafi-Jihadism) with a generalized animus towards Muslims — which is not an ethnic group anyway. I digress.

My point is, the Twyford case is neither complex nor nuanced.

The trawling through a list of property buyers in order to count up names that sound Chinese in order to launch a campaign against foreign home ownership is blatantly, unambiguously racist. The notion that this doesn’t makes Twyford himself racist is baffling — if doing racist things isn’t the definition of being racist, then what is?

Twyford’s bigotry is why I resigned from the party and, when I made the point that my living and working in Rwanda had taught me that no good can come from compiling ethnic lists, Twyford and his minions went on the attack — accusing me, absurdly, of comparing what Twyford did in Auckland to the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsis of Rwanda. So tick the box “flagrant intellectual dishonesty” alongside “staggeringly racist”.   Read more »

Syed Farook’s neighbours too scared to be called racists

The San Bernadino “workplace violence” event may have been prevented had the neighbours felt confident to report what they felt was “suspicious” activity.

Several of Syed Farook‘s neighbors told ABC News they noticed “suspicious activity” at the home of the San Bernardino shooter, as well as his mother’s home at another location. No reports were made, however, for fear of being accused of racial profiling.

One of Farook’s neighbors told ABC 7 Los Angeles that “he was friendly” and “good with children.” Another seemed dumbfounded, saying he “just wouldn’t expect” Farook to commit a mass shooting.

Dane Adams mentioned a police presence at what looked like a “domestic violence dispute” a few months prior. Otherwise, he said, nothing happened in or around the house to indicate what happened on Wednesday.

What do people expect?  A large cache of arms and explosives building up in the back garden?  ISIS flags being flown?   Read more »

Police admit to being tougher on Maori

via: The Guardian

via: The Guardian

Police Commissioner Mike Bush has admitted the police force has been influenced by unconscious bias in their relations with Maori.

But he says police have recognised the problem and have made positive steps to address it.

“I think like any good organisation, you have to recognise that there can be some unconscious bias in your organisation. We’ve recently started some training with the executive, which will filter through the rest of the organisation, because the first thing you have to do is acknowledge that it exists.” Read more »


The inconsistency and hypocrisy of Susan Devoy

Dame Susan Devoy hand-wringing friend of MUslims

Dame Susan Devoy hand-wringing friend of Muslims

Since Susan Devoy’s appointment, she has been a disappointment. It was predicted by the left-wing, thinking she was a right-wing plant but the opposite has been true.

So she has become a disappointment to all but the Muslim community, that is. And even then there will be ‘moderate’ Muslims who are grossly disappointed as they cannot speak up because she’s shut them down with “terrorism has no religion”. The more radical Muslims will love this and they’ll also love her statements about overseas events:

Below is a list of statements she’s made about incidents overseas this year:

09 June – “The Human Rights Commission has urged a New Zealand-based exchange organisation to work with a Dunedin teen who missed out on a year-long home stay in Japan because he is a Muslim.”

21 March – Says there’s anecdotal evidence of an increase in Islamophobia in NZ amid the rise of attacks overseas by Islamic State and New Zealand’s involvement in the war is “not going to make my job any easier”

“If you think there’s 51 million people displaced in the world now with the crises that are happening, particularly in countries like Syria, then that’s what we should really be doing.”

05 Nov – “The Human Rights Commission is concerned for the wellbeing of vulnerable Muslim Kiwis, some of whom are being wrongly targeted and blamed for things they are not responsible for and have vehemently opposed…Dame Susan issued her statement on the day Prime Minister John Key said the Islamic State was recruiting New Zealanders and five were fighting in Syria.”

14 Nov – “The Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand issued a joint statement tonight with the NZ Human Rights Commission in the wake of recent terrorist attacks in France and Lebanon.”   Read more »

Peak racism

Rodney Hide discusses peak racism in his Herald on Sunday Column.

My first preference is to stick with our present flag. My second choice was “Red Peak” – but not any more.

I didn’t know why Red Peak appealed. It just did. But thanks to Maori broadcaster Tu Harawira I now know it’s because it’s a racist flag appealing to my inner colonialist. Red Peak now disgusts me.

It came as a jolt when Harawira this week told the 24-hour Flag Summit that Red Peak symbolises “white deciding where the colours will go”.

“To me this is a symbol of the white fellas with all the colours in the corner.”

I had not realised that. I thought it just a nice flag. But that’s me being simple-minded. The key thing about modern-day racism is that it’s subtle and subconscious. We are guilty without knowing. We are fortunate to have Harawira to guide the likes of me.

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Teachers’ Union accused of racism

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Can a dog be racist?

If your dog doesn’t like darkies, and you want to sell  it, you’d think you’d want to save some people the trip by warning them.

TradeMe has removed an auction for a prized bulldog because the owner said he would only consider selling to a white person.

Richard Tunnicliffe, from Huntly, listed the 2-year-old bulldog, which he said would only be sold to an “approved home”.

The listing added: “Also not being racist but will only go to a white person as that’s what she’s used to.”…

“Listings on TradeMe are subject to the Human Rights Act and you cannot discriminate against someone on a number of grounds including sex, race or age when listings goods or services,” a spokesman said.

“Discriminatory listings are not cool and we’ll take action when they get on our radar; they appear onsite from time-to-time.”…

Tunnicliffe was unrepentant about the wording, saying he was very protective of where his dogs went because they were like “family”.

“Different cultures have different ways of raising [dogs],” he said.

“I would prefer it to go to a European person to be honest. I know it sounds a bit racist, but that’s me.”

He said he did not want to waste the time of people who may be interested in the dog but were not white.

On Friday, Tunnicliffe said he had not received any complaints about the advert’s wording.

He had previously sold puppies to Indians and Asians, but said the dog – which had an asking price of $2000 – was skittish so he was being careful about rehoming.

Animal behaviour expert Dr James McEwan said a dog would generally only have an issue with a person if they had a history of being beaten by them or someone who looked similar.

“I don’t think a dog would look at the colour of a person’s skin and have any expectations of what might happen next,” he said.

I knew this family that had a dog they’d had as a puppy, and it was never mistreated.   Yet it was decidedly racist.  It would let white people up the drive and into the house without raising its head, but if anyone with non-white skin turned up, the hackles would go up and she’d make a stand.

Other dogs are misogynists.  Ask some dog owners, and you’ll find some where the dog loves or hates one gender.

The guy selling the dog seems to be more concerned about accurately describing what he’s selling rather than having a problem with darkies.

What’s the point of the Human Rights Act when it forces an honest and harmless person to be less than honest about something?

This dog is better homed with a white family.  It’s a fact.  So harden up.


– Regan Schoultz, A newspaper

No candy for you this Halloween says the PC Police

The costume debate refuses to die. Here is my latest find.


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