Poll shows Labour’s and Twyford’s ugly legacy: the seed of distrust against Asians has found fertile soil

Digipoll did a poll for a newspaper, and it makes for ugly reading

Credit: Digipoll/A newspaper

Credit: Digipoll/A newspaper

Notice the extremely injurious way this poll was pitched.  The real problem, according to commentators (and if borne out by still non-existent evidence), is the number or percentage of non-resident purchasers of property.   But as you can clearly see, A newspaper has simply labelled everyone ‘a foreigner’. Read more »

Winston Peters takes the China bashing card back from Labour

All I can suggest is that we find a Canadian, American, UK or Australian investor then.  

After all, Labour and NZ First don’t mind if things are owned by foreigners, as long it isn’t anyone from Asia.

New Zealand First is vowing to fight for the continued New Zealand ownership of New Zealand’s second largest meat cooperative as it faces sale to the Chinese.

“Silver Fern Farms is a Kiwi farmer-owned business accounting for over $2.2 billion in sales,” says New Zealand First Leader and Member of Parliament for Northland Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“Their farmers have done the hard yards and debt is tracking down Just when it is, the Chinese want at least a $100 million interest in it.

“That will just be the start, as we all know. Why has the co-op not reached out to people who own it? Instead, the board is putting a financial gun to its farmer-owners and effectively saying, ‘sign or else’.     Read more »

Asking the wrong questions and jumping to the wrong conclusions

There is a likeable, good-looking young Egyptian man who has been making some interesting and thought-provoking videos that he posts on YouTube. The problem is that I watch them and come to a totally different conclusion than his about what people’s reactions in the videos mean. The conclusions he draws and the questions he asks avoid the elephant in the room.

For example, he sets up a sting where he assaults his fake girlfriend in public in a Western country after arguing with her in English and records via hidden camera whether members of the public come to her aid. When she is dressed like other Western women from that country help comes immediately. When she is dressed in the clothing of a non-western culture and he argues with her in a foreign language the only person who comes to her aid is an off-duty cop.

He says that no woman of any kind deserves to be beaten and, of course, I totally agree with him on that. What he fails to ask is the obvious question: why does the foreign culture that they were representing allow assault on women and legally class them as having half the value of a man and could that account for part of the reason why people were reluctant to help? In case you hadn’t already worked it out, the foreign culture they were representing was Islam and the clothing that the actress girlfriend was wearing was a khimar or a chador which leaves the face uncovered but covers every other part of her body.

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Rose hits the Wall. ‘You can’t trust Indians’

Graham Hare, husband of Rose Wall

Graham Hare, husband of Rose Wall

by Stephen Cook

ONE OF the most influential figures in the public health system has been branded a racist after claims she told her husband ‘Indians could not be trusted’.

The woman at the centre of the race row is Rose Wall, appointed by the National Government two years ago to a five-year term as deputy Health and Disability Commissioner.

Wall is also the wife of Auckland lawyer Graham Charles Hare, who was outed a week ago over an alleged plot to extort $500,000 from a former colleague.

The reference to Wall’s apparent dislike of Indians is contained in a sworn affidavit from a former business partner of Hare’s.

Two years ago Hare and the Indian man bought a hotel in the South Island, but even before the deal was signed there were issues.   Read more »

As if we needed it: proof Labour’s Asian investment bashing is simply racism

Canadians are by far the biggest direct foreign investors in New Zealand.

A very distant second are the Chinese matched by the Americans with Australians coming in fourth.

Now we haven’t had a lot of debate about the Australians and the Amercians and the Canadians… And why is that?

Because they’re not Asian and they don’t look any different…Therefore they’re harder to spot.

In fact if you add up the Canadians and the Amercians and the Australians… They accounted for almost half of all foreign direct investment… Almost half compared to the Chinese 14%.

The problem for Labour is that they can’t isolate these people as a group.    So 50% of foreign owners are Yanks, Canadians and Aussies, but let’s pick on 14% that can be easily identified

The sad and frustrating thing is that this is nothing new.   Read more »

Community Service seems a little light. I think public shaming is in order

What sort of a ratbag defaces a Cenotaph.

Community Service is pathetic, I’d go medieval on a scumbag like this.

Hamilton man who holds white supremacist views has been sentenced to community service and supervision for desecrating the cenotaph in the city with anti-Jewish slogans and swastikas.

The cenotaph at Memorial Park, Hamilton

The graffiti was stencilled and painted on the cenotaph in Memorial Park in February just hours before a service to mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day.   Read more »

Racism, the belief that one’s own race is superior.


