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Radio NZ forced to pull their head in

Radio NZ did a dreadful hit job on Oravida and David Wong-Tung over swamp kauri.

That story led Kelvin Davis and Winston Peters to lead an attack on the government in parliament.

There was however a major problem…the story was wrong. So wrong it looks like lawyers were called in.

On Tuesday, 16 June we broadcast a story (and subsequently published it on our website) about the contention of environmentalists in Northland that the Ministry for Primary Industries was failing to ensure that swamp kauri exports complied with the requirements of the Forests Act 1949.

The story referred to Oravida (and one of its directors David Wong-Tung) as a kauri wholesaler.   Read more »

Taxpayers’ Union smacks up Robertson for making it up

The left love to talk about ‘trickle-down economics’ and destroy its validity.

The trouble for Grant ‘less pies’ Robertson and Russel ‘give me my flag back’ Norman is that the ‘neoliberal theory’ is a figment of their imagination.

They were both on Radio Pravda (sometimes called Radio NZ) this morning bleating on about the latest OECD report calling for us all to be poorer so the poor feel better.

The Taxpayers’ Union has republished a piece which destroys Robertson’s credibility as Labour’s finance spokesperson.

Trickle-down economics is an example of a “ridiculous beyond belief” idea; that giving money to the rich will eventually trickle down to the rest of the economy to benefit all. Indeed, the refutation of this theory of trickle-down economics dominates the discourse.

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Winston Peters gets it right – Cameron Slater “is an award winning scumbag”

Finally one politician gets it right, it is ironic that it had to be Winston Peters.

He calls me an “award winning scumbag” at 2:40 in the clip below….which is exactly what I asked him to call me in a text i sent him the other day.

Nice to know he reads his texts.

He does go on to accuse me of making stuff up and defaming people without a shred of evidence…I think he confuses me for himself…perhaps he conducted the interview staring in the mirror.

He still wasn’t quite right…it is actually “multi-award winning scumbag”

– Radio NZ

Andrew Little a bit miffed by my good friend Brian Edwards


My good friend Brian Edwards (MGFBE) made this comment about Andrew Little the other day.

Of the remaining three I’m going to discount Andrew Little first. I simply don’t believe that the country is ready for a grim-faced former union leader to be Prime Minister or to be this country’s envoy overseas.

And boy has that annoyed Andrew Little, who spoke with Radio New Zealand’s  Focus on Politics show.    Read more »

$1 million to VUW troughers to study “rape culture”

Boy oh boy do the troughers know how to take big long drinks from the trough.

Three troughers at Victoria University have scored a million dollars to study “rape culture”.

Three academics from Victoria University – a criminologist, a lawyer and a psychologist – have been awarded the money by the Marsden Fund for two three-year research projects.

They are among 101 awards totalling almost $56 million.

Associate professor Jan Jordan was awarded $610,000 for her project to investigate why, despite so much talking and rhetoric around rape reform over the past 40 years, it was so hard to get substantive change.

She said her project was in two parts.

“One is actually looking at up-to-date review of police files on rape to look at some of the factors involved as to why cases do not continue through the justice system.”

“The second part is getting more at the socio-cultural side, and that’s really wanting to analyse changing depiction’s of women and rape in the media to actually look at how our forms of social media still portray women dominantly as sexual objects.”

Associate professors Elisabeth McDonald and Ann Weatherall were also awarded $540,000 to examine attitudes to sexual complainants in the courtroom and how they were treated by lawyers and judges.

The researchers are also to look at the extent to which myths about rape influences that process.

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Bullying by Fenton “Jong-Un’ Wilson

Fenton "Jong-un" Wilson

Fenton “Jong-un” Wilson

The extremely dodgy Hawkes Bay Regional Council has refused to respond to a LGOIMA request about Chairman Fenton “Jong-Un” Wilson bullying external stakeholders.

This is typical of the kind of cover up the dodgy council run. They refuse to give out information until they are made to by courts or the Ombudsman.

Fortunately even when the dodgy council won’t release information it is possible to get it from other sources.

In the case of Fenton “Jong-Un” Wilson bullying Radio New Zealand reporter Peter Fowler there was clear public trail of the bullying.

They abused Peter Fowler in person, then threatened to complain, then put out a press release before Radio New Zealand had a chance to respond.  Read more »

Cowardly Cunliffe backs down over boycott

Cowardly Cunliffe has decided that discretion is the better part of valour and climbed down from his high horse called Sanctimony and will now debate John Key after “assurances” from TVNZ that the debate will be “fair”.

After declaring that he would debate John key “anywhere, anytime, even on Mike Hosking’s show” back in April he then went weak kneed and packed a sad only a kid in the sandpit could emulate…and then flip flopped on that.

What is this, kindy?

Labour Party leader David Cunliffe says Television New Zealand has given its assurance that its political debate will be conducted with absolute political neutrality.

Mr Cunliffe is due to go head to head with Prime Minister John Key in a pre-election debate chaired by broadcaster and TVNZ presenter Mike Hosking.

Labour has been worried about Mr Hosking’s political neutrality after he urged a business meeting last year to vote National.

Mr Cunliffe said on Friday that he is prepared to continue with the debate, but TVNZ has not outlined how it will guarantee the debate is neutral.

He said that would be up for further discussion and that Labour and the public will hold TVNZ to it, because he said it’s clear that Mr Hosking does have well-recorded political views.

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At least they agree on something

Looks like the Taxpayers’ Union has made up with grumpy Winston Peters and are now pissing in each other’s pocket over the Interislander mess:

Reacting to New Zealand First leader Winston Peters’ comments on Radio NZ news this morning that the troubled Interislander should be sold, Jordan Williams, Executive Director of the Taxpayers’ Union says:

“It says a lot about the management at KiwiRail that they did not think smaller propellers would mean a slower ship. Mr Peters is right to criticise KiwiRail’s management of the ferry service, and we agree with his call for the Government to sell the Interislander.”

“We’re delighted that Mr Peters is waking up to just how much of a burden Kiwirail is to taxpayers. Since re-nationalisation in 2008, KiwiRail has cost over $2,700 per taxpayer – nearly enough buy every Kiwi a return flight to London. The latest Interislander debacle has cost taxpayers tens of millions.”  Read more »

Sean Plunket sticks it to Red Radio

Sean Plunket sticking the knife into Red Radio (yesterday on his show)…over political bias.


Jingle Bells the Len Brown version

This is quite funny and right at the start.

Radio NZ does a Jingle Bells parody and kicks off with Len Brown.