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Jingle Bells the Len Brown version

This is quite funny and right at the start.

Radio NZ does a Jingle Bells parody and kicks off with Len Brown.

Preparing for the whitewash

So far the spin and process from Len Brown’s ratepayer funded spin weasels has followed the David Lewis playbook to the letter. He used this in hosing down speculation about Peter Davis, fixing up the David Benson-Pope scandal, Dover Samuels, ¬†and many other issues Helen Clark faced.

It goes like this.

Do the faux apology without actually saying sorry…then roll out the family…the next step is to have a meaningless inquiry that will produce a whitewash…

Spending by Auckland mayor Len Brown while he conducted a two-year extramarital affair is to be reviewed.

Mr Brown, who admitted the affair on Tuesday, has said there was no inappropriate spending or use of council resources involved in the affair.

The Auckland Council’s chief executive, Doug McKay, says he has received assurances from the Mr Brown and his chief of staff that no mayoral office funds were used in relation to the affair – but says he will independently review it anyway.

Mr McKay reiterated that the mayor doesn’t have a credit card, and all invoices and payments are checked and approved by other staff. It is not known when the review will be completed.¬† Read more »

Don’t believe what you hear on Radio NZ

via Noelle McCarthy

via Noelle McCarthy

Peter Jackson is way smarter than Tim Barnett

Peter Jackson is way smarter than the apparatchiks in Labour’s head office:

Director Sir Peter Jackson was “mortified” to hear that a journalist was blacklisted from covering¬†The Hobbit¬†premiere for writing too many negative stories about the movie.

Radio New Zealand reporter Cushla Norman had her pass to cover the film premiere reinstated this morning after being told by a publicist for Roadshow Film Distributors she had been cut.

The publicist said she had written too many negative stories on the film.

“[Sir] Peter and [his wife] Fran are both mortified,” WingNut Films spokesman Matt Dravitzki told Radio New Zealand this morning.

“As I said, the filmmakers, the producers and the studio would never do this to any journalist or ask that credentials be revoked.”

Radio NZ was told another journalist could attend the film but the public broadcaster said it would not be dictated to and refused to replace Norman at the premiere.

The decision was made this morning for her accreditation to be reinstated.

To be fair to Cushla Norman, she was probably acting on orders from her union centric bosses pushing the CTU and Helen Kelly’s official Hobbit hating line.

Looks like we have found our first hypocrite.

Pinko comes good

ŠĒ• Kiwiblog

As everyone knows Red Radio is just an extension of the elitist liberal left described by David Flint as:

…once great journals of record, the¬†Age¬†and the¬†Herald, were converted into fey mouthpieces of the bicycling vegan inner-city elites whose lives are far removed from the mainstream.

Red Radio may be an unacceptable way for government to waste taxpayers hard earned money, but that point might be argued. What can’t be argued is that they aren’t even competent at interviewing, as pointed out by our pinko mate Farrar.

Radio NZ did an¬†interview with a Dave Wooley on ACC this morning. I suspect they are going to interview a disgruntled person a day. Now I think it is fine to interview disgruntled people with ACC, but media should be balanced, and actually ask questions, not just allow one side of the story ‚Äď especially as ACC can not talk about individual cases in the media generally.

Mr Wooley had a work related accident in 2006 and has just gone off ACC compensation. Radio NZ said his family of six now live off his wife’s salary of $26,000. For a start this is clearly false. They would get WFF of $363 a week (net) on top of that, plus possible accommodation allowance.

They also reported he gets $23 a week benefit and claims that half of that is $11.50 a week to live on. Radio NZ reported this as fact, and never asked him about WFF.

Not only did Radio NZ fail to ask about WFF, and allowed the repeated assertion of a family of six surviving on $26,000 a year, they did not ask a single question about why he was no longer getting ACC. No question about what the medical assessor determined. ¬†No question on what the independent review by Disputes Resolution Service found. No question about anything ‚Äď just allowed him to say whatever he likes unchallenged.

I have said that some parts of the ACC culture do need changing, and they do. But this does not mean you accept without challenge every claim by every individual who thinks they should receive ACC support. That is not journalism. Next time I hope Radio NZ at least attempt to ask pertinent questions.


Switching Sides?

David Shearer has a new press secretary…Julian Robins from Red Radio.

