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Bullying by Fenton “Jong-Un’ Wilson

Fenton "Jong-un" Wilson

Fenton “Jong-un” Wilson

The extremely dodgy Hawkes Bay Regional Council has refused to respond to a LGOIMA request about Chairman Fenton “Jong-Un” Wilson bullying external stakeholders.

This is typical of the kind of cover up the dodgy council run. They refuse to give out information until they are made to by courts or the Ombudsman.

Fortunately even when the dodgy council won’t release information it is possible to get it from other sources.

In the case of Fenton “Jong-Un” Wilson bullying Radio New Zealand reporter Peter Fowler there was clear public trail of the bullying.

They abused Peter Fowler in person, then threatened to complain, then put out a press release before Radio New Zealand had a chance to respond.  Read more »

Cowardly Cunliffe backs down over boycott

Cowardly Cunliffe has decided that discretion is the better part of valour and climbed down from his high horse called Sanctimony and will now debate John Key after “assurances” from TVNZ that the debate will be “fair”.

After declaring that he would debate John key “anywhere, anytime, even on Mike Hosking’s show” back in April he then went weak kneed and packed a sad only a kid in the sandpit could emulate…and then flip flopped on that.

What is this, kindy?

Labour Party leader David Cunliffe says Television New Zealand has given its assurance that its political debate will be conducted with absolute political neutrality.

Mr Cunliffe is due to go head to head with Prime Minister John Key in a pre-election debate chaired by broadcaster and TVNZ presenter Mike Hosking.

Labour has been worried about Mr Hosking’s political neutrality after he urged a business meeting last year to vote National.

Mr Cunliffe said on Friday that he is prepared to continue with the debate, but TVNZ has not outlined how it will guarantee the debate is neutral.

He said that would be up for further discussion and that Labour and the public will hold TVNZ to it, because he said it’s clear that Mr Hosking does have well-recorded political views.

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At least they agree on something

Looks like the Taxpayers’ Union has made up with grumpy Winston Peters and are now pissing in each other’s pocket over the Interislander mess:

Reacting to New Zealand First leader Winston Peters’ comments on Radio NZ news this morning that the troubled Interislander should be sold, Jordan Williams, Executive Director of the Taxpayers’ Union says:

“It says a lot about the management at KiwiRail that they did not think smaller propellers would mean a slower ship. Mr Peters is right to criticise KiwiRail’s management of the ferry service, and we agree with his call for the Government to sell the Interislander.”

“We’re delighted that Mr Peters is waking up to just how much of a burden Kiwirail is to taxpayers. Since re-nationalisation in 2008, KiwiRail has cost over $2,700 per taxpayer – nearly enough buy every Kiwi a return flight to London. The latest Interislander debacle has cost taxpayers tens of millions.”  Read more »

Sean Plunket sticks it to Red Radio

Sean Plunket sticking the knife into Red Radio (yesterday on his show)…over political bias.

Sean Plunket discusses Red Radio bias Radio Live "Sean Plunket discusses Red Radio bias" "Sean Plunket discusses Red Radio bias"

Jingle Bells the Len Brown version

This is quite funny and right at the start.

Radio NZ does a Jingle Bells parody and kicks off with Len Brown.

Preparing for the whitewash

So far the spin and process from Len Brown’s ratepayer funded spin weasels has followed the David Lewis playbook to the letter. He used this in hosing down speculation about Peter Davis, fixing up the David Benson-Pope scandal, Dover Samuels,  and many other issues Helen Clark faced.

It goes like this.

Do the faux apology without actually saying sorry…then roll out the family…the next step is to have a meaningless inquiry that will produce a whitewash…

Spending by Auckland mayor Len Brown while he conducted a two-year extramarital affair is to be reviewed.

Mr Brown, who admitted the affair on Tuesday, has said there was no inappropriate spending or use of council resources involved in the affair.

The Auckland Council’s chief executive, Doug McKay, says he has received assurances from the Mr Brown and his chief of staff that no mayoral office funds were used in relation to the affair – but says he will independently review it anyway.

Mr McKay reiterated that the mayor doesn’t have a credit card, and all invoices and payments are checked and approved by other staff. It is not known when the review will be completed.  Read more »

Don’t believe what you hear on Radio NZ

via Noelle McCarthy

via Noelle McCarthy

Peter Jackson is way smarter than Tim Barnett

Peter Jackson is way smarter than the apparatchiks in Labour’s head office:

Director Sir Peter Jackson was “mortified” to hear that a journalist was blacklisted from covering The Hobbit premiere for writing too many negative stories about the movie.

Radio New Zealand reporter Cushla Norman had her pass to cover the film premiere reinstated this morning after being told by a publicist for Roadshow Film Distributors she had been cut.

The publicist said she had written too many negative stories on the film.

“[Sir] Peter and [his wife] Fran are both mortified,” WingNut Films spokesman Matt Dravitzki told Radio New Zealand this morning.

“As I said, the filmmakers, the producers and the studio would never do this to any journalist or ask that credentials be revoked.”

Radio NZ was told another journalist could attend the film but the public broadcaster said it would not be dictated to and refused to replace Norman at the premiere.

The decision was made this morning for her accreditation to be reinstated.

To be fair to Cushla Norman, she was probably acting on orders from her union centric bosses pushing the CTU and Helen Kelly’s official Hobbit hating line.

Looks like we have found our first hypocrite.

Pinko comes good

ᔥ Kiwiblog

As everyone knows Red Radio is just an extension of the elitist liberal left described by David Flint as:

…once great journals of record, the Age and the Herald, were converted into fey mouthpieces of the bicycling vegan inner-city elites whose lives are far removed from the mainstream.

Red Radio may be an unacceptable way for government to waste taxpayers hard earned money, but that point might be argued. What can’t be argued is that they aren’t even competent at interviewing, as pointed out by our pinko mate Farrar.

Radio NZ did an interview with a Dave Wooley on ACC this morning. I suspect they are going to interview a disgruntled person a day. Now I think it is fine to interview disgruntled people with ACC, but media should be balanced, and actually ask questions, not just allow one side of the story – especially as ACC can not talk about individual cases in the media generally.

Mr Wooley had a work related accident in 2006 and has just gone off ACC compensation. Radio NZ said his family of six now live off his wife’s salary of $26,000. For a start this is clearly false. They would get WFF of $363 a week (net) on top of that, plus possible accommodation allowance.

They also reported he gets $23 a week benefit and claims that half of that is $11.50 a week to live on. Radio NZ reported this as fact, and never asked him about WFF.

Not only did Radio NZ fail to ask about WFF, and allowed the repeated assertion of a family of six surviving on $26,000 a year, they did not ask a single question about why he was no longer getting ACC. No question about what the medical assessor determined.  No question on what the independent review by Disputes Resolution Service found. No question about anything – just allowed him to say whatever he likes unchallenged.

I have said that some parts of the ACC culture do need changing, and they do. But this does not mean you accept without challenge every claim by every individual who thinks they should receive ACC support. That is not journalism. Next time I hope Radio NZ at least attempt to ask pertinent questions.


Switching Sides?

David Shearer has a new press secretary…Julian Robins from Red Radio.

Patrick Gower thinks the repeater is changing sides:


Ali Ikram knows the score: