ISIS “tourist” fighters executed by ISIS for doing a bad job

This is getting better and better.   Apparently, the idiots flooding in from all over the world to assist ISIS with making the perfect Islamic state aren’t up to scratch, and the locals are executing them for falling short of the mark.

ISIS ‘military police’ executed 100 foreign fighters who attempted to quit and flee from the insurgents’ de-facto capital of Raqqa in northern Syria as frustration among militants has been growing, a UK newspaper reported citing a witness activist.

“Local fighters are frustrated — they feel they’re doing most of the work and the dying . . . foreign fighters who thought they were on an adventure are now exhausted,”

The Jihadi tourists are trying to get out of the country.  Apparently the actual fighting, killing and dying isn’t as much fun as they thought.   Their hosts aren’t impressed.

The activist said he had “verified 100 executions of foreign ISIS fighters trying to flee the northern Syrian city of Raqqa.”

The media reported that the insurgents created a “military police to crack down” on those unwilling to serve the so-called Islamic State.

According to the report, foreign militants have often been the most active in major battles, but most of the demands are put on local fighters.

“They feel they are the ones going to die in big numbers on the battlefield but they don’t enjoy any of the foreigners’ benefits — high salaries, a comfortable life, female slaves,” the activist from Deir Ezzor said.

And guess what the other problem is?   The Islamic brotherhood aren’t capable of seeing each other as brothers of Islam – instead they see inferior and superior races.

Another problem in the ISIS ranks is growing tensions between fighters of different ethnic groups, the report says.

“Many fighters apparently group themselves by ethnicity or nationality — a practice which undermines ISIS’s claim to be ridding Muslims of national borders,” The Financial Times reported.

Anyone who wants to go and fight for ISIS immediately qualifies themselves as batshit insane.  The fact some woke up to the realities of ISIS life and tried to desert is no surprise.  I can’t feel too sad for them getting executed for trying to run away.

Guns, money and slaves eh?

Religion of peace.


– Russia Today


Social media continues to be a death trap, including KKK jokester Dunne

What was all the fuss about?


What if you’re black, Jewish and gay?  Ok?  How about if you’re  United Future party leader?   Read more »

Answer: a few centimeters

The question:  What is the difference between a Muslim woman wearing a hijab and an Exclusive Breatheren woman wearing a head scarf?

Amy Cronin, misses the point:

“Are you hiding bombs in your skirts?” a stranger yelled from a car window as 12-year-old Radiya Ali walked down a Hamilton street in the mid-2000s. She had arrived to New Zealand as a refugee from Yemen, four years after 9/11 – an innocent among hicks and alarmists who saw young girls wearing the hijab and thought it stood for terrorist.

“Did you steal those curtains you wear?” people hollered at her as they passed. “Why are you wearing sheets on your head?”

Salma Salat came from Kenya 17 years ago, when she was 4.

“I don’t remember it, but my mum found it tough adjusting and raising kids in a time when people were shouting things out from the streets.”

In the days post 9/11, a man approached Salma as she was walking with her sister. She remembers him yelling at them, “terrorists”. She was 7 and didn’t know what it meant.

Radiya and Salma are 21 now, and they are friends. They tell these stories with wide eyes, in the can you believe it way adults recall their traumas from childhood. You won’t find gentler, or stronger, young women. They are innocent in many ways, but they have seen.

Yes, well.  Hamilton.  The culturally sensitive ground zero of the North Island.  And yes, as people, we aren’t too flash at coping with what makes us different.

So that sets the scene for this article, which is utlimately about the hijab. Read more »


Photo Of The Day

Before it was synonymous with hippies, peace and love, one infamous VW Combi van was riding across America to brazenly spread a message of hate. Pictured at a gas station in 1961 by LIFE photographer Joe Scherschelthe iconic vintage vehicle suddenly loses its charm … Lincoln Rockwell is pictured above, third from the left, amongst this sad group of men.

Before it was synonymous with hippies, peace and love, one infamous VW Combi van was riding across America to brazenly spread a message of hate. Pictured at a gas station in 1961 by LIFE photographer Joe Scherschelthe iconic vintage vehicle suddenly loses its charm …
Lincoln Rockwell is pictured above, third from the left, amongst this sad group of men.

Riding the Hate Bus, 1961

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Underbelly of Hate?

Are we living in the same country?  Because I just reckon this guy is a precious petal

Canterbury University academic Ekant Veer has been flooded with support since returning his student-voted lecturer of the year award in a stand against an “underbelly of hate” and racism on campus.

Veer has received emails, calls, and more than 2100 likes on a Facebook post about his decision, and even had an email of support from Vice-Chancellor Rod Carr’s office – quashing his initial fears he might lose his job for speaking out.

He said the university itself was by no means racist, it was just the actions of some ”stupid individuals” that encouraged his decision.