Patrick Gower thinks the repeater is changing sides:


Ali Ikram knows the score:


Calling bullshit on Red Radio and Shane Jones

In it’s effort to help Shane Jones out,¬†Red Radio NZ¬†went with a soft piece on him this morning. ¬†It¬†is riddled with inconsistences:

Strike 1:
The story says: “he could face the death penalty if he was returned to China”
Truth:  As a permanent resident he would not have been sent packing, citizenship makes little difference.

Strike 2:
The letter confirms that Billington QC told Jones about unresolved fraud issues

“Mr Yan faced unresolved¬†fraud claims brought by the Chinese authorities”

So there’s absolutely no doubt Jones knew about the fraud allegations and ignored them.

Strike 3:
The story says:

“there had been no attempt to recover any¬†funds allegedly taken.”

Truth: Australian authorities did repatriate money from Bill Liu - he eventually agreed to settle rather than go to court.

“NZ$5 million was eventually confiscated and repatriated to China by the Aussie courts last year. “

And in the coincidence stakes; John Billington QC¬†is/was also Dover Samuels’ lawyer in this matter.

Red Radio strikes out again.

Bad day for The Herald

Here is the Herald headline on the convention centre:

Public opposed to SkyCity deal – or want conditions

But Red RadioNZ must’ve been reading a different poll:

Poll suggests conditional approval for convention centre

 For the record Р58% approve of the deal with conditions. This is very shabby from the Herald headline writers. No wonder they are being called the NZ Horrid.

Know your Wharfies – Cecil Walker

Port striker Cecil Walker went on Morning Report yesterday slagging off the Ports of Auckland:

Radio New Zealand is just blindly repeating the stories of the unionists without checking their backgrounds. This is Cecil Walker:

Once again I have been emailed by several people upset about the blatant lies of strikers, especially Cecil Walker:

The Company did everything it could to allow Cecil to spend as much time with his wife as possible.

From the time she was diagnosed in 2007 to the time she passed away in 2008, the company gave him:

  • ¬†17 Sick Domestic Days off on full pay (equivalent of 3.5 weeks off)
  • 25 Compassionate Leave days off (equivalent of 5 full weeks off).¬† There is no obligation by law or company policy to grant any such leave, but the Company chose to look after this employee.
  • 8 Sick Days off on full pay (equivalent to 1.5 weeks off)
  • 6 Bereavement Leave days off during that period (however only 3 were for his wife‚Äôs passing)
  • 50 Annual Leave days off (for which he had not accrued that much leave) and for which 2 of those weeks were for taking his kids on a holiday after his wife passed away. (That‚Äôs another 10 weeks of paid leave)

So in total over that period, Cecil Walker was given 21 weeks off on full pay.  On top of this because we knew she was not in good health, the company did other things such as for the last POAL Christmas in the Park, we organised for a limo to pick them up from their house and take them to the event and for her to meet Frankie Stevens who she loved and go behind the scenes as well as another limo taking them home.

Cecil Walker recently remarried.¬† This year his new wife had a baby.¬† The company tracked her down to where she was staying and sent a 5 tiered baby gift basket to him to celebrate this new beginning….

These are not the signs of a Company that does not look after its staff and their families!

You may also want to mention the fact that we have paid every employee that has been diagnosed with cancer on full pay while they have been seeking treatment. Again, not a sign of a company that does not look after their staff!

Yeah right is more appropriate to Cecil Walker’s hard done by story that Red Radio lapped up without fact checking.

Unionists telling lies, repeaters repeating them

We have seen how unionists are racist, bullies and now we can see how they like to tell lies.

John Ryall from the Labour affliated Service and Food Workers Union had this to say to Radio NZ:

Service and Food Workers Union national secretary John Ryall says the Government has signalled it wants wages to be reduced and more flexibility in the workforce, and employers are responding to that.

That of course is a complete lie. Nowhere, anywhere has the government signalled anything of the sort. But that doesn;t stop them saying is and Red Radio repeating it unchallenged.

Of course there is one other group who like to repeat that exact line, over and over and over. That is the useful lap-bloggers at The Standard, and right on cue just a few hours after John Ryall spoke with Radio New Zealand there was Zetetic running the exact same lines….curious don’t you think.