I foolishly thought that Racism was pretty clear cut. What it is and what it isn’t. In today’s Politically correct times what was previously clear cut and black and white has become remarkably grey. Before I go into it and show you a twitter debate about it here are a few senarios for you to think about.

1. A guy says to another guy,” You are a dirty ( Chinese/Indian/Arab/Dutchman/Pakeha/Maori )

Racist or not racist?

2. A woman says to her friend, ” Catholics and Muslims breed too much they all have huge families.”

Racist or not racist?

3. Martin Bradbury says on his Blog, ‘Look, if you want to believe in a magical, invisible, flying Wizard for all your ethical decisions, good for you, but I don’t see why I should be imprisoned for 2 years or fined $50 000 for describing God in those terms.’

Racist or not racist?

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Does Labour need Helen back?

A Listener editorial explores Labour’s predicament after resorting to the race card:

It’s always disturbing when a racial minority is identified as the cause of a social or economic problem. The extreme example is Nazi Germany, where mass extermination was justified on the premise that Jews were subversive, disloyal and a threat to “true” Germans. The elderly Auschwitz survivor in Diana Wichtel’s powerful and moving interview this week talks of the “vicious, lurking stereotypes about Jews. ‘You know, the international connections, the richness, Shylock … We’re human beings.’” And although it’s a huge leap from Nuremberg in 1935 to Auckland in 2015, Labour MP Phil Twyford’s suggestion that Chinese speculators are to blame for Auckland’s overheated housing market struck a jarring note in a country with a generally proud record of racial tolerance.

Two factors made it especially disheartening. One is that the suggestion came from a senior MP in a party that has historically aligned itself with vulnerable elements in society, of whom ethnic minorities are one. Immigrants to New Zealand have tended to support Labour precisely because they sensed it was the party most likely to champion their interests. Under former leader Helen Clark, Labour made a point of embracing ethnic minorities. This is entirely in line with the liberal belief in multiculturalism, both as a way of providing new opportunities for people seeking a better future and as a means of enriching and diversifying our society.

Helen Clark even apologised to Chinese migrants for our legacy of oppressive laws and rules against Chinese in New Zealand, in particular the hated poll tax.

In recent years, National and Labour have welcomed immigrants from a wide range of countries, far wider than the narrow band from which they were once recruited. In a remarkably short time, New Zealand has become one of the most diverse societies in the English-speaking world. The 2013 Census found that 25% of New Zealanders were born overseas and 12% of the population identified as Asian – almost double the figure of 2001. Three hundred ethnic groups are represented here, from Afrikaners to Zimbabweans.    Read more »

Tova O’Brien kicks Labour in the balls over their race-baiting

Little Red Tova O’Brien will be off the invite list from Labour MPs after kicking them in the balls over their shameful race-baiting.

Labour is pissed off. It’s pissed off and it’s pissing people off.

That’s what happens when you play the race card.

The race card is designed to offend. You play it in the hope that there are more people that agree with you than disagree with you.

In this case Labour decided more people would be riled by the prospect of Chinese offshore buyers snatching Auckland houses from the clutches of New Zealanders, than there would be people angry about Labour’s perceived racism.

So it went ahead and singled out Chinese home buyers, not based on any real facts, but because their surnames sounded Chinese.

3 News did something Labour didn’t. We visited Liu’s and Zhou’s on that list. They were happy, proud new homeowners in Auckland and most we spoke to were New Zealanders or applying to be.

One woman thought it was unfair Labour had judged her based on her surname. Another was concerned – like many New Zealanders – about offshore investors.

Of course our door knocking wasn’t scientific but neither was Labour’s analysis and at least we got a better idea of the people behind the surnames.

Unfortunately what’s been lost in the white noise of the debate is that the leaked Barfoot & Thompson data, and analysis subsequently cooked up by Labour, raises a really important issue.

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Labour leader and Housing spokesman at odds

Andrew Little thinks race-baiting and dog-whistling is a moral issue.

Labour Party leader Andrew Little has lashed out at 3 News after he was questioned about his party’s data on Chinese homebuyers in Auckland.

The Labour leader took exception to being grilled, saying it was “desperate” and “inflammatory”, leading the Prime Minister to say Mr Little had “lost his rag”.

Mr Little was on the defensive, big time.

“Let’s get the language right, alright? I’m not going to stand here and have a desperate TV3 reporter use inflammatory language on this. Cooked up? What was cooked up?”

Chinese New Zealanders are accusing Labour of causing racial division with its data that took aim at Chinese homebuyers.

“This is how a debate gets out of control,” says Mr Little. Read more »