An Australian Refugee tells her story

Today’s post was written by an Australian woman living in Australia. I think that her story deserves  a wider audience because I know deep down that if it is happening in Australia then it will happen in New Zealand. We are not safe in our little island nation. We can tell ourselves that Europe is far away and we won’t do what The United Kingdom, Sweden,Holland, Denmark, France, Italy and others have done. We can tell ourselves that our government won’t make the same choices but that can only happen if we recognise the threat now, not when it is too late. We need to wake up and we need to wake up now!

A family PHOTO-

A family PHOTO-http://castlegarsource.com

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A perfect example of the politically correct culture of offence.

In our Politically correct culture the Thought police are everywhere. They take offence on our behalf whether or not we are actually offended. The following is a perfect example of how ridiculous this ‘ culture ‘ is. A petition was launched and pressure brought to bear on this woman to apologise, despite the person who she was allegedly racist towards not being offended and in total disagreement that the comment was racist.


Lucy and Maria Aylmer appeared on the Australian morning show last month & outrage over the interview has steadily risen Photo / Screengrab / Channel Seven

An Australian television presenter has apologised after for a comment she made while introducing a pair of British twin sisters on her show who have different skin colours, in which she appeared to congratulate one of them for her fair skin.

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Conservative Party insider to Colin Craig and the board: “Stop the infighting it will destroy us”

Things are starting to boil over in the Conservative Party.  I have some stories sitting here that I’ve held back because they would have gotten lost in the by-election debacle, the boxing and Black Caps winning the world cup.

To the Board and Colin Craig.

Debbie Cunliffe one of our Party stalwarts has resigned, Debbie was made of
tough stuff and you brought her to her knees. How many more of us will fall?
Continue to say you are listening and then disregard us see what happens. If
you will not listen to those who have courage to challenge you, who will you
listen to – just yourselves?

It appears that you have filters in place to only listen to those who fit in
with your agenda. Your agenda is hidden to us!

You want to shut down any discussion by email and Yammer. You are telling me
to shut down I will not because I believe that binding referenda and Justice
etc should be practiced within the Party, and if not we are being

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Face of the day

Lemn Sissay with Golliwogs

Lemn Sissay with Golliwogs

I loved and hugged my Golly and went to bed with it. My Golly was made for me by our next door neighbour who was Tongan. She became my adopted Aunty as she and Mum were close friends.

Not having black dolls is more racist than having them. It is like pretending that there is only one skin colour in the world. Black dolls should be MORE acceptable in todays Politically correct society not less.

Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy has applauded Pak ‘n Save for pulling golliwog dolls from the shelves of one of its stores.

Pak’n Save said one of its supermarkets made an “error of judgment” in selling the dolls, and has apologised to customers.

A photo of a black “Happy Gollies” children’s toy, retailing for $21.99, attracted a storm of opprobrium on social networks Twitter and Reddit.

A black rag doll otherwise known as a Golliwog

A black rag doll otherwise known as a Golliwog that was removed from Pak n Save shelves in NZ

A pair of ' white ' rag dolls that Susan Devoy would find acceptable.

A pair of ‘ white ‘ rag dolls that Susan Devoy would find acceptable.

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Remarkable Maori racism on display

The Race Relations Commissioner has called on organisers of a basketball tournament to allow a teenage girls’ team to play after they were refused entry because their coach wasn’t Maori.

Basketball coach Andrew McKay said it was unfair to his under 17s team who were barred from this week’s National Maori Basketball Tournament after a rule change meant even coaches and management had to be Maori to enter.

Mr McKay coached a Ngati Whakaue team which won the under-15 division at last year’s tournament in Rotorua.

But his application in October to enter the same team in the under-17 grade for this week’s competition, which starts today, was initially declined by the organisers because he was non-Maori.

A clause that all coaching and management personnel must provide whakapapa to an iwi — or state tribal links — was added to the online entry forms after he had applied, he said. Read more »


Photo Of The Day

Photo: Eve Arnold/Magnum Photos

Photo: Eve Arnold/Magnum Photos

George Lincoln Rockwell

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SPCA throw Bob Kerridge under the bus for telling the truth

The SPCA has distanced itself from claims by one of its officials who linked dog attacks to the owner’s ethnicity.

Auckland SPCA head Bob Kerridge said  people of some ethnicities had no idea of their responsibilities and “don’t care”.

But his boss, Royal New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals chief executive Ric Odom, said responsible dog ownership was not a matter of race.

“Bob’s comments are his personal views and do not reflect the views of the SPCA,” Odom said.

“We proudly work with anyone who shares our common vision and would be horrified if Mr Kerridge’s comments led anyone to think that his personal views on ethnicity were shared by the SPCA.

“They are not.”

The SPCA believed responsible dog ownership was something every dog owner should practice regardless of their ethnicity or socio-economic status.

Weasel words.  Of course it is what people should do.  But Bob was observing what is happening now.  And is it really such a surprise that the same area where they back over kids in the driveway with monotonous regularity, the pets come of third best?   Read more »


SPCA’s Bob Kerridge a racist


Ah yes, Bob  Even though he’s headed up the Auckland SPCA for quite a while now, he’s a bit of a Taliban type when it comes to animals v humans.  He doesn’t care much for the latter.

SPCA boss Bob Kerridge has been labelled racist after he linked dog attacks to the ethnicity of their owners.

He’s come under fire for comments he made about the high number of dog attacks in south Auckland.

Some dogs can be menacing, savage and even deadly if they attack. There have been more than 1000 convictions related to dog attacks in the past five years, a third of them in Manukau, south Auckland.

Claims by Mr Kerridge that that means ethnicity is a factor, have sparked outrage.

Mr Kerridge reportedly said some races don’t know or care about their responsibilities as dog owners.

Well, he’s a crusty old coot, and he’s not one to mince words when one of his faithful are at the receiving end of some bad treatment.

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While Jews are slaughtered, the Left worries about Islamophobia

Brendan O’Neill, in The Australian, writes a brilliant summary of the left-wing and their response to building and growing anti-Semitism.

THE parallel moral universe inhabited by Europe’s chattering classes and celebs was starkly ­exposed last week.

In Paris, shortly after the Charlie Hebdo massacre, an extremist stormed a kosher store, terrorised its patrons, and murdered four of them. Their crime? Jewishness.

And yet as this act of anti-Semitic barbarism was taking place, what were the opinion-forming set and the right-on glitterati worrying their well-groomed heads about? Islamophobia. The possibility of post-Charlie Hebdo violence against Muslims.

They fretted over violence that hadn’t occurred, rather than violence unfolding before the world’s eyes in a store frequented by Jews.

So we had the bizarre spectacle of British newspapers thundering about a possible outburst of anti-Muslim madness at precisely the moment an outburst of anti-­Semitic madness was taking place. Beware “Islamophobes seizing [the Charlie Hebdo] atrocity to advance their hatred”, hollered The Guardian as an anti-Semite was seizing a kosher shop to advance the world’s oldest hatred.

The day after the assault on the kosher store, three of the top 10 most-read articles onThe Guardian’s website were dire warnings about potential Islamophobic violence post-Charlie Hebdo. Some folk seemed more concerned about possible attacks on Muslims than they were about actual ­attacks on Jews.

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As night follows day, the Australians aren’t wasting an opportunity to tell those that aren’t welcome to go away.   Of course, this does upset some other people.

A Queensland cafe has come under fire for an anti-Muslim sign only a week after Australians appeared to unite against Islamophobia.

The owner of Eagle’s Nest Bar and Grill in Longreach has refused to apologise for a sign that reads “sorry, no Muslims”. Read more »