Offensive sexist and racist photo & headline on Left wing blog

I am sooooooo offended. Its’s sexissssssst and raaacissst. My feelings have been hurt, someone call the Human Rights Commission quick.

If positions were reversed and this below photo and headline had appeared first on Whaleoil, it would have been all Lefties to the pumps to pour petrol on the fire.

PHOTO-The Daily Blog

PHOTO-The Daily Blog

This photo of three well known female politicians was mocked in an offensive way as the professional women were compared to monkeys.The headline read..Hear no poverty, see no poverty, speak no poverty: We have lost what it means to be a Kiwi.
This headline is a clear reference to the three monkeys and the saying hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.



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Two cartoons, two Maori victims but only one complaint to the HRC



Why is BoomSlang’s cartoon called racist when this cartoon by Murdoch is being re tweeted all over twitter? Both cartoons have an image of a Maori who has suffered violent abuse.Both Maori are portrayed as victims. BoomSlang’s cartoon referred to a specific story in the news and a specific victim while this cartoon generalises about ALL Maori.

Both cartoons make powerful points about things we know to be true based on statistics.So why has no complaint been made to the Human Rights Commision about this cartoon?

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Progressive feminist ideology tanks movie or was it the sexism and racism?

New Ghostbusters movie

New Ghostbusters movie

Both my children are eagerly looking forward to the new Ghostbusters movie.  I really enjoyed the original so went on to YouTube to look at the trailer. One of the main characters is an actress I really like, Melissa McCarthy so I had high hopes that it would be good.



What I soon discovered was that this movie trailer was incredibly unpopular. I have never seen so many dislikes before.

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 8.45.24 AM


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The Political cartoon that upset a President



Political cartoons are powerful things or at least they can be. Cartoonists have been murdered for drawing them and journalists have been jailed for publishing them. As always the battle rages over whether political cartoons that attract controversy are about free speech or racism. In 2010  a president didn’t like a political cartoon that used crude imagery to get the message across that he was abusing the justice system. He didn’t murder the cartoonist and he didn’t imprison him but what he did do was sue him for $774,500 New Zealand dollars.
DATE: 2010

South African President Jacob Zuma has sued a leading media group and others over a two-year-old political cartoon depicting him in a sexually suggestive scene with a figure representing ”Lady Justice”.

Zuma is seeking 4 million rand ($NZ774,500) for defamation from Avusa media  and an additional 1 million rand from a former editor with the group’s Sunday Times newspaper and the cartoonist, said Eric van der Berg, an attorney with the Sunday Times, on Tuesday.

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So now rugby league plays the racism card

This can’t get any more pathetic.

The recent Pacific Island Rugby League Internationals have thrown up accusations of racism amid complaints over commentators not pronouncing Pasifika names correctly.

The captains of PNG, Samoa, Tonga and Fiji pose before the Pacific Test. Photo: Facebook / NRL – National Rugby League

New Zealand’s Pacific Islands Media Association (PIMA) says it has complained to Australia’s Fox Sports about the broadcast.

Last week the national teams of Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Samoa and Tonga faced off in Sydney.

PIMA chair Will ‘Ilolahia said many of their members turned the sound off the broadcast as they were disgusted with the pronunciation of the Pacific names.

“They were just butchering the names and even laughing at some of it as they were saying it, and that’s not just on.

Seriously? What next? They need to break because their make-up is running and they need to reapply it?  Read more »


Susan Devoy on the Media party

Susan Devoy recently made a speech at the Ethnic, Migrant and Refugees Community Engagement Summit.

“What some of us do not already realise is that our media is neither neutral nor objective, the media reflects the society we live in.”

Devoy doesn’t think society is objective and can see why the Media are so mistrusted in NZ.

“Ironically while we were taking media calls over this Christmas issue – we were also attending interfaith peace vigils.”

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Turns out the anti-racist student behind the Rhodes Must Fall campaign is in fact a racist himself

A massive campaign against statues of Cecil Rhodes was instigated in the UK. Lazy journalists here mimicked the story and went looking for statutes of our own horrible people so they could be tipped over.

But it turns out that the student behind the campaign is an awful racist himself.

A student who helped lead the campaign to tear down a ‘racist’ statue of Cecil Rhodes at Oxford has boasted about refusing to tip a waitress because she was white.

Ntokozo Qwabe bragged online that he and a friend made the woman cry ‘typical white tears’ after writing on the bill ‘we will give tip when you return the land’.

The incident, in a café in South Africa, provoked a fierce backlash from critics who branded him a ‘hypocrite’.

Mr Qwabe, 24, is one of the leaders of the Rhodes Must Fall movement, which campaigned to remove a statue of the 19th Century imperialist from Oriel College.

Although he is a Rhodes scholar himself and received money from the Rhodes’ estate to study at Oxford, Qwabe and other activists claimed forcing ethnic minority students to walk past the statue amounted to ‘violence’.

On Thursday, he wrote on Facebook about an altercation with a waitress during a visit to a restaurant called Obz Café in the Western Cape, South Africa.

He said the incident had left him ‘unable to stop smiling because something so black, wonderful & LIT just happened!’

He wrote that he had eaten there with a friend, described as a ‘radical non-binary trans black activist’, but that the pair had refused to pay the ‘white woman’ waitress a tip.

He said: ‘They take a pen & slip in a note where the gratuity/tip amount is supposed to be entered.

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Maybe Andrew Little can send our curry chefs to England


David and Samantha Cameron enjoy a curry. They tucked into chicken korai and saag paneer at Manchester’s Saffron Lounge during the Conservative party conference in October – it wasn’t quite as spicy as the chilli-hot specials they ordered at the Paprika Indian restaurant in Birmingham the previous year.

The prime minister even pledged to protect the struggling £4.2bn curry industry, which employs 100,000 people, at the British Curry awards in 2013. He said he would “get the skilled Asian chefs you need” to the UK, while the home secretary, Theresa May, has admitted that curry chefs are a shortage occupation. Read more »

Too many white people at anti-white conference

Once upon a time, a group of social justice warriors gathered to complain about white people. It was an anti-white conference where, in every corner, you could hear people muttering “trigger words”, “offensive”, “oppressive,”  “supremacist” and ” white privilege”. What they completely failed to notice  in their eagerness to show themselves to be social justice warriors, was that most of those speaking and attending the conference were white themselves. They may have thought that their deep self-hatred and white guilt would be enough to get them into the cool group (oppressed minorities), but unfortunately they were wrong.

James Loewen, author of “Lies My Teacher Told Me,” speaks with attendees at White Privilege Conference 2016 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on April 16, 2016 (Facebook, White Privilege Conference) Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2016/04/race-activists-white-privilege-conference-too-white/#kxTSmx8fraMEwHYz.99

James Loewen, author of “Lies My Teacher Told Me,” speaks with attendees at White Privilege Conference 2016 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on April 16, 2016 (Facebook, White Privilege Conference)

Race activists who recently gathered in Pennsylvania to intellectually flog white people for alleged “privilege” found themselves lamenting the sizable number of white people who paid for the experience.


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Imagine a world without whiteness, he said

The history professor told his students to imagine a world without whiteness and to imagine a world without white privilege. He believed it would be a good world and one that can be achieved if we “dismantle and demolish the whole concept’. Dismantle and demolish, huh? That sounds pretty destructive.


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