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Sean Plunket sticks it to Red Radio

Sean Plunket sticking the knife into Red Radio (yesterday on his show)…over political bias.

Sean Plunket discusses Red Radio bias Radio Live "Sean Plunket discusses Red Radio bias" "Sean Plunket discusses Red Radio bias"

Duncan Garner on the Internet Party

He doesn’t pull any punches.

There’s one major and terminal problem with Kim Dotcom’s Internet Party: he can’t be the leader.

He can only be the shadowy, backroom figure that pulls the strings. He will do that. And that will turn off some voters.

The other thing that should, and will, turn people off is that he collects Nazi memorabilia. He should be treated the same as any other political leader found draped in the Nazi flag: they would be crucified.

If it was David Cunliffe or Peter Dunne or, in the past, Don Brash or Rodney Hide et al, they would be forced to resign. They would be shamed and sent packing. Dotcom should not be seen as any different. Why treat him as special?

I agree New Zealand needs better internet, but does it take an “internet party” to get us there? This party is a sham and a side-show feeding Kim Dotcom’s vast wealth and ego – not to mention his desperate ambitions to stay in New Zealand, rather than rot in some American jail.

I’m just glad not all of the main stream media are fooled by the glitz and glamour of the Dotcom media show.   Read more »

Radio Live interviews on blogging and bloggers

RadioLive’s Wallace Chapman was looking at bloggers,new media and the elections this year. He talked to a few bloggers.

This was my interview.

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Perhaps the best talkback call of the year

This has to be the best talkback call of the year.

The funny thing is it was a member of the Whale army who confessed to me a couple of days laters it was him. I told Sean Plunket over a beer, which was a silly thing to do since he sprayed it out his nose.

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JT to sue Mediaworks, slams the sisterhood

John Tamihere is going to sue Mediaworks over his dumping from Radio Live.

NBR reports:

Former RadioLive host John Tamihere says he will sue MediaWorks over his departure.

Mr Tamihere and co-host Willie Jackson werestood down last month after a controversial interview with a girl who phoned saying she was a friend of a victim of the Roast Busters.   Read more »

Poisonous Lying Scumbag

On Monday on Radio Live Wallace Chapman had Michelle Boag on the show and she took it upon herself to launch into a vitriolic (poisonous?) attack against me, ignoring what the law says and blathering on about fairness and balance and all sorts of other subjective crap. The discussion was about defamation and she was taking a high and mighty approach and defamed me in the process.

I decided to call in and did so whereby Michelle got all puss-faced…as she does often…and got upset that I had called her a “poisonous lying scumbag” in a a blog post.

Have a listen.

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The Len Brown doll? (aka the end of civilisation as we know it)

Duncan Wilson over at Radio Live is channeling his inner Whaleoil.  Good to see.

Drug-pulling mayor of Toronto Rob Ford has released a special limited edition “bobblehead” doll of himself.

Hundreds of people queued up outside Toronto City Hall to buy a plasticised version of the city’s crack-consuming chief – called “Robbie Bobbies” – many of which are now selling on auction site ebay for over ten times their retail price.

Auckland, New Zealand, and Mayor Len Brown dolls are nowhere to be seen. They don’t exist. Well, rather, they didn’t exist. One does now.

And here it is.

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Willie and JT off air until next year at least


At 12:10 today Radio Live announced via a statement from Willie Jackson and John Tamihere that they will be off air at least until the new year as they speak with management about the implications of their shows last week.

They made an apology to listeners, advertisers, and staff at Radio Live.

They stated they do not condone rape or rape culture.

In the end though they are off air for the rest of the year.

Guest Post – Rex Widerstrom on the Jackson/Tamihere debacle.

Rex Widerstrom

Rex Widerstrom

As someone who’s sat in a talkback studio, waiting for the lights to blink to indicate a caller wants to fill a few minutes with something other than my increasingly desperate blathering, I know exactly what it’s like to be Willie Jackson or John Tamihere. They, at least, have one another to talk to if those lights steadfastly refuse to illuminate. When you’re in the studio on your own, the phrase “dead air” seems palpably real. You stare at the microphone that stares back, sightlessly accusing you of not being interesting enough to provoke Fred in Takapuna to press a few digits on his phone rather than jump online and comment on that damned upstart Slater’s blog.

You’re constantly walking a fine line between stirring up the audience sufficiently to get prompt them to call, and not making an ass of yourself by saying something clearly calculated just to cause outrage, though increasingly – and especially on Radio Live – the latter tactic seems to be not just accepted but encouraged. How else to explain hour after hour, day after day, of Michael Laws’ entirely predictable and by now well canvassed opinions that the poor, the infirm, the mentally fragile and of course “fat brown slugs” are responsible for any plight in which they may find themselves?

Anyway, back to “Willie and JT”, as they seem to want to be known. I don’t believe their now infamous interview with the victim of “Roast Busters” was a premeditated attempt at attracting attention to their show – though goodness knows they and everyone else could do with some, as their lacklustre ratings clearly illustrate – which only makes what transpired worse.   Read more »

Reality bites: Is there free speech on commercial radio?

The Willie Jackson / JT storm has left its teacup and everyone is distancing themselves.  They are even being thrown under the bus by traditional allies such as David Cunliffe

The Prime Minister won’t appear on Willie Jackson and John Tamihere’s radio show again this year as pressure mounts on their bosses to take action against them for their treatment of a young woman on air.

Labour leader David Cunliffe also confirmed he would decline an appearance if invited.

It caps off a mostly horror week for RadioLive parent company MediaWorks as several major advertisers withdrew from the station amid the furore, and the broadcaster lost some of its most popular US television shows. The furore shaded to a degree the work of TV3 in leading television coverage of the story.

John Key has appeared on the show on occasion but a spokeswoman said he would not do so again this year and no further appearances were scheduled.

Mr Key would continue with his regular interview slot on Marcus Lush’s breakfast programme.

Mr Cunliffe said he would not appear on the show “at the moment”, with some party members unhappy with Tamihere’s comments.

As advertisers withdraw, there have been calls about editorial independence and free speech being subverted.   Read more »