He had not yet heard from the Students’ Association or the Engineering Society which organised the recent controversial RoUndie 500 event that sparked about 100 complaints of racism and sexism.

”I wasn’t expecting anything, I don’t need anything, but it’s nice to see the support.”

Veer, who is of Indian descent, said he first experienced racism when he was reading anonymous feedback from students in his first semester of teaching in 2010.

“In the section where it asked ‘what should be changed to improve the course’, one student wrote ‘his ethnicity’,” he said.

So you had a racist student.  So what?   They exist.   No need to throw your toys out of your cot and use being “of Indian descent” as a weapon.

Try being a woman.  You think women should give their awards back because there are misogynists in our society?

If you won the award for good work, you’ve just slapped everyone who’s ever supported you in the face, you idiot.     Read more »

Horse resigns over Maori seat in local council

5899219S0me people have principles…and stick to them:

New Plymouth councillor John McLeod has resigned in protest of a Maori ward being passed at tonight’s meeting.

The councillor handed in his resignation mid-meeting, moments after the council voted seven to six in favour of establishing a Maori ward for the 2016 local body elections.

His resignation from the New Plymouth District Council is effective immediately.   Read more »

NZ First is a racist party. No it’s not. Yes it is. Eh?


via Newstalk ZB

On page 3 of Bay of Plenty Times (28 August) the NZ First candidate is quoted saying, “The only parties we won’t work with are ones with race based policies …”

On the same page, in the article below, the NZ First leader repeated his criticism of foreigners buying NZ land and assets.

Isn’t a foreigner typically someone from a different race or ethnic background? Wasn’t Winston’s recent outburst over the Lochinver sale because the buyers were Chinese?   Read more »

The Letter on Epsom and Media bias

The reason John Key said last week “I am encouraging Epsom voters to support he ACT candidate” is because in the latest Roy Morgan poll ACT winning Epsom makes John Key PM.  

It is the same reason Internet Party leader Laila Harre and John Minto have urged their supporters to vote National to defeat David Seymour. 

After wondering why John Key has not done a deal with the Conservatives, Colin Craig  then tries to help Labour in Epsom.  John Key did look hard at an accommodation with the Conservatives but decided the fruit loops are unelectable. If Colin Craig had door knocked on 10,000 doors in East Coast Bays, like David Seymour has done in Epsom, the answer might have been different.  If Colin had not told us all that it is a “no brainer” Christine Rankin would stand in Upper Harbour against Hon Paula Bennett, then we might not think it is brainless for her to stand in Epsom. 

By Writ Day she will be the candidate for Mangere.   

The whole show is run by an egocentric political amateur.  If he really wanted to make change, he should have realised by now that getting the right people in the job would have been much more effective than trying to be the Conservative Winston Peters.

Because Winston Peters he is not.  He doesn’t have the wit, the street smarts, the aura and the most basic knowledge to survive in the political arena.

In fact, had Colin Craig put all that money into a trust and put someone in place to manage it for the benefit of children, or education, or specific research, he would have done much more for the community.  As it is, he’s made ad agencies, pollsters and printers very very happy.   Read more »


Face of the day

Today’s face of the day is a face from the past.

The face of a woman who survived the Holocaust and is still alive today. Her story is so bizarre that it is hard to believe that it is fact not fiction as the irony of what happened is just incredible.

An 80-year-old Jewish woman has revealed the astonishing story of how she came to front a Nazi party propaganda campaign in the 1930s after her baby picture was selected by the party as the “ideal Aryan” child.

– http://www.itv.com/news

Aryan:  In colloquial English, the word has been adopted in accordance with Nazi racial theory’s appropriation of the term to describe persons corresponding to the “Nordic” physical ideal of Nazi Germany (the “master race” ideology).[n 1]

– Wiki

The Jewish Baby who won the most beautiful Aryan Baby Contest in

The Jewish Baby who was the poster child of the Nazis.

Credit: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Hessy Levinsons Taft
Copyright: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

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Justin Bieber in trouble for racist joke, perhaps he should just claim it was racist day

Justin Bieber is in trouble for using the “N-word” when telling a racist joke.

Perhaps he should just claim that it was “Racist Day” like Kim Dotcom did, the media will gloss over it and ignore it then.  It certainly hasn’t hurt Dotcom to call African-American musicians niggers.

Then again there is a video of the whole episode for Justin Bieber…I wonder if there is one of Kim ranting with racist statements?

Pop singer Justin Bieber has come under fire after a video has emerged of him using the the N-word in a racist joke.

The footage, which was exclusively obtained by The Sun, shows the 20-year-old grinning while using the highly offensive term in an attempt to make his friends laugh.

Justin, who appears to be a number of years younger in the video, can be heard asking his friends ‘Why are black people afraid of chainsaws?’

Justin, whose mentor Usher is African American, then started making the noise of the chainsaw  and concluded his ‘joke’ with ‘ Run n*****, n*****, n*****, n*****, n*****.’